Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Scrap cards and old t-shirts!


Hi friends! Sun is shining as usually and it’s very hot. ‘Hiding’ time has began and I try to stay most of the day inside. But what to do?

umbrella card

You know how lucky we are to be able to do something we really enjoy! Sun is not always shining and even most of us have decided that in our blogs we have only fun, behind the curtains it’s not always so easy. Then the best we can do is to make something happy …

card with bunting

If your garden is not full of sweet flowers, make a little bucket with something else! Bunting in orange can make you smile! When it’s too hot to quilt (is that possible?) fill a lovely bowl with ice cream and you feel better (next thing I do after posting this)! Or why not make ice cream with fabric!

ice cream card

I have played a lot with papers and scraps these last days and there is a nice bundle in my box. But don’t think that these are quick to make. Oh now – if you don’t try, you can’t imagine how difficult it’s is to choose and decide what colour ice cream to make!

If you like to spend your time with something else, why not start to cut your old t-shirts?!

make t-shirt yarn

This time my t-shirt rug is going to be stripy!

crochet t-shirt rug

You may prefer squares. I made my first t-shirt rug with squares in different colours. In the same post there is a small quilt I made with letters. That was in the very begginning of my blog. Click HERE to see more about the t-shirt carpet project. I found then the square from Alice. Unfortunately Alice is not blogging anymore, but her fantastic blog is there and it’s full of crochet-yarn-wool inspiration and tutorial!

Soon my blog has 3 years birthday! Jane’s wonderful blog ‘Jane’s Journal’ is now 3 years and she has a lovely give away – adorable jewellery made by her!

crochet t-shirt yarn

My ‘t-shirt rug’ project is now waiting for a while because I want to finish the ‘Forest QAL’ quilt. Fortunately the main quilting is almost done. More about the cards hopefully soon.

Dear Pam from ‘Threading My Way’ has featured my tutorial page! Thank you Pam! What ever you like to make and find ideas or tutorials, you can find it from Pam’s great linky collections!

Summer Sale continues in my etsy shop TEJESARITA! With the code SUMMERSALE2013 you get – 20 % from your purchase! I want to send big thanks and warm hugs to ‘you know who’ for buying from my shop!

I’m so happy you stopped by and hope to see you soon again!


PS. It’s not only the hot … but also the noise that these little fellows make …



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

18 thoughts on “Scrap cards and old t-shirts!

  1. What a lovely rug your making and I really like the idea of using the tshirt strips to crochet squares with too. theyd make a nice border round the stripey rugs edging too maybe

  2. Greetings! Your little cards are so cute! Love the ice cream cones : )

  3. I like the idea of recycling t-shirts Teje. I think I might replace my old bath mat with one. Would look good in the bathroom.

  4. So creative, Terje….. The cards are so sweet. What do you do sew on one and then glue another card to the back so you can write on them. Or do you just frame them as is? The rug is a great idea too…. I really, really need to learn crochet some day!

    • Thank you Cille, I have missed you! I didn’t realize that it doesn’t show in the photos that the cards are folded. I shall show more and better soon. I have glued the patches on the card and then sew. The sewing shows on the backside but the ‘next’ page is clean to to write.
      Do start to crochet! It’s easy and fun and useful!
      Stripes are most easy just take care at the end that your rows doesn’t get shorter. x Teje

  5. Your cards are lovely and I really like your T shirt rug making idea. I must go and search my house for old shirts!

  6. Hi dear Teje, I hope you are keeping cool in your hot summer sunshine.? You are forever creating so many amazing projects, those scrap cards are such fun as is your rug. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway…you now have 3 entries into the hat! I so enjoy visiting your blog. Have a great week love Jane x

    • Thank you Jane! Difficult to keep cool – mostly inside with the fawn or air condition – making cards …
      I hope I’m lucky with your lovely give away! Have a great week! x Teje

  7. Lovely stuff as usual! The postcards look great, but I really love the tshirt crochet!

  8. Hi Teje, great cards and the tee shirt project is really cool I am going to start one as soon as I can find enough shirts to start. Have a great day and “Keep on Sewing”.

  9. Pretty cards and rugs. I love handmade cards. I haven’t written many comments but I have enjoyed reading your blog in June and July.

    Many greetings from America,

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