Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Without Strings …


Hi Dear Friends! I had a slower period with sewings but now seems to be that I can get busy again. Busy I’m always, so busy but sew busy I don’t mind!

draw string bags

Draw String Bags has been under process for some time now. You saw a clock and typewriter, which ended up looking like this …

drawstring bags

I’m not happy with the satin ribbon even it works well because it’s slippery. I need to find something ‘more natural’ to match with the linen.

draw string bags

Sorry … had to go out because Nero was barking on the BBQ. There was a strange cat under the roof and Nero could go very close to it so it was dangerous for him. Cat didn’t have any way to leave as long as Nero was there. Hanna was of course with him, but she comes more easily when I call her. If Nero has found a cat, only way to get him home, is with the leash. Now we are inside, ate some goodies, but he is all the time on the window, trying to see there and ‘crying’: I need to go there!


Weather has changed today many times. In the morning I was out long time with Nero and Hanna. Dog’s quilt is washed and I hope it dries before the next rain comes.


My hexy project goes slowly but I made one testing. For this idea, sewing by machine will work much better=easier.


But the idea of making these litle hexy loves by hand feels nice!

little hexy

… on the bayleaves … first fresh leaves on the vine …

hexy on vine

… even this poor lemon ‘tree’ has manged to create something new …


lemon's flower

Things get rusty easily with the high humidity … fortunately often I don’t mind …


During the years I have done so many things in the garden with my blue wheelbarrow.


On the up-right corner you can see a little bit light blue. It’s the older one, without wheel and I have a great idea for it. If I don’t have time to do it, I’ll tell you, so you can make yours … fill the old wheelbarrow with solid and plant lots of colourful summer flowers!


Nelli in her watching place – olive tree – she has there perfect place to sit and look what happens around.

draw string bags

I just finished one fabric basket and more are on the way … sometimes too many ideas to think all the time … how you ’empty’ your mind for a while to relax?!

Thank you so much for visiting and for your wonderful comments! I wish you great weekend and happy sewings!


PS. I think we have to go with Nero to see if the cat has left … and then good cup of coffee wouldn’t harm!

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

59 thoughts on “Without Strings …

  1. Love your animals. We lost our cats last year and still miss them. Handwork is sometimes more satisfing then machine work. I see where you live and was thinking what a interesting place to live but then isn’t somewhere different always more interesting. I lived for about 50 years in Las Vegas, Nevada but moved a couple years ago to a small town in Oregon.

    • Thank you Jan! I’m sorry to hear about your cats. You have it right about the places we Live. Sounds so exciting to Live in Las Vegas but where ever we Live we get used to the life and views. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  2. Hello Teje,

    What a lovely post, full of pretty sewing AND real-life-situations 🙂 Nero seems to be quite a watchdog around yours?

    And about emptying my mind: I go to sauna, and read a good book after it! I know sauna might not be your option 😉 but how about some reading? I do it always before I go to sleep, I read some pages even I’m very tired, gets my mind of the work/day ahead, and I sleep more peacefully.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and happy creating!


    • Thank you Mia! Nero takes care of everything and all the time – he is so good boy!
      I think reading is good way to relax and forget the other plans. I have to read more oten before sleeping as you said. Hapy weekend my Finnish friend! x Teje

  3. I go outdoors for a walk to empty my mind. I enjoyed my virtual walk around your garden…love your blue wheelbarrow too. Also….your bags are adorable.

    • Thank you Valerie! Walk outside is great (unfortunately still I think usually too much my Works or what I see around and could show to you!). But perhaps it’s not so bad. Have a great weekend! x Teje

  4. Teje, how wonderful that you have a bay leaf (tree?) and a lemon tree. Hopefully the lemon tree will perk up soon. You’re draw string bags are cute! One thing that helps when my mind is busy is to walk. Well I always walk in the mornings but it does help throughout the day, I think. And it helps being with/enjoying nature.

    • Thank you Lea! There are lots of lemon treese in Crete but our garden is open to a North wind and that the lemon trees don’t like. I had a dream to pick lemons from my own tree but didn’t happen yet. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your walks! x Teje

  5. Ooooooo…….that sky looks menacing! Your little bags are adorable!!!! Some cotton cording or “twill” tape would work well and have the look that more goes with the cottons. Love the hexy and the wheelbarrow with the beautiful blue and rust!!!!! So “garden-y” and ‘used’! I don’t know how to “turn off” all the ideas, my Friend! My head just ‘swims’ with ideas day…..and night!!!! It is the way it is………….hugs………………………………………

    • Thanks Doreen! Yes, it’s the way it is and lets enjoy that! It looks like winter is later than early years. Till February we have ‘almost summer’ and now colder and rainy. But soon it’s spring … Hugs! x Teje

  6. Saturday seems everything but boring at your place! Your bags looks great but I agree with you on the strings.

  7. Oh, Nero. I hate to tell you, I’m the same way with those outside kitties.

    We love your little hexies. Mom is working on a half-hex quilt right now!

  8. Those bags are beautiful, but I agree the satin ribbon is not the right choice. One day I would love to have a lemon tree in my garden too!

  9. Tout est très beau les sacs les hexagon ………..Marie-Claire

  10. Hi Teje, I’ve really enjoyed catching up with all of your posts that I’ve missed. Life is too busy at the moment for me. There isn’t a great deal of sewing going on beside the sea. Lovely sunny photos 🙂

  11. Oooh! love those bags hanging on the wire fence with the moody sky – just lovely!

  12. I love those drawstring pouches – just gorgeous! I hope the cat had gone when you took Nero for a look – Archie isn’t bothered by cats but Alfie likes to sing to them through the window…

    • Thank you so much! Cat had left and Nero relaxed. Hanna sings a lot – without seeing cats except Nelli. Hugs to Archie! x Teje

  13. Love these bags! so cute!

  14. Tykkään niin töistäsi ja siitä, miten kuvaat ne! Nytkin oli niin hienoja ja oivaltavia kuvakulmia, kuviasi on ilo katsella1

    • Kiitos kovasti! Kiertelen usein pihalla koirien kanssa ja koitan keksia eri ‘nakokulmia’. Usein tulee kuitenkin otettua samoissa hyvaksy koetuissa paikoissa. Onneksi taalla saa suosii valokuvaajaa. Tulen kohta kuvailemaan sinne! x Teje

  15. I love these little pouches, they are very sweet. Your photos are always so beautiful and I think you must live in a magical place with your wonderful family.

    • Thank you so much Louise! It’s magical beautiful here, but I’m sure so it’s where you Live – just different. Would be interesting to swap for a while. x Teje

  16. Hello Teje I love your sweet little bags, so beautifuly made and designed! And the hexie looks lovely too, the photos with the wheelbarrow are amazing! I think reading is a great way to relax the mind…like Mia I always read a book at bedtime!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

    • Thank you so much Helen! Reading has been always important to me and I used to read ‘all the time’. After starting to quilt and blog I read less and also because I can’t have lots of books in my own language. When I go to Finland, First visit is the library! x Teje

  17. Your bags look great, Teje, and I love the little hexi 🙂

  18. Pretty makes and great pics!

  19. Your drawstring bags look like a lot of fun to make. And so do those hexies! I always enjoy visiting in your garden, Teje. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful pictures! Wish I could visit for a real coffee with you and Nero. But a virtual visit and coffee break will have to do!

  20. I so love your drawstring bags, and your hexies. Lovely pets…still have my cat, but had to put my dog down just before Christmas after 12 years of love. Waiting for summer weather (Quebec) to consider getting another one. Housebreaking works best in nice weather 😉 thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Shari! I’m sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you get a puppy in summer – it is much easier when it’s not cold and snowy. x Teje

  21. The bags are lovely- I think the ribbon works wonderfully, but if you aren’t happy, you should change it up…

  22. Love your furry buddies,and the drawstring bags too.

  23. Very nice bags. I suggest a thick cord that would have that same linen or natural color. Sometimes drawstrings of twisted cord don’t tie well, but it might look good. Grosgrain ribbon, with the ribbing, would be less slippery, and you could probably get this in a complementary color for the linen, or to match a color in the patchwork. Linking up from: Let’sBeeSocial

    • Thank you Julie! Good ideas and advices! I have to look with ‘open mind’ what I can find from the local Shops. It’s not always easy here but sometimes that makes me more creative and I can see something that I woulnd’t have thought other wise. Twisted cord would be great! x Teje

  24. I love the bags! Gorgeous! The photos are so lovely! Oh and the scenery I love the scenery!

  25. your bags are so cute, as well as your little hexies! Those would make great Christmas ornaments! I always in awe of the beauty in your photos too!

    Thanks for linking to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    • Thank you Kelly! Little hexies are fun! These ‘ornaments’ will be much easier by machine and there is so many ways to use them. Have a great week! x Teje

  26. Lovely bags, hope Nero isn’t sulking any more!!!!

    • Thank you Benta! I found out that outside of our fence is 2 little kittens with their mom and Nero would love to be with them. x Teje

  27. Beautiful pouches… I have some of that typewriter fabric and have been wondering what to do with it… Now I know:-)

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