Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Fantasy Forest quilt

I’m wordless … almost … Hello dear friends! So yesterday I was crying again but now tears of joy! My quilt ‘Fantasy Forest’ won the first prize in the ‘Forest Quilt Along’ contest! I am so happy and just amazed!

This was the most exiting project during my sewing career! I want to send huge thanks with hugs to Julianna and Joanna who organized this quilt along and shared these fantastic patterns!

Julianna’s blog is ‘Sewing under RAINBOW’

Joanna’s blog is ‘Shape Moth’

forest quilt

ELEANOR GROSCH, an artist and illustratot,  was the judge for this contest. She wrote for my quilt: “This one was my favourite overall because it broke out of the expected grid structure. I love the creatice use of space and color and the reference to the web of life. The fabric choises are also really lovely and tonal”. Thank you Eleanor! I am so happy and proud to know you like this quilt!

Visit Eleanors site and if you look her shop, you can see her fantastic work! Her illustrations are just amazing – simple, colourful, fun – adorable! They give inspiration for foundation piecing and patchwork!

forest quilt

Main post for my quilt to see more photos and quilt details is here ‘FANTASY FOREST’.

To see all the quilts and other crafts that participated this contest, visit the LINKY PARTY!

I want to thank all the sponsors who made this quilt along contest with amazing prizes! I’m so exited to start to choose fabrics from:

‘Fat Quarter Shop’

‘Marmalade Fabrics’

‘Pink Chalk Fabrics’

‘Szmatka Latka’

Fantasy Forest

You, my dear friends, have helpped me with this quilt – thank you so much! You lead me to make right decicions and to believe that I can do this!

Could you, please help me once more … how can I choose the fabrics?! When you like to buy fabrics, how do you choose them? Do you have some favourite fabric lines, designers, what batting you use etc. I have started to make a wish list in my mind: hera marker, new ruler, FABRICS and perhaps batting. Last night between my dreams I realized that now is the time to get that hera marker to improve my quilting and a small ruler to trim squares would be so helpful instead of using the big one for everything.

forest quilt

Now I have so much energy to start the new project which I have been planning these last days! It is easy peacy quilt! Happy colours of course and with that quilt I want to encourage every one to start or continue quilting!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

103 thoughts on “1st PRIZE FOR ‘FANTASY FOREST’ !!!

  1. It is a beautiful quilt Teje. So creative. COngratulations on being the winner!

  2. Congratulations! This is very well deserved. Your colour choices stood out from the beginning and tge way you put it together, including your own design, is absolutely stunning.
    Actually, I think you should make a new banner with this quilt!

  3. Well done Teje. This is such a fantastic quilt. I enjoyed watching the progress of this quilt in your blogs. 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Teje! This quilt is memorable and beautiful! 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Teje, a very well deserved prize for a stunning quilt. I don’t think you should buy batting as one of your prizes; batting is boring even though it is essential! Rather celebrate your prizes with beautiful fabrics.

    • Thank you so much Gail! You have it right with the batting but I can’t find any here. I’ll have to think – perhaps I stick to fabrics. x Teje

  6. Congratulations Teje – it’s a beautiful quilt!

  7. Congratulations on your win the quilt is beautiful.

  8. A well deserved recognition!! Well done!!

  9. Congratulations! It really is a beautiful quilt. You deserve to be the winner!

  10. Are you already a member of Quilters of Greece United? We have a Facebook page. You should post this blogpost over there. I am sure a lot of Greek quilters will be very interested in your work.

    • Thank you so much Ada! I didn’t know about Quilters of Greece United. Unfortunately I don’t use fb (I had a page but it’s locked – perhaps virus or who knows what and I can’t use it). If you like, you are very welcome to add my link there if you like. I’ll have to learn more about the Greek Quilters as I know only Theresa in Athens. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  11. Your fabric choices and piecing skills have made this finish worthy of such an honor! If you are like me, you will need to make a list of possible choices and then revise it several times before actually placing an order. So many ideas are ‘floating’!!! Enjoy the process/fabric dreams!! Following along with you on this was so much fun and very inspiring……..huge hugs to you AND applause!!!!!

    • Thank you so much Doreen! That sounds good, so I’ll continue my wish list and then try to choose from that. I’m so happy to be able to ‘build my stash’ with some colours that are missing. Hopefully I get also some goodies for a new ‘dream quilt’. We’ll see…
      Happy weekend! x Teje

  12. Congrats!
    Your hard work paid off. You put a lot of hours into this beautiful quilt.

  13. Congrats – I love it and you deserve the recognition for it 🙂

  14. Congratulations!
    A well deserved win!

  15. Congratulations Teje! You deserve it!

  16. Congratulations, Teje, for a well deserved win! Kudos, also, to Juliana and Johanna for designed such wonderful paper pieced patterns – you can hardly tell they aren’t photos.

  17. Congratulations on winning the contest, that’s a beautiful quilt! Delighted to see how it turned out!

  18. Way to go Teje! It is a beautiful work of art. Congratulations

  19. Congratulations. This was well deserving of a first place win!!

  20. Congratulations Teje – – you did a fantastic job on the quilt and a 1st place prize is well deserved!! When I first saw your quilt I sent your blog post link to all my friends — I was so excited about it — it’s fantastic.

    About picking out fabric — I always peruse the pictures, find what appeals to me, note the designer and the manufacturer and then look at more fabric by that designer… I find that some days I’m drawn to traditional floral and reproduction fabric, and some days to more modern fabric. Best of luck to you — we’ll be excited to see what you choose !!

    About a hera marker – I think it’s awesome that you want to use one — if you’re not familiar with Joanne Threadhead you really should visit her blog — see her tutorials and quilts. She is the one who first introduced me to the Hera Marker — and they come in so hand for Free Motion Quilting.. Here is Joanne’s blog link: Joanne does all her quilting on her Domestic machine — and uses the hera marker for guide marks…

    Congratulations again Teje — how exciting !

    • Thank you so much Karen for your sweet and helpful words! I can’t remember well the fabric lines and designers because I can’t find any from here and also buying from US is very expensive because of the shipping cost. So when I order something, it’s totally ‘just because I like it’ (mostly the colours). Fortunately I have pinned some favourites and there is always Kaffe Fassett! His colours and designs inspire me (first when I was knitting long time ago and now quilting). I could make a ‘dream quilt’ with his fabrics – but we’ll see. Thank you for the link, I’m exited to see that.
      Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  21. Hurjasti onnet ja lämpimät halaukset! Olet palkintosi todella ansainnut! Hienolla työllä upea saavutus! Olisikohan pala Savitaipaleen metsistä siirtynyt työhösi?

    • Kiitos hurjasti! Mustikat ovat varmaan Savitaipaleelta! Ja hirvikin sopii sinne koska usein se on nayttaytynyt matkan varrella. Myos osa vareista muistuttaa ehdottomasti ehdottomasti Suomen metsia (jotenkin tuo tumma sini-vihrea tuo mieleeni kuusimetsan). Hyvaa viikonloppua! x Teje

  22. Congratulations! This is such a stunning quilt, Teje! I’m so glad you won 🙂 I recommend a hera marker, btw, so much easier than having to get rid of markings.

  23. This quilt is so beautiful. I love the mix of modernish fabric and traditional wildlife! And the quilting is perfect.

    It really did deserve to win. Congratulations!

  24. Congratulations! I feel as I have won! 😀 Your joy and happiness could be felt from your post.
    Congratulations with all my heart. You deserve it! Quilt is more than wonderful.

  25. Many, many congratulations from me. The prize is so well deserved. It is a fantastic quilt. Be sure to celebrate 🙂

  26. You should not be speechless Teje as this was an amazing quilt and you are a most worthy winner. Many congratulations to you. I am just delighted to see this, Jane x

  27. This quilt is such a well-deserved winner it is stunning and I have watched over the weeks as you put such hard work into it. Well done and I can’t wait to see what you do next! 🙂

    • Thank you Clare! I’m happy to know you followed this journey. Next project is totally opposite – not by the colours but the plan is very simple and easy. x Teje

  28. your quilt is a masterpiece, I really love it. congratulations

  29. Congratulations, that is so well deserved! Your quilt with all its creatures and little details is just amazing!

  30. Teje, I am thrilled for you! Your Forest quilt really is spectacular and so much work went into it. As for your shopping spree I think you should splurge on fabrics you love. Treat yourself and don’t worry about being too practical with how you spend the dollars. I don’t know anything about the hera marker so will have to check that out. All of the fabric stores you listed have so many yummy selections. Happy shopping!


    • Thank you so much Lisa! Your advice is sweet and vise! I think I follow that. With hera marker you can make lines etc. to the fabric but it doesn’t have any colour. It’s like a ‘knife’ that leaves the line when you drag it on the fabric. I have used a little bit ‘disappearing’ pen but it’s not very easy and always I’m worried if that purple surely disappears. So usually I just imagine the lines or put few pins to mark them. If I’ll choose some goodies for my second ‘dream quilt’, what batting I should use? x Teje

  31. Congrats! It is a beautiful quilt!

  32. Congratulations Teje! A thoroughly well deserved first prize!
    Alison x

  33. Hi Teje, your glorious work of art deserved to win 🙂 I think I would probably choose some brightly coloured batik fabrics or maybe some insulated batting. I’m sure you’ll make beautiful things with whatever prizes you choose. Avis x

  34. congratulations, a well deserved win!

  35. Hello dear Teje,

    Congratulations! So much! I saw this post yesterday via my phone but was such a rähmäkäpälä 🙂 that couldn’t leave a message then, but wow! All that hard work and wonderful designing and fabric choosing paid off – you’re the star! I am so so happy for you, and send you a big hug!

    Wonderful weekend with some fabulous fabric choosing, it really doesn’t get better than that!!

    Terkkuja aurinkoisesta koto-Suomesta!


    • Kiitos Mia ystava!!! I’m so happy for this and even I was hoping the best, I was so surprised! I really need also fabrics – so many colours are missing, but mostly I’m happy that I joined this fun and unique project! I learnt something I wasn’t sure I can and managed to make a quilt I enjoy every day on my wall!
      I’m so happy to hear that you have sunshine and wish you lovely weekend! Hugs! x Teje

  36. Bravo que vous avez gagner le quilt est magnifique bonne journee Marie-Claire

  37. Well deserved Teje. Congratulations.

  38. Congratulations Teje! It’s a fabulous quilt!!

  39. Wonderful layout! and I love the way you quilted it! Well deserved prize!

  40. Täällä blogimaailmassa kun kiertelee niin näkee upeita tilkkutöitä ja niiden taidokkaita tekijöitä. Silloin tällöin pitää oikein kunnolla pysähtyä katselemaan jotakin työtä ja tämä sinun voittoisa työsi on juuri sellainen! Kerrassaan mahtavaa! Itseäni siinä tietty puhuttelee osin “suomalaiset” aiheet (tuttuuden tunne) mutta eniten värien käyttö ja ajatus siitä että joku vaan oikeasti osaa tehdä tälläisiä. Onnea kisamenestyksestä.

    • Kiitos Eeva! Kiva kuulla etta sinakin aistit tassa jotain suomalaista. Kiitos kehuista ja etta kommentoit. Oikein paljon aurinkoisia terveisia koti Suomeen! x Teje

  41. The design of the blocks is amazing, but the way you interpreted them and put them together as a quilt is awesome.

  42. Congratulations! A well deserved win. I like to order co-ordinating pieces from lines of fabric-then it’s certain the colors will match which is hard to do online. Also, do you like to sew with Essex linen? I would add that to the list too-great for cosmetic bags or purses. How exciting to get to order for free!!

    • Thank you Jeanette for your sweet words and advice! That sounds good way to pick fabrics. I like also the charms and bundles because then you can get easily many prints and colours in the same line. I haven’t used the Essex linen, but that would be wonderful. x Teje

  43. Wow, that quilt is amazing!

  44. Oh Teje, I am so happy for you. Your quilt is just the best with all its wonderful creatures so beautifully assembled. First place is exactly where it should be, and we, your devoted readers, feel part of the whole thing. What a warrior–you never let those tiny little pieces defeat you and in the end you had a wonderful, wonderful quilt that is like no other. A big hug!

    • Thank you so much Sonja! Without my blog friends I wouldn’t have done this so I’m very happy to hear you feel part of this. I do like to work with small pieces and if there was time, I would start an other foundation piecing project. But now I need to do something easier for a while. Hugs! x Teje

  45. Congratulations on being the well deserved winner! It is a beautiful quilt and unique……well done!
    Helen x

  46. Your quilt is amazing! Each block is so stunning! I did only one block, but I know how much work is involved in just one block!! Your quilt is truly a work of art!!

    • Thank you Rachel! Foundation piecing is so much fun but takes very much time. There is now quilt along with ‘city’ theme, but I have to sew something else for a while. x Teje

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  48. Congratulations Teje, it’s beautiful!

  49. the more i visit the more i love your style Teje!!!

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