Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Washing and new project …


Hi Friends! Laundry has been rolling down from the laundry room these last days … and then came some more washing …


It helpped a lot when knowing that I can share this fun & sun view with you!


These might be the last ones because it has been really hot and the leaves have mostly dried. Still hoping few more to have lots of sweet tomatoes for winter …


And there was also so much paprikas, that they went to the freezer, too …


Lots of aubergines are still outside … would you like some?!


This summer we had for the first time white aubergines and they were fantastic! The taste is almost the same but they became softer when cooked and also the skin is softer and thinner. In fact these are the colours I have had also on my sewing table …


Hmmm, can’t see anything? I hope not, because this is super secret. Sorry but also I have to wait to show it to you.


Flower colour in the evening sun. This time we seem to be more lucky with the Bougainvillea. Perhaps this traditional colour is stronger. Our first was adorable – it had white, soft pink and peach colours!

fabric squares

This is on my table today. New project started with cutting. I don’t have often photos like this because I plan and cut during the process. Often  I don’t know in the beginning what I shall make. This time I try to make something I have first planned … we’ll see how well I can stick to my plan.

garden hat

Back to work … the more I stay in my attic the quicker you’ll see something new!

PS. Just got great news from Cindy! ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ online fabric shop has a weekend sale – 20% wow wow!!! Look details in Cindy’s blog ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’!

I wish you wonderful weekend!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

15 thoughts on “Washing and new project …

  1. Love your posts and photos Teje!I’m curious to see your next work!

  2. All that fruit and vegetables are breathtaking. The colours are beautiful and to think of all the recipes you can make with them….
    I’ve never seen a white aubergine before and looking at the picture at first I thought it was some kind of pumpkin or calabash.
    I hope you have lots of time in your attic, because I can’t wait to see what your secret is!
    Happy weekend.

    • Thank you Dorien! Unfortunately I’m not good in the kitchen but fortunately fb is … and then I can sew more! Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

    • I just add a link to Cindy because she has a weekend sale in her fabric shop ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ in Ireland! x Teje

  3. Beautiful colors! Will watch for what comes of those lovely pieces! A wonderful weekend to you. Hugs….

  4. What an abundant harvest! That eggplant looks intriguing – I would want some if I lived nearby – they are my favorite vegetable. Look forward to your surprise!

  5. Loved seeing the veggies you harvested! The tomatoes look so delicious especially! Your new fabrics look pretty…..I look forward to seeing what you are making next. Have a wonderful weekend, Teje.
    Helen x

  6. Mouth watering pics T! Jxo

  7. Hello dear Teje,

    I for sure would love to have some of those beautiful tomatoes (and everything else), please! Such a sunny post, and full of beautiful colors… Thank you! It’s pretty and sunny here too, and I cant believe it’s September tomorrow! I wish you a wonderful weekend, dear friend!


  8. Your baskets remind me of a holiday in France many years ago. The colours at the markets were stunning. You have a bumper crop 🙂 I wonder what you are making….I know it will be beautiful. Have a wonderful week Teje! Avis x

  9. your produce looks so yummy!!! I can see how those colors influenced your sewing :). I love your stories and photos!

  10. Les légumes,les fruits,les fleurs et les tissue sont tres belles bonne soiree Marie-Claire

  11. My goodness! Such an amazing array of garden produce! Where do you find the time to cultivate such goodness and produce such amazing quilting too! 🙂 Ros

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