Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Favourite Fabrics with links



fabric cards

When having only few short moments in my sewing attic, I have continued my scrap game. There isn’t such a thing like too small patch!

fabric birds on card

… and not much sun in my photos because I have been hiding inside most of the day. Just too hot for me. After my usual mornig  …

morning coffee

… I managed to do some ironing outside. Then I had a wonderful chat with my Finnish friend. We had also lovely swim in the pool and lunch on the patio. But after that siesta was necessary. These days also Nero and Hanna are having very long siesta sleep every day.  In the afternoon every one likes to lie so that they can see who goes for a walk on the road.

dogs and cat

Today I want to show your some super cute fabrics! Unfortunately they are not on my table. I receive newsletters from ‘Hawthorne Threads’ and every time there are at least 2 or 3 fabrics (often more) that I would love to get. This is not sponsored post – they just have so fantastic fabrics that I want to tell you!  Here we go, my first and best favourite from the last newsletter! Click the names under the photos to see more about every fabric line!

The Sweet Life by Cori Dantini

For me this fabric line ‘The Sweet Life’ is unbelievable beautiful! I love the colours and drawings! The second favourite is also Nero’s and Hanna’s favourite!

dog fabric

‘Doglandia’  the best ever fabric with perfect name! As I love painting and drawing, dogs, funny fabrics and blue – these fabrics are just super cute! I think these fabrics are fantastic for any use – quilts, pillows, bags and even clothing. I could happily wear a skirt with paw prints, doggy houses or dog potrets! And more is coming …

Wash Day by Henley Studio

If you read my blog often, you can guess that I love ‘Wash Day’ with these funny and happy prints and also the clours are most beautiful! Did you notice those washing marks? And some more …

Just My Type

Don’t you love letters and everything related with type writers?! ‘Just My Type’ is has the coolest prints and colours!

I really recommend you to have a good look on ‘Hawthorne Threads’ site! Subscribe to their newsletters to enter their fantastic give aways! But I should warn you that it may be dangerous because there are just so many temptations!

‘Field Day’ is a beautiful line by Josephine Kimberling!

Field Day by Josephine Kimberling

If you are still hungry for fabric, jump to ‘Spoonflower’! The following link leads you to an adorable dog fabric by Cynthia Frenette ‘dog eat dog’! It’s really cute, beautiful and small print so it’s very easy to use for many projects!

If you like to see some of my fabric favourites, have a look on my Fabric board on Pinterest. I’ll add there often new favourites.

I was lucky to receive a fabric present yesterday and there is a small bundle of fabrics flying this direction …  … but that’s an other story!

paper pieced quilt top

This beast is almost beaten! I have made the quilting – I think – didn’t look well outside yet and I do hope it looks good. I would like to add there more … something … someone … not quite sure. But I have made also the binding so even I don’t add anything, I can enter my quilt to the ‘Forest QAL’ linky party.

I’m linking at ‘Fabric Tuesday’ and ‘Linky Tuesday’.

pink roses

Thank you dear friends and readers for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the summer! Thank you also for your sweet comments! It’s always joy, pleasure and fun to read them! If you haven’t left any message yet, please do, because then I can visit you and see what you are making! I love to keep in touch with my readers and other bloggers!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

23 thoughts on “Favourite Fabrics with links

  1. Teje, your little note cards are very sweet. I love all the fabrics especially The Sweet Life ; )

  2. Your little cars would brighten anyone’s day!! And you are so right…..Hawthorne Threads is really great and excellent to deal with. I have purchased from them and they are very fair and extremely prompt! Their newsletters are very tempting but they do keep me up on what is current/coming up in the fabric world. Your space on the terrace looks so appealing and cool. I do hope you have cooler days coming your way soon! My weekend is coming to a close with a bridesmaid fitting in a half hour. This is a very busy wedding season this year. Hugs to you all……….

  3. I’ve been eyeing Sweet Life and Doglandia too but I am on a fabric diet – and just bought a Sweet 16 machine!!! 🙂 Are you getting any of those? Scarlett says you should definitely get Doglandia for a Nero scarf!

    • Thank you Laura! Scarlet is right, Nero and Hanna should get new outfits. Unfortunately the shipping from US is very expencive – or fortunately (?) – other wise I would buy too much. Enjoy your new machine! x Teje

  4. They are the most gorgeous fabrics Teje, it is a shame that the postage is so expensive isn’t it….just imagine if they opened a little shop on Crete ;0) It does look so hot over with you at the moment, I loved the photo of Nero, Hanna and Nellie lying together in the shade. The beast quilt is looking amazing. Keep cool Jane x

    • Thank you Jane! That would be a dream come true, if one real quilt shop would open here!
      It’s so hot now, I just wait autumn. Yesterday eveining those ‘street stones’ front of the house were so hot that I just couldn’t brush Nero there. When it’s not necessary to be outside, we stay inside.
      I hope your summer continues warm! x Teje

  5. Your scrap cards are lovely, Teje, and I like your fabric choices. I especially love Cori Dantini’s prints 🙂

  6. Hi Teje! I popped right over to Hawthorne Threads and wow! Scads of wonderful “stuffs”. i too am on a fabric diet, but I ordered just a wee bit of dessert, it was just too lovely to pass up. Thanks for helping me spend my money. : ) Can’t wait to see your quilt. Beautiful rose and of course the doggies and
    Nellie are always such fun to see. Sonja

    • Thank you Sonja! I’m so happy if you find something to shop! I have more ideas for this quilt but I’m not sure if I have time to make them real. Hopefully it’s almost ready. Have a lovely week! x Teje

  7. Kiitos kangasvinkistä! Ihania kankaita, niin ihania, etten uskaltanut vielä mennä linkistäsi lähemmin katselemaan.

    • Kiitos! Sepa se, tosi ihania! Ja tanaan tuli taas newsletter missa oli taas uusia houkutuksia – mm. ihana maalauksellinen sarja! x Teje

  8. Oh WOW! I never knew there were such amazing fabric sites out there!!!! I just LOVE ‘Doglandia’. It’s a good job that I don’t sew as well as knit;my fabric stash might well match my yarn one!!! Love the little scarp cards – so clever! Love to your ‘fur-family’ Ros and Oscar

  9. Such lovely fabrics. I am going to festival of quilts in Birmingham on Thursday and Friday, i will lookout for them!!!

  10. Your cards are adoreable! What a great way to be creative when it’s too hot to quilt and making good use of scraps at the same time!

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