Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Hexagon Pouch and Old Suitcases


Hello Dear Friends! I’m catching up slowly again. My last post was named ‘so much happening’ … if i just knew then. Fortunately i have managed to do some sewing. Little hexagons have followed me in various places. Earlier i started to sew them together randomly but then decided to use them in different pfojects …

hexagon pouch

After making so many colourful things, it was nice to work with this ‘linen look’ cotton which i have found from the local fabric shop. It’s a little bit heavier and perfect for bags, pouches etc.

hexagon pouch

Hexagons are sewn together as a flower and then stitches around on the fabric. I stitched the hexagon flower only once around and didn’t make any quilting inside to get a puffy look. I used wadding and thin fibre for the quilting.

hexagon pouch

Few hexagons behind the pouch and stitching around them …

hexagon pouch

My hexagon project-box is small to be easy to carry with me. For me, most practical seems to be this Nero’s coocie tupper (it used to have coocies for Nero and Hanna).

hexagon project-box

There is exactly the space for everything. Basted hexagons, 2.5″ x 2.5″ fabric squares, white thread for sewing, Red thread for basting, few Paper clips, scissors, needles, little purple BOX for templates and …

sewing suitcase

… and my little suitcase! When i saw it in one special shop in Finland, i knew right away that it will be my sewing suitcase! Wishes to Tiina! I love her shop and i shall show you some photos from the shop in an other post. The little purple Metal box keeps my hexagon templates; it had salmiakki inside and was given to me by a friend.

sewing case

Could you guess with how many suitcases i returned from my trip to Finland?

old suitcases

They are not all here! My ‘normal’ turquoise suitcase is missing from this photo and also the black bag i carried with me. Now you think that i had filled all these luggages with fabrics – i wish! But the truth is that i was thinking a long time how great it would be to store my fabrics to those old suitcases there were in my father’s store. Only now i had an other, special reason to bring them and i’m so happy i was able to fit the smaller suitcases inside the biggers so finally i had two suitcases with me.

mouse pincushion

I went through my mom’s sewing things and met this un-forgetable pin cushion. Old rosy coocie tin is also strongly in my memories. I was thinking to take it with me, but then left it because thought the metal box may couse some searching in the suitcase.

vintage coocie tin

As so often, my storie carried away … last week i had to run to town for some work and i had a chance to buy some zippers. Front of the shop were a stand with yarns …

yearns and threads

They were all 1 euro / per piece! On the right the white and turquoise are thin (thinner than Perle cotton 8) and i hope to use them for quilting. All the others are a little bit thicker and i’m planning to use them for crochet necklases etc.

cotton yarns

We have so many plans what to make and one of them is to make more wooden trays. This one is made by hb and painted by me. You can guess from where i got the inspiration for the pattern …

wooden tray

I really enjoy making many kind of things and would love to paint … i hope one day i have again time for that. This tray has been used a lot – just perfect size to carry coffee or a small lunch to the garden.

flower and fly

I have a new camera – Canon Power Shot S120! Unfortunately i’m so behind with everything – this spring has flew away and too much has happened. I got a new camera but didn’t have a good chance yet to learn it well. Now and then i try to find a moment to take photos and to get better with my shoots. I really enjoy taking photos and when i start, it’s difficult to stop …

yellow flower

… i don’t need to go far away … always something happens … i just have to step out from the door and i meet someone …


… and even we don’t have a rich flower garden, there are many interesting views if you just look close enough …

flower art

You see, now when i finally started to write, i could continue and continue! But i guess this is enough for today. I hope to quilt a little bit the garden quilt because there are only few days till the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! This evening’s programm has also cooking ‘Pastitsio’ = Greek pasta cassarole (i shall be the helper).

hexagon pouch

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I’m sorry that lately i haven’t been able to visit or leave comments as often as i used to. Often i read your posts and just can’t find the energy to write – sorry about that. I do hope to get back to ‘normal’ soon (if that’s ever possible) and to catch the chat with you!

I wish you wonderful week and i hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

38 thoughts on “Hexagon Pouch and Old Suitcases

  1. Hei siskoseni, Voi muistan tuon hiirulais naulatyynyn minakin!! ja ruusurasiankin! Mahtavan hieno keltainen kukkakuva ja vautsi mika vari!!! terkkusia!!!

    • Kiitos siskoseni! Mielenkiintoista ottaa nyt uudella kameralla ja nahda miten eroaa vanhasta. Varit ovat erilaiset. x Teje

  2. Hi dear Teje, your hexi projects look great. Your new camera is taking some great photos for you but it’s always hard to get to grips with new things I know. How lovely to have your Dad’s suitcases with you now, they look so strong. Enjoy your sunshine xx

    • Thank you Jane! I’m happy I managed to bring the vintage suitcases – I could think so many uses for them. Have a lovely week! x Teje

  3. What treasures you’ve brought home with you. Have fun with your new camera – I love my Powershot, but it’s an older model. Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

    • Thank you Catherine! I’m happy to hear you like your camera. My earlier was also Canon, so I hope I learn this easily. x Teje

  4. I have a special fondness for the sewing items my mom and my grandmother used. I would have tried to take the metal tin in my carry-on bag.
    I don’t have special family suitcases but I do store projects and special fabrics in two leather ones.

    You need a young person to show you all the bells & whistles on your new camera! Otherwise it takes forever to stumble across new settings that work.

  5. Your hexagon pouches are gorgeous, Teje, so beautifully made and designed. I love the old suitcases and the mouse pincushion, it is lovely to bring these things from your parents’ home.
    I hope you have some time to play with your new camera soon 🙂
    Sending love.
    Helen xox

    • Thank you so much Helen! It’s nice to collect old sewing treasuries and I love the suitcases. Have a lovely week! x Teje

  6. Glad to hear everything is going well 🙂 love your idea with the suitcases. They look great just piled up like that too. Are you ready for the festival yet? Looking forward to see what good stuff you have prepared 🙂

    • Thank you so much Cille! I’m not ready yet but I think I can finish the ‘garden’ quilt in time. What about you – i think for you it’s what quilt to choose for the festival. x Teje

  7. Your hexie pouches are so pretty. I love the suitcases in all shapes and sizes too, they are beautiful. Look forward to seeing your entry for the blogger’s quilt festival 🙂

  8. That’s a cute hexie pouch, and amazing photography T! I have old suitcases just like yours and I love them! Jxo

  9. Lovely hexi bags – I still get compliments on my hand sewing kit bag – do you remember ? grey linen and a crochet corner with lovely bright flower lining – thank you xxxx

  10. Tout est magnifique felicitation Marie-Claire

  11. Your hexie bag is so lovely, as is the setting in your garden. Those threads will be perfect for the stitchings and necklaces you will soon make. Hugs to you, dear Friend……………………………take care….

  12. Hei Teje! Ihanaa etta olet paassyt palaamaan arkirutiineihin ja paaset opettelemaan uutta kameraa. hyvaa kevatta sinne ja kaikkea hyvaa!

    • Kiitos kovasti! Arkijutut odottavat ja valilla jopa unohtuu hetkeksi etta mikaan ei ole kuitenkaan kuten ennen. Auringonpaisteiset terveiset! Teje

  13. Your hexagons are gorgeous, but what I really like is the ‘find’ you did at the shop. Lovely threads and yarns and in such beautiful colours. I can see a lot of possibilities there. Congratulations on your new camera. Love to see your practise pictures!
    groetjes, Dorien

    • Thank you Dorien! I was thinking to make more crochet stones, too – as you said these yarns are great for many things. x Teje

  14. Hei Teje! Kuulostat varsin puuhakkaalta! Ihania lankoja! Voin vain aavistella, mitä noista kehittyy! Löytyikö tuo pieni punainen matkalaukku Kouvolasta? Tuollainen olisi juuri sopiva lahja ystävälleni. Olen menossa lauantaina Kouvolan kautta eteenpäin, ja minulla on aikaa poikkeilla vaikka pienelle shoppailukierrokselle. Täällä tulee nyt vettä kaatamalla, mutta se lupaa vain lisääntyvää vihreyttä!

    • Kiitos kovasti! Punainen matkalaukku loytyi Kouvolasta. Tornionmaessa on ihana kauppa joka oli alkuun kukkakauppa ja yha sitakin mutta ihana lahja- ja koriste-puoli laajenee koko ajan. Sydammellinen omistaja Tiina on loytanyt todella ihania tuotteita kauppaansa. Meilaan sulle helpon ajo-ohjeen. x Teje

  15. Nice! I love hexagons and your box is sew cute too!

  16. I havent had a go at the hexagons yet but I think, after reading your post, i will soon get on with it. they loook great and I am really fascinated by the fact that they can easily be carried almost anywhere….

    • Thank you Antigoni! Hexies are great little things to Carry with and you can use them in many places not only for a quilt. x Teje

  17. What lovely stories and beautiful photos. Your hexi pouch is adorable. It is always a pleasure to visit with you, Teje. Thank you for sharing your suitcases and mementos with us today!

  18. Hello dearest Teje,

    I can so feel how you feel, I had that same feeling last autumn; there just was too much of everything going. It was too much even to comment on blogposts (not to mention writing one). I wish you’re getting time to just be (I know how hard is!), relax and enjoy life. Too much is too much but less seems somehow inadequate still, don’t you think? I wish you lovely May-days, sunshine and happy sewing. A big hug to you all (furry and not)!


    • Thank you Mia! Too much has happened lately and I hope to get some normal rutins to our days soo. I have all the time wrong month (last) on my wall-calendar, just can’t believe it’s already summer.
      Sunshine and hugs to you my friend! x Teje

  19. Your hexie pouch is so cute, and I love the little suitcase you use to carry your hexies around. Great idea! Your flower pictures are beautiful too.

  20. HI Teje, I love the way you have put the bright happy hexagons on your bag 🙂 It’s so cheerful!

  21. Beautiful things in this post, I love your pretty hexie pouches and the wonderful old suitcases you brought back! I hope things get less busy for you soon, Teje and you have more time to do your favourite things, like painting….the design on the tray is wonderfully painted!
    Take care and hope you have a good week ahead.
    Helen xox

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