Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Hanna’s Story


Vof vof! I’m Hanna and today I shall tell you my story.


I don’t remember much about the first weeks of my life and sometimes it’s better we forget unpleasant things and remember the ‘rosy’ ones. But I never forget that one dark night when I was taken to a car and then thrown to a strange and scary place outside … place that didn’t have any familiar smell of my mom or my sisters and brothers. I was so affraid and tried to hide in the dark corner. Then someone came to smell me … he was really big but seemded to be friendly.


That big boy was Nero, I learnt later. He saved me and was my Hero from that evening! He didn’t leave from my side even someone was calling him. He looked happy and I felt that he likes me. Then someone else came to see where Nero is … she couldn’t see first what Nero had find because it was so dark in the corner of the garden. She took me with a towel to her arms and I started to feel warmer and better. She took me inside to see me better and then to think what to do. She called to hb to work and said: when you come home, please leave your scooter outside, that room is occupied. She prepared Nero’s puppy room for me. I was still worried but so tired that I fell asleep on the stairs.


Later I have learnt that Nero loves especially all small creatures! He was all the time with me. First he felt a little bit uncomfortable when I tried to lie down very close to him, even on him … but then he thought that it’s fine …


From that first evening we were together with Nero all the time. We played till I fell asleep, we slept together and we ate together … at the same time from the same bowl …


We can still share the food, Nero is so kind and never arques about food. I didn’t spend much time in  the puppy room because I was playing and sleeping all the time with Nero. The truth (I learnt later) was that I was not supposed to stay with Nero but to find a new home. They thought that having already two dogs and one cat, they couldn’t keep me. Fortunately I was so good girl and great company to Nero that they thought I would be a great help to entertain Nero. When I came, Nero was 3 years and he was full of energy and a little bit ‘foolish’ huzzling boy – I think Nero was lucky boy to find me and I was lucky to end up into his garden!


When I was very small I couldn’t reach well to drink water from the huge bowl of Nero. When I reach out for the water I almost fell into the bowl. Then as a smart girl, I realized to put my front feet in the water and the rest was easy. And I found out how great it is to cool all my feet stepping in and out from the water with all my feet. That’s why the big towel …


Nero’s garden was and still is the best place for a puppy and any dog. It is very big, fenced around and with different kind of places to search, play and have fun. We have had amazing adventures and have met many little, exciting creatures in our garden. After a rough game, it’s great to lie on a cool grass …


It may look that Nero will eat me but he would never harm me. Often playing dogs look angry with open mouth full of teeth …


Always best, sweet dreams, in safe on Nero’s tail …


I have to say that I was also quite a devil with my sharp puppy teeth. Fortunately Nero has so much fur and that my teeth couldn’t harm him.


I’m sure often he was thinking: “When that little devil gets tired?”


I grew up following my hero Nero …


I started to feel safe and I was happy puppy!

I grew up more and was a thin girl with long legs like there was greyhound’s blood in me …


hunting dog I have surely in my roots because I smell things in the garden much better than Nero. He may pass the ‘goodies’ if we play ‘serching’ but I know where they are hidden and I run straight to them. Look how different Nero looks in this photo – 7 years ago …

Omat lemmikit 156

When I came there was this little Foxy and Nelli-cat, too. First they were affraid of me but later we became good friends. Unfortunately Foxy left us two years ago in age of 16. Nelli is here and who could have believed that now we sleep next to each other. If I sleep on the corner of the bed, Nelli may lie down on my feet because it just is her corner.



Here I am modelling with one big fabric basket – I think Nelli would love this. When I became a big girl, I had to make an operation because Nero is a boy (that I don’t understant), why Nero couldn’t make it. Any way, after that I got much more weight and couldn’t be a ballet dancer anymore … too bad, I really loved to be that slim girl.


I do my best showing our quilts and modelling with scarves even I’m really shy and don’t like camera. I also sing but that’s difficult to catch on the video. I have helpped to take care of few other puppies who spent some time at our home till went to their new homes. Here is Hania who travelled to Finland …


… and here is Obi, who found also good home from our friend … we had so much fun playing with Obi! In the morning I couldn’t wait to wake him up to start to play!


Obi is a happy boy, living in Finland with Stavros, the cat that I also took care … can you believe that they go together for a walk to the forest?!


I’m happy that I have helpped others to find good home like I did. I shall always be a little bit worried about ‘things’ because I had to leave my mom too early. I like to go for a car drive (when I got used to it and didn’t think my sad memories) but I’m always happy when I see that we return home. Most happy I am at home and in my garden.


I bark often to look strong and scary. I speak and sing a lot. I like goodies and desserts. I like to be with my human ‘mom’ and I’m worried when she’s away. I like to have a pillow when I sleep …


I’m happy it was Nero who found me! Best way to finish my story is to leave you with these  fantastic doggy links:

* Magician makes dog’s treat disappear and look how the dogs react! 9 milj. people have watched this video in few days!

* Marenque Dog! This is my for ever favourite! This dog is the cutest dancer I have seen! We could make a duetto – me singing and she dancing!


I’m linking to ‘Rescue Me’ at LilyPad Quilting!

Thank you so much for reading my story!

Hugs and Kisses!


PS. Sorry about the bad quality of my puppy photos. There are ‘old style’ paper photos and we just took photos from them.

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

35 thoughts on “Hanna’s Story

  1. How lovely to hear Hanna’s story again!! As a puppy she looked quite like the one Afghan hound we had as kids – “Tiny”, who had the same kind of colouring. Don’t you think, my dear sister?! What a lucky girl Hanna was to be found by you and Nero! And how awful those horrible people were who just threw her out of the car window into the bush near your garden!! Hugs to all of you!!

  2. What a sweet story. I can tell that you have a huge heart and a soft spot for animals. We would be lost without our dogs and can’t imagine not having at least one. Your dogs are beautiful by the way. Is Nero German Shepherd? He looks so soft, I would love to pet him (smile). That is what we have and they are such wonderful dogs.

    • Thank you Kathleen! I enjoyed so much for seeing again these puppy photos and remembering so many Special moments! Nero is half German and half Belgian Shepherd. He has so beautiful, long fur and amazing collar! x Teje

  3. Thank you, Hanna, for sharing your story. How wonderful that Nero found you.

  4. Aivan ihana tarina! Ja mikä ihaninta, että Hanna sai hyvän kodin. Täytyykin katsoa oman Ukko-koiran pentukuvia. Hän täyttää aprillipäivänä 10 vuotta. Ja kiitos noista hauskoista linkeistä. Etenkin se tanssijatar oli mahtava. Olisi hienoa, jos Hanna saisi laulaa ja tämä kultsi tanssisi. Siinä vasta olisi kunnon show!

  5. Vof, vof, Hanna! I’m so glad to hear your story. Nero is such a good friend for you–I’m so happy that the two of you found each other and that Nero’s mom has a heart of gold. You may be a little rounder–but you’re still such a beautiful girl.

  6. Wow! Hanna – you ended up with the best big brother and the best Mummy to take care of you!

  7. That is such a sweet story and I absolutely love the picture with Nero, Hanna, and Foxy. So sweet.

  8. Oh, how I love “dog-umentaries”!!!!! So well written and very sweet. We have a sweet kitty (named “Kitty”) who lived the first 3 years of his life at the puppy/kitty orphanage (humane society). We adopted him over 2 years ago and wouldn’t trade him for the world. You would really like him……he plays and sleeps with our son/DIL’s Samoyed… “Nakita”. They would be lost without one another!!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs………………….

  9. Oh Hanna, that is just the best story. Everyone needs a hero and you are so lucky to have been found by Nero and his family, and luckier still that they decided to give you a forever home. Maybe not a too difficult decision cuz you sure were a cutie-pie. Both feet in the water dish was a very clever idea. hugs from Lady Caroline

  10. Loved the story! Such beautiful pets.

  11. Just love Hanna’s story – what a sweet lady she is.

  12. What’s a beautiful story! Hanna and Nero have the most amazing owners.

  13. What treasures our pets give us. Loved the stories.

  14. Such a sweet and touching story of how Hanna became part of your family! I loved seeing all the pictures of Hanna and Nero from the early days. How lucky that it was Nero who found that poor little puppy, and you who took her in, Teje! She has grown into a beautiful dog.
    Happy Thursday!
    Helen xox

  15. Oh Hanna, I never knew that Nero found you like that, what a beautiful story, no wonder you love each other so much.

  16. Wonderful story of Nero and Hannah! Nero really is a hero

  17. Aw, this was wonderful! I laughed at some pictures, and got misty about others… sweet! Did you notice how much Hanna looks like my Pepper? (Her photo is on the blog post with the linky party)
    Thank you so much for joining in at our party!

    • Thank you! I didn’t find your link in the party and your comment doesn’t link to your blog. Please let me know your blog and I come for a visit to meet Pepper. x Teje

  18. Miss Hanna, I loved hearing you’re story and seeing all the adorable pictures of you growing up with Nero. You are both beautiful. I am so glad that you ended up at Teje & Nero’s home that day. How sweet that Nero took you under his paw and showed you the ropes. And then you both helped other dogs waiting for new homes. What a lovely story.

  19. Oh, Hanna… It is so nice to read the story of your life and to see how much you love your beautiful garden home. I am glad that Nero found you. And that you became a part of his family.

  20. Love this post! Beautifully written and gorgeous photos!

  21. What a love story! All rescue stories are love stories, don’t you think?

  22. I loved reading your story, Hanna!! I am so glad Nero found you and you found a wonderful home in turn. It’s beautiful, like a perfect ending of a fairytale where everyone lives happily ever after.

    -Soma XX

  23. I never knew this story Teje, what a fantastic boy Nero is 😀

  24. Wonderful story, Hanna! Love see the puppy pictures, and then all the pictures of the gang over the years. Sweet sweet fur babies.

  25. What a wonderful story. I never knew this story so I really enjoyed taking the time to read it. Are neglected dogs common in your area?

  26. Love, so much love!! The story was perfectly told. I am in love with Nero too! Thank you for a lovely moment shared. I have a standard poodle who runs our home and has his own page on my blog. He writes posts now and again.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  27. What a lovely story of a true friendship! I am so happy Nero found Hanna and now they got each other! Happy days to you in your beautiful garden!


  28. What a beautiful story, Teje. Hanna is lucky to have found your family. She’s such a sweetie!

  29. Oh I enjoyed reading this so much! What a fantastic story and I think so true of how they must feel to be abandoned. Thank goodness for happy endings!

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