Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

So much is happening – sewings, tables, dogs, cats, flowers …


Hello dear friends! Wow – so much is happening here! I could write a post every day – if I just could find the time. So many things to show and share … something like “5 in 1” post this time! I shall even show you the table hb just made – it’s super! But lets start with Fabrics …

patchwork panels

This happened today, with many other things. After my ‘kitchen turn’ I picked the fabrics I had in my mind and prepared them for two sets of panels. Now they are quilted and wait to be continued.  As you see Miss Bunny miss still eyes and I think she would be very happy to have a quilt like this.

my sewing table

Fortunately I emptied yesterday my sewing table after finishing some pouches and today it was great to start from the ’empty’ surface (empty it will never be, but you know what I mean). Behind you can see the ‘garden quilt’ where I managed to stitch few lines late in the evening yesterday. You know that the Quilt Festival is really soon (button on my sidelist) and I can’t bare to think not to join … do I have time to finish this quilt? I don’t know. Behind is also the ‘Beach House’ pillow – finished but only this photo till now …

patchwork pillow

Wooden case for my hexies is also on the corner of my sewing table. I have stolen some squres for other projects like the drawstring bags, but now and then I add there few new squares. One evening I took my hexy-project-box and tried to think how to sew them together.

paper pieced hexagons

Finally I made a plan … not to make any plan! All the time and each day I have to plan, plan, plan (sometimes I’m sure smoke comes out from my head) so I decided not to follow any plan with these hexagons. If you have tried to make something random, you know how difficult that can be!

paper pieced hexagons

I have no idea how this will continue but it seems to be that it’s going to be very mixed. For the ‘light’ I shall use two kind of Ikea fabrics – white with black illustrations – one with some green and the other with some pink and orange. In fact I could continue this a little bit right now …

… but not just yet. I have been washing laundry every day! fortunately had some fun laundry to do, too …

new fabrics

And there is still many new fabrics waiting to be pre-washed. I prefer to wash them before using, so I can have a pieceful mind later. Some blues and reds are still un-washed … and some other fabrics – different style than my usual and today I got great inspiration for them! Have to wash them tomorrow!

rugs in garden

I use sunbeds very often … for drying small rugs! never for sun bathing (I’m too busy and restless for that and don’t like anymore so much hot). If I have a moment I prefer to sit in the shadow with a book, crochet or sewing. Our Nelli use sunbed also every day …

cat in the garden

Usually she is under the bed but this time it was a little bit cloudy. Soon we need to cut all the hay again (just did it before my trip to Finland). This green ‘grass’ around Nelli is terrible and it’s so difficult to get rid of them. Nelli had today one of those sticky things almost in her eye. I took her quickly to the vet and fortunately it was only in the corner of the eye and easy to take away. We had a good change to give her also warming (I just can’t manage lately to give her that pill – yesterday I hid it into tunafish and once again she realized my ‘trick’ and didn’t eat a bite).

sweet cat

Now when it’s not too hot yet, Nelli lies under the rosies every day! It’s front of the house and she can follow everyone and all the happenings around. She goes in and out all the day – eat a little bit and returnes to her favourite place, goes a little bit around in the garden, eats again and sleeps again – oh those ‘cat’s days’!

olive tree

Olive trees are full full full full of flowers! There is just too much little flowers! Enoughflowers is enough flowers …

flowers from olive trees

Every day we clean them with Nero, often two basins … and they come to house, they stuck to puppies’ fur, they fly every where …



Perhaps the strong wind and the little rain fells them down now and soon we can have a coffee brake front of the house without having flowers in the cup.

flowers of olive trees

Tomorrow my program has some painting, washing the fabrics that I mentioned, hopefully  starting the new project with them … and surely sweeping olive tree’s flowers …

flowers on the table

I love my trusty rusty garden table … it’s so fun for photos … and someone almost threw it away once! I didn’t forget the table. I won’t expose our secret project yet but I tell you that hb has been making some Super great furnitures! What you think about this ‘Jazz Table’?!

Jazz Table

It has been a long day as this post … I think I have deserved little hexy therapy before falling asleep.

Thank you dear friends for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you also for all your sweet and kind comments! Changing and sharing inspiration, thoughts and ideas with you, gives me energy and joy to create and work!

I shall link at my favourite weekly parties – welcome to join us – all the buttons are on my sidelist!

Have a wonderful week!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

16 thoughts on “So much is happening – sewings, tables, dogs, cats, flowers …

  1. Lovrky blocks , and lovely to join you on your day 🙂 x

  2. There you go again accomplishing a whole bunch of stuff. Glad you had a wonderful time in Finland, I so enjoyed the photos. I love the little table–how charming is that! What neat fabric that cityscape is and as usual, you have chose something so fun to go with it. Sonja

  3. What a lovely post. The little Olive flowers are so pretty! Enjoy your hexie stitching

  4. There is so much going on at your’s Teje….a hive of activity. You have some beautiful fabrics to work with and some wonderful projects. I think Nelli has the right idea to life….a cat’s life is the best. The olive flowers are so pretty…I have never seen them before. Happy Tuesday xx

  5. What a pleasure it is to visit with you, my friend, Teje! Your post is filled with such lovely pictures. And your stories make me feel like I am right there with you. Your fabrics smell so good after being washed and hanging on the line to dry in the sun. I do hope you can get your Garden Quilt finished in time for the show!

  6. My goodness Teje, you really have some wonderful projects going on and I always enjoy your view so much!! Great idea to dry the rugs on the sun chairs……I’m not much on the sun anymore either. I prefer the shade. The photo of the olive flowers on the rusty table…….beautiful!! You should use that in a art quilt! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  7. Hello Teje, thanks a lot for your comments. It’s nice to visit your place! I love the little bunny on the pannels. I am as well working on a flower garden quilt… siga siga…

  8. So many fabulous projects going on at once, Teje. I look forward to seeing what you do with your hexies and yes, random can be hard. I have a box full of hexies and am aiming for a quilt… it’ll be years in the making, I’m sure.

  9. Lots to see and enjoy here, Teje! I love your sewing, and your pets and the amazing table! Your hexies will be lovely sewn together randomly….you just need lots and lots of different ones so you can add them without getting two the same next to each other I find! I hope you get your garden quilt finished in time for the show, it will be gorgeous!
    Wishing you a happy day!
    Helen xox

  10. Oh Teje, you live in paradise!!!! I just want to pick up those olive tree flowers from the puppies fur!! I can’t wait to see your finished quilt for the Festival!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my makes!!!
    Happy May!!!!

  11. Wow Teje what an amazing amount of beautiful work you have shown us! Absolutely gorgeous. Loving the sunshine and the beauty of the Olive tree ! Thanks for sharing. Marie x

  12. love the panels and the hexies, and those flowers are pretty but would drive me insane!!!

  13. Great projects Teje! I love the city blocks. The fabrics are great!

    Thank you so much for partying at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  14. Loving those pretty hexes. I think random selection will work very nicely! Lovely to see Dear Nero and his pals! Rosx

  15. Your talent makes my heart sing…such pretty designs, bless your heart.

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