Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Presents and Crochet Flower Squares!


Hello dear friends! The pile with crochet flower squares is getting higher …

crochet flower squares

… but thinking that this Project began last winter, it should be much higher. Lots of needleing is still needed. One day we sat with Nero in the garden and made few NEW squares. It as amazing to sit in the garden in the beginning of January! On the windy side it was a little bit too cold but front of the sunny wall just perfect.

crocheting in the garden

You see that my poor rosies starts to recover from the hot and dry summer. Every day there shows up NEW rosies …

fly in the rose

I have found the pattern for this crochet flower square from the blog ‘Oma Koppa’. It’s Finnish blog but have a look because there are lots of great patterns and they are illustrated so you don’t need to read instructions. Photos are really cool and fun!  If you are Finnish, enjoy the great humour!

crochet flower square

These are really enjoy to make and very soon you remember the pattern and don’t need the pattern.

crochet squares

You may remember that I started this Project as a ‘Sea Glass Shawl’ – colours reminded me about the precious sea glass pieces I had found. I was missing turquoise colours and dear friend, Judith came for help and sent me lots of sea coloured yarns. Thank you again Judith! Now I had used all the suitable colours from my stash and was wondering how to continue …

Greek garden

Sometimes friends know better! I hadn’t mentioned anything about this Project to my dear friend Sonja. She sent to me again most amazing parcel! And there was also just perfect yarn to continue and finish this crochet Project! Very light grey/blue which matches so well with the other colours and gives also light for my work.

craft presents

Thank you dear Sonja! I can never thank you enough for being so sweet and supportive friend! There were also three quilting books! And this is not all …

quilting books

She had bought to me Susan Branch’s Calendar! It is the most beautiful calendar I have ever had! I shall share more about that in the coming months. You know Susan, don’t you? If not, you need to visit her, because her work is unbelievable! I’m lucky to have her book (present from Sonja) and it’s HANDWRITTEN! … like the calendar, too!

beautiful fabrics

There were these most adorable Fabrics … I’m just admiring those delicous colours! Perfect blue for sky (which I have missed) but I don’t think I MIX these with my ‘messy’ Works but save them to make something Special with all this style of Fabrics. I’m happy to say that I have now great pundle to make something artistic!

sweet dogs

Nero, Hanna and me received also wishes from these sweet friends, Sonja’s cute dogs! They are all so beautiful and the little one looks very much like our Foxy! Sonja is not blogging (yet) so unfortunately I can’t guide you to meet her. You will see more about my presents! Thank you again Sonja!

winter view

I have been reading my NEW quilting books and they are so inspiring! Hope to begin something soon!

At the moment I have more projects going on that I usually do.

* Crochet Flower Squares (for a cloak/gown/cape/shawl/poncho – something like that)

* Crochet ‘stripe’ (for scraf) you will see more very soon

* Garden Quilt

* Mini Quilt with Purple

* New Paper Piecing Project (fortunately small but even more fun and dear)

* Other new crochet Project (object is still a little bit question)

… I’m sure I forgot something but perhaps that’s better!

And then there is all the huge Project with Sea Glass – Trikimia! I still didn’t manage to connect that blog with the hosting company. If someone is expert with these things, I would love to hear  from you!

crochet squares

Thank you all my dear friends for reading my blog and for writing so beautiful and great comments! Thank you for your support and for sharing our passion and inspiration! Have a joyful time and hope to see you soon!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

9 thoughts on “Presents and Crochet Flower Squares!

  1. How lovely to be able to sit outside Teje.
    It’s been dry but cold and frosty here today. You have some great projects on the go. Enjoy x

  2. I have made those squares too! A lot of squares in different colors-and the result will be fantastic! Your friend Sonja sent you nice Fabrics- I guess your thoughts are working on them. We had also nice day today, I like your “green” photo- I suppose it’s taken today. Have a nice week!

  3. I love your crochet squares. I’ll chack out that blog. Hopefully google translate will help me!

  4. Les carree au crochet sont tres beau Marie-Claire

  5. Hello there! I’m loving those beautiful shades of yarn goodness that are those crocheted squares. What a wonderful garment they will make!!!! The colours are exquisite together! Sending the lovely Nero lots of strokes! Ros and Oscar

  6. The sea glass squares are so beautiful and perfect for your gorgeous locale!!!! I so love seeing the beautiful greens of things growing!!!! I am excited to see what will come from all your gifts!!!! Hugs…..

  7. Love all those colors of yarn.

  8. I love that stack of crochet squares. The colours you have chosen are so beautiful.

  9. What a wonderful variety of items in your post! Thank you Teje 🙂

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