Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello Dear Friends! I am happy to show you finally my version of the ‘Forest QAL’ – quilt that somehow chose it’s own way and became ‘Fantasy Forest’ …

'Fantasy Forest' by Teje Karjalainen

‘Fantasy Forest’ by Teje Karjalainen

First I want to thank Julianna from ‘Jednoglec’ and Joanna from ‘Shape Moth’ ! Thank you so much for hosting this Quilt along and sharing these fantastic patterns!

Forest QAL

This story began in March when Forest QAL started with the first block of Woodpecker. If that hadn’t been the first block, I don’t think I had ever made this quilt. I liked that block so much that I had to try if I can make it. This was my first ever foundation piecing block and it became almost the last, too. It took all my patient and several days, but there it was the ‘thank’ at the end. I learned and got hooked!


I had been thinking that it’s waste of time to play with paper and tiny pieces and can’t create much when doing blocks which should be so exact. How wrong I was … as soon I finished the Woodpecker I was already making the Maple Fox

Maple Fox

It was difficult and a challenging to choose fabrics and colours. For the Roaring Deer I was trying to find ‘normal’ browns but I just don’t have any. Then I picked browns I had and wasn’t sure if I ever use this block. But with your engouraging comments, I realized that my sircus deer was fine and I should follow my instinct and not try to make these animals ‘real’.

Roaring Deer

Then I started to wonder, how on earth these patterns can be made? Could I add my own block with something from Finnish forest? I started to draw blueberries, draw lines lines lines … and finally had some blueberries …


One night I lost my sleep. Just when I was falling asleep, I saw a picture in my mind – a spider web in forest – sunlight behind – some water drops … my spider wasn’t very talented knitter, but if you look outside, all the webs are different …

hand quilting

I spend days planning what how to organize my blocks and what else I could add between of them. I didn’t want them in straight order and I wanted to add something else with small, colourful pieces. I tried many shapes but finally triangles looked best and so there came some paths through the forest.

Woodpecker and Eurasian Jay

I made two separate feathers to mix the order. This time I didn’t spread all the colours all over but arranged them a little bit by the colours of the blocks.

Eurasian Jay and Maple Fox

First all the blocks had same size but some of them I changed during the work. There were some difficult places because I wanted to avoid the ‘square block’ (y-seams are easy piecy!).

Roaring Deer and Pine Marten

The green fern is so fun! I was hoping to have time to make several but because there are now the paths, I think one fern is fine.

Roaring Deer and Feather

For the borders I had also many possibilities. One Marimekko’s fabric with stripes in forest colours was very strong but it just didn’t feel good even the colours were perfect. I had a vision in my mind that I want to make the binding with the same fabric as the base of the quilt. As I was trying many fabrics I realized that as ‘me’ I have to use most of them. Then it was easy (?) just spending hours to find right colours and right order.

Fantasy Forest quilt


Name: ‘Fantasy Forest’ part of the Forest Quilt Along

Size: 42″ x 36″

Technique: blocks are foundation pieced, quilted by hand, binding sewn by machine


* Main post with all the blocks

* Flickr group

* Linky party

PS. You can click on the photos to see them bigger.

Nero and Fantasy Forest

I leave you with this photo of my dear Nero who didn’t like to stay much longer in the hot sun. This was the most exiting quilt project that I have done! I think these photos are enough for one post but I’m quite sure that you will see more about this quilt. It’s now on the wall and I enjoy watching it!

Thank you so much for your support and engouraging comments during this project! You have helped so much and without my blog and my dear readers there wouldn’t be this quilt.

I’m linking at ‘Forest QAL’, ‘Paper Piecing Party’, ‘Anything goes Mondays’, ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’, ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Show and tell Tuesday’, ‘Made by me Wednesday’, ‘Thursday Threads’, ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’, ‘Really Random Thursday’, ‘Brit Sewing Thursday Linky’



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

131 thoughts on “‘FANTASY FOREST’ QUILT

  1. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! I love everything you did.

  2. yay for you!!! Congratulations for the win on your beautiful quilt! Well done!!

  3. An incredible quilt!! What a beautiful job!!

  4. Your quilt and piece-by-piece story are both absolutely wonderful! Handsome doggy, too.

  5. I love everything about this quilt!!

  6. A truely stunning outcome. Congratulations.

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