Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Dogs Wool for Needle Felting


Hey, Hanna here! We are felting! Have you ever tried? This is so much fun and easy and quick! And we are helping with Nero … with our wool! Look how Dog’s Wool looks with needle felting …

needle felting with dog's wool

Sorry to show you old photo, but we didn’t finish yet our new Christmas balls. Hearts are fun, too …

needle felted heart

White is Nero’s wool and red from lamb. Like to see how we do it? We start with nice bowl of wool …

Dog's Wool

Now it’s getting colder but last weekend we did all this outside in the sun. We gathered our tools on the tray …

needle felting

We need special needles for needle felting (they have hooks), some base (these styrox shapes are great) and wool – that’s all!

needle felting with dog's wool

Bad photo, but you get the idea how to just put some wool on the ball and start ‘ticking’ with the needle. Be careful with your fingers or your legs if you do it on your lap!

Hanna is felting

You can ‘tick’ = needle felt as much you like. Dog’s wool (depenging of the dog of course) has also longer hairs. If you felt less, your work will by more hairy. If you like it more ‘flat’, felt more. Lamb’s wool gives more flat result.

Dog's Wool Heart

Here also the heart is made with Nero’s wool. You can see spots from the needle. When you have finished the needle felting, scratch gently the surface with the needle (to ‘cover’ the holes).

needle felting wreath

Wreath is also beautiful with dog’s wool. I have made some and decorated them with red wooden beads and red yarn, or natural wooden beads with metal thread. Unfortunately couldn’t find any photo (I’m lost with my millions of photos!).

Dog's Wool

Nero was willing to help us (to get him more doggy goodies). So if you for some curious reason would like to needle felt with dog’s – and especially with Nero’s – wool, Nero is making little bag’s for our ETSY SHOP TEJESARITA . Let him know, if you have any wishes about the colour or amount. We have also a little bit wool in rainbow colours, if you like to make hearts or other details.

wool in rainbow colours

Remember that dog’s wool doesn’t felt with water – that would be a terrible! I have used Nero’s wool for some ‘art’ felting so that I started with lamb’s wool and then added dog’s wool over it and for details.

Dog’s wook is also suitable for spinning. I know that some people use it alone, but I think most often it’s mixed with lamb wool.

Dog’s wool is as warm as camel’s wool and it’s used also for people with rheumatism etc.

Jumper with dog's wool

This is my treasury pullover! I have knitted this 101 years ago but it’s still like new – except the Vintage Model! My mother used to collect wool from our dogs and then made it spinned to yarn. This wool was from an Afghan and mixed with white lamb’s wool.

needle felting with dog's wool

Have you tried needle felting or any felting? What about dog’s wool? When I brush my puppies, I usually keep the wool, because it is beautiful and special. Socks with {dog’s wool yarn} would be so perfect for cold winter feet!

Even this post was only about wool, I am sewing and picked few great links again! There are many things I want to sew for Christmas!

Debbie from ‘A Quilter’s Table’ wrote lovely post with links about seasonal and not only tutorials!

Sew Mama Sew posted about last minute gift ideas!

I’m linking at ‘Creative Friday’ – Linda’s blog ‘Natural Suburbia’ and ‘Fiber Arts Friday’ – Andrea’s blog ‘Wonder Why Alpaca Farm’!

Now we wish you wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading and writing your always sweet comments!


PS. Only few days till Nero’s surprise! He is now looking for a basket …

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

13 thoughts on “Dogs Wool for Needle Felting

  1. So Clever Teje! Cute to put Nero on the Christmas tree : )

    • Thank you Carla, for your fun words! Now I feel that I need to knit leg warmers – cold hands and feet. Hope you don’t feel too cold! x Teje

  2. How amazing to use Nero’s wool Teje. Your decorations are so lovely and such a wonderful keepsake x

  3. I love your ornaments! I have to say, I’ve never used dog’s hair to make anything although I know people who have created lovely projects from their favorite pet. Your sweater is beautiful and the mix of the lambswool and dog hair would be neat to feel.

  4. Such a beautiful sweater! I have done needle felting. Not the “3D” kind but the embellishing kind (flat) to make table toppers out of felted wool fabrics and sweaters. It is a very relaxing pastime! Great post!! Lovely ornaments!! Hugs……..

  5. I like this article, I have reblogged this one, thanks for posting

  6. Magnifique je ne savais pas qu’on prend les cheveux des chiens bon après-midi Marie-Claire

  7. I love your sweater, Teje, and your decorations. I hoover so much dog hair it’s unbelievable – I should be putting it to better use 🙂

  8. what a fabulous idea Teje! Have two dogs myself and always felt sorry when had to throw away their soft wool! You made my day. From now on saving it all and go needlefelting!
    Thank you so much!

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