Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi Dear friends! It’s hot hot hot here … and too hot to use our new quilts, time to take our summer quilts from the store. But you haven’t seen yet the second quilt I made with men’s shirts. Here it is: ‘Swirls’!

quilt with men's shirts

This is the second quilt I made with hb’s shirts. First I made ‘Stars’ for him and now my ‘Swirls’ is finished, too.  We have already used these for a while, when having our afternoon nap. Also they cover our bed during the day, when I often find Nero or/and Hanna having a nap there.

quilts from men's shirts

Both quilts are quilted by hand and I’m still thinking if I could/should add more stitiching on them. I stitched one smaller hexagon on one swirl but I’m not sure if it looks good.

hand quilting

I like the colours and patterns but now I’m so happy to make again something more creative, with smaller pieces and happier colours. I have begun to quilt the ‘Summer Wine’ but I try to make it slowly in the moments that I can’t do something else.

'Swirls' men's shirt quilt

Weekend has been busy by visiting the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’. I have seen so many amazing quilts and found lots of inspiration. I have made pin board for my favourites in Pinterest and I shall add there more, when I have time to see more quilts.

Perhaps you have noticed that I have managed to make SOCIAL BUTTONS to my sidelist. That was a one day lesson and work, but I’m really happy I made it – it was time to learn something. If you don’t know what social buttons are, they are easy way to go ‘some where’, for example clicking the ‘b’ takes you to bloglovin where you can follow my posts,’ P’ takes you to my Pinterest site, ‘E’ to my etsy shop, ‘little bird’ to my Twitter and the ‘button’ to Flickr.

I’m linking at these parties: ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’ ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’.

quilt in nature

Yesterday evening I continued Forest QAL project – it was very hot in my sewing attic and I’m worried that soon I can’t stay there … then what?! Deer is ready so you’ll see it soon and now I’m working with something green. Oh how I wish I could go to continue that but it has to wait till the evening.

Swirls men's shirt quilt

Also I wish that I could be on the beach …

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for all your most sweet comments! Have a wonderful week and see you soon!

PM. You can find tutorial for this block from Jaybird Quilts HERE. Look her other great tutorials too! 



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!


  1. I love this quilt, Teje!!! Not only looks fabulous, but a great way to reuse pre-loved shirts

  2. Swirly shirts are wonderful! Lovely quilt! I would also like to be on the beach!! Jxo

  3. I love your swirls quilt.

  4. Another great quilt! I love the idea of re-using old shirts.

  5. They are such useful quilts Teje and look great with the shirt fabric. Please send some of your heat here….we could do with it ;0) x

  6. I love the swirl quilt! It kind of reminded me of snowflakes with the blues and white. A cool thought for your hot days. 🙂

  7. I love the swirls quilt, it works so well with the shirt fabrics! I once made a quilt from some of my hb’s (old) shirts, and the fabric was so lovely and soft to sew! Enjoy your hot and sunny days, Teje!
    Helen x

  8. Beautiful quilt! Complicated looking pattern, it’s hard to believe that it is built out of simple two-coloured triangles 🙂

  9. They both gorgeous Teje! and the blue sky you have WOW!! We have had fog here for 3 days now 😦 I think we had summer last week. Avis x

  10. How nice to see it finished! It’s beautiful.

  11. These are beautiful quilts and I like the hexagon but I think doing that all over would take a lot of time and it might be more fun to start new things. I like your social buttons. I keep meaning to get more organised about social sites but I find it hard enough to find time to blog and sew! Maybe one day… 🙂

  12. Hi Teje

    I love your shirt quilts, Im thinking of making one using striped ones.
    As for your social buttons, thats very clever, I’ve not yet managed it!
    Blow some hot air northwards will you please?
    Do you pronounce your name like TJ ???

    • Thank you Clare! Finally I found some blog posts that helped me to make those buttons. I try to post soon with those links.
      I do my best to send you hot air, it’s already very hot here. About my name – if I write it Teye, it could give you the right idea how to pronounce it. x Teje

  13. What a great quilt!

  14. I really like this quilt! My grandmother has asked if I will make a quilt out of my grandfather’s shirts,. This pattern is great!

  15. wonderful quilt and photo shoot. I like that there are two so similar and yet different.

  16. Another beautiful quilt Teje! I love shirts used in it. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  17. Oh, I love them both! Such a great use of the old shirts.

  18. fantastic, I love the idea of using what we have, buying fabrics in a mass of lovely colours is good too, but there is something very special when the cloth has been worn by people we love.

    • Thank you Carol! My whole ‘quilting’ began because of the shirts. They have so lovely Fabrics that I wanted to make a quilt and so I started quilting! x Teje

  19. I love the locations you have for taking your quilt pictures! I always struggle with how to photograph them. Beautiful use of shirts in a quilt! Not all quilting ‘fabric’ needs to come from a quilt shop.

    • Thank you so much! I like the men’s shirt Fabrics and they were in fact the inspiration that made me start quilting! I’m lucky to Live in a beautiful place and should go more often around to take photos. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  20. I love this swirls quilt!!! Is there a pattern that I might be able to find somewhere? Love the use of the old shirts! Thanks! – Anne

    • Thank you so much Anne! I didn’t follow any pattern but I think has a tutorial for this block. In fact it’s very easy: sew two stripes together and then cut triangles from that. x Teje

      • That is so funny……I am looking at Jaybird Quilts tutorials right this minute – just when your message came through!!! Thanks so much for replying – I’d love to try something like this and have the perfect fabric for it. Thanks again, Anne

  21. What would you charge to make this quilt out of my brother-in-laws shirts? And the stars to match it?

  22. Teje, I was browsing quilts man from men shirts and came across your “Stars and Swirls”. I’m thinking about doing the Swirls. How many shirts did you use and did you use a special ruler? Thank you for any information.

    • Thank you Denise! I didn’t count the shirts but you can see how many different fabrics there are + 2 beige shirts. There is some left over pieces but I think they are quite small. I made also the binding from the same shirts. x Teje

  23. where did you get the pattern for the swirls quilt. i would like to get it

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