Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Nero’s Birthday – fabrics – winner!


VOF VOF VOF!!!  Welcome to my Birthday party! I am now 9 years, happy boy with lots of energy! I started to celebrate by picking the winner for my super exciting give away for a gift certificate to ‘Pink Chalk Fabrics’!

picking the winner

This time the lottery bowl was full of little papers and it made my job very challenging! This was my first pick …

Nero's give away

I was happy with the result but I was told that there are too many papers around … okey, I’ll try again …

Nero's give away

… what can I do … so many papers want to be winners! … once more …

one paper

… I can do this, look  here you are … winner paper on the air …


…. hmmm should we open it and see the name? ….. yes ….. it says the winner is ‘Cloud CouCou’!!!!!

give away winner

Congratulations Amy, you are the winner!!! Amy’s beautiful blog is ‘Cloud CouCou Crafts’ ! I shall send you an e-mail!

Before I continue my party I show you what we just found from the mailbox. Just perfect moment to receive our parcel from ‘Pink Chalk Fabrics’! Wow, someone here was thrilled! … petting those fabrics instead of me!

fabrics from pink chalk fabrics

Hey this is only half of it but we don’t say loud that we picked more than the gift certificate card – that’s a secret between us – okey?  But there was so much to choose and great prices so we had to! Could you have left those little carrots and cabbages and beetroots? I don’t think so!

Pink Chalk Fabrics

I’m sure you like to see the amazing fabric collection ‘Pink Chalk Fabrics’ carries and have a look also their wonderful blog ‘Pink Chalk Studio’!

beautiful fabrics

And here is the other half … we had some of these in the charm pack we are making the ‘Kids Game’ quilt. They are so fun that we wanted more. Unfortunately we lost the dark blue … if you like something, take it! it’s not there anymore when you change your mind!

And now back to my presents …

Nero's presents

We got funny packets with Hanna … something smells interesting …

nero and hanna

Hanna wanted to see what there is in my packet before she looked hers …


When she saw what I found, she went to open her packet …

Nero's Birthday

We got new balls to play … and we played and had fun …

playing dog

Sun was so strong that we played in the shadow and thought to show you the fabrics also here – perhaps the colours would show better …


There was also beautiful card with great info …

quilt sizes

I have grown up with centimetres and even slowly start to get used to inches, this is very helpful!

If you like to know details for these fabrics, please let me know.

beautiful fabrics

You will see much more about these fabrics and also I’ll show you soon my new hera marker at work!

It’s lovely Sunday and I think there is just enough time to sew a little before our B.B.Q  … no no … I meant of course to play with my new rope-ball! Hannaaaaa, let’s go!

Thank you joining my Birthday party! I wish you great day!

Hugs and kisses from


PS. I forgot to say that we got other presents in the evening! I’ll show them next time.

Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “Nero’s Birthday – fabrics – winner!

  1. Bravo a la gagnante bon dimanche Marie-Claire

  2. Yay, thanks so so much Teje, very happy it was me!! I’m going away over New Year so my aim is to make a bag to take with me…….can’t wait to choose my fabrics and get making. Thanks again, Amy 🙂

    • Congratulations again Amy! Did you see my post about Sewist Interview? It is at ‘Chris W Designs’ and Chris makes fantastic bags with patterns! I was thinking to make the new ‘Lombard Street’ bag but now I can’t decide. Happy sewing! x Teje

  3. Happy Birthday, Nero, and congrats to Amy!

  4. Happy birthday, Nero, hope you are having a wonderful day being thoroughly spoilt by your family and friends and that the year ahead is full of doggy happiness. xxx

  5. Happy dogs and beautiful fabric. What could be better? Happy Birthday, Nero!

  6. Happy Birthday Nero and many many more!!! Pam

  7. Happy birthday, beautiful boy! You do such a fine job picking winners–I know Amy is really, really pleased to win cuz that fabric is way cool. Have a wonderful day playing with Hanna and your new ball. Make sure you get extra at the BBQ. x Lady Caroline

    • Thank you Lady Caroline! This time it was difficult because all the papers wanted to pop out. I had a great Birthday and with Hanna we got also smoked pig’s ears! Kisses from Nero

  8. Happy birthday to Nero! 🙂

  9. Happy birthday Nero! Congrats to the winner

  10. Happy a birthday Nero!

  11. Happy birthday to a most wonderful furiend, Nero!

    The fabric is really pretty, Teje. I know great things will be made from it!

    • Thank you so much dear Sage! You are my special friend – we know how to play ball! I just wish you could come here to play with me! Hugs! Nero

  12. Happy Birthday Nero…You are such a gorgeous dog! Congrats to Amy!

  13. Happy Birthday Nero! Love the pictures of you and Hannah. You are both adorable. What a great helper you are to Teje.

    Congratulations to Cou Cou!

  14. Congratulations to Amy 🙂 Nero looks so happy with his new toy. Fab photos!

  15. Such a fun….and funny…! I’m so glad for you photos of Nero and Hanna!!! That fabric is so pretty and inspires many ideas. Looking forward to seeing what they become!!!! Hugs……

  16. Happy Happy Birthday Nero!!! Congrats, Amy.

    (almost OCtober)

  17. Happy Birthday Nero! Please tell your Mum she has a wonderful blog!

  18. Happy birthday Nero! How happy the dogs look opening their gifts! Lovely fabrics too….congratulations to the lucky winner!
    Wishing you a happy October, Teje!
    Helen x

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