Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Blogger’s Quilt Festival: ‘Hanna’s Garden’


Hello and welcome! If you visit us first time, i tell you quickly that we live in a beautiful island of Crete in Greece.   I’m Hanna and i’m a local girl but ‘mom’ is from Finland. Today I’m happy to show you our latest quilt, named after me ‘Hanna’s Garden’!

Hanna and her Garden Quilt

I have worked hard to finish this quilt (lot of sewing late at night) because i don’t want to miss Amy’s fantastic ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! It has became a tradition that i join this great event every spring and autumn and just couldn’t bare not to join our quilter friends! Warmest thanks to Amy for the amazing (and a lot of) work she has done again to organize this online quilt festival! This is really important for all of us quilters but even more to us who don’t have any acces to live quilt shows, meetings and festivals.

Click the button below to visit the festival. There are many categories about the size etc. I enter ‘Hanna’s Garden’ quilt to category Hand Quilted.
'Hanna's Garden' Quilt
Name: ‘Hannas’ Garden’
Design: by Teje Karjalainen (me)
Pieced: by machine
Quilted: by hand
Size: 52″ x 61″ (132 cm x 155 cm)
Category: Hand Quilted
'Hanna's Garden' Quilt
Long before i started to make this quilt, i made some birds. That story began with a quilt related book and bacame a story: ‘Travelling Book’. Hopefully that book still travels around the quilters.
bird mini quilt
Before i made this Mini quilt to follow the book to the next stop, i made one ‘testing’ bird (my first ever) and that ended up to this garden quilt. After that i made some pillows …
'Bird on my Pillow'
If you like to make these birds, my English tutorial is HERE and Greek tutorial is HERE (thank you so much Mania for the translation!).
'Cat on my Pillow'
Then I wanted to try to make a cat using only triangles and squares like with the bird. I had lots of ideas for many other things that there could be in the garden but time didn’t allow me to make them this time.
'Hanna's Garden' by Teje
Blocks with squares are ‘disappearing grannies’. I started to make some granny blocks because I really love the granny-square- quilts – but mine ended up little different so I had to name the block again.  Luckily I had received some beautiful flower fabrics from Judith and they were just what I needed to make some flower blocks.
quilt top
All the time I was making this quilt, I had ants in my mind … for quilting. There are many of them in our garden and when the weather change, they move – then there are paths around the garden with busy running ants. I ‘saw’ ants and their paths on the quilt and I wanted that the stitches show enough like little ants so against my usual colourful or white quilting, I chose dark brown Perle cotton no 8. I quilted by hand as usually.
quilting by hand
I quilted straight lines, almost, but didn’t mind if they were not perfect as ants walk also a little bit randomly. There is not as much quilting as I want and I do hope that I find ’empty’ moments to add more quilting. But as said I didn’t give up easily to loose all the fun with this quilt festival and pushed myself to finish this quilt.
quilted by hand
Today was a lovely sunny day after many half cloudy and rainy days. That means that tomorrow I could give a wash to this quilt – I’m always so anxious to see the quilts after washing and to see how lovely wrinkled they get – but now I have to be patient and wait till I have quilted a little bit more ant’s paths.
'Hanna's Garden' by Teje
We had fun with Hanna, or at least i had … Hanna is not the best friend with camera but likes to be in the garden and keep me company what ever i do. Hmmm, i wish i could have a nap next to Hanna …
Hanna and her quilt
… under the palm or olive tree …
'Hanna's Garden by Teje
For this quilt I used a little bit thicker wadding (found by hb from Athens).  I really like how it makes the quilt puffy and the quilting shows well. It’s also light so I think this will be wonderful quilt to snuggle under … when the nice cool winter comes.
quilt and pets
I just have to tell you what happens here: now for many days I see often that Nelli (our cat)  is running to Hanna and wants to ‘hug’ her. Hanna is affraid because she knows that sometimes Nelli scratch her suddenly, so Hanna runs away when Nelli goes to her. Then after a while Nelli tries again. Who could believe that Nelli used to be so affraid of our dogs that she didn’t come to the same room and never showed up in the garden when the dogs were around. I’m so happy that they are all now somehow friends … even it’s better never trust on Nelli.
'Hanna's Garden' Quilt by Teje
You see how Hanna was again quick enough to hide behind the quilt! And it’s not possible to take photos without even one with Nero’s Red Ball! He has had  this much loved ball all his life, almost 10 years!
Hanna and we all here at Nero’s Post and Patch, want to thank you for visiting us! We hope you had fun and enjoy the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! There are so much gorgeus, fantastic and beautiful quilts! If you have a moment, leave a message so we can come to visit you, too! You can write to me in English, Finnish or Greek.
‘NERO’S GARDEN’ (animals from Nero’s garden) – spring 2011
‘ORANGE STONES’ – autumn 2011
‘MY DREAM QUILT’ – spring 2012
‘BUTTERFLIES’ (applique) – autumn 2012
‘BABY STARS’ – spring 2013
‘HAPPY DAYS’ – spring 2013
‘FANTASY FOREST’ 1. prize in ‘Forest QAL’ (paper pieced) – autumn 2013
‘KIDS GAME’ 2013  – autumn 2013

Sunny wishes from Greece!


'Hannas' Garden' by Teje

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

78 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival: ‘Hanna’s Garden’

  1. So beautiful Teje, I will look out for your quilt come vote time…
    Your dog Hanna looks like the dog on my new block

  2. Beautiful quilt Teje, I love all the bright colours!
    Alison x

  3. Ihanan varikas!!! Tosi hienot kaikki linnut ja kuviot!! Well Done Sister!!!

    • Kiitos siskoseni! Uuden kameran varit on vahan liioitellut. Vaihdoin just viela yhden kuvan, nyt on kuvia kummastakin kamerasta. Hauska vari-iloittelu! x Teje

  4. Your quilt is absolutely stunning and your hand quilting looks wonderful! Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! I wish I could have quilted more and something more interesting but good I at least finished it! x Teje

  5. Oh I love it! Especially the birds and cat:-)

  6. Gorgeous! Looks like sunshine and happiness made into a quilt, Teje. Congratulations on a wonderful finish and beautiful entry into the festival.

  7. Hanna’s quilt is lovely – so full of fresh Summer colours! Good luck in the festival 🙂

    • Thank you so much Janine! It became really summer quilt full of sunshine and somehow I feel that it’s happy like my sweet Hanna! x Teje

  8. Such a pretty quilt. As is Hanna’s Garden. I really enjoyed your description of the quilting like the ants in your beautiful garden. And the photos – amazing! Well done, Teje!

    • Thank you so much Lorna! I’m so happy to hear you like this because I’m not sure if it’s somehow ‘too much’ … something. x Teje

  9. It is really a beautiful quilt and I’m so glad you named it “Hanna’s Garden”!
    Good luck at the Festival!

    • Thank you so much Dorien! Hanna deserved quilt because had already ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt and ‘Nero’s Blanket’ (crochet hexagons). I feel this quilt is sweet like Hanna herself. x Teje

  10. Hi Teje!
    A wonderful addition the the festival! May you get many votes!!!

    • Thank you so much Esther! There are always so much amazing quilts that it’s very difficult to decide what to vote.x Teje

  11. Your quilt is so beautiful, and I love your bird and cat blocks amidst all the flowers! What a beautiful place you live, and so wonderful for your quilt photography!

  12. Silmillä syötävä! Ihanat kirkkaat värit ja niin iloinen!

    • Voi kiitos ihanasta kommentista! Varit ovat kuvissa ehka viela todellista kirkkaammat mutta kylla se iloinen ja varikas on! Eniten nautin sommitellessani vareja. x Teje

  13. Félicitation les quilt sont magnifique Marie-Claire

  14. Terje, this quilt was worth waiting for 🙂 Love the bold colorful statement and of course your fantastic animal blocks.

  15. Beautiful! I really like the color combination that you used and you fabric selection

    • Thank you so much Mina! There is so many different kind of Fabrics but I guess they suit for this happy, colourful quilt. x Teje

  16. I love this quilt! You have such a good eye for color and I really, really like the bordering. There’s no such thing as too bright and colorful, Teje! Good luck at the festival!

    • Thank you so much! Colours are very important to me, as you can guess from my quilts. I really enjoy playing with them. for the borders I had shown some possibilities in my post they didn’t look right. Now fortunately I bought some blue and green Fabrics from my trip to Finland and they happened to be exactly what I missed. x Teje

  17. Your quilt is so beautiful – and of course so is Hanna!

  18. Such a cute quilt and so much to look at! Lovely Teje

    • Thank you so much Carla! I love quilts where is a lot to see and you have made so many beautiful quilts like that! x Teje

  19. Beautiful quilt and gorgeous dog.

  20. Pretty quilt, and hand quilting is always beautiful!

  21. Hello Teje,

    What a beautiful quilt! This must be my favorite of all you makes (so far…you’ll always make new, beautiful things) as cats&birds are close to my heart, and the quilt is so beautiful in all other ways too. Job wonderfully done!

    It is sunny and beautiful here, and summer is really close. I wish you’re enjoying your May-days too!


    • Thank you so much Mia! I know you love birds and cats! I’m surprised that this quilt has got so sweet comments because I’m not quite sure about some parts of it. Generally I like it because of all the happy colours and birds, of course! I’m so happy for you to have beautiful weather! x Teje

  22. This looks so beautiful, well done my friend x

  23. Such great colours. I love what you’ve made……even down to the ants walking in lines across it! I visited Crete over a decade ago now, but your photos have bought back many memories. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your next post….perhaps something from summer in Crete?

  24. what a great quilt. I LOVE the hand quilted “ants” and the whole theme of the quilt

  25. Beautiful quilt … Love the design as well as the bright, cheerful fabrics.

  26. Hello dear Teje….how beautiful this quilt is!! I just love the design and the gorgeous colours, and your quilting looks lovely! It is a delightful summery quilt and I can see that Nero loves it too!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

    • Thank you so much Helen! I’m sure my dogs and cat would love to have quilst but they ‘make’ their beds so the quilt would be distroyed soon – sad, because it would be nice to see their beds beautiful – now they have to use old blankets. I think you have great summer weather – enjoy! x Teje

  27. This quilt is lovely. I think that the cat block is my favorite!

  28. Beautiful quilt Teje! So lovely to see Hanna lying on it, she looks so happy. I really like the thicker wadding, I bet it gives the quilt a nice squishy feel.

  29. I love the idea of the ants as quilting! Perfect!

  30. Teje, I love the colors in Hanna’s Garden quilt. It’s so cheerful. Beautiful. The pictures you took are lovely and Miss Hanna looks so sweet and comfy resting on her quilt.

  31. What a beautiful quilt Teje and seeing Hannah on it is……priceles! Thanks for sharing at Linky Tuesday! Freemotion by the River

    • Thank you Connie! I’m happy this quilt is finally finished and I think Hanna was the best model to show it. Thank you for the party! x Teje

  32. Beautiful work, Teje! Great colours.

  33. Fantastic quilt!!!!I see your Hanna loves quilts as much as my Maya….:)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Thank you Γεωργια! I’m happy you came to visit my blog! Hanna loves quilts and usually needs also pillow! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  34. Lovely quilt Teje, I just voted!

  35. Hi Teje, Love this quilt. I like birds a lot. Happy almost end of May!!
    Anne D.T.

  36. Your quilts just make my heart glad looking at them. We didn’t think there was anything in second place over at the festival in comparison with your hand-quilted beauty, and we would have voted 10 times for you if they would have permitted us to. : ) Hanna is so sweet enjoying her quilt–love the photos. Get some rest, I know you have been busy, busy, busy. Hugs from S and Lady Caroline

    • Thank you so much S and Lady Caroline! Sorry I haven’t kept in touch but you’ll understand when i tell you about our spring. Hugs! x Teje

  37. It’s beautiful Teje and Hanna seems to love it too 🙂 Avis x

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