Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

NERO’S POST: Feathure and snake


Vof vof vof!!! It’s me, Nero! I hope you are fine and have missed me! You know that I live in countryside and I’m so used to see many animals, that I don’t even pay attention to them … usually. If I start to count how many different animals I have in my garden … I don’t know if I can count so far. Let me tell you – mostly there are birds – lots of birds, small and big and I found something they dropped …

Forest QAL Feathure

Usually I may find some little feathures, white or brown, but this is a big one!

paper pieced feathure

I think this bird came from the circus with the hungry deer. Can’t say that I’m too interested about feathures, but if there is a little bird on the ground, I’ll go to chase her … sorry but that is my nature. I can catch mice, too! Once there was a big one running through my garden and I ran after him, gave a quick bit and he lied down. Then I looked Teje: what now? First she didn’t believe that I killed a mouse, but I did.


There are some strange flying things around and they may sit on the rocks – who could guess that you can fly with that body!

They don’t all fly … some tiny tiny things are running and they are so busy … they live under the ground or in the olive tree …


And then there was the looong one …. I saw it only very quickly because then I had to go inside and wait till it was safely out of my garden. Later I learnt that it was a snake with cat’s eyes.

cat eye snake

I show you first this so you don’t scare too much. If you can’t bare snakes don’t look next photos. One day we were cleaning outside and moved this pot … I know that here you should never put your hands under the pot, before checking that now one is hiding there … this time there was …

cretan cat eye snake

It was a baby snake and enough small to stay between the bricks under the pot. You can see some olives and leaves from olive tree to realize the size. This snake is ‘Cat eye snake’ because his eyes has a stripe end remind the eye of a cat.

cat eye snake

He was a little one, but tried to look strong and scary. You see how he lifted his head and made sssshhhhhh! He’s not really dangerous – only has a little bit ‘poison’ to make his catch dizzy. He went behind the pot to hide and later hb took him out of our garden.

cat eye snake

Most of us don’t like very much snakes, but if you start to look them more carefully, they do have great patterns and some times fantastic colours on their skin.

If you like to see what snakes we have here in Crete, click HERE. You can see there also the ‘Leopard snake’ which has fantastic colour. Long time ago we found one like that in our garden. It was small (not alive) and we couldn’t understand where it came from because that colour didn’t fit at all to our nature. It has bright orange figures!

I have more life to show and tell you but I save that for the next time. I send you big furry hugs and lots of sweet licks! Thank you for reading my snake story – I am so exited about everything that happens in my garden! I hope you don’t see snake dreams and for that I leave you with the feathure from a circus bird!

paper pieced feathure

I’m linking at ‘Really Random Thursday’, ‘Paper Piecing Party’



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

40 thoughts on “NERO’S POST: Feathure and snake

  1. Beautiful, beautiful feather, wow!

  2. Beautiful feather and it’s always interesting to see wild creatures and their wonderful colouring. You were very clever to take a photo before he went away to hide. I’m always missing small creatures because they disappear whilst I’m finding my camera 🙂

    • Thank you Janine! That happens to mee, too. If once I don’t have camera with me, it’s sure I see something special. x Teje

  3. Must have been a special bird to leave a feather like that behind! Better feathers though than snakes 🙂

  4. Love this feather, the colours are so pretty together and it works perfectly in that setting.

  5. Wow! Your feather is so gorgeous, Teje. I’m really enjoying seeing your paper piecing blocks. Your fabric choices are always so wonderful.

  6. I like all the critters in your garden. Beautiful feather too!

  7. Love your feather!!! Colors are down right gorgeous and creative. I have thought your living in Crete to be exotic until I saw the snake thing. I, too am hoping it doesn’t give me bad dreams…at least you warned me but I was stupid and followed the Click here to see more. Yikes!!!

    • Thank you Kathy! Colours inspire me to make more feathures! I’m thinking why it’s difficult not to look, even we know there is something we don’t want to see? x Teje

  8. Beautiful feather! Much prefer to look at that than a snake hehehe!

  9. Your feather is beautiful. I do adore all of the quilting you share. Here, we don’t have to worry about the “garden” snakes. They wouldn’t get into attack mode…they just scurry off.

  10. Fantastic feather and lovely animal story. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 Avis

    • Thank you Avis! Weekend is good spending time also with London! Puppies are always so sweet and happy! Enjoy your weekend! x Teje

  11. Love the feather…you can keep the snake though. YUCK!!

  12. What a great feather, fab colors and a lovely design,

  13. What a lovely tour of the garden. The feather is amazing .

  14. Just catching up, and am amazed at your stunning feather, and the wonderful blueberries on your previous post! You are so talented Teje! Love seeing your work and photos 🙂
    Helen x

  15. I love the feather! Your Forest QAL are coming along so nicely. I am scared of snakes. EEK!

  16. Beautiful work and it was fun to see the photos of the snake!

  17. That’s a very beautiful feather! So colourful and bright! I think you’re right Nero, it must have come from the circus! Happy, busy days for you all. Have fun! Ros and Oscar

  18. Gorgeous block!!

    You’re braver than I. I am not great around snakes, though I can handle pictures. 🙂

  19. Ooh, I’m thankful I did not know about the snakes back in the mid 80-ies when we spent quite a few nights in our sleeping bags under the stars on Crete.
    Hope the heat isn’t bothering your sewing too much!

    • Thank you for your comment, Nina Lise! Don’t worry, it’s not easy to spot a snake here. I had a fan in my sewing attic and it helped a lot – so I managed to finish the jay bird, which was a nightmere to make! Have a wonderful midsummer! x Teje

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