Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

PAPER PIECED FERN, this and that


Hi friends! I hope you are fine! It’s my turn to say that not much sewing has been done here, but always something, at least related to that. ‘Forest QAL’ continues and here is my fern.

Forest qal fern

This was nice to make because there is only two colours. But still it had enough work with those tiny little pieces. Couldn’t avoid some un-perfectness, but I’m happy with this and love the colours. Here it is with the jasemine.


Our jasmine was in really bad condition, but after getting a new pot and fresh, black solid, it’s growing again and starts to make flowers.

paper pieced fern

You may remember that this fern block has also flower next to it. I have made half block with fern because I think I need this.

I’m linking at ‘Quiet Play’s Paper Piecing party!

fern - saniainen

These days I’m puppy sitting; remember my golden friend? We go every day to the little beach near by, we wet our feet in the cool water, we sit and watch seaguls flying up on us, fishermen on the rocks, maybe a cat or a dog some where around … and then back home …


… she is happy with the stone she found … and I am with mine …

from the beach

… kittens continue they every day adventures …


… yesterday I met one neighbour who had found two little kittens only some days old … mother had disappeared and he had heard the kittens few days and now took them to safe and started to feed them … I was happy to see that!

When my golden friend had a nap after her walk and dinner, I was drawing …

foundation paper piecing

You can guess that I can’t wait to start with this! Now I just took my puppies, Nero and Hanna out and gave them lots of goodies. I know that Nero hasn’t written for a long time and he has stories to tell! I’ll give the word to him soon.


I leave you with this cute basil! A lot has happened in our abanded vegetable plot! Thanks to our dear friend!

I’m now on my way to Maherida to make sure that everything is fine for the guests arriving tomorrow. Then an other walk with the ‘golden girl’ and then time to have a siesta nap on my ‘Swirls’ quilt!

Thank you so much again for visiting, reading my blog and leaving such a sweet comments! I’m sorry that these days I haven’t had time to answer or visit you so well. I wish you wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “PAPER PIECED FERN, this and that

  1. Hi Teje
    It sounds like a perfest day to me, can I join you?
    That fern is spectacular!!
    I have a friend in Cyprus who rescues cats, I fearshe is fighting a losing battle!
    Have a lovely weekend with your pals xx

    • Thank you Clare, please welcome! If you join me, my hand quilting could get done quicker … or perhaps not.
      Happy weekend! x Teje

  2. Teje,
    beautiful dogs,
    beautiful images,
    beautiful stories ….
    I like the way he writes, and speaks like animals,
    I like to come here and receive this breath of fresh air ….
    and finally, like to see their creations …
    a big hug with greetings for a happy weekend

    Maria Filomena,
    of Portugal

    lindos cães,
    lindas imagens,
    lindas histórias….
    Gosto da maneira como escreve, gosto como fala dos animais,
    gosto de cá vir e receber esta lufada de ar fresco….
    e finalmente, gosto de ver as suas criações…
    um grande abraço, com votos de feliz final de semana,

    de Maria Filomena,
    de Portugal

    • Thank you so much Maria, for your most sweet poet! I am happy and proud to have so wonderful and talented readers! Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  3. Good to hear there are such nice people to rescue these kittens! They look so cute. So does your Golden friend. It must be wonderful to go to the beach every day for a walk.
    Your fern looks great; remembers me to pick up on the Forest QAL soon.
    Have a great weekend,

    • Thank you Dorien! There are happy stories for kittens even many of them have hard life. I’m so behind with my Forest blocks but it’s so much in my mind. Did you like the latest block? I’ll try to make that, even again I need some brown … I think. Happy weekend! x Teje

  4. Lovely sea glass and tiles! My daughter makes jewellery from sea glass and silver. It is very pretty and always unique as every piece of glass is different. London looks very content after her paddle in the sea. Have a lovely weekend Teje 🙂 Avis x

    • Thank you Avis! I just collect the glass and pieces of tiles but don’t know if I ever find time to create something with them. It’s still fun to have lots of ideas. London loves the water and is always so happy on the beach! Happy weekend! x Teje

  5. Love the fabric you chose for your fern leaves. It’s perfect!

    • Thank you Kristy! I was really lucky to have this green in my stash. This project shows me that I miss many colours … that might mean some shopping! Happy weekend! x Teje

  6. Beautiful projects again. Cute kittens. Enjoy your company!

  7. That fern piecing is gorgeous! I can see many spots of use for that one! Your sketch looks like a winner, too. Looks like you have plenty of “company” these days. The rain has stopped for the moment. No one has their gardens planted…..either raining or too wet. Our garlic is only a fraction of what was planted last fall. Not a good thing. Nothing else has been put in. Guess we will have to get plants and hope for the best. Have a great weekend! Hugs, Doreen

    • Thank you Doreen! How great that the rain has stopped. Hopefully you get back to normal soon and can enjoy the summer. Lovely weekend to you my friend! x Teje

      • Silly me!!! I spoke way too soon!! Severe T-storm watch just posted for our whole area….ugh! Off to the GS’s graduation tonight….hope that nothing comes up! Hope to start a quilt for the “Moore Love” quilt collection (those who went through the Oklahoma tornado). Keeping one eye on the sky (we do that a lot here!). Hugs, you know who…hehe!

  8. Hi Teje! Your crafts are really amazing, I’ve never made anything like this!
    Lovely post.Wishing you a great week end, here it’s so windy!

    • Thank you Olympia! We have cool wind also here in Chania – I’m happy it’s not too hot. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  9. Lovely pics T! Your fern is so beautiful! Jxo

  10. Your fern is lovely!. Your forest quilt will be amazing 🙂

  11. Another lovely piece. It is so serene and cool looking. Your golden friend is so pretty and I gladthe kitties who are so cute were looked after. I’m sure it’s fun to babysit. Looking forward to hearing Nero’s news. Sonja

    • Thank you Sonja! I have lots of puppies and kittens around me these days – they are always so sweet and fun! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  12. Thanks for sharing teje. Your fern is beautiful, and so clever to design your own flower!

  13. Your fern is really lovely, Teje! You are really talented with your paper-piecing.

    • Thank you Sage! I admit that I’m a little bit surprised that I learnt this and like it so much! Nero and Hanna send you hugs and me, too! x Teje

  14. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I’m happy to meet you. I love Greece. I hope to go again this year. I love this green growing design.

    • Thank you Jackie, I’m happy to hear that! Your comment doesn’t link to your blog, could you please send your blog address. x Teje

  15. Your pp is very elegant and stylish.

  16. Kaikki paper piecing työsi ovat ihastuttavia ja taitavasti tehtyjä. Ei riittäisi minulla kärsivällisyys. Piirroksesi näyttää minusta mustikalle, toivottavasti ei mene pahasti pieleen? Ainakin tänne Etelä-Karjalaan näyttäisi tulevan hyvä mustikkasato, kukkia oli ainakin runsaasti. Mukavia kesäpäiviä ja terveisiä helteestä (vihdoin täälläkin)

    • Hei Tiina ja kiitos kivasta kommentista! Mustikoitapa hyvinkin; minun metsassa pitaa olla Suomalaisia mustikoita. Toivottavasti nayttavat viela ommeltuinakin mustikoilta tai edes marjoilta. Nauti minunkin puolesta iki-ihania suomalaisia marjoja! x Teje

  17. Hello dear Teje,

    Sorry about being “quieter than usual” for a while, it’s been crazy busy here. Summer is in full bloom, yippee, and I am sure your next task is MUSTIKKA! I can’t wait to pick some for a pie around here…

    Wishing you a lovely June, sunny days and pretty kittens!


    • Thank you Mia! Don’t worry, I have been also very busy. It is mustikka and I hope to have time to make it. Have a piece of pie for me, too – that’s my favourite! Have a great month and sunshine! x Teje

  18. the fern is looking great, enjoy the sunshine xxx

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