Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi friends! I’m happy to see you and to show you something delicious! When you are living abroad, it’s sure that you miss some things … I miss berries and especially blueberries! Just thinking of them brings water to my mouth …

paper pieced blueberries

I hope you are not totally bored to see foundation piecing, but I’m really stucked with this thing. You know that I joined the Forest QAL … and without knowing better I was struggling in the hook.

foufoundation pieced blueberries

I am so happy that I was patient and stubborn enough to finish the first block which was very difficult ‘Woodpecker’. After making the ‘Maple Fox’, ‘Hungry Deer’ and ‘Fern’, I got a grazy idea to try if I could make a block on my own. What I could add to my Finnish forest? Blueberries of course!

paper piecing

There they are! I have tried few times to grow blueberry bush (bought from the garden nursery) but they don’t live long. Unfortunately because they are my favourites! We have few vines next to the vegetable plot and little grapes are growing …


Usually some one else eats them before us … I think mostly birds, but also one very quick, little, cute creature may like them …

paper pieced house martin

It’s still hiding behind the bush. Can you see an other tiny thing eating leaves?

It’s so often about coincidences! Yesterday I wasnt’ sure yet what block to make next. I was thinking to make the bird. Then we had lunch on our patio and there when looking to the garden, we saw something passing quickly. What was it? A mouse? A lizzard? No – it was a pine marten! Last summer I saw it some times in the vegetable plot, but now I had totally forgotten that we might have them in the garden.

There was no way to have time to take photo, even she was running a little bit around. She went to the pool, then sat on the rocks watching us for a moment and then dissapeared. We have always ceramic bowl with water for thursty passer-by and think she was looking for that.

paper pieced pine martin

Dececion was easy – I had to make pine marten! I was quite happy with the fabrics I picked, but now I’m not sure about the light blue. I hope to make it better with the quilting.  And black nose wouldn’t have separated at all from the brown brown face, so I made it with the same pink I have used in the other blocks. As you see, half of my martin is still missing … hope to finish that today.


All the Forest QAL blocks are now ‘out’ and we just have to work! I have a basic plan in my mind, but have to see it better when I have few more blocks finished. Because this isthe  first time I made the pattern, I’m very happy (I didn’t know if I can do it at all) – but there are corners that don’t match well – how that happened! Next time I have to take more care about the seam allowances.

paper pieced blueberry

If you like to see beautiful photos of mustikka = blueberry, click HERE! Join the fun in linky parties – buttons are on the sidelist!

Now I’m on my way out to make some gardening with Nero and Hanna. Some flowers have been waiting too long time to get bigger pots and it’s very hot, so they really need more space not to dry so quickly.

I hope you have a great week and enjoy summer! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “BLUEBERRIES ON MY VINE

  1. Hello dear Teje,

    And a happy Monday from sunny Finland! What a cute blueberry-pair you’ve maid, I wish I could share some mustikkapiirakka with you right now! They’re not anywhere to be seen here yet, but we have some last years in the freezer. And I made some rhubarb-pie yesterday too, I wish you could visit me now!

    Have w lovely new week, creative and sunny I wish!


    • Mia, I’m flying there (in my mind)! Thank you for your sweet comment! Please eat a lot of mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie) for me and get your mouth blue! Rhubarb is the second favourite! I wish you great week and sunshine! x Teje

  2. You are so right! Blueberries are such a delicious treat.
    The block you’ve designed yourself looks great; you really are so talented. I’m not yet sure about how to make a quilt ( or something like it) with all my blocks; have to think about that.

    • Thank you so much Dorien! I’m thinking a small wall quilt (don’t have very big space on the wall) and that’s why I have to choose what blocks I can make. This is great theme and it gives inspiration to continue. x Teje

  3. I’m so impressed with your paper piecing! This is another wonderful block 🙂

  4. Perfect fabric choice for the blueberries–it creates a terrific sense of dimension!

  5. I wish I could send you some of the blueberries on my bush, Teje! I love your version of this wonderful fruit.

  6. Your blueberry block looks fantastic. Good job on picking out the fabrics.
    My blueberry bushes are loaded – about two more weeks to get the first ones though.
    We had a warm spring so berries are running a tad early this year.
    –still in strawberry land.

  7. Wow! That’s a lovely new block. I think you are now addicted to the foundation piecing method and you will make many more of your own designs. I love the way you have placed the fabric on the berries so they look rounded. very clever 🙂 Avis x

    • Thank you Avis! This was hard work (for my brains, too). I hope to continue – so much fun even takes very much time. I was lucky to have this blue fabric. Hugs! x Teje

  8. Mmmmmm! I have blueberries on my porridge every morning for breakfast!! Yum! yours look good enough to eat T! Brilliant FP. Jxo

  9. The blueberries are so fun! You have truly progressed so far with the paper piecing! Such a great accomplishment! I really can’t pick a favorite!!! Hugs……

  10. Oh I love the blueberries! The fabric choice is perfect.

  11. I love your paper piecing!

  12. mmmmmmm blueberries, here they are small but my cousin in Norway picks big ones and makes a yummy pie

  13. Oh, blueberries are my favourite berry, Teje! I LOVE your paper pieced block for making them. Your design and fabric choices are just perfect – those blueberries look yummy enough to sample. ;o)

    I will have to look up a pine marten – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. Hopefully, he/she won’t be too greedy in your garden.

    Your paper piecing patterns are just brilliant! I think you’re on to something good….

    • Thank you Katherine for your sweet comment! We are happy to have a pine marten here around as well as the hedgehog which I see almost every evening. Happy sewing week! x Teje

  14. Love your blueberry block! The fabric is perfect.

  15. Ihana mustikka ja taitavasti tehty! Voisinpa lähettää sinulle sinne pian kypsyviä mustikoita, ovat jo pieniä raakileita.

  16. Those grapes remind me of the grapes my Grandma had hanging above her patio in WI. I don’t think they ever ate any of them either!

    Sorry you have no blueberries there:( I love your paper pieced blueberries!

  17. Hi Teje, so nice to hear from you! It looks like you’ve been quilting up a storm there lately and made some amazing pieces. Your blueberries are awesome! I hope you have a great week. xox

  18. I am looking for a foundation pieced pattern for blueberries and I see you have mastered it! May I purchase the pattern from you?

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