Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero’s Post: Blog Hop & Moving


Vof vof friends – it’s Nero here! I’m so happy to see you! Could you help me to let me know what’s ‘moving’? We are moving and I haven’t done that before so I’m a little bit worried what will happen? I got this suitcase and was told to pack my stuff?! There are now my toys and coocies, balls, my own first aid bag, brush, comb and nail cutter, my socks, leash and collars, I threw there also this little quilt I saw – I don’t think Teje would like to forget that. I was told that soon I shall sleep in a new bed in different house … I guess that’s ok, if Hanna, Nelli and my family are there with me.

Nero's suitcase

Our dear Finnish friend, Mia invited us to join a Blog Hop. Mia is very talented fiber artist and she make beautiful and cute felted itemes, bags, pouches etc. with cute creations on them. Her lovely blog is ‘HANDMADE BY MIA’. Thank you so much Mia for your invitation! Now I leave Teje to tell you what she is doing …

1) What am I working on?

Til now I have been working mostly with quilting and sewing: quilts, pillows, bags, pouches etc. Also knitting and crochet: scrafs, jackets, shawls and lately also bracelets etc. This year I have started to make more jewelries with sea glass, gemstones and beads.

I’m running two etsy Shops: ‘TEJESARITA’ for my patterns & sewings and ‘TRIKIMIA’ for our sea glass and other jewelries & decorations.

This spring and summer has been super busy because we have been fixing a shop in town for TRIKIMIA. It will be a workshop where we sell our handmade jewelries, gifts, decoration and some other seasonal things. That’s why my etsy-shops are also at the moment a little bit empty, because many things went to the ‘live’ shop. In spring there was suddenly very serious illness in our family which stopped our life for a while. Plus all that, summer is also busy time in our Holiday Apartments in ‘MAHERIDA’.

quilts by Teje

Quilt washing before packing: Fantasy Forest, Finnish Forest, Hanna’s Garden

Quilts I make are my designs. I haven’t done any quilt by pattern but of course I get lots of inspiration and ideas from other quilters. Also amazing quilter WHO share their knoledge and tutorials helper me to learn quilting ‘by myshelf’. Designing quilts, pillows, bags etc. is always fun!

Shoulder Bag by Tejesarita

Shoulder Bag with knotted adjustable strap


Project bags with 'Heaven & Helsinki' fabric

Project bags with ‘Heaven & Helsinki’ fabric

Bracelets with Coral, Lava and Gem Stones

Bracelets with Coral, Lava and Gem Stones

2) How does my work differ from others its genre?

This is difficult. I’m not sure if my work differs as there are so many very talented people who also make colourful and happy things. I love happy colours and that shows in my work. Often I try to make things ‘different’, but that’s quite difficult because … you know how many quilts has been sewn, how many bags has been designed … it’s just that if we didn’t see them, we can still enjoy the ‘aha’ experience when ‘inventing the wheel’!

'My Dream Quilt'

‘My Dream Quilt’

Because I don’t have acces to quilt shops and shipping from US is an issue, I need to be even more creative. When I made this colour-wheele quilt, my fabric stash was very poor (still is, if you ask my opinion – compearing to some gorgeus fabric cabinets we see in some blogs) and I used what ever fabrics I found – always cotton to suit together but also re-cycled fabrics. Generally my store is very big because I save all kind of materials.

Sun umbreallas quilt

My husband is still sad about loosing some of his favourite shirts, but I declare that I use only shirts that he doesn’t use. They may have had an ‘accident’, wrong size or he just prefers to use other shirts. Here are two quilts made for our siesta nap. Nero and Hanna joined the ‘Pets on Quilts’ last year showing them.

'Stars' and 'Swirls' with men's shirts

‘Stars’ and ‘Swirls’ with men’s shirts

Here are few of the ‘story pillow’ I have made. This is something I really love to do – to make patchwork pictures with a little story in my mind! Idea for the first story pillow came from a rescue cat ‘Stavros’ who moved to Finland and needed of course a suitcase with him.

'Travelling Cat' pillow

‘Travelling Cat’ pillow

‘Jumping Dog’ is Nero with his for ever favourite toy: Ball! Travelling Dog could be for two amazing dogs, Hani and Obi,  that we had the joy to hold for a while before they moved also to Finland.

Story pillows

‘Story Pillows’ by Teje

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

Simply, because I enjoy it so much – that’s me – if I don’t create, think about ideas, find inspiration, make plans, see colours, I’m not well. Other important thing to me are books – I have been reading always. Especially when I was young I wrote many kind of notebooks (enjoyed even making the school notes). For example I made big book with all the dog breeds. I collected photos of them and then wrote pages about each breed what ever info I found from the books.

I’m really happy I made the decision to start this blog. If you like to hear about the name, it was the helpful idea that made me start. One day I was swimming (then I often get good ideas) and the name came to my mind. I thought that if there was not enough to write about my sewings etc. Nero could help me writing  about other things in garden etc. Now you see that Nero hasn’t had the word often, because of you, my fantastic readers: I have been so inspired to make lots of things all the time and always excited to share them with you!

Nero and Hanna (and Nelli-cat of course even she is shy to appear often) are very important part of my blog and they are always ready to help and play! When ever we have a give away, Nero picks the winners and Hanna is the secretary.

Nero and Hanna helps with the give away

Nero and Hanna helps with the give away

Even I’m very busy with all kind of works, I try to find some moments to make something just for fun. With no hurry to finish, without certain plan, something to do where ever I am … this time it’s a project with paper pieced hexagons. I’m waiting some solids to add between the flowers.  This may become a table runner.

paper pieced hexagons

Did you pick any fur under the woods? Nero and Hanna like to stay in the shadow under the table …


4) How does my writing/creative process work?

Quite spontanly! I have way too many ideas all the time running in my mind. When I start new project, I may have some plans but often they change a lot during the process. My inspiration comes often from the colours! I use a lot of time just to pick the right scraps so that I’m happy with the colour combination. Then some other time it just happens in a minute like the ‘square in square’ block below. I had the pink square front of me and for some strange reason I had to add that lime corner. Then there were few solid strips … and it was done! So my ideas come often also from the scraps and their shapes.

Very seldom I plan all my work before I start – or my writing. I know for me it works best that way, when I just start and follow my instinct. During my days, I think a lot what to show and tell to you – about something I see, what I make or what my puppies do. When it’s time to write to my blog, I usually start to pick photos and the story appears around them.

quilt blocks

‘Make My Day’ in proces

This blog hop is to find and get to know new bloggers and their blogs. I have to say that it was difficult to choose who to invite to continue this blog hop.  I’m lucky to have so many talented blogger friends with beautiful works and exciting blogs.

Today I like to intoruduce to you three very talented ladies:

Katherine from Canada and her blog: ‘SEW ME SOMETHING GOOD’. I love Katherine’s works and when I read her post and see what she has made, I say in my mind: ‘Yes! This is again so great idea! Gorgeus colours’! She really has fantastic ideas and uses beautiful, happy colours! She has a great eye for colours! Better you look by yourself – quilts with sunshine orange, purple, pink colours – pouches with adorable paper pieced details etc.

Dorien from Holland and her blog: ‘JUST-DO’. Dorien is a unique talent for crochet and knitting but she makes also many other things. For example I never forget one gorgeus coat she made. Also she shares in her blog bags, quilts, pillows etc. what she sews – always beautiful – even her sweet dog, Fleur, has the most beautiful patchwork bed! Dorien makes also wonderful crochet and knitting patterns.

Christine from Australia and her blog: ‘CHRISW DESIGNS’. Christine is a specialist for bags! She makes any kind of gorgeus bags! She creates fantastic details and uses always beautiful fabrics with lovely colours and prints. She is famous for her fantastic patterns! It’s always fun to help her finding names for new bag designs! Every Tuesday we can all join her party and share our bag projects.


So I think it’s time for me to check the garden not to forget any of my precious balls around and then continue the packing. Still need to pack my food, bowls, dessert sticks … and all the Nelli’s stuff (she is doesn’t show any interest for Packing) … of this moving is hard business! Did I forget something …

Nero's vintage suitcase


Thank you again Mia for inviting me! This was fun and also great opportunity to tell you why I have been so quiet lately. We are now in the last days of the moving, so next week we are out of the internet. That’s why I also send this post a little bit earlier. Next Blog Hop Day is Monday 18. of August – be sure to visit then Katherine, Dorien and Christine!

Hugs and kisses!

Nero, Hanna, Nelli & Teje


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

25 thoughts on “Nero’s Post: Blog Hop & Moving

  1. This blog post shows how nice an opportunity like this blog hop is; even though I’ve been reading your blog almost since the beginning, it is so nice to read about your motives, your way of working, and of course, especially, to see all those lovely items you’ve made as if they are exposed in a gallery. Thank you for this, and of course for your invitation. And have a great week moving!
    groetjes, Dorien

    • Thank you so much, Dorien for your lovely comment! I appreaciate your kind words and I’m very happy you join this blog hop! x Teje

  2. Hello dear Teje,

    What a fantastic post! Just like Dorien said above, even you read someone’s blog for a long time, it is so great to read more of you and your creations in one post! It opens up the whole picture so differently. You use colors so wonderfully, and cleverly use what is available. And wow, you master so many things, and the new, exciting thing coming too: your own shop!!! Congratulations! I am so so happy you found the time to participate with all your things-to-do – moving and all, thank you so much. All the best for the next week!

    Lovely weekend, dear friend!


    • Thank you so much dear Mia! As you know I’m so busy now and I wrote this post little byt little and at the end was worried it became way too long. Thank you for your needed wishes! x Teje

  3. Bless you Teje what a personal and frank post you wrote today. I am sorry that life has been hard over the last few months. Life really can change overnight can’t it. I totally agree that writing a blog really becomes such a wonderful way to engage with fellow friends and is a perfect distraction. All your work is gorgeous – you are one talented lady and I really treasure being a blogging friend with you. I hope the move goes really smoothly for you. Enjoy the rest of the summer and come back with posts when you can not when you feel you have to…I always love to read them. Take care xx

  4. Happy moving, Teje. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home. Best of luck with your shop, it sounds wonderful.

  5. Cute post Teje. Nice to see your Forest quilt again and I always love to see hexagons.

  6. This was such fun to read. Thanks for the new blogs to visit. I know you are meeting yourself coming and going with moving, but tell our dear Nero not to worry, all his peeps will be there for him at the new place, and you will have one final look around so no balls will be left behind.

    • Thank you so much! We shall check together all the garden and home, not leave any ball or scrap some where! Have a lovely day! x Teje & Nero

  7. Good luck on your new adventure Teje. I always love to read all about your work and your pets but I have also been so busy recently and not able to be involved with blogging so much. Hopefully, you’ll be around again soon. Love and hugs, Avis x ☺

  8. Hi Teje, Great post, hope the move goes well and the new shop. Hope the doggies like their new home and that the move goes well!

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  10. Very Fun to read more about your sewing and projects, Teje. Onnea for the new shop and home. It is a good year for moving!!
    Happy Weekend,
    Anne D.T

  11. Wow! Moving – that sounds exciting Nero. I am sure you will not leave anything behind. It’s good that you are taking charge so Nellie and Hanna’s stuff all gets to the new place too. It sounds exciting your mamma having a new shop – maybe you will get to visit and sit awhile and be friendly to all the shoppers. Have fun moving.

  12. We’ll look forward to your new place. Hopefully an even more awesome view.

  13. Teje, I wish you, Nero, Hanna and Nelli the best with your move and love the first picture of Nero with his suitcase. Your work is so beautiful. I like to work “off the cuff” like you do. I love the photo of Nero and Hanna on their star quilt made of men’s shirts (and the picture of Nero walking by his pool.) Beautiful dogs and beautiful quilt.

  14. Such a wonderful work on every quilt!!!

  15. Hello there! We have been away on our holidays and come back to see so many lovely things that you have made. We are hoping the move goes well and that you are so happily settled in your new home. Ros and Oscar x

  16. A beautiful post, Teje! I loved reading about what motivates you and have long admired the wonderful things you create and share on your blog. I believe we share a love of happy colours, my friend. ;o)
    Thank you so much for being a part of the hop and letting us get to know you even better.

  17. Teje, this is all so amazing! I am in love with your work and in love with your pets too! So much wonderfulness all in one post!
    I’ve started following you, so i won’t miss out on anything!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog too – I know you are “no reply” so I put my thanks here.

  18. Loved reading this and I love Nero’s suitcase! Always amazes me how much dog stuff we need to bring with us when we go on holidays – hope the moving is going well!

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