Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Fox in the Garden Plot & Crochet Scarf


Hi! Thank you so much for your sweetest messages and wishes for my Birthday! I have got some adorable presents and you will see them soon but today Fox is in my Garden Plot …

paper pieced fox

Dear Friend Kristy from ‘Quiet Play’ was asking pattern testers and I lift my hand right away! I didn’t know what patterns she was making this time but of course I knew that they are going to fantastic. I was so happy to see this cute fox and even more happy when she picked me to make it!

foundation piecing

This pattern was perfect! It’s easy and clear. Those little eyes and nose have really tiny pieces but I don’t think they are difficult – just very small. Fortunately I had this ‘garden plot’ fabric. When I picked it, I didn’t have any plans for it, but it was so special that I took it. Here it found the best place. I’m still missing ‘sky’ fabric and even this blue may look sky from a distance, I’m thinking with right quilting it could be a wooden fence. And the field continues behind the fence.

paper pieced fox

Thank you Kristy for making fantastic patterns and for this cute fox! Kristy’s blog is ‘Quiet Play’ and today like every Friday she is hosting a linky party for Paper Pieced projects – button is also on my sidelist.  My letters are also made with Kristy’s patterns. They are available in her Craftsy  Store  and this sweet Fox is also soon there!

paper pieced fox

If you like to get early inspiration for garden plot, click HERE! I would like to start digging and fixing the garden! Weather is amazing here – like spring! But as so often – no time for everything, so the garden is the last in the long list. Fortunately there are some flowers …

crochet scarf

It doesn’t look anymore Sweet Pea as I have named this scarf. It looks more like that one cabbage which is only for decroration and not to eat (can’t find the name now). You see how many ways you can use this pattern! I hope to finish the pattern next week.

crochet scarf

It’s also amazingly quick to crochet. I don’t really work with this, just make perhaps two sections with my morning coffee and then few before felling asleep. And sooner you notice, there is already long piece of lace scarf!

scarf and garden

Time for great links:

* Sassy from ‘Sassy Quilter’ is writing a series of posts about quilting – they are really fantastic and teaching! “So you Wanna Make a Quilt”! Sassy’s blog and her Works are beautiful and she writes really good posts!

* Pantone’s Colour for this year is Radiant Orchid: Pantone 18-3224 TCX.

* The Windy Side is hosting a quilt challenge for Pantone’s colour: “2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge”. You can make a) mini quilt,  b)Quilt or c) just the quilt top.

* Quilt Lessons in the Kinder Garden?! Yes – can you believe – I read that from Erica from ‘Kitchen Table Quilting’! Erica’s quilts and blog are beatiful – worth of visiting!

* Did you ever make the binding with the backing? Look great tutorial at ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’! This is good and easy for small projects! Find also beautiful quilts and inspiration from this beautiful blog!

crochet flower

Thank you friends for stopping by! I hope you find inspiration and information from those links. Thank for your always so wonderful comments! Have a great weekend! Now I shall go to brush Nero and Hanna …



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

21 thoughts on “Fox in the Garden Plot & Crochet Scarf

  1. “Ornamental Cabbage” is the name you’re looking for, I believe. And it’s perfectly wonderful (especially in your gorgeous location!!!). The fox certainly shows off nicely and your piecing skills have advanced so far!!!! You are the perfect pattern tester choice!!!! The fabric choices make the little sweetie come alive!
    Your garden/flowers are amazing and a joy to see as they have just issued a winter storm advisory for us starting tonight through tomorrow eve. up to 5″ of snow with much wind……sigh………hugs…..

  2. That little fox is so cute! You did a nice job. I like her patterns. Beautiful lace too Teje

  3. You’ve done a really good job on your foxy quilt top. It looks great! Quilting the blue section to look like a fence is a good idea. It is so cute!

  4. Hi Teje, I missed wishing you a happy birthday,hope you had a lovely day. Your Mr Fox is great fun and the colours of your new scarf are really gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, xx

  5. Oh I really love the fox!

  6. Your fox is fantastic. You picked the perfect fabric for the whole block.


  7. I love the fabric you chose for the foxes fur. Very nice 🙂

  8. Mr. Fox is a real keeper. Again, as usual, the perfect fabric choices. Your Sweet Pea aka Ornamental Cabbage is so Spring-like–gives hope to those who are hip-high in snow.

  9. Your fox is awesome; and awesome use of the garden fabric!! Your crochet is gorgeous!

  10. Sweet fox and I love how your crochet is coming on 🙂

  11. Love how your fox turned out – thank you for testing for me!

    Your crocheting is gorgeous too!

  12. Gorgeous! Clever Teje and Kristy!

  13. Oh gosh I am in love with your fox. He is very handsome. The fabrics are perfect for him.

  14. I love your fox and the lacy crochet too. The colours are so uplifting in the dark winter days we have here. Avis x

  15. Hello dear Teje,

    What a lovely fox, just so cute! And pretty lace too, pretty colors! And those sunny images of yours, roses and all… I wish it would look like that here too!

    Wishing you a lovely day!


  16. Amazing! I love your version of the PP Fox, Teje. You have such an eye for choosing just the right fabrics to really make the design shine and I’m in awe of the precision involved in sewing those tiny eyes and nose. Wow!

    Oh, your crochet scarf is so pretty! Lovely spring colours and darling design. You have me longing for sunshine and warmer weather. :o)

    • Thank you so much Katherine! We have had wonderful winter and lots of sunny days! Today the wind is colder and perhaps the weather is going to be more normal for this time. x Teje

  17. Hi Teje, Do you have the pattern of the scarf?? I love it! greetings from Buenos Aires =)

  18. Teje,
    I love the Sweet Pea scarf. Have you made the pattern? Will you sell the pattern? What yarn did you use? I like it very much.

    • Thank you Laura! I made the pattern and it was in my etsy and craftsy STORES but then for vat issues I stopped to sell them. I think about this and get back to you soon. x Teje

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