Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Vof vof vof!!! It’s Nero here! Welcome to our Christmas Calendar!!!!!!! This has been my special project and I’m so excited to start! I wish You Good Month and Happy 1st of December!

Christmas Calendar 2013

So – are you ready to start the count down? I am and I’m so happy you are joining us! Here we go …

1st of December

I thought it’s nice to start with cute little Angel in Christmas colours. Don’t you think I have done great job for a boy … and a furry-boy especially! Everyone here is now so busy that I had to take over the sewing and fortunately Hanna, my secretary helps to write the numbers.

pin cushion

I shall show you also every day something from my …


… Finnish friends …


Yeeeee … they are Moomins!!! We have a Christmas Calendar with Moomins!

Christmas Calendar day 1

They are just the best! This time the calendar gives us little cards to play later the memory game – so needed here!

And to keep you busy, I have some great links for you! They are all about gift ideas and tutorials!

‘Sew Mama Sew’ has gathered tutorials for wrapping (sew with fabric)!

‘Sew Mama Sew’ has also now fantastic Linky Party for all of us! So many were willing to share their tutorials so they made a linky party for our tutorials!

Moomin Calendar

Thank you for joining our Christmas Calendar! We wish you great 1st of December and fantastic month!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

18 thoughts on “NERO’S CHRISTMAS CALENDAR – day 1

  1. Oooooooo, loving your Moomin Calendar!!! Happy 1st December Teje!

  2. I’ve never seen a Moomin. This looks like a fun countdown. See you tomorrow

    • Thank you Carla for your visit! Moomins are very famous Finnish characters. They have found their way all around the world. My sister had those books as a child. See you soon! x Teje

  3. I haven’t seen a Moomin in years – what a lovely Advent calendar! Enjoy Advent, Teje!

  4. Your Advent calendar will be gorgeous.Those fussy are adorable.Happy sewing!

  5. Hey Nero and Hanna, you guys are just pawsome! Another clever idea up your sleeve. Your first project is cute as it can be–everyone loves angels. We ‘ll be waiting for your next installment. Don’t know how you do all you do–my mom has put up one stinkin’ wreath and she says she needs to rest for awhile and think about the rest of Christmas stuffs. Lady Caroline

    • Hi Lady Caroline! Same here – we have now one (new) Christmas electricity-light wire on the bedroom’s wall and she is so excited about it. It gives really beautiful light to the walls but that’s not enough. Now she has been again all the day at the computer. Hoh, do I need to do everything here? Hugs! Nero

  6. Reblogged this on Nero's post and patch (2010-2012) and commented:

    Nero’s & Hanna’s Christmas Calendar starts in our new blog!

  7. My brother had a plastic Moomin as a child. I have no idea where he got it. I have never seen one other than his. I’m excited to show him your pictures!

  8. WHAT A LOVELY POST!!! So glad I popped in this evening. Lovely memories of Moomins! Ros

  9. Too cute…both your doggies and the calendar. My daughter (and us!!) love the moomins… the illustrations are so beautiful.

  10. Thank you for your Moomin update for this year! Your post gave me the giggles!!!!! Blessings of the season to you all!!!!

  11. Hi from Texas, USA, Teje – The Moomins are so stinkin cute and as always I love your dogs. Hey Pups, my cat “Miss Kitty” likes your 1st project and says to tell you “Your mom is doing better than mine cause she is riding around in her car with a Tree in the trunk!!” Yes I got a new one and the laziness in me says why move it twice. We will put it up and trim it next weekend with 4yr old Grandson, Josh.

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