Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Bird on my pillow!


Vof vof vof! It’s Nero here and I’m happy you stopped by because, you know what happened? This bird came to my garden …

pillow with patchwork bird

… and it sat on my new pillow!

Nero's bird pillow

Teje said I can have this because it could be boy’s pillow. Daytime I have doggie bed outside and I put my new pillow next to me. I  love to stay there and watch who walks on the street and what happens in my garden.

bird in olive tree

I let the bird sit in the olive tree and it looked fun. If I screw up my eyes, it’s almost like a real bird … only the black bird in my garden doesn’t have orange wings.

patchwork bird

We made the quilting like spider web but you can’t see it very well because the thread is light blue.

quilting spider web

For the backside we used Finlayson‘s cotton which was a table cloth but we never used it and saved it for something … a project like this. First we thought perhaps that fabric is too different than the patchwork but if you look from the side you see that it match well enough …

patchwork cushion

… and it has branches for the bird to sit!

back of pillow

Guess why these old wooden fences are here?

cushion with bird

They are for me! Sometimes they don’t want me to run like ‘grazy’ around the big garden and I should stay near the house. When I see somthing interesting, I fly like a wind and forget that I should take care of stones and fences … and that I’m not a little boy anymore. But even I have arthritis on my back legs, I can jump like a gangaroo over this wooden fence!

cushion cover

This cushion cover is about 16″ x 16″ (42 x 42 cm). If you like to see how we made the patchwork bird, look our TUTORIAL!

patchwork pillow

Thank you for your lovely messages and I’m really happy you came to see me and my new pillow! If you think it’s possible to make one pillow you are wrong … few more are on the way and then I want one bigger!

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

88 thoughts on “Bird on my pillow!

  1. Nero sure has great taste! This pillow is super sweet, Teje! I love the modern and whimsical feel! So, once again, I hope you don’t mind if I share this, with a link back, on my facebook page at

  2. I love the bird on your pillow, Teje! Such a colourful and lively design, wonderful!
    Helen x

  3. I love the bird pillow and thank you so much, Teje, for making a tutorial!

  4. Beautiful! Beautiful! 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Looks great Teje. The patchwork frame finishes it off beautifully.

  6. That is one good lookin’ bird!!! The backing fabric/tablecloth is so perfect…..a really great match. Your bird piecing is so sweet and just begs to come to roost in many places! Hugs and blessings to you all!!!!!

  7. Nero, your bird friend and pillow are beautiful. You look very handsome guarding your lovely yard and I bet you look radiant running like the wind. My 2 girls (doggies) were big girls too. They would have had a big crush on you, forgot they were ladies and followed you around. They would have enjoyed chasing the wind with you.

    • Thank you Lea! What kind of dogs yours were? Nero is lucky to have a big garden and he used to run all around most of the day. Now his bag legs get tired when he runs a lot. Still he’s a restless boy and can’t stay long time in one place. x Teje

  8. Very sweet Teje. Nero looks so pleased! I can see your quilting, and a perfect backing

  9. Such perfect piecing. Your doggy has arthritis-so do my 15 year old cats- I find them not able to jump on furniture as much and a hard time coming down the stairs-so sad.

    • Thank you Jeanette! It is sad to see that they can’t move so easily as they used to and we hope they don’t have pain. Nero runs easily fast but walking slowly is more difficult. x Teje

  10. Hello Teje,

    That pillow is so pretty! Lovely colors, and the little birdie…and the back is beautiful too… Just perfect!

    Happy Tuesday!


    • Thank you Mia! I’m happy you like this bird pillow. I enjoy watching it but can’t help thinking about other colours choises. It feels autumn here and I heard that now it’s colder there. Still enjoy this lovely season. x Teje

  11. Fun Pillow!!

  12. Oh, what a lovely feathered friend! He looks perfectly at home on your sweet pillow, Teje. I’m smitten by his cuteness. :o)

  13. This was my favourite of the birds too Nero, how lucky you are to get it. That web quilting is so clever and the back is beautiful too. Say hi to Teje x

  14. Hey Nero, Love your new pillow and that back is just the perfect pick. Every birdie needs a resting place with the pale blue sky in the distance. And what’s even better is you repurposed and reused so you are “green” as well as really, really lovely. Mom was busy yesterday supervising tree trimming, but today she promised she is going to try one of those birdies. x Lady Caroline

    • Thank you Lady Caroline! How great you have been gardening. My olive trees don’t have much leaves and it looks ’empty’. Birds can’t hide there so well. But soon we’ll get some rain and that should help. I’m happy to hear you will get a birdie too. x Nero

  15. OH gosh I just love love love this bird! Very beautiful.

  16. oh, I love this pillow! the fabrics you’ve chosen for the bird are so wonderful!

    🙂 Kelly

  17. What a cutie! You should submit it to next issue of Fat Quarterly! They are looking for good projects where you can use scraps. Jxo

  18. Beautiful, Teje! You are so talented.

  19. What a fun block pattern! The pillow is beautiful!

  20. Great tutorial Terje. That’s a keeper.
    Best to Nero, The Forever Young one 🙂

    • Thank you Cille! He is still mostly like a young boy. Usually Nero likes to sleep late but today he was full of evergy and wanted to play from early morning! x Teje

  21. That’s a gorgeous pillow! Glad Nero likes it!

  22. Le coussin est tres beau bravo bonne journee Marie-Claire

  23. What a beautiful pillow and the back fabric looks perfect! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  24. Read your lovely interview on ChrisWDesigns and I’m a new follower on Bloglovin. Love your beautiful patchwork bird pillow. Now if I could just get my two dogs – Miles and Louie – to blog for me!

  25. Hello Nero, I like your new friend, say hello for me. And a big scratch for you too!

  26. Gorgeous cushion and great colours!

  27. I love the pillow. The fabric is centred perfectly to have a circle look like the bird’s eye. Excellent colours….

  28. I love your pillow and Nero of course! What a cute bird and the backing is perfect fabric also. what a lovely spot to sit and relax.

  29. This is beautiful! So glad I found your blog! 🙂

  30. Beautiful job on the pillow! I love the spiderweb quilting.
    I confess, I let my doggies lay on my nice quilted pillows too. 😉

  31. Very cute! The back of the pillow is perfect.

  32. I love your patchwork pillow, Teje and I always love the backgrounds in your photos.

  33. What a beautiful pillow! the branch fabric couldn’t be more perfect for the back of the bird. If only I had a ounce of your abilities. I am putting a quilt together that I can not for the life of me figure out and its only using stripes.

  34. I love your work Teje ! I would love to put some of our ‘visitors’ into fabric – will have to think a lot more….. 🙂

  35. Love,love.Very beautiful!

  36. Pingback: short quilting vacation « skalabara

  37. It is snowing here today, so I will pull out my stash and get busy. Hope I can find a print with a good eye. Thank you!

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