Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Little ‘FOXY’ in memories …


… everyone called her little Foxy … for us she was FOXY … big character in little body …

little Foxy

… last year this day she went over the rainbow …


… just few days before our wedding … I couldn’t cry and think through all her amazing life …

little dog

… we didn’t take her, she took us … tiny puppy came from the street to our restaurant and decided to stay … everyone said she won in lotto, but we did …

tiny puppy

… Foxy was eight years when she first time met Nero …


… she was always the boss, no one could take her food or bone …

little dog

… now I don’t have anyone to knit little jumpers …


… she was with us sixteen years … so much happend and there are so many special memories …


… I cry and don’t have the strength to remember …


… one day I tell you more about her …

Foxy on the beach

… every dog is special and so was she …

little dog

Thank you Foxy for the journey you made with us!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

38 thoughts on “Little ‘FOXY’ in memories …

  1. Dear Teje,
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of Foxy, what gorgeous little girl she was. Really feel for you as we had to have our little Jack Russell put to sleep 10 days ago. It’s such a very hard decision to make and our house feels very empty without her. How can such small dogs leave such a huge hole in our lives, hearts and homes?
    Sending love + a big hug from Warwickshire

    • Thank you Ellen and I’m sorry to hear about your dog. We were lucky because Foxy was all her life so healthy. Then her heart was just too weak … x Teje

  2. ps – meant to say when I am feeling more up to it, I will be sharing some of our favourite photo’s of our Judy on my Blog xx

  3. I know how you are feeling Teje. In a week it will be the first anniversary of the death of our foxy/sheltie cross. We had him for 12 years and though we have a new dog there is still a huge gap in our family. I know that I will be in tears next week. Here’s to the memories of our beloved dogs and our broken hearts. I am sending you a big hug. Cheers Linny

  4. So very sad to lose a dog but this is a beautiful post in memory of Little Foxy. She was so lucky to find you and spend so many years in such a lovely home x

  5. Oh bless her Teje..Those photos have brought tears to my eyes. What a lucky girl to have lived such a long happy life with you. She will be smiling down at you xx

    • Thank you Jane! We were all lucky to be together so long time. First years she didn’t want Nero’s company at all and she ignored Hanna but finally she realized how wonderful it is to be with Hanna and Nero and she followed them and run after them as fast as she good. Fortunately she lived long enough to have these two dog friends after being first 8 years the only dog. x Teje

  6. Such a moving post in memory of your sweet Foxy. She was so clever to choose you to come and live with and it was lovely to see the pictures of her through the years. It is always sad to remember our lost pets and their special little ways.
    Sending love and a big hug, Teje.
    Helen x

    • Thank you Helen! I’m so happy she came to us – in the street her life wouldn’t have been easy or long. She was the best dog, always happy, helthy and brave to go every where. Lovely memories … x Teje

  7. I love the picture of her and baby Nero. She looks very skeptical of this new addition.

  8. What a beautiful post about a special character. How lovely that you had her for so long. Pets really do touch our hearts and like people, are never forgotten. Sending hugs on this difficult day.
    Alison x

  9. Still miss you Foxy! Those are wonderful pictures and look at baby Nero.

  10. Looks like foxy was well loved. Sweet pictures

  11. Love your memories.

  12. Oh dear. My parents lost their dog on Friday – quite unexpectedly. she looked somewhat like Nero. Tuesday she wasn’t eating her biscuits and they thought she had toothache. Friday they took her to the vet and didn’t get to take her home as there were secondary cancers all over her lungs. A very quick end… It’s always hard losing a fur baby. I still miss my two even with two new little monsters.

    • Thank you Laura – I’m so sorry to hear about your parents dog. It’s terrible to loose a friend so suddenly. We miss Foxy but in that age you know that one day (perhaps soon) she unfortunately will leave. x Teje

  13. Dear Teje,

    What a lovely, sweet post of that cute girl! No wonder you all miss her, she was with you so long, and was a big part of your family. Take your time with the sorrow, and remember the lovely days you had together… And give Nero and Hanna big kisses from me!

    A big hug from Finland!


    • Thank you dear Mia! Even every pet is so special, when some one is with you 16 years, there are so many memories. Because Foxy was small, she was so much with us. In the reastaurant where she came, she became famous. Tourists came again next years and waited to meet Foxy. I’m so happy we had little Foxy so long time with us. x Teje

  14. Teje, what a special tribute to a wee little friend. Memories… Hugs, Karen

  15. She was sure beautiful. I’m glad you had such a good friend.

  16. It’s good to remember Foxy. I know she is a special dog for you always, Teje. I am thinking of you a lot. I still miss our Border collie, Jack.
    with a big hug, Anne

  17. Thank you for the beautiful stories and sorry to hear about your lovely dog. It looks like you have some wonderful memories.

  18. Wonderful memories Teje 🙂 Hugs across the water. Avis xx

  19. Domage c’est un beau chien Marie-Claire

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