Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Mug Rug and Presents


Hello friends! I hope you are fine and have time to enjoy summer! The other day I thought to make beautiful potholders. Are you the same like me that never think to use your favourite fabrics for potholders? Like  it’s waste because they get easily dirty and after some time don’t get clean anymore. But on the other hand they are something we use everyday, so shouldn’t they be something we like to look?

paper pieced mug rug

So why I have here mug rug if I made potholders? Because I made material testing. I got some great materials from my sister  – thick and really warm looking. I thought they could be great for potholders and they could but perhaps with quilting cottons and not heavy linen mix.

mug rug with t

You may realize from this photo that it’s really firm and not comfortable to use as a potholder. My first thought was that beautiful potholders could be used also as mug rugs. Now and then I have made some letters it was time to make a brave decision a start to use them … T is a coincidence as it was the only uppercase letter I have made. T fits here well … even I’m coffee drinker … but T is my letter and I love blue!

Paper pieced letter mug rug

Kristy from ‘Quietplay’ has made the patterns for small and big letters and you can find them from her Craftsy Store. I have used my other paper pieced letters for Christmas bunting on my blog’s header.

Christmas 2013 (Constantia+Freestyle Script)

I’m big fan of letters – can’t help that. Joulu means Christmas in Finnish. I’m fan of mugs, too and because …. hmmm just because I was bored to use each and every day my patchwork mugs, I bought few new. Still I use of course also the patchwork mugs! The quilt with them is ‘Happy Days’. By the way, I have washed this quilt now with the colour catchers and it’s bright and fine. Thank you for your advices and reminding me to use them!

patchwork mugs

My new mug rug has a loop behind and the backing is solid mix linen.


I didn’t want to make symmetrical block so I set the paper pieced ‘T’ in the corner. Now there is also space for the mug on the side so it doesn’t cover the letter.

Mug Rug by Teje

Could I wish my luck has turned?! I almost gave up with the give aways because for ages I didn’t win anything and some earlier winnings disappeared. So you can imagine how happy and thrilled I was when I won Lizzie’s give away. Lizzie’s beautiful blog is ‘Swedish Scrapper’ . I was really excited to get some Swedish Linens and they appeared even better! Thank you so much Lizzie!

linen fabrics

They are gorgeus and the colours couldn’t be better! Colours from both of my home countries, Finland and Greece! And the card is Super fun! Can you guess what that little thing on the blue is?

swedish linens

It’s the sweetest, little stamp I have ever seen! It is Sun! I was happy to hear that Lizzie has visited my hometown here in Greece and her idea to send me a sun stamp was the best! Lizzie makes beautiful things, colourful quilts and other sewings. Have a look for example what she has made with linens. I have no idea what I shall make, if I ever dare to cut these beauties, but I may follow Lizzie’s advice and make some super special little towels.


Hanna and Nero are fine even bored because it’s hot and they can’t be so much out. Nero is soon 10 years old,so I think he needs extra care not to feel too hot and exhausted. Not that Hanna is very young either – next week it is exactly 8 years from the day she came to us. If you like to read her puppy story, it’s HERE (it’s a touching story but also sweet – Hanna is such a darling).

beautiful sand

If spring was busy I can’t describe the summer. Most of the days I work till midnight; there are so many things all the time waiting to be done and the list gets longer and longer. Fortunately I like my work and who could say that they are working when playing with sand …

playing with sand

I wish I could tell and show you more, but because often plans doesn’t go as we think and ‘life happens’ – it’s better to wait a little more.

Today I got ‘hooked’ with one email … it lead me to one blog … to pinterest … so here is a sneaky peaky for my next post …

croshet flower

So it’s the Mid Summer, the longest days of the year … it’s Special time in Finland. Most of the people go to the lakes and countryside to celebrate with their family and friends. Could I have ever believed, f someone told to me many years ago, that one day I’m in Greece sewing mug rug at the Mid Summer Saturday night! In fact I sew potholders but those I’ll show you an other time.

summer on the pool

Keep Calm and remember to drink water! Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog! I want to apologise that I haven’t had enough time to read blogs and write comments, but can’t help at the moment. One day you will understand. Thank you for your sweet words about the flower bag! I wish you wonderful, sunshineful and happinessful week!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

28 thoughts on “Mug Rug and Presents

  1. Hello there Teje! Love those pretty mug rugs and LOVE those gorgeous mugs. I too have a thing about mugs and we always seem to have way too many. Lovely to see the beautiful Hanna and Nero too. Have a great week and I hope you are not TOO busy! ROs

  2. So nice! I just love mug rugs and you can never have too many, can you????? You definitely have been creative/productive these days!!!!! Love the blue!!!!!!! Hugs……………………………

  3. Tout est treeeeeeeeees beau Marie-Claire

  4. What lovely potholders Teje. You are so talented. Keep calm and carry on working….take care though and try to get some time to relax too x

  5. We love reading your blog posts! they are such fun – light and happy! Your mug rug is beautiful – and great that it is off centre so you can still see the pretty design. Drinking tea here not water – it’s winter in New Zealand and coldish!

  6. I too love your mug rung…love the initial idea (I might have to steal that idea!) You always have the cutest mugs too!!

  7. Sounds like its busy times at your end and still you make time for creating. That’s good – creativity keeps us sane even when everything around us moves with double speed 🙂 The blue colors are my favourites too. Great mug rug….

    • Thank you so much Cille! I’m lucky because creating is now part of my work. Blue and white are my forever favourites! x Teje

  8. Very pretty! I love the fabric you chose!

  9. Love, love your mug rug. The colors just look amazingly refreshing. Of, course so does all that refreshing water in the pool. Wishing you a relaxing summer!

  10. T is for Teje ! Very sweet

    • Thank you Carla! I would like to make these with all the letters but unfortunately Paper piecing takes lots of time. Ah, I miss paper piecing… x Teje

  11. How smart you are to make this mug rug not symetrical. It really gives it a great look. I understand your feeling of not using your favourite fabrics for items like this; me too, I find it difficult to do so. But you are right, if not for something you use very frequently, what to use it for then??

  12. Hi Teje! Your mug rug is very cute, and so is the mug itself!

  13. Great blue colors with the linen I might also use it as a trivet. For use under hot pots.

  14. What a lovely mug rug ! I know summer is a busy time, but Remember to take some time for yourself too!

  15. Hello Teje,

    That is one pretty mug rug! Blue is perfect for the design, and T tells everyone who’s mug that is 🙂

    I wish you a wonderful July-days soon, hopefully you’ll get some rest too in the middle of all busy times?


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