Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Sewing and Crocheting on My Birthday!


Hi Dear Friends! Yes … it is my Birthday! Day began great and continued a little bit strange … but everything is fine. I’m spending my day here and there, with hb and all my furry friends. But could I spend my Special day without fabrics and yarns? Even very busy these days, short moments here and there …

Sweet Pea Scarf

I shall make pattern for this ‘Sweet Pea’ scarf and even it’s not finished I tried how to crochet later on the other edge.

I got beautiful kitchen towel from my dear friend and I think it will be lovely small table cloth. I thought to take nice photo on the garden table but we have a small issue here with Nelli …


… she thinks it’s her table and she didin’t move even I tried to make my decoration …


I’m sure she would be very happy to have a table cloth or even little quilt on her table, but it’s outside and it’s winter and it’s sometimes raining. She made my decoration prettier!


On my sewing table there has been something very cute these last days. I should have finished it quickly but often my program doesn’t run like planned. For this special day I let you have a quick look to my sewing space …

my sewing space

It’s little but works well. Only more table space would be very useful. It looks messy but everything is in order (believe me, I know exactly where everthing is). All my precious quilting Fabrics are in storage boxes on the down self under the window, in the shadow; just some scrap boxes are on the bench. And always trays full of scraps from the processes going on. Fortunately the sunlight doesn’t reach my table. Do you see the blue fleece on the right? There is Nelli’s Chicken box (I tell you an other time).

paper piecing

And here it is the cute guy on process! Something is still missing in the middle but you can guess who my new friend is! I am Paper piecing again and I enjoy it! I’m so happy to have this little Project to practise. Always after a brake it takes some time to find the rythm again. So I learnt that it’s good to do all kind of crafts now and then – even small things – just to practise.


When I returned home from my morning walk with my Golden friend, this common view was waiting for me. When I pass the neighbour’s house, their dog barks and then Nero knows that someone is coming and he runs to the window. Hanna was next to him, but when she saw it’s me, she ran already to the door. Nelli is enjoying her sunbath!


Google had nice surprise for me! I didn’t know they do this – kind of sweet!

Moomin Card

This adorable and fun card came from my godmother! She is very supportive reader of my blog (knows that I love Moomins)! And Nelli didn’t move …


It says: be brave and open the door! I’m wondering what door I should open this year. Last year it was the Paper piecing. I hadn’t done it before and made the whole quilt with foundation pieced animals and also I made little quilt ‘Summer Wine’ with english Paper piecing. I haven’t found NEW goal for this year and I think I won’t plan anything Special. I am very busy all the time and I think it’s better I just leave my crafty path flow free.

leg warmers

Nero likes to show you my leg warmers made last year. Just in case you like to knit something easy and quick = 2 knit, 2 purl, and repeat!

woollen lace

I made sampler with woollen yarn. This patter has so many faces! This yarn is the same ‘7 brother’ like I used for the Cable Leg Warmers and Knitted Cardigan. I have usedd this pattern with small changes on the edges of one knitted cardigan. You can guess that I tried to use Nelli’s table.

Sweet Pea Scarf

Thank you for joining my Birthday! I wish we could have Real cake party but the second best is that I know you are there! Now I have two surprises waiting to be opened … show you soon what I find!

Have a beautiful 14.1.2014!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

77 thoughts on “Sewing and Crocheting on My Birthday!

  1. Looks like you had a lovely birthday Teje. I love your curious cat. That colorful crocheted piece you are working on is just beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday, Teje, it was fun to see all the little snippets of your life on this special day!

    • Thank you so much Nina Lise! Now you can imagine how long list I have about things I want to do! One Special bird is on the Top soon! x Teje

  3. Happy birthday! Your sewing space is so charming.

  4. Happy Birthday to you! I love your cozy sewing room. I look forward to seeing your completed fox–you have the perfect fabric for his red fur!

  5. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed the peek into your creative life.

  6. Happy Birthday, Teje! I look forward seeing you open the door to something this year – I’m sure whatever it is will involve more beautiful projects 🙂

  7. Aurinkoista syntymäpäivää sinulle! Ompeluhuoneesi näyttää ihanan kodikkaalle, siellä on selvästi hyvä tehdä töitä silloin kun se ei ulkona onnistu! (Meillä on talvi, ihanaa! Aamulla oli pakkasta -18, luntakin on sen verran, että on valoisampaa)

  8. Happy birthday, Teje, sounds as if you are having a very special day. May the year ahead be filled with joy.

  9. Happy Birthday Teje. I want to thank you for the lovely fabric that I won during the blog hop. it arrived just before Christmas. They are both lovely and I look forward to using them. I posted a thank-you with a link back to your blog in my post today.

  10. Happy Birthday Teje!!
    What a lovely post, wish I could have a nose around your sewing room, it looks wonderful.
    Carry on as usual we love your creations new and old.
    Enjoy your birthday evening
    Clare xxx

  11. Happy Birthday Teje!! That was a lovely post. Loved the kitty pics and your new look after the holidays for your blog. Love the paper pieced fox!! Into paper piecing right now. Trying to design and make a house block mug rug. Love the leg warmers!!!! My parents have a black and white cat just like yours, but I guess you here that a lot, rather there are a lot of cats that look like that. Wishing you a great day!!!

    • Thank you so much Jodie! Paper pieceing is fun and I thought before that I wouldn’t like it! I don’t here too often about similar cats like Nelli but I see them around here. Sometimes I may see similar cat somewhere on the street and think if Nelli has went so far, then just finding her sleeping at home. x Teje

  12. Happy Birthday! I love your studio, what a wonderful space to work in. And that fox is stunning.

  13. Hyvaa syntymapaivaa, Teje! (Was the Google translation any good? I know I’m missing some umlauts 😦 ) I love the peek at your sewing studio. It looks filled with color, creativity and joy. Have a wonderful day doing exactly what your heart desires.

    • Thank you so much Karen! That was perfect Finnish! I write so many emails without umlauts that don’t even realize anymore if they are missing. Sometimes there of course can be really funny words without them. My studio is so filled with everything because it is really small – but also with colours! x Teje

  14. Happy Birthday Teje!! Glad to hear you are having a good day with your furry friends! Your crochet is beautiful and Nero’s leg warmers made me smile 🙂 I spy a cute Quiet Play pattern among your fun projects.

    • Thank you so much Gina! I’m so happy to test this pattern for Kristy! She makes beautiful and very good patterns. It will be soon available for everyone. x Teje

  15. Many happy returns T! Wishing you another year of creative joy! Jxo

  16. Onnea, Teje…..Happy Birthday. Enjoy the sunshine. I love your greeting from Google. I’ve never seen that before. Happy creating and blogging.((My husband’s birthday was SUnday).


  17. Happy Birthday Teje. Hope you have had a wonderful day xxx

  18. Happy birthday – we enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pets annd their adventures. what fun!

  19. Happy Birthday Teje.

  20. Happy birthday Teje, all the best and much health for you.
    I’m curious about the little fox, looks so cute!
    Greetings from Katrin

  21. Happy Birthday, my friend! Your sewing space looks great–mine looks like we had a tornado and I don’t know where everything . Hugs to you and the furry ones. Sonja

  22. May I add my best wishes, blessings and hugs!!!! You are the dearest bloggy Friend!!! Your “creative nest” is awesome!!!!! Have the best day/year ever!!!!!!!!!! D.

  23. I’m a little late Teje, but Happy Birthday! Thanks for showing us your sewing room. It’s very sweet and looks so tidy. I wish mine could be so tidy. Your animals are all lovely.

    • Thank you so much Diane! I think the smaller place is could to be organized – other wise there is now place to work. Table is small and always big mess. x Teje

  24. A happy birthday too! So I can read you had a lovely day.

  25. Happy Birthday Teje, I hope your day keeps getting better and better. So lovely to share all your beautiful photo’s with us and your gorgeous furry friends! Love the crochet and the paper piecing is fun isn’t it? xo

    • Thank you so much Cathy! I’m happy to hear you liked my photos! Paper piecing is really fun and I think I shall finish this fox in the evening. x Teje

  26. Those are some beautiful projects, and trust me, that is not a messy sewing area. 🙂 Mostly it made me happy to see some sunshine too and peaceful outdoor days. Definitely not the weather around here right now. I loved the leg warmers (beautiful color). Sam

  27. Happy Birthday Teje! I like your laid back style to let the projects come to you and not plan to much. Margreth

    • Thank you so much Margreth! My programms change very often so it’s not easy to make exact plans. That’s why I don’t join swaps etc. When I have time, I usually do what inspiration I feel that moment. Now I really miss quilting! x Teje

  28. Bon anniversaire le crochet est magnifique belle couleur de fil Marie-Claire

  29. Happy Birthday! You sure have lots of projects in the works. I can’t wait to see your cute fox block when it is finished.


  30. Birthday’s are my absolute favorite….so hope your day was happy happy!!! I totally cracked up at the fact Nero would wear his leg warmers…what a good boy! Thanks for a peek into your studio too! (I always love seeing where everyone else creates!!!) I added myself as a GFC follower…stop by and I’d love for you to follower as well:

  31. Love your color choices, esp. the scarf. Happy Birthday to you… it looks like you enjoyed yourself.

  32. Happy belated Birthday, Teje!

    I wish you a lot of sunshine, happy yarns and some Moomin-moments for this year, and that door to open you need to decide yourself, but we, your friends, will be there to help you if it it’s a heavy one! And oh how lovely your craft-space looks, so cozy!

    Lovely day, and many greetings from getting-colder Finland!


    • Thank you Mia! That was a sweet thing to say and lovely thought! I do hope we find some NEW doors this year! I heard that it’s colder now and in Hameenlinna it’s -22C. Lets hope spring comes to you soon! Hugs and lovely weekend! x Teje

  33. Happy Birthday Teje and it was so neat to see your quilt studio! I can’t wait to see more of the PP fox you are working on! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  34. Hope you had a great birthday Teje! That crochet is beautiful, I love the colours. I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up this year!

  35. Happy belated birthday, Teje! I hope your day was fantastic! I loved getting a peek into your sewing space and your crochet is lovely!

    Thanks for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday, and thanks so much for your kind comments on my quilt, and my QOV block!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  36. Happy belated birthday Teje! I’m off to see the fox which I just found on your other post. It’s fantastic! Avis x

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