Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

BUSY BEE, ANT AND ME, ‘Summer’ wall quilt tutorial!


Hi! Bee is busy as me and some other creatures …


Where ever there is a flower, there is someone else. I try to take better photos and even my camera is just simple and normal, I can get nice shots if I just use time to try, wait, find a right place, light etc.


I never use photo-shop (I don’t even have it) or anything else to fix my photos. But I take loooooots of photos and from them I find few which I really like. These ‘things’ are only some centimetres high and the purple under them is from the flowers where the bees are …


Week ago when the weather was changing many times, there were lots moving going on. I started to admire these tiny workers …


They are so stubborn … if they have decided to use one way, you just can’t change their mind or way …. unfortunately they wanted to pass front of my ‘quilting sofa’ …


Now they have finished what ever they were doing and I have again piece in my patio. But they are quite amazing if you look more what they are doing. They were carrying/pushing/pulling dry olives! Often they felled around because of the heavy olive but they didn’t give up and  managed to move lots of dry olives and olive stones at least over 8 metres – I’m not sure where they ended up with them.

ants in work

They have lots of ‘homes’ around in the garden but they are under the ground so I don’t know how I could get them move more far. Now when it’s hot, they seem to stay at home day time and sometimes at night I see they all go for a walk.


The beginning of my work felt almost like carrying an olive of my size …

foundation piecing

I have been busy but yesterday I had a holiday. I was swimming, reading and started to make this jay bird. I think this is the last animal for my quilt and I hope to finish it today. It’s very hot in my sewing attic  and I’m worried how I can sew anything there during the following summer weeks. Today I hope to finish this block and move on to something more creative –  to make a quilt with these blocks.

foundation paper piecing

Because of the hot, I had curtains closed, air condition was working and only one light on. Would be lovely to sew outside, but wind would blow my fabrics away.

bayleaves and onions

I picked flowers just for you! Onions and bayleaves … I think I shall grow more onions just to pick these flowers.

I just found out that ‘Quilt Inspiration’ is featuring my ‘Summer’ wall hanging quilt with tutorial! Wow, I’m very happy for for that! There is lots of amazing sunny quilts with free tutorials and patterns as the theme is SUN AND SOLSTICE. Have a look for sunny inspiration!

'Summer' wall hanging

I hope you are fine and have a great weekend! If you are from Finland or other country who celebrates the longest days of the summer as  ‘Juhannus’, I wish you happy Juhannus!!! Thank you for reading and leaving so sweet comments!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

26 thoughts on “BUSY BEE, ANT AND ME, ‘Summer’ wall quilt tutorial!

  1. Ants are amazing little creatures! We learn lots from them. They never give up ; )

  2. Beautiful flower pictures, and the ants are fascinating to watch. I hope you finish your quilt soon and can do some cooler crafting while it’s so hot in your sewing room. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Teje.
    Helen x

    • Thank you dear Helen! I hope so too. It’s fun how always when thinking of you, I also think and want to sew something sweet, cute and beautiful as you do. Unfortunately still didn’t manage. Perhaps I have to start by hand … Happy weekend my friend! x Teje

  3. Happy Juhannus! Slstice! Midsummer! To you all 🙂 I enjoyed seeing your photos of those small creatures and your block is nice – it looks very complicated 🙂

  4. Yes, it is the Solstice! Already!! It seems like we had just experienced that last snowfall, but that’s not possible since the temps have been soaring high! I have had the fan going in my second floor sewing room but it isn’t quite enough for the high heat (80+F) with equally high humidity. No comment. I believe I had better not say anything after the cold of last winter!! Have a great weekend…..blessings, D (your paper-piecing is looking awesome as always)

    • Thank you Doreen! You reminded me that I need to go to find that fan from the store. I hope it helps and doesn’t blow my fabrics around. Now I sit outside in the shadow with a gentle wind and feel perfect. When it’s too hot, it doesn’t help much to think that the spring or winter was cold, does it. Happy weekend to you, my friend! x Teje

      • Thanks so much for the well wishes. This past weekend has been quite an adventure!!!! We had 5 1/2″ of rain in 36 hours….some little towns had 11″!!!!! Our whole area (which has a topography similar to the Norwegian high hills and very narrow/deep valleys) has many roads washed out and the rivers are flooding (MN/WI/IA along the Mississippi River). Much cropland is underwater and the plantings will be lost for this year (many acres of corn). Many prayers for those farmers. Hugs, Doreen

  5. The ants remind me of the time when I went to a butterfly house. They had lots of huge brightly colored butterflies but there were also leaf cutter ants. A thin rope was led from the floor up to head height and then across the room and into the ant chamber. All of the ants carried their leaves along the rope. It was fascinating 🙂

    • Thank you Avis! That butterfly house must have been amazing! Even we don’t fancy the ants so much, they are quite amazing, too. x Teje

  6. Many congrats T on having your wall hanging featured! It is really summery! Enjoy the heat! Still no summer here! Jxo

  7. I love your blog posts and your pictures. Your posts are always so interesting!

  8. I just found your blog & I love your quilts!

  9. Hi dear Teje, happy summer to you to my friend. Your photos are such fun, those ants were so busy. I hope you can keep cool in the heat….there is no sun here today but we had plenty on Kephalonia so I can forgive the weather for a while ;0) Have a lovely crafting weekend, Jane x

    • Thank you Jane, so nice to hear from you afte you have been here so near but still far! I’m happy that you had great holidays and hot weather! x Teje

  10. Hello dear Teje,

    And Hyvää Juhannusta! It’s lovely to see all those pictures, they really show how beautiful it looks at yours…Thank you for sharing! And congratulations for the feature, your quilt is so full of sunshine and summer, lovely!

    Happy greetings from koto-Suomi!


  11. Glad midsommar from Sweden! Great photos.

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