Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Bunny and Pouches


Hi Dear Friends! Oh, long time has passed, lots of things are happening – but happily some sewings has been done! There is always time for a pouch or bag … or  bunny …

Bunny and Pouch

Yesterday I made spontaneously my first ever bunny. It’s funny how long ears make this creature look like like a bunny … it miss still eyes, nose and mouth because I thought it’s better to see first how/if my idea will work and to do the embroidery work later.

fabric bunny

She needs some exercise to get thinner legs and even we like long neck … perhaps not sooo long … or she needs a scarf to keep her head up.

fabric bunny

As you see, she has a scrappy dress. The back of the dress is made with two pieces having seam vertical and from there I filled her body and then sew the closing by hand.

Moomin drawstring bag

I have made lately several drawstring bags and this time with ‘traditional Japanise’ style. One pink Moomin jumped on this bag and  I quilted on ditch.

drawstring bag

It’s enjoy to work with little squares but I need too much time to decide how to arrange them!

drawstring bag

I like white and pastels. But after this white and pink, I needed more colours …

drawstring patchwork bag

Quite juicy and spicy colours … again quilting in the ditch …

drawstring bag

… and this time leather for the drawstring – thank you sister!

drawstring bag

This kind of bag has thousands of ways to use it so there will be absolutely many more coming in many colours and sizes!

And then lets zip!

purple zipper pouch

Before my trip to Finland, I made this patchwork piece with purples – inspired by the orchid purple challenge going on then. It waited for me faitfully and finally ended up to a zipper pouch …

zipper pouch

I added a little cute detail with a piece of vintage ribbon … and settled it next to the wild thyme …

patchwork zipper pouch


And now I want to send very special wishes and thanks to Esther from ‘ipatchandquilt’! I won in her give away and I’m happy happy for the amazing train patterns I received! Thank you so much Esther!!! They are so fantastic! I didn’t have time to finish any block yet so you can be sure you’ll hear and see more about these patterns! It is amazing collection of patterns – trains and many other items to make adorable train-themed quilt, pillows, bags or many other things! Esther has all the patterns available in her Craftsy Store!

new fabrics

Many of my new fabrics has been washed and ready to start working! What to do first …

Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments! Thank you also for joining my trip to Finland – it was great to have you with me! I have still some photos to show you but thought that it’s time to show some sewings, too.

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

45 thoughts on “Bunny and Pouches

  1. Hi Teje. It’s nice to have you back. Cute bunny. Enjoy your day

  2. Such a gorgeous pouches!!

  3. Welcome home!!! Your bunny definitely needs a chic scarf….so adorable!!! And, I’m so glad to see a sneaky little Moomin coming along for an adventure on that bag!!!!! My yard lines have only bed linens and not such fun pretties!!!!! Hugs……………….

    • Thank you Doreen! She will get scarf … and eyes. Today my ‘laundry ropes’ has also sheets and towels and again sheets and towels. Tomorrow I plan to was the colourful Fabrics! Hugs! x Teje
      PS. shame on me, but I forgot to search Moomin Fabrics in Finland … always too many things on my list.

  4. Tout est magnifique Marie-Claire

  5. Hello dear Teje,

    Such a lovely sewings! And how funny, I have been making some stuffed animals lately too 🙂 and I wish to show them in my blog soon. I didn’t make a bunny though, and yours looks so pretty, just the face missing – is it linen?

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend, and happy creating!


    • Thank you Mia! This is my First ever fabric animal and now I’m thinking all the time what other animals to make! How nice to think that you are making animals too – can’t wait to see them! That body fabric is unbleached cotton.
      Happy week to you and enjoy the spring! x Teje

  6. I think the bunny is perfect as it is! Good proportions from my point of view. And I like the dress. I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I guess often we are too stright with our works. Anyway it’s not a serious bunny so perhaps it can look funny. x Teje

  7. Hello Teje!
    What wonderful fabric you have ready for all these projects. Great fun ahead!!!
    Thank you for linking back to my patterns. Can’t wait to see what you will creat with them!!!

    • Thank you again, Esther for the patterns! When I won your patterns, my trip to Finland was so close that I didn’t have time to sew. Now I’m so excited to ‘catch the train’ again! Have a great week! x Teje

  8. Terje, your always so productive. Cute bags – I’m not really a pink girl, but to mummin bag is so cute. So is the Bunny despite all the faults you listed. However, it’s just like we women are most 🙂

    • Thank you Cille! Funny that I’m not a pink girl but still I like pink very much! You said it so well: that’s the way we are … lets hope we all have happy, bright dress! x Teje

  9. Such pretty drawstring bags, but I especially like your purple zippered pouch.

  10. Your bunny is very sweet! I see some Mumins from your trip managed to hop on too! Lovely to see 🙂

    • Thank you Lizzie! I’m happy for the bunny as it’s the first I have ever made but it could have prittier face. I see more bunnies coming … x Teje

  11. GORGEOUS zippered pouch, Teje!!! And a great idea to add the ribbon.

  12. Sure do love that patchwork bunny and her sweet dress. How clever! And the drawstring bags are really lovely, too. I like the juicy and spicy colours! Congratulations on the pattern win!

  13. Hello Teje I am glad you are safely home! Loved all your sweet sewing today…….the patchwork bags are gorgeous, and such a cute bunny! Have a happy day!
    Helen xox

    • Thank you Helen! I have missed bunnies always when I see your most sweet bunnies. This was a simple, humble first try – so fun that there will be more fabric animals in the future. Have a lovely day! x Teje

  14. First off, hi puppies!! The scrap bunny is too adorable! As always your pictures are wonderful
    LeeAnna Paylor

  15. What lovely new work Teje and that sweet bunny is looking great. Your colours are so spring like in the sunshine. I am sure you are happy to be back home in Crete xx

    • Thank you Jane! It’s nice to travel but always great to come home. Spring is turning already to summer! +30 and hot south wind! x Teje

  16. Welcome home Teje. The bunny is so cute and so is her scrappy dress. The photo of you’re fabric drying on the line is so very pretty.

    • Thank you Lea! It has been perfect laundry weather as the temperature is +30 and hot wind from south. Just hoping that nos African dust will rain. x Teje

  17. love that bold colored drawstring and the bunny! I have a bear made from an old quilt, and I’ve always loved it.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Thanks Kelly! That bear must be cute, fun and Special! Great idea to re-use a quilt – could you show it in your blog! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  18. Love the bunny and the bags! Have a great week! Ros

  19. Did I spy some Moomin fabric? Amazing. Where did you get it?

    • Yes you did! It has became from Finland through my sister in England! Can you believe that now when I was in Finland, I forgot to look for Moomin Fabrics – oh s! x Teje

  20. I love your bunny….and the bags.

  21. I think your bunny is perfectly adorable!

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