Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

‘SWEET PEAS’ Crochet Scarf – Pattern


Vof vof dear friends! It’s Nero here and today I’m happy to show you ‘Sweet Peas Crochet Scarf’ we have made with this delicious yarn …

Sweet Peas Crochet Scarf

You know that it’s mostly me, Nero, who is modelling for our outfits.


This is a little bit too girlish for me but I do my best to show you how you can wear this scarf in many ways …


Sometimes Hanna helps me but she is hoplessly shy and it’s difficult to make her smile in photos. Here she shows how you can put this scarf three times around your neck …


We have put a button at the end of the scarf so it can be closed to circle and then it’s a cowl. No need to make button hole …


This yarn is mixed cotton and we used hook no 3.5.

With different yarn you can change the look very much. For the big grey shawl, which is just huge, straight piece, we made lace ribbon all around – and the yarn is quite thin! Believe me, this pattern is so fun that you don’t want to stop crocheting it!


This green jacket has the ribbon lace around and on the sleeves. It’s made with thin woollen yarn.


Once we wanted to try how this pattern would look with thin linen yarn. That ribbon we have used for example to decorate this big glass bottle. It could be also around the neck of a blouse.


We really like to engourage everyone to try all kind of crafts – quilting, crochet, knitting etc. and enjoy hand-making!

That’s why we like to make easy patterns. Pattern for this scarf comes with photo tutorial and with illustrated and written pattern. We are always happy to help you and answer if you have any questions about your projects! Just send email and we’ll get back to you.

SWEET PEA Crochet Scarf – Pattern is now in our Craftsy Store.


You can imagine that I take my job very seriously and I do always my best to model well. I thought it was time to have a serious conversation with Teje about my salery. We made aggreement that from now on me and Hanna will get all the money from the patterns we sell and it goes straight into the ‘saving piggy’ were I keep money for my treats and goodies! So I do hope I’m good model and you love our patterns!


There they are, Sweet Peas in our garden! It’s over whelming green every where! After many rainy days, we have had now two sunny days and Teje has taken lots of new exciting photos for you and future posts!


When Teje wears this scarf she mix it around but I showed it to you in ‘order’ so you can see it better.


Once more my sweet girl, Hanna wearing the ‘Sweet Peas Crochet Scarf’!

Sweet Pea Crochet Scarf

Thank you so much for reading again my post! I’m always so happy to see you! I send you big furry hugs because you write always so sweet comments to me!

See you next time with Colours from Greece!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

39 thoughts on “‘SWEET PEAS’ Crochet Scarf – Pattern

  1. Oh Nero, you are just the best model, and Hanna will get less shy when she sees how really pretty she is–especially with the lovely sweet pea cowl. Your salary negotiations were excellent–you might even ask about a little back pay. I hope you get lots of pattern customers. I ask Mom for an increase in my allowance cuz I have my eye on some stuffs, and I can’t seem to save up enough. I suggested that I might help her in her sewing studio but she says all I do is climb in my chair and sleep. I thought my company was enough. Hugs from Lady Caroline

    • Thanks Lady Caroline! I’m happy to hear you like my modelling – wish that she could make something more boy-style. What you mean our company is not enough, should we start to sew? I hope you make arrangement to get what you want. Hugs from Nero

  2. Lovely colours, glad your dogs ‘help’. My Luna is still learning

  3. What beautiful crochet Nero… You and Hanna look so lovely..but my favourite is that gorgeous green jacket. Have a super weekend xx

  4. Aw beautiful scarf although that green jacket is absolutely gorgeous

  5. Beautiful crochet Teje. I really like that green sweater too.

  6. What a handsome couple you are! And you keep yourselves so well groomed.

  7. I am so glad that sunshine has returned! The crochet lace is so beautiful and I can see so many ways of wearing it. The shawl is so appealing to me right now at this still very chilly time. I know that the cold will go and warmth will return but I am so impatient!!! Staying indoors and quilting as always. Please, continue to post your lovely green landscape and I will very much enjoy!! Hugs……….

    • Thanks Doreen! Sorry to hear about your cold weather. We have been lucky and had great winter. Not too much rain and quite warm. Sun is back and it has been really warm – today +20C and at night about +10C. I love this season! Hugs from Nero

  8. You did an excellent job modeling the scarf I’m sure you will sell lots of patterns.


  9. oh what a lovely model you have!!!! and beautiful work too

  10. Beautiful project, and what lovely models you have!

  11. Another lovely post , thank you Nero!!!!

  12. wow! nero – excellent job modeling – especially as you are right the colours are a little girly for you ( us boys must stick together!) Hanna looks especially nice in those colours. or couurse you should get all the money for your treats! Absolutely!

  13. The crochet pattern is so versatile! And I love the modelling job done. He looked very proud.

    • Thanks Susan! It’s fun how Nero seems to enjoy modelling. Even he’s often restless and looking what happens on the road, he is very patient to do this job. x Teje

  14. Nero & Hanna, you both did a fabulous job modeling Teje’s gorgeous creations. You did good on the negotiations with her. You are both exceptional, talented and beautiful models.

  15. Look at all of those projects! I love the Sweet Pea! The gray shawl is absolutely stunning too! You are so talented.

    • Thank you so much Andrea! I like the greay shawl but it’ almost too big to use – I couldn’t stop knitting and crocheting! Have a great week! x Teje

  16. Gorgeous projects, Teje, and beautifully displayed 🙂

  17. Aivan ihana pitsihuivi! Ja miten kärsivällinen malli!

    • Kiitos kovasti! Mika hupsu sana: karsivallinen, ei onneksi karsi vaan haaveilee koiran nameista! Nero on ihmeen karsivallinen malli mutta Hanna ei jostain syysta oikein tykkaa etta otetaan kuvia; koittaa aina ehtia pois paikalta tai sitten nayttaa ‘maansa myyneelta’. Hyvaa viikkoa sinne koti Suomeen! x Teje

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  20. Those gorgeous dogs don’t look overly impressed LOL. My dogs do look that way sometimes. Check out Ebony looking unimpressed with a new dog bed I made them:

  21. Beautiful scarf and sweet models. Thank you for sharing, Teje. Happy creating!!

  22. Hello Nero,

    You’re a great model, that scarf looks great on you! Please tell Teje that her crocheted thing are fabulous!

    Happy new week!


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