Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Vof vof Friends! It’s Show time!!!! ‘Bestest Show on Earth!

This fantastic show takes place at ‘Lily Pad Quilting’ and it’s all about PETS ON QUILTS!!! And here we are having fun on our quilts … welcome every one to join us under the palm tree!

Pets on Quilts Show 2013

It’s a hot day, but we thought why not have our quilts in the shadow under the palm tree. If you visit us first time, I’ll tell you that we live in Greece in Crete and summer is hot here. Our sewist is from Finland but she has lived here long time and hb is from here. Summer is also very busy time, so I didn’t write so much lately but soon it’s autumn, my favourite season and then I shall write you often … I have always so much to tell and show!

'this dark blue star is my favourite'

‘this dark blue star is my favourite’

We got these quilts in spring – because we can sleep on them, they are ours, right?

'i'm the Star and Hanna is the Swirl'

‘i’m the Star and Hanna is the Swirl’

You see, quilts like owners – my quilt has big stars because I’m a star and Hanna’s quilt has swirls as she is a little bit swirl herself.

'we are best friends'

‘we are best friends’

Star idea came from Kaffe Fassett’s quilt. That man is a big inspiration here! Then Swirls came to be something different but similar. Hb gave his shirts (don’t worry he has still many) and so we got our wonderful and practical quilts.

These quilts were supposed to be one big quilt but because of some space issues in the sewing attic and the fact that we need to wash these often, we made a quilt couple.

'i think ant walked over my leg'

‘i think ant walked over my leg’

Hey Hanna, didn’t we come for a pic nic?

'oh no, i forgot the pic nic basket!'

‘oh no, i forgot the pic nic basket!’

Any chance to get cool drinks here? Bring some goodies, too … please!

'don't search those stitches now, they are just fine'

‘don’t search those stitches now, they are just fine’

I prefer to lie in the shadow but Hanna likes sun. Often I have tell her to come inside, because she’s just sleeping in sun and doesn’t realize that’s grazy when it’s so hot.

'best way to spend sunny day'

‘best way to spend sunny day’

And it’s even better if you have great quilts to lie on! Here are the main posts for these quilts: ‘Stars and Shirts’ and ‘Swirls and Shirts’. Hanna was helping our ‘photographer’ and did great job! They even found wild orchids!

'Under the palm tree'

‘Under the palm tree’

'Is there a pork chop on the grill?'

‘Is there a pork chop on the grill?’

'notice my summer shorts!'

‘notice my summer shorts!’

Sorry, I have to check this … Hanna please you say good by to our friends … see you soon! First time in my life I wear summer fur. Someone thought I should have less hairs not to feel so hot as I’m not a young boy anymore. You know to to feel the cool floor on my tummy. Now I feel young boy again with these funny short pants!

Oh, those boys! Always busy and restless!



Thank you thank you thank you friends for joining us today! It was really nice you came to see us and our quilts … under the palm tree!

'is someone walking on my street!'

‘is someone walking on my street?’

Now we shall go inside … pork chop is waiting (or dry doggy food) and then it’s time to rest till the evening because now it’s too hot to have a ball game.

But for you I have something to do! Go to meet other pets and see what kind of quilts they have! There is also a linky party where you can enter your own quilt. It can be you on your quilt. Or perhaps there is a quilt with pet pictures somewhere around your house – you can enter that, too!  At the same time you have a chance to win amazing prizes! There is about million way to win! Have fun and don’t forget the voting which is 18.8. – 24.8.2013. No worries, I shall remind you when it’s that day … if I remember … perhaps I need to tell Hanna to remind me to remind you …

Hugs and Kisses!!!!


pets on quilts


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

69 thoughts on “PETS ON QUILTS 2013

  1. Nero and Hanna are sure having a good time chilling on their quilts in the shade next to the pool. The quilts are lovely!

    • Thanks Susanne! We had great time with our quilts – there was someone else who also would have happily had a nap on our quilts on soft grass! x Nero

  2. Wonderful models! Your quilts are spectacular

  3. Such a fun post Teje. Your puppies look very happy on their quilts

    • Thank you Carla! They do look like they are laughing – who knows what they think but I think they enjoy playing with me and quilts! x Teje

  4. How comfy those quilts look for you both Nero and Hanna, what lucky dogs you are to have such a talented owner. I can feel the heat from here and I am glad you have shade to sit in. Keep cool and those shorts suit you Nero ;0)
    Jane x

    • Thanks Jane! We both have summer shorts and we look funny! It is hot as you feel but fortunately nights start to be cooler and sometimes we wake at night and just sit for a while outside enjoying the cool fresh air. Hugs to you and kisses to Bear! x Nero

  5. What a couple of cuties! Their quilts are lovely!

  6. Wuff wuff… It looks mighty comfortable there under the tree.

  7. Lovely blog, Nero. Gorgeous quilts and you and Hanna are such beautiful dogs. Good idea about the summer shorts.

  8. wonderful post, love the furbabies…

  9. You guys are just the best models! And what beautiful quilts each of you have. I think the smaller size works best too although my mom has not given me a real quilt of my own–I just have a pretty fleece one she made for me and I like it, but she needs to make me a real one. Hugs from Lady Caroline and Sonja

    • Vof Lady Caroline and Sonja! I’m so happy you came for a visit to my garden! You should ask your mom to make a quilt because it’s so comfy on a soft grass! I think I’ll do this again tomorrow. Guess what we are doing now? Quilting outside – it’s dark and we have a small lamp on the table and we enjoy the cool night. It’s the Forest quilt if you wondered. Hugs from Nero, Hanna and Teje

  10. Hello!!! Although there is supposed to be such hot weather here, we are having beautifully temperate/moderate temperatures. I am not complaining, just explaining. It has been a summer of “oddness”/not, what would be termed ‘normal’. It has allowed me to do more sewing and quilting than I remember ever doing in the warmer days. The upstairs of this Midwest farmhouse gets very very warm and that’s where I have the sewing space but now it’s so comfortable…..Hannah and Nero appear so cool in that shade and on those cool blue quilts! Absolutely lovely post! Hugs…….

    • Hi Doreen, sorry didn’t reply to you! Thank you for your always sweet comments! it’s so hot here and I wait the autumn to get cool and sew! x Teje

      • The heat is ON here!! Low 90’s F and high humidity. I am so thankful for A/C in my sewing area! Doing huge bridal/bridesmaid gowns is so much easier with A/C (I didn’t have it when I had my sewing business at home and it was really difficult to keep the dresses from wrinkling! Am done with them and will be starting the quilting on a customer quilt. I hope you get your needed weather break…..hugs……

  11. Hello Nero&Hanna,

    You look so fantastic with those quilts, they’re so you! Lovely pictures, you are very photogenic, both! And please tell Teje that she makes the most wonderful quilts! Just perfect!

    Happy week, sunny and funny!


    • Thanks Mia! We love our quilts and I can also fix them on the bed – I like the fluffy style – it looks messy but is softer! Happy and berryful week to you! x Nero

  12. Wonderful post! The quilts are lovely and those dogs are great bloggers!

  13. What a beautiful pair of dogs. Your quilts are pretty cool too.

  14. Beautiful dogs and lovely quilt…

  15. lovely to see them enjoying their quilts xx

  16. Hanna and Nero, you are still as beautiful as ever and your quilts are wonderful! Brady likes to lie in the sun also then come inside and lay on the cool tiles, I think it’s too hot. Thanks for all of the beautiful pictures.

  17. What beautiful doggies! They look pretty comfortable on their quilt.

  18. beautiful dogs!

  19. Nero and Hanna seem quite content on those wonderful quilts! I like the idea of quilts made with the same fabric!

  20. Your dogs are so cute! Love your plaid quilt.

  21. Nero and Hannah you are lovely. Thank you for showing us your quilts and your beautiful home. Susie x

  22. They are such cute furballs!

  23. Thanks for sharing photos of Nero and Hannah. Looks like they’re having a great time.

  24. Helloooo ~ Let me introduce myself, I am Sweet William The Scot, and I am taking the tour of the quilts. I am more of a dog blogger, but I have made three quilts in my lifetime.
    Hanna and Nero are beautiful dogs and look comfy on the blue quilt. I live in Ohio in the States.
    Sweet William The Scot

  25. They look so relaxed and happy! Hope they got pork chops!

  26. Beautiful dogs, they look content to pose on quilts together – awesome!!

  27. Beautiful dogs. I love that photo of Hannah lying on her back (not specifically in the post, its in your banner under the blog title). Thanks for referring this link up to me.

    • Thank you Todd! Hanna is shy with camera and I have to speak to her so she relaxes and starts to laugh. Then she has so much fun! Nero enjoys modelling. x Teje

  28. Summer is flying by and I haven’t been around much. I did want to tell you I just voted for you!

    • Vof Sage, your the best friend! Thanks! I have been also busy and couldn’t visit you often; I’m so waiting autumn and meet more my friends. Hugs! x Nero

  29. Very nice dogs and quilts.

  30. What beautiful quilt models doing a great job for you, Teje! Your Nero and Hanna are so pretty! Love their star and swirl quilts….thank you for joining our party!

  31. They are both so adorable and so much help! I love your quilts too.
    Good luck in the contest.
    I am kitty #84
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  32. They surely look comfortable on the quilt!

  33. Lovely doggies and a perfect quilt as the colors are so relaxing. Thanks for sharing a fun story!

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