Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero: Quilt top with ‘Fancy Free’!


Vof vof friends! Autumn is here and I feel so good! I like to play all the time and … to eat goodies!

triangle quilt top

Last week we were just the girls and me and most of the days we were sewing. This Project didn’t start easily but when it found the way it was easy and fun.

Hex N More quilt top

These Fabrics are the ‘Fancy Free’ by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs and I chose them with my gift card from ‘Fat Quarter Shop’. Pattern became as I worked. For the first time I used Julie’s fantastic ruler ‘Hex N More’ – bought from ‘Fat Quarter Shop’.

quilt top with triangles

This was the last minute to take photos out, because after that the weather changed. Now we have had two days clouds, strong wind and even some rain. First few drops after about 6 months we had just the day these fabrics arrived. I were so happy for the fabrics and the rain that thought to name this quilt: ‘Singing in the Rain’!

quilt with Fancy Free

This quilt should be like this but there was no space to take photos like this and my design wall is too small. How great that I made the ‘design wall’ because without that it wouldn’t have been possible to plan this layout.

About the name … those triangles and buntings look like a party … in a barn … or a pic nic in the country side … any suggestions for the name?

quilt with triangles

One of us had a great shopping day … white fabric, buttons … smoked  pig’s ears (for me and Hanna) and something for her lunch …

lunch with country living

After so much sewing I had to take a nap …


I know you always wonder why we dogs like to sleep upsidedown … why you quilt and don’t chase cats … it’s just what we like! (and it stretch well our back and body). But about this quilt, here are some last shoots about the process …


This was really ‘fixing the puzzle’. First I made some areas and then started to figure out how to connect them. Add some white for filling …


Most of it clicked together fantastic because made with this ruler. Different shapes and even sizes matched together great because all the angles are the same.



Some where it was easier to add bigger piece and then cut it right size when it was placed next to the other parts. You see that below the pink and orange are not correct diamonds. First I had cut them ‘half hexagons’ but they didn’t look good, so I cut away one triangle from each and used some of the rest pieces like this. I love those little diamonds, they are look like ice creams to me!


Only few spots were difficult and there is only one y-seam. I have used to put pins like the last on right, but now I saw that sometimes it’s better to have them other way. But be careful not to sew over them!


Adding the last triangle rows. Perhaps I still add very thin border around, but I’m not sure yet.


There is one spot I wish I had thought better … can’t see it now …


… because everything is in angle, also the seam which continues the white diagonal strip on the right (down), should be diagonal and not vertical … that bothers me a lot … and yes, I know there is small piece missing on the edge … I shall fix it.

Fancy Free with Hex-N-More

Now the size is 70″ x 52″ (175 x 132 cm). Should I add small border or only the binding?


I have put this now on the side for a while and start to make a baby quilt. Yesterday went with testing blocks and now I have made my mind for the pattern. Can’t wait to start … still have to decide what fabrics to pick. That pattern is easy piecy – relaxing project after this puzzle-challenge.

triangle quilt

What name: Farmhouse Party, Singing in the Rain, Pic Nic in the Park, Fancy Free Festival, Festive Farmhouse … add your’s in the comment, please!

Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet and lovely comments! I’m always happy to read your thoughts and to hear what you are doing! I run now to cut strips …


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

71 thoughts on “Nero: Quilt top with ‘Fancy Free’!

  1. Beautiful quilt, such fresh bright colours and I love the way you put it together freehand, without a pattern. I think it would be better without a border, just binding and as for a name – singing in the rain or flowers in the rain? Nora

  2. Ice Cream Sherbet

    Gorgeous quilt teje.

  3. that looks amazing. you should totally do your own pattern shop!

  4. Wow Teje. It’s like a puzzle! Lots of little pieces to fit here and there. Beautiful!

  5. How about “Temptation” because you have the honeycomb, ice cream and wafers too. I’m hungry now 🙂

  6. Wow, Teje, such a gorgeous quilt. Your pattern looks wonderful with the lovely fabrics. Very well done.

  7. I agree with everyone….you should definitely do the pattern…I love the variety of blocks and spirit of them all together! A wonderful finish!! (Hey btw…did you change your blog header?? Looks good!)

    • Thank you so much Valerie! Perhaps I try to find a way to make pattern for this quilt. I feel that I didn’t have much time for my blog all the summer and the header was the same long time. This time I made something different – photo patchwork. x Teje

  8. “Buntings in the Breeze”?? “Triangles at Play”????? “Bunting Happiness”?? Once again you have a wonderful finish!!! I think if you had a quilt in among other people’s, I could pick yours out immediately!!! I know of no one else who takes such cheerful mixtures of prints and puts together incredibly sunny puzzle-like piecings. You are, truly, an inspiration for me…..seriously!!!! Uber hugs and kudos from across the miles………………………………………

    • Thank you sew much, Doreen! Great names – I think I need to make list and put Nero to pick one as there are some many good names. I really enjoy sunny colours. Now I feel that I would like to challenge myself to make something similar with very different colours. We’ll see how that Works. Hugs and kisses! x Teje & Nero

  9. this quilt looks such fun!!!

  10. Hi Teje, what a really delightful quilt. Such pretty fabrics set off by the white. Fancy Free sounds good for a name. I thought of Picnic Puzzle. Whatever you call it it is truly a delight. There’s another one, Puzzle Delight. Singing in the rain also sounds good. Will you keep it or sell it. I would have trouble parting with it it is so happy and joyful. Love, Trillian.

    • Thank you so much Trillian! These were lovely Fabrics to use with white. Now I think to keep this quilt, but we’ll see. When I make next one, I may be able to apart this. Have a lovely day! x Teje

  11. That is a WOW! of a quilt. So fresh looking and happy hanging in the breeze! Super! WE think a small white border and then scrappy binding.

  12. Teje, your quilt is wonderful! I love the happy colours and think you did a brilliant job with the design, so interesting to look at. Excited to see how you will finish this beauty!

    • Thank you so much Katherine! This was a fun Project even didn’t start easily. But then when I started to work with those triangles and white, it was enjoyable work. x Teje

  13. I adore this quilt, Teje! I just love the colours and the unusual way you have combined the triangles…it feels so happy and lively to me that it does have a Festival air about it……I think that is what I would call it.
    Happy week to you and Nero. Tell him that our tiny puppy Molly loves to sleep on her back too 🙂
    Helen xox

    • Thank you so much Helen! Now I’m so happy with the colours even First I wasn’t sure if I had chosen right. White made the magic and the pattern was really fun to create. Like making puzzle but not finding the pieces but making them by myself! Hope to see soon sweet Molly – give her hugs from Nero and me! x Teje

  14. What a stunning design… It’s gorgeous! I like the idea of no borders and just binding it.. I think borders would cut the lovely diagonal lines you’ve got going.

    • Thank you so much Jane! I think also that it doesn’t need border or then just very thin white to secure the edges also during the quilting. Very clever to think those diagonal lines with the border lines – perhaps not good together. Have a lovely day! x Teje

  15. Love how this turned out – really sunny and makes me thing of ice cream! I like picnic in the park for a name too!

  16. Wow – this is so creative! I love the little half hexi blocks but they are all awesome. I wouldn’t add a border, but that’s just me. Good luck choosing a name – you’ve got a great list going

    • Thank you so much Heather! I agree with you and others that it doesn’t need border. Difficult to choose the name because there is now so many great names on the list! x Teje

  17. Very nice work Teje!!!

  18. Voi, miten siitä tuli kaunis! Valkoinen todellakin pelastaa tilanteen, turhaan Nero hätäili! Paljon sait ompelulomallasi tehtyä.

    • Kiitos kaunis! Niin se taitaa olla etta tarvitsen aina edes vahan valkoista valoksi. Tama valmistui yllattavan pian vaikken edes ommellut koko viikkoa. Ensin meni pari paivaa valmistellessa ja ihmetellessa pitkan tauon jalkeen. Nyt onkin hyva vauhti paalla ja vauvan peitto tuloillaan. x Teje

  19. Hi Terje, that’s a wonderful quilt. The colors are adorable of course but the greatest thing is the pattern. Very lively and unusual. Love it 🙂

  20. Hi Teje, love your new banner look and, of course, I love your quilt. I see kites–box kites, triangle kites, all kind of kites, which always make think of happy things so I’d call it ” Oh Happy Day.” How you made that all come out just right I’ll never know, but you sure did. Nero and Hanna must have helped out. Sonja

  21. If you are thinking of a border to enlarge it a bit, Teje, I would be tempted to just add more white and then bind in something bright, like scraps of the lovely fabrics you gave used. It really is pretty.

    • Thank you so much Clare! I agree with you and others and I think I add only thin white border which will also secure the edges during the quilting. Scrappy binding sounds fun. x Teje

  22. Amazing collection of different shapes, and the colours are so bright and happy. I like a name like Garden Party.

  23. Wow! Very original and gorgeous! Who cares about the name…we just want the pattern!

  24. So, so pretty! I hope we’ll get to see it finished as well!!!!

  25. Gorgeous! Love it! The name “triangle treats” came to my mind 🙂

  26. That’s one truly magnificent quilt! Love the design and the gorgeous colours! Glad you’re enjoying some cooler days Nero! Ros and Oscar

  27. Congratulations on a unique creation! I am impressed with your neatness and deliberateness in constructing it, even though you are experimenting. I like the idea of candy that others have mentioned, a name like “Confection Sampler” or “Cotton Candy”.

  28. wow, it’s super beautiful and totally impressive you did that without a real pattern! I would maybe add a white border or leave it at it is. It’s so beautiful!

  29. What an amazing quilt – I love it! I would just add the binding – it is perfect the way it is!

  30. Wow this quilt is so much fun. What a treat to have your girls to sew with, someday 🙂

  31. This is a really lovely project. I really like how the hexagons break it up from being all triangles. Thanks for sharing your process.

  32. Hello Nero,

    Please tell Teje that the quilt looks fantastic, I love all the colors with white! And she is so quick making all these gorgeous things, I am amazed!

    Happy October to you all!


  33. Oh this has to be my favourite quilt at the moment – lovely shapes and colours and randomness!

  34. Beautiful quilt and what an intricate design, quite original. I can’t wait to see how you will quilt this one. Well done!

  35. Gorgeous quilt! The layout is extraordinary!

  36. I absolutely love this quilt! I love the design, fabrics, and colors. It is simply beautiful! I also love 60 degree angle quitls.

    • Thank you so much Deana! I like also all kind of triangles and with this ruler I have much more possibilities to make them easily. x Teje

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