Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Needle and Thread with Beads and Hexies


Vof vof dear friends! I think it’s time for me to say something. It’s me Nero, and I have missed you! As I saw needle and thread, I thought it will be Nero’s  “Needle and Thread Thursday” post! I start upsidedown, from the silent moment today …

paper pieced hexagons

When I don’t know what to do and have only short time, I pick my hexie box and fix some flowers. I try to make them ‘mixed’ so that the result would look random but still the flowers could be found. I’m not sure yet if I make also ‘half flowers’ and single hexies between the flowers. I was thinking to make single hexies with solids.

quiet sewing afternoon

There I am very helpful, you see. I’m on the right and Hanna is the lazy one on the left. Nelli is sleeping on a chair at the end of the table. PS. I’m not smoking, it’s my thread-catcher the turquoise ceramic,

This is the first day we can enjoy ourselves like this outside and also first day after many, many months, that we got a little bit rain! I can’t remember when it was raining last time but it must have been some where at the end of the March. It didn’t rain enough, only few drops in my garden, but in town they got real rain.

hexies in the garden

This is ‘Woodie’ my friend who likes to sit and watch the garden day and night. I prefer to sleep in my bed at night. He looks a little bit grumpy so I prefer to see his funny ears and wrinkled neck. Oh, those hexagon flowers doesn’t look so many … have to cut cute squares to make more.

bracelets with beads

When I saw this, I thought ‘hey it’s needle and thread’ – I want to have fun with Kelly! She is hosting one of our favourite linky parties every Thursday: ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’! This counts, right? Sewing beads with needle and thread to make bracelets! Kelly’s blog is ‘My Quilt Infatuation’ and it’s worth of following! Kelly makes so beautifu (and colourful) quilts, other sewings too and fantastic patterns!

Bracelets by Trikimia


It took a while to find a good way to sew the beads but now it’s easy peacy.

making bracelets

Lunch brake on the veranta with beads, needle and thread. This needs lots of patient but is really fun. Can’t wait to create other ‘patterns’!

Bracelet by Trikimia

This is at the moment my favourite … and the other one with small difference …

Bracelets by Trikimia

Now in the new house, I have to learn where and how to take photos. Have to fix and decorate few places for photo shooting. And perhaps start to make more trips around to take photos.

Bracelets by Trikimia

Until then, my ‘laundry’ table is useful …

Bracelets by Trikimia

These are now very colourful – you know that we love colours! There will be also bracelets with less colours and other styles – just need to ‘get rid of the summer’ and calm down from other works. We are so looking for to begin autumn and start seriously to create with all our materials – sea glass, beads and of course FABRICS!


So, I’m out of new photos … and shall leave you with ‘me’ … my ‘selfie’. Just today Teje took photo of her new glasses and thought ‘no selfie yet’ and here I have my own ‘selfie’ photo! Like to see the glasses?

new glasses

You know she likes to use white with bright colours, so now once she has also white in her glasses! … and now I have to show ‘me’ again to finish this post …

Nero and his suitcase

Just thought to mention that I haven’t unpacked yet my suitcase … took some tennis balls and other toys but there are still things I need to find place where to put them.

So let’s go to party then! I’m linking at ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’ with Kelly! Come along!

My Quilt Infatuation

Thank you so much, girls and guys for stopping by! Next week we shall continue with flying geese and who knows what else.  I was told to clean my ..ψψψ.. from the garden… (it’s not all mine!)

Hugs and Kisses!!! Hope to meet you soon again!!!

PS. Could you help me to choose NEW Smart phone? My cell phone is 98 years old, so you understand I can’t know what I should take care when choosing the NEW one. Thank you! Would be nice to find turquoise (the colours is the most important, right?)!

PS. I have found several, wonderful NEW blogs and thought to say that it’s nice/important to have the /Bloglovin’s follow button’ to make following easy for your readers!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “Needle and Thread with Beads and Hexies

  1. Hello Nero, you are very talented making such beautiful bracelets with such lovely colourful beads, I really like your suitcase.

  2. Your hexies, and your bracelets, are beautiful – happy colours:-)

  3. I love your pretty hexies, and your new beaded bracelets are really gorgeous…….such lovely colours! So nice to hear from you Nero, and to know that Teje is busy crafting! Happy September to you all!
    Helen xox

  4. Delightful post Nero. I am also a hexie lover and have works in many sizes in progress. Your Mum is very talented. Love Trills.

  5. Nice hexie flowers; I’ve just been cutting hexie papers ready for my holiday, so I’m interested to see how you arrange yours, whether or not you put solid hexies in between. I hope you’ll post about them again.

  6. I love Nero’s post. Glad you’re settling into your new place. XOXO

    • I just tell the phone salesperson what i want to do with phone ….and it has to be in turquoise. They always sell me more than i need.
      Photos, posting to a blog, turquoise….

  7. Love the selfie Nero – looking very handsome and so busy. Very talented!

  8. Hey Nero, so good to see you again. Those new bracelets are really, really cool. What a neat design. We haven’t had any rain either and the lawn is gone cuz we are on rations. The hexie flowers are lovely–your mom is so clever. Love the selfie! hugs from Lady Caroline.

  9. P.S. to Nero. Mom got an iPhone not too long ago cuz she couldn’t get a battery for her 87 year old phone. She was very sad cuz she liked her old one, but now she likes her iPhone cuz it takes really good photos plus you can get an aqua cover for it. Mom’s is white with turquoise and coral birds on it.

  10. Cute post Teje and the most beautiful hexies! Glad you are settled in

  11. Hi hi, I love the bracelets! X

  12. iphone…I am sure you can find a nice turquoise iphone case to go with it…:-)
    Beautiful bracelets!

  13. What a fun time you have been up to with Teje Nero! The garden is a nice place to work. I love Teje’s new eyeglasses too!

  14. Kaunis hexie-työ tulossa. Odotan innostumistani niihin, vielä ei ole kovin suurta riippuvuutta syntynyt :D. Laitoin sinulle toissa viikolla postia, toivottavasti tulee pian perille. Aurinkoista (pienen sateen kera) viikonloppua!

    • Hei ja kiitos terveisista! En minakaan onneksi ole ihan hulluna hexeihin eli teen niita silloin talloin kun tykkaan istua ulkona tai ottaa ompelun jonnekin mukaan. Itse asiassa tuo kukka-muoto vahan hairitsee ja sita voisi tietysti muuttaa. Nain jossain ‘lumihiutaleita’. Niihin voisi laittaa valeihin yksivarisia hexeja. Kiitos postista, pitaakin kayda heti laatikolla kun eilen en kaynyt missaan (ihme kylla). Hyvaa viikonloppua! x Teje

  15. Thank you for a coloful peek into your many great projects 🙂 I love the view from your new terrace.

  16. Hello Nero, great to see you! We hope you are happily settled into your new home. The view looks lovely. We LOVE the pretty bracelets and the cute hexes. Have fun! Ros and Oscar

    • Thanks Ros and Oscar! I have cats to chase here (not Nelli). We are fine and enjoy the beginning of autumn – our favourite season! Hugs! x Nero

  17. Looking totally relaxed Nero!!! Lots of beautiful fabrics Teje, but I have to agree those little cats are just the cutest. Ros

  18. Hello dear Teje,

    I knew you are wonderfully talented, but those bracelets are just so pretty! And all those beautiful beads, I would love to have those on my desk just to look at those beautiful colors…So inspirational!

    Have a wonderful September!


    • Thank you Mia! It’s so enjoyable to watch colours – in any material! Even in papers like I have now been playing with Paper patches to find out how to make a quilt. Those beads are really delicious and when I start to make bracelets I can’t stop because I want to try all the time NEW colour-mixes! I wish you warm and sunny days! x Teje

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