Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello and welcome to ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! You have landed on a beautiful Cretan island in  Greece! My first entry this time is ‘Fantasy Forrest’ quilt …

Fantasy Forest by Teje Karjalainen

It’s again the most exiting time of the year!  ‘BLOGGER’S QUILT FESTIVAL’ hosted by Amy is here and we shall be busy because there are so much quilters joining from all around the world! It’s wonderful to see quilts from friends and find new friends! Absolutely best place to get ideas and lots of inspiration! Thank you Amy for the amazing work you do when organizing this event!

foundation pieced quilt

This quilt project was very special for me as it was first time I made foundation paper piecing. I saw the Woodpecker at ‘Forest QAL’ and wanted to join at once! I didn’t have any idea if I’m able to finish even the first blog but finally it all ended up to this unique quilt.
Fantasy Forest by Teje Karjalainen
Here are some moments during the process …
Forest Qal blocks
Forest Qal blocks behind
foundation piecing


Name: ‘Fantasy Forest’
Size: 42″ x 36″
Pattern: foundation piecing patterns by ‘Forest QAL’, blueberry pattern by me
Design: Teje Karjalainen
Techniques: foundation pieced blocks, quilted by hand
Forest QAL Contest: 1st Prize
Category: Wall hanging
fantasy Forest by Teje Karjalainen
For the quilting I lost one night sleep because just when falling asleep I saw a picture in my mind about beautiful spider web. It was in a forest after rain, full of water drops and sunlight behind. I thought I have to try to make the quilting like a spider web. I made the quilting by hand during the hotest August – often sitting outside very late at night when it was a little bit cooler.
Fantasy Forest by Teje Karjalainen
For the border I had first ‘traditional’ idea with stripy fabric in forest colours, but it just didn’t feel right. I’m happy I followed my instinct and made the border with all the happy colours used in the quilt and the binding with the same fabric as the background.
Fantasy Forest by Teje Karjainen
‘Fantasy Forest’ won 1st Prize in ‘Forest QAL’ contest! I’m so happy for that! Lots beautiful fabrics has arrived and are still on their way! I like to thank once again Joanna from ‘Shape Moth’ and Juliana from ‘Jednoiglec’ for the Forest QAL!
If you like to read the main post about the process, it’s HERE.
Fantasy Forest by Teje Karjalainen
Nero did his best showing the quilt in a hot day of August. Soon he stepped to the shadow.
Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit! So let’s go and have a great weekend at the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’!
My secong entry is ‘Kids Game’ baby quilt.
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2012 autumn – ‘Butterflies’
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2011 spring – ‘Nero’s Garden’ (my first animal quilt – free pieced)


Fantasy Forest by Teje Karjalainen

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!


  1. This is a fantastic quilt, and it inspire me a lot. I’ve seen it before, and I will never forget it. Good to see it again. Enjoy the weekend with lots of quilts!

  2. Such a fabulous quilt Teje and I love the last photo against the wall.

  3. Of course you should make this quilt your enter for this festival! Reading this post, all the details of your story with this quilt come back, and suddenly it hits me; paper piecing is one of the most technical and detailed ways of patchwork, and still with this quilt you’ve shown that even with such a proces, it is not only possible, but even very important to listen to your instincts; that’s what makes your quilt stand out and obviously ‘better’ and more interesting than a lot of other paper pieced quilts.

    • Oh, dear Dorien! You make me blush. Thank you so much for your most kind words! I can’t stop thinking what happended to your animals. Happy weekend my friend! x Teje

  4. It’s great to see this masterpiece again Teje, such wonderful work. Happy weekend my friend x

  5. This is simply gorgeous! I love your blocks, how you put them together , and your quilting… esp the spider webbing!

  6. Every time I see this I think it’s more and more amazing!

  7. This is a gorgeous quilt and you did an amazing job! I see something new and different every time I look at it! Good job!

    Connie 🙂

  8. Teje, I love the way this quilt turned out! It looks so great in every picture you took. The quilting really suit it too. I have seen a few of these and yours is really stunning:)

  9. This quilt is beyond gorgeous. Your colour choice and block layout has made this QAL quilt unique. Stunning.

  10. This is fantastic. What a great wall hanging!
    Love the colors and that quilting!

  11. Fantastic quilt and such a lot of work.

  12. I love your quilt! So much to look at, and so beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog as well, and commenting on my rainbow quilt 🙂

  13. Your quilt is simply amazing. I wish I could make something so beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.
    Take care,

  14. Absolutely fantastic! Love your fabric choices and the piecing is perfect. But it is the way you pulled them all together and quilted it that makes this so special.

  15. I am so happy to see this again – it is really beautiful!

  16. Teje, I’m so glad you used this quilt, I liked watching you make it and it’s so nice to see it again, beautiful!

  17. this is such a beautiful quilt. the layout is fantastic and your fabrics are just lovely!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  18. Beautiful quilt, love how you did the border colours

  19. I just love it. I wish I would have joined up to that QAL – just soooo adorable!

    • Thank you Ellen! You can still join! You can find all the blocks from Juliana’s blog. Just click to ‘Forest QAL’ or the button on my sidelist. x Teje

  20. I love this one!! I will never tire of telling you how much I love it! 🙂

  21. Such a fabulous quilt! Lovely to revisit it!

  22. What a lovely mix of fabrics- it is really unique quilt!

  23. Your quilt is beautiful. I love that feather!! Great photos of your quilt!!

  24. Oh my goodness! This is such a beautiful quilt! I don’t remember seeing it before. It is absolutely stunning Teje!! So, of course, is your very lovely assistant 😉 Ros x

  25. It a fantastic quilt Terje. Best of luck in the Festival 🙂

  26. This is a fab quilt, Teje. Good luck in the festival 🙂

  27. Such a great design! Love everything about it.

  28. Sinun peitto on kaunis. Toisesta nainen kuuma paikka! Sorry, Google did the translation, I don’t speak your beautiful language. Kate Australiassa.

  29. I cant believe this was your first attempt at foundation piecing – congratulations, the quilt is beautiful, and I love the setting you’ve used!

    • Thank you Jennie! I was lazy to learn the foundtion piecing. I thought it’s too much fuzzle with the papers and it takes so much time. But if there is something you really like to do, you can learn and don’t care about the time it takes. x Teje

  30. Fabulous quilt!! You always do the most interesting things. The quilting really compliments it, too. Makes me want to try my hand at foundation/paper piecing, though something this creative would be way out there. I can see why it won what it did!

    • Thank you so much! When I started the first block, I was almost sure that I leave it there. But you never know – when I finally found out how it works, I could have done every day foundation piecing. Unfortunately it takes lot of time. Now I enjoy making the letters. They are great small projects and would be nice for children’s room. x Teje

  31. That is such an amazing quilt! The colors work so well together. It makes me want to lean paper piecing !

  32. Like I’ve said before a totally BEAUTIFUL quilt….lots of luck in the festival 🙂

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