Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Vof vof vof! My blog is 3 years!!! My writer didn’t choose very well the date, when we started our blog because these couple of weeks are the busiest here. And she thought that we ‘forget’ the anniversary and celebrate later … later? you can’t celebrate later … I want the party today!

Nero's Post and Patch

These 3 years has been amazing! I can’t believe that it’s already three years and I can’t believe it’s only three years, because so so much has happened! I could tell you so many stories, memories etc. etc.

playing dogs

Just thought to show you how busy I have been.

But I know you hope to hear something else … is there any birthday present? I really didn’t have time to prepare this party, so I just picked quickly something from Teje’s shop. I saw that Mia had made beautiful notebooks and said that she likes to start new notebook in autumn to write down new ideas and works. So I thought because I love notebooks, perhaps you could use one, too.

patchwork notebook

If you think you have something to write in this notebook, leave me a comment and it may fly to you. Pleeeease tell me what secrets you like to write in it! I won’t tell anybody – paws crossed!

dog's laugh

I leave this give away open long enough to get some help for announcing the winner. I pick the winner but unfortunately can’t read the name. Hanna is going to be again the secretary and inspector to see that everything happens in good order.

Leave your comment till 25.8.2013 and soon after that I pick the winner. Take care that I can contact you if you win. If you are not sure, just add your e-mail in your comment. You can write it like this: nerospost(at)gmail(dot)com, to avoid unwanted emails.

quilt label

I do my best to hold the needle in my paw because I have to finish this tonight. Only this is missing and then I can show it to you!

I’m happy that finally this quilt is on the wall and we can move on. This was fantastic journey to the forest but it’s time to start something new.


Write me comments to win the notebook … if you like to tell to your friends that I’m celebrating, you can mention this give away in your blog and then I put your name twice in the basket. Just write second comment telling me about this.

Thanks for your visit! Have a great time and hope to see you soon!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!


  1. Three years, WOW! Well, I know exactly what I would do with such a beautiful notebook. I’d finally make myself write quilting notes and ideas in it instead of using scraps of paper which I always lose. Thank you for having a fun giveaway 🙂 Avis x

    • Hi Avis! That’s a great idea! I write my ideas in a big book but still there are also lots of scrap papers around. Have to organize myself better this autumn. Hugs and good luck! Teje and Nero

  2. Hi dear Teje……these have been such fun years, how quickly 3 years have flown by. Your posts are always so cheerful and I love seeing your beautiful crafting projects and your dear pets. Your giveaway is lovely, I would love to add another covered notebook to the gorgeous one I have of yours ;0) Take care and here’s to another 3 years of blogging friendship, Jane x

    • Thank you Jane! I was thinking that there has been an other notebook give away. I think that was the first give away I had and Nero was so amazing wearing the scarf and picking the winner. Good luck! x Teje & Nero

  3. My kitty Elly says MEOWWWWWWWWW and she has all kinds of things to right about on what goes on here!

  4. Congrats on thr three years of blogging! Lovely notebook! If I happened to win- fingers crossed!!!- I would use it for planning quilt blocks and quilts. And maybe also for writing down fabric I’d like to buy. But don’t tell, I’ve already go too much!!!

  5. congratulations! lovely blog, works and dogs! hugs Alessandra

  6. Boy! Three years of doing a splendid job of blogging and making new friends of all kinds. That is a nifty notebook, and I could sure use one to write down all the things my mom needs to do like some new treats and a quilt just for me. I can’t wait to see your finished forest quilt. I’m with you, the party needs to be now, not later. Good wishes to everyone for many more years of blogging and making new friends. x Lady Caroline

  7. Congrants on three years teje. I think I would use that lovely book it to keep track of recipes I have tried from all the various places – magazines, books, blogs, Internet. I remember I have seen a good recipe, but who knows where!

    • Thanks Dianne! That’s a great idea – I love to write down recipes and still I loose them and use always few same recipes. Good luck! x Teje

  8. Congrats to you all on three years of blogging! The notebook is beautiful 🙂

  9. 3 anos!! Lindo Blog. Parabéns, muitos anos de vida, felicidades!
    Sobre o sorteio, acredito que será muito divertido, além do que um caderno com capa tão linda sempre é bem vinda….

    abraços de MF

    3 years! Beautiful Blog. Congratulations, many years of life, cheers!
    On the draw, I believe it will be a lot of fun, in addition to a notebook with a cover as beautiful is always welcome ….

    hugs MF

  10. Three years seems like a short time but sometimes seems like a long time, Congratulations. I will be reading for another three years and will have a written log of it, that is what I will put in the note book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Congratulations on the important ‘mark’ reached!! You DO realize that it would be 21 in puppy years!!!!! LOL! Either way, I would use it to sketch all the quilting ideas that constantly float in my head! Exciting!! Hugs to you all……..

  12. Today, I was thinking of new resolutions to work on. The notebook would help me to organize ideas like making funny birthday cards using my own photos or learning a dozen songs that I could be ready to sing as a public service to people listening to drunk people sing Karaoke.

  13. Happy happy day! I think I would like to write about each finished quilt I make with pictures : )

    • Thank you Carla! Your idea is great! Would be so nice to have a book about quilts we have made – soon you would need second notebook because you make so much beautiful quilts! Good luck! x Teje

  14. Hello lovely furry-friends and the sweetest Teje,

    Congratulations for your 3-year-journey, and here’s to many more to come! And as you said, it’s both already/only three years, both “how the years went this quickly” and “so so so many happy memories” – moment! It’s a great achievement anyway, and I’ve been enjoying these posts a lot, and please keep blogging! You blog makes me smile and sends me sunshine during those NOT SO SUNNY months ahead *oh no*. I LOVE your notebook, I have admired it it early already, and that typewriter-fabric is just perfect for it. So I really wish I’ll win :)! I made a little button into my blog which takes clickers back to this giveaway post too, so let’s hope you’ll have a big hat full of names when you pick me *ahem* the winner 🙂

    Lovely weekend, dear friends!


    • Thank you Mia! I’m so happy to hear that some of our sunshine comes to you! Thanks also for sharing my give away! I think I shall take Hanna’s big sun hat and you’ll get two papers in it. Hugs and good luck! x Nero

    • Thank you Mia for the lovely button you made! x Teje

  15. good luck to everyone! i have a lovely linen and crochet bag that i won from Teje (and Nero and Hannah of course) i use it for my travel projects and everywhere i go people compliment me on it, and ask if i made it (its very tempting to say yes, but i tell them a friend made it!)

  16. Wow Teje, three years…. that’s brilliant. What a beautiful notebook. I would keep it by my bed and write in it at least one good thing to remember that had happened that day.

  17. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve only found your blog recently but I love it already!
    If I was lucky enough to win the notebook, I’d use it as a craft inspiration notebook where I could write down my ideas, and stick my colour inspiration.

  18. Congratulations Teje!!
    I love notebooks to record flowers and birds – I also take one on holiday each year (I’m off to Cornwall next month so this would be perfect!!)

  19. Congratulations. I have followed you nearly that long. I have loved looking at all your wonderful creations. I would love to go in the draw for the notebook. I would keep it close so I could jot down ideas for making things.

  20. Onnea 3-vuotiaalle blogillesi! Yhdellä arvalla mukana arvonnassa aivan ihanaa palkintoa tavoittelemassa 🙂 Muistikirja tulisi tarpeeseen, sillä olen aloittamassa opintoja, joihin kuuluu päiväkirjan pito.

  21. Onneksi Olkoon!! Hooray, Teje and congratulations for 3 years of blogging. I am reading many times and I am always happy to see your projects and dogs!! Please put my name in the hat for your notebook. If I was the lucky person, I would use it to write down some birthday reminders and make some nature notes.
    Sending a hug from America,

  22. Hello there dear Teje and Nero! Three years have flown by and been full of ‘friendship’ and lovely things! Looking forward to lots more year of Cretan sunshine. Ros and Oscar

  23. Cara senhora,
    acabei de postar uma matéria sobre o seu sorteio em
    desta forma estou participando pela segunda vez no seu sorteio.
    um grande abraço de Maria Filomena

    Dear lady,
    just post an article about your raffle in
    therefore I am participating for the second time in his draw.
    a big hug from Maria Filomena

  24. J’ai trouve votre blog par Filomena(filomenacrochet) il est magnifique ,je vous felicite pour les 3 ans de votre blog Marie-Claire

  25. Happy blogiversary …if I am the lucky winner I would use it to keep track of my growing to-do lists

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