Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero’s Post: She’s in trouble …


Vof vof! Great to see you friends! Yes we have a problem here … she has … she has no idea what to do with her new fabrics! She likes :PAYG (=plan as you go) and there she is now, without any plan … going who knows where …

Fancy Free

At least she has done some cutting and loves her new ‘Hex N More’ Ruler!


She waited these fabrics like the moon to rise and now she’s not even sure about the colours?! I said she should have picked the other bundle with greens but did she listen to me? She cut the jewel with her own way because didn’t like to cut all the strip so wide. She has cut now one jewel, one half hexy and several triangles from each fabric.


This ruler is fantastic. Super easy to use with great tutorial and Info coming with it. It can be used for so many different shapes and sizes. Absolutely worth of every penny.


Then began the problem … how to fix them. Oh boy, you can’t believe how hard that can be. There should never be too many possibilities! It was hours like this: could it be like this … or this … no, not those colours together … that print is too busy here etc. etc.


… and where shall we put the white … there has to be white! If you are in trouble with your plan, take a photo. After changing hundreds of times those patches, she was somehow happy with these …


… and seeing this photo, she thought that there could be white around the jewel-triangles … yes, perhaps … I think I’m done with this and like to out to chase that cat on the tree! Wow, in the morning I chased one cat all around the garden and then she jumped on the fence where I couldn’t reach and was teasing  me from there. Of course I had to say loudly that this is my area and she doesn’t have any business here.


By the way, do you see that she finally sew one block – great job for today! I do hope she can finish few more until it’s bed time. I realized that last time we forgot to show you our new design wall. Hey, it’s very simple but on it we can design, so it is design wall …

design wall with fleece

It is a fleece blanket (Ikea) on the wood stick which is tight with fabric ribbons to two hooks which you can put over the door. We have stuffed these closets whit things that we don’t usually need so we don’t need to open these door often. Only of course just after fixing this thing, we had to search something form the last closet.


And here is our sewing room … and me …


We are now happy with Hanna because we can come to this room, too. When we had the sewing attic, only Nelli was able to go up there.


Hanna likes to be under the table …


There are lots of things stored in this room … not everything is related to sewing or our materials. Mainly the right side is sewing stuff, far on the left are yarns and then on the left side it’s just ‘stuff’. Soon we get bigger table and that will help a lot … I’m not sure if there is space for ironing then.

selvage jewel

I think this is quilter’s jewel! Could the selvage be more sweet! If I would tell some of those doggies who pass my gate, that I love those little stitches on the edge, I’m sure they would think I’m form an other planet! But, really, aren’t they the cutest ever!

Design Wall by Teje

Oh, too silly talk, better make some coffee. Soon the neighbours wake up from their siesta sleep and I can go out to bark  those those cats and dogs who walk on the street. Did you pick the little bear? I’ll so you soon where he is dancing.

By, by for now! Thanks for being my friend and reading my stories! Hugs and Kisses!


PS. Should I start Instagram with my name or my blog’s name?

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

26 thoughts on “Nero’s Post: She’s in trouble …

  1. Beautiful room! I like where your blocks are going ; )

  2. Hi Nero! Nice to see you! Teje’s new project looks like fun. I like where this is going! The sewing room looks lovely and so does the new design wall. I think the instagram should be the blog’s name.

  3. Inspirational post – as always Teje knows what to do. Next time I order fabric I have to get the Hexi ruler too. It all looks so easy to handle. Lovely sewing room. See you on Instagram!!! By the way, we had some rain the other day (but mixed with dust) , x Barbora

    • Thanks Barbora! Oh, rain with dust is bad. We had few drops rain in the morning and then sunshine again. The ruler is Super! Just ordered ‘Paint’ fabrics from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quiltin’g, you know it’s in Ireland. x Nero

  4. Lovely fabrics…it looks like you will be making something just gorgeous there! Your sewing room looks lovely too (and furry helpers are always good to have in our sewing rooms)!
    Happy ‘nearly’ weekend!
    Helen xox

    • Thanks Helen! In the photo they look really sweet and lovely – perhaps she’s on a good way. We like to stay close to her and give sew advice! Happy weekend! x Nero

  5. Your new sewing room looks great and your fabrics are beautiful! I’m sure you will make something lovely with them 🙂

  6. Relax, Nero. Vof! Vof! I think Teje will soon be OUT of trouble. With you and Hanna to help in the sewing room, all will be well!

  7. Wow Nero what lovely new fabrics Teje has…she does seem to have a plan now! Her new sewing room is perfect and I’m so glad you can all be there with her. Billy sends a purr xx

  8. It’s okay Nero – trust me the fabrics are the right ones for her! Better than the other ones with so much green – these will shine and sparkle in their new quilt. – good things take time to think about, plan, dream and paint pictures in your mind. It gonna be Super! So relax in the sewing room with Hanna and Nelli and watch the magic happen!

  9. Oh, Nero, I love your design wall. I didn’t think I had space for one, but I can do what you guys did and put in front of the closet . Don’t you worry about that quilt for one second, your mom has a gift to take all kinds of patterns and colors and sprinkle in some white and all of sudden, something beautiful this way comes! Keep those neighbor cats on their toes. They need to know who’s in charge.

    • Thank you so much! We thought so but then we wanted to cover those ugly brown doors and realized that there is place for design wall. Wow, it’s so important to every quilter! On the design wall we got some great ideas today! Those cats are so ‘stubborn’ – they don’t listen me at all. One came even to eat from my plate in the kitchen. Hugs! Nero

  10. Älä ole, Nero, huolissasi, kyllä Teje selviää. Vähän aikaa kun hän pyörittelee kankaita, niin eivätköhän ne asetu paikoilleen. Mukavaa viikonloppua!

    • Kiitos kannustuksesta! Olet oikeassa – nyt alkoi loytya jo oikea savel! Se ei oo ommellu koko kesana ja luuli jo ‘ruostuneensa’ taysin. Tartti vaan vahan, tai aika paljon valkoista ja homma alkoi luistaa! x Nero

  11. I LOVE those fabrics. What a great pattern for them.

  12. Love the stars up on your design wall! And I vote for blog name on IG : )

  13. Design wall looks great! I like the design you came up with in the end and Nero you are a very considerate neighbour during siesta time!

  14. Hello dear Nero (and Teje),

    What a lovely place for sewing yo all have in the new home! Teje will be making such lovely creations there with you all guys! And please tell her that PAYG is the best method ever, I ALWAYS use it with my creations too!

    Happy creating, and looking forward to meeting you at Instagram too, whatever name you end up choosing – just let me know asap!


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