Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello Dear Friends! I have missed you and hope you are fine! After the brake with moving it’s not easy to start again. So many things to share and show, stories to tell … so I just thought to skip all that for a while and write about sewing and fabrics, which I know you all prefer to see. IMG_1158

My sewing room needs still lots of work to be nice and inspiring but at least there is now space to start NEW a project. I was thinking a lot what it should/could be and then remembered that for a long time I wanted to make ‘flying geese’ blocks. With some search on pinterest, I found lots of inspiring quilts and great tutorials. I tell you my experience in the in the order I worked.

You can find many tutorials from my Pinterest Board: ‘Quilt Blocks’.

Lots of inspiration and quilts made with ‘flying geese’ blocks on my Pinterest Board: ‘Quilt Inspiration’.

First I tried tutorial which works only with two squares. But for me this didn’t end up well. First I cut my block totally wrong – look the left piece. Second the other piece, even cut correct, has still mistakes. I know it’s my fault and not the tutorial. I should have been more careful.


Second I tried the, perhaps most common method to make flying geese blocks. With this you cut one big square and four small squares. It starts like this …

flying goose block

… and continues like this …

flying goose

This method works well and easily. Only I don’t like to measure and I hate ‘difficult’ numbers like 7/8 or 1/4 … I really would prefer to cut ‘whole numbers’ like 5 or 3 … but here you need to know exactly what size to cut. Other wise it may end up like this …

flying goose block

On my Pinterest Board for quilt blocks, you find also great list to see what size to cut to get the block-size you like.

flying geese blocks

And I thought that in the end of the evening I shall have lots of fun flying geeses?! Couldn’t have guessed that I took so much time to learn it. It took two hours to get these doen and they are not perfect but fortunately (for some strange reason) I’m not perfectionist with my quilting. I’m quite much perfectionist when making bags or other things and with many other things in life but I think I feel that quilting is something ‘artistic and creative’ so I’m not so stright.


Getting those NEW Fabrics washed today, you understand that I can’t wait to make more flying geeses. I try to MIX colours and prints more bravely than I do usually (so often I stuck to with match similar colours. And I do try to make them perfect matching corners.

new fabrics

I have been very lucky to win a gift certificate $ 50 for the ‘Fat Quarter Shop’ from ‘Quilt Jane’s blog. Jane’s blog is beautiful and she makes fantastic quilts! Thank you so much Jane! You will here more about this when I get the Fabrics. It’s just that I didn’t order yet anything because I can’t make up my mind.

ade639afaad9d4e21c96b3277a031172[1]fancyfree-fqb-200[1] (2)  My most likely choise is this ‘Fancy Free’ – fat quarter bundle of it. But then I like also very much this ‘Flower Patch’ collection …

flowerpatch-bundle-450_4[1]… and of course there is the bundle of ‘Kaffe Fassett Limited Edition’, hard not to choose these …

kflimited-bundle-450_2[1]I would like to hear what you would choose! Something I have chosen, NEW ruler! Since the day (two years ago, wow) Julie made this ruler, I have decired it and now it’s time to get it! It’s called ‘Hex N More’ and you can read and see more about it on Julie’s blog ‘Jaybird Quilts’. Julie has there lots of Info, ideas and inspiration how to use this ruler and also she has made lots of pattern for this ruler, which you can use for hexagons, jewels and triangles.

HexNMore-200[1]… sorry about the size of these photos, can’t manage to make them bigger but visiting ‘Fat Quarter Shop’ you can see them all well and read the details.

UPDATE: I chose and ordered the ‘Fancy Free’ because IT’S ON SALE!

I’m very happy to join the fun of the LINKY PARTIES again! There are lots of buttons on my sidelist for my favourite parties so can join them easily, too! I want to thank you all the ladies who take the time to host those parties giving us the possibility to share our sewings!

Hmmm. now I think should I pick the Flower Patch, but it has so much green … any way here are some other shots around until I show you more about the NEW neighbourhood …


My tools and other stuff has found their way to the our new home as well as Nero’s balls … already spread around the little garden …


Seems to be that the ‘size’ is an issue today. WordPress has changed to NEW style to make a post and that made my photos great big but now when I continue, it’s again in the ‘old style’ and that likes to show them smaller?! Hmmm … again something to learn.


I leave you now with this relaxing scene … as you see Nelli has settled very well and found many nice places to have a nap or to hide.

Thank you so much for visiting me even I have been away for a while! I hope to see you soon and I wish you wonderful day!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

51 thoughts on “FLYING GEESE BLOCKS, FABRICS etc.

  1. Hello dear Teje,

    I am so happy to hear that you have found a little corner to sew! The whole place will get ready with time but most important thing is that you can get started somewhere – and I can see why you can’t wait, oh all those new fabric waiting ti be tried! And I am a BIG fan of Kaffe, so if you asked me, I would have taken his fabrics, but all those are lovely!

    Wishing you a happy times in your new home!


    • Thank you Mia! So great to be back again! I had decided to pick Kaffe Fassett’s Fabrics even before seeing what there is, but then I didn’t find the bundle I had in my mind and the other colours were a little bit too ‘autumn’ for me. I have a great ‘designer collection’ in warm colours and that I was hoping to get now in ‘cool’ colours. Anyway I’m very happy with the Fancy Free and the NEW ruler. Hava a lovely day! x Teje

  2. So nice to hear from you again! I already saw at Pinterest that you were looking at flying geese, so this is not entirely a surprise. And to learn within 2 hours to do this isn’t bad at all. I guess I would need a lot more. And I love it that you say you don’t want to be precise where it concerns your quilts; I think some people take it much to seriously, and forget to have fun.
    As for the fabrics, I would definitely choose Flower Patch, I just love the greens! And the ruler looks very interesting. I’m going to look further into that one!
    groetjes, Dorien

    • Thank you so much Dorien! It’s always great to start NEW things and try NEW blocks! I have also some exciting Paper piecing patterns waiting! I can’t take quilting too seriously because I enjoy it so much. I just bought more greens as you see, so I think I decided to go for the Fancy Free. Have a great day! x Teje

  3. Glad to see you and your fur family have settled in nicely to your new home! Looks like you are having fun getting reacquainted with your sewing things. Love the curved row of flying geese!

    • Thank you Lorna! Yes, we start to get used to the NEW surrounding and find our things again! I’m so looking for to start sewing ‘seriously’ and to be in touch again with my sewing friends! Have a great day! x Teje

  4. Wishing you much happiness and creativity in your new home. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new neighborhood. The view past your washing line looks superb.

    • Thank you so much Gail! I hope to have soon time to take lots photos around the place we Live now. Washed Fabrics in the sunshine look always so beautiful! Have a lovely day! x Teje

  5. Ihania kankaita kaikki! Joskus, kun olen levännyt vaikka pari paivaa perakkain, voin kokeilla noita hanhia. Saattaa olla hyvinkin hankalat minulle. Toivottavasti Nero kavereineen on kotiutunut uuteen paikkaan.

    • Kiitos Marle! Ei noi hanhet ole vaikeita vaikka mina sainkin illan kulumaan ekojen kanssa. Kaikkein helpoin olis tietysti tehda kokonaan ‘puolikkaita nelioita’ kayttaen, mutta se on vahan fuskausta. Olemme kaikki jotenkuten kotiutuneet ja Nellikin yllattavan hyvin. x Teje

  6. Lovely new fabrics and your flying geese look gorgeous! I wish you happiness and joy in your new home, dear Teje, and lots of time to craft and have fun too.
    Helen xox

  7. Flying geese quilts are beautiful and with the colors on your clothing line yours will be stunning. I recently saw someone who made them as paper pieced for a perfect precision. I wish you all the best in your new home 🙂

  8. I would have chosen Fancy Free as well – it is so pretty. And if it’s on sale – perfect! Love the washing line full of beautiful fabric. Nice to hear you are getting settled.

  9. Good to hear you are getting settled in to you new home! Keep going with the flying geese! They get quicker with practise! Jxo

  10. It sounds like your new little “corner of the world” suits you all nicely. The fabric ‘rainbow’ (washed fabric) is so gorgeous in the sunlight and very tempting, hmmmm? Good choice for fabrics for the next order and the plexiglass hexie & more “ruler” is one I’ve been ‘eyeing’ too!!! I will be anxious to see how it is used. Your bloggy place is a joy to visit!! Much happiness and peace to you all….hugs………………………..

    • Thank you so much Doreen! We have settled down and the dogs with cat have used to the NEW place. I can’t wait to try that ruler, it looks exciting and I shall make something with the NEW Fabrics using that. Thank you for your sweet wishes! Hugs! x Teje

  11. I am glad you are moved safely and the animals are starting to feel at home. What good luck on your prize! I hope you get your sewing room sorted out soon. then you can come and organise mine for me!

  12. Your fabrics washed and ready to use look wonderfully inviting.
    Flying geese – keep at it, they do become easier to perfect. In May 2013 I completed a quilt which required 700 flying geese! I had never made one before I started and was making geese on and off for many months. Every quilt since that finish has not included any triangles or flying geese….

  13. Such beautiful flying geese! I love the red dots ; )

  14. Gorgeous fabric choices Teje 🙂 I use the two squares method for making flying geese and I have a special ruler to square them up. It is interesting to learn how other people see what works for them. I hope you are all settling in to your new home. Nice to see you are back to sewing again 🙂

    • Thank you Avis! Yesterday I looked video for that ruler and realized that the block is not ready after sewing and cutting those squares but need to be trimmed with the ruler – that was my ‘mistake’. I shall try to make also some little geeses with Paper piecing just to try all the methods. Not much time to sew yet but it’s getting better every day. Have a lovely day! x Teje

  15. I find flying geese tedious, cant wait to see it finished. Love the fabrics

  16. Looks like you have a nice view from your new place.
    This is the method I use to make the flying geese, it’s called the fast and furious method…And, they are quite fun to make. I just bought the “Bloc_Loc Flying Geese Square Up Ruler,” haven’t got it yet but can’t wait to give it a try!

  17. flying geese can be tricky at first, but they’re great blocks. i love the fabric you’ve chosen to work with

    • Thank you Wendy! I’m not worried – I know I shall enjoy making them. Just didn’t expect to need ‘lesson’ for them. But now they are more interesting as giving a small challenge. I hope to continue soon. x Teje

  18. The washed fabrics Looks so inviting. Love your Projects.

  19. Teje, your photos are wonderful – I love the on with all the fabrics drying on your rack! You must love your view!

    • Thank you Lara! I’m always surprised how quick it is to wash the NEW Fabrics by hand and it’s great to see the colours in the sunshine! x Teje

  20. HaHa! Even your clothespins are bright and cheerful!

  21. I enjoyed everything about this post! I like that you admitted to having trouble with an online tutorial. I love the fabric in both sets of your flying geese. I fell in love with your outdoor decorating and the photos of your washed fabric. I don’t pre-wash because it takes so much time so I commend you.

    • Thank you Deana! In fact it doesn’t take so much time. I prefer to wash and to know that they don’t shrink or loose colour later – I’m not sure if it’s necesssary. I think telling the truth even about difficulties and mistakes can help others. Easily we think that all the others make everything so quickly and easily but often even something we concider easy, may have lesson to learn. x Teje

  22. I can only make flying geese by using foundation piecing, either paper or fabric. You can buy ‘foundation by the yard’ fabric printed with geese and other designs

  23. Those flying geese are looking great! Congrats on winning the gift certificate! It’s always fun to do a little shopping for fabric!

    • Thank you Mrs. Geek! I was very happy to win and especially because the Shipping to GREECE is very expencive. Can’t wait to get the new fabrics and to try that ruler! x Teje

  24. You do have lots to share! There is a learning curve when trying something new, isn’t there? My fav flying geese is the second one you tried. Lovely fabric! Oh, and that Hex N More ruler – it is wonderful, so accurate, and Julie’s patterns are so well written!

    • Thank you Sharon! That makes quilting so interesting that there is always something NEW to try and learn. I’m so happy I won the gift certificate and was able to get at last that Julie’s ruler. Unfortunately the Shipping is very expencive but like this it’s great to get something something from the ‘wishlist’! x Teje

  25. Hi Teje, wow! My mouth is watering over your wonderful array of colourful fabrics drying on the line. I look forward to seeing the quilts made with them. What a difficult decision to make over which fabric pack to get. They are so lovely. I am naughty and have given up washing my fabrics. No problems so far. So glad you are all settled in your new home. Love Trills, aka, trillspatch.blogspot.

    • Thank you so much Trills! I’m happy I made up my mind and the Fabrics with the ruler are now on they way. Cant’s wait to see them Live! x Teje

  26. Hei Teje! Ihania kankaita, tykkään etenkin noista pyykkinarukuvista, niissä on jotenkin lupaus tulevista luovista hetkistä! Ja kankaat ovat aina niin kauniita. Punapohjaista pallerokangasta löytyy minunkin kaapistani, ostin joskus pussin jossa oli tehtaan näytepaloja, ja se löytyi sieltä. Samassa pussissa oli samasta kangaslinjasta muitakin paloja. Minäkin aloitin eilen hanhitehtailun, mutta minun hanheni päätyvät tähtien sakaroiksi. Toivottavasti alatte vähitellen toipua muutosta, on se aina sellainen ponnistus! t. Tiinatei

    • Hei ja kiitos kivasta kommentista! Se pun. pallerokangas on Eurokankaasta, Kouvolasta mutta taitaa olla amer. tilkkutyokangas – tosi kiva. Ei ole viela toivuttu kunnolla… ja tama viikko tosi kiire toissa. Mutta sitten ehka alkaa helpottaa ja nayttaisi etta vahan ilmakin viilenisi. Jatkuva kuuma koko kesan on vienyt taysin kaikki voimani. Hyvaa viikonloppua sinne Suomeen! x Teje

  27. Great to see you Teje and love seeing all the fabric drying outside. Hope the move went well and congrats on the great win!

    • Thank you so much Connie! Move went … i don’t know how well, it was enough difficult but mostly done now so I’m looking for to start sewing! x Teje

  28. Hello! So glad to have found your beautiful blog! Oh the light is so lovely – all that sun and colour and prettiness! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with the flying geese – they are very addictive 🙂 Hope you continue to settle well into your new home – looks wonderful.

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