Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi friends! I have finally finished my knitted jacket and just in time, because our beautiful and warm spring has changed. We had some much needed rain and still quite cold north wind. So I have been wearing my new cardigan …


I used to knit all the time and every where and it used to take few weeks to make a pullover. Now I want to sew so much that knitting happens slowly … this took one year to finish?! I started it few times because I wasn’t happy with the pattern or the size and re-knitted again almost finished pieces. But here it is now … in all its bright …


When I started this, I tried few different patterns. For example the same I used for the cowl- look the post with tutorial HERE. It’s one of my favourite patterns but now I wanted something with more structure. I mixed ‘knit’ and ‘purl’ and ended up with this. I’m very happy for the result. It looks great with the shadows it creates and also it’s ‘elastic’ = it’s not too tight but still doesn’t look too big.


Here you see in the middle how it looks inside. That looks also great … perhaps for an other project I use this pattern with the ‘back side’. And here is the back side of the jacket in the morning light and shadows from the olive tree.



Yarn: “7 Brothers” from Novita, 75% wool / 25% polyamid

Needle size: 4 1/2 (7 in English)

Pattern: made by me

A.  [1. row = knit 3, purl 3, 2. row = purl 3, knit 3] – knit these rows two times (=4 rows)

B.  {1. row knit, 2. row purl} – knit these rows 3 times (=6 rows)

Repeat A and B.


I love to knit but don’t do that much lately. Now I got a great new idea for a yarn project. I have one thin yarn and I could start to crochet with that. With that yarn I have knitted a jacket – that was exactly two years ago! I was searching that post and I would like you to see it. Nero is writing it … he had still both ears up … Foxy is playing with us … and I have used that jacket very much! HAVE A LOOK HERE!


I thought I could show what tools I use for knitting. Nothing special, just the yarn – wich is usually the inspiration and the beginning to plan a new project, round needles, measurement tape and a big needle to sew the pieces together.

This yarn I bought last spring from Finland. I was visiting my home country and in my town there is a factory of Novita the biggest yarn factory in northern countries. They used to have amazing factory-shop but unfortunately that is now only a sweet memory. Still you can find huge selection of their yarns in many shops around the country (from the super-markets to the specialist yarn shops).

I wrote several posts from my trip to Finland. HERE is one when shopping this yarn and lots of photos from my town. Fabric shopping in Finland HERE! I visited farmacy museum in an old house HERE! I visited also beautiful home-decor shop of Anu Pentik HERE!


I use only round needles; they are easy to carry with me and also you don’t have the weight of the knitting to make your hands and shoulders tired. And because of that, I feel that it’s more easy to knit well. Only if I knit socks, mittens or a hat, I use sock needles. And were I keep my tools … you may be surprised …


In a box from a computer keyboard! Often I have tried to find something ‘better’ = more beautiful, but this is just so practical. It’s very low and wide so it works well for these round needles who are not so easy handle. Of course it’s a mess to find the right one, but that doesn’t happen too often. Moore crochet hooks and sock neeldes are in a big mug on the self.


Hanna was helping me to find good places for photos. She saw something far away on the road.


When I start to knit, I usually take measurements from some old jacket or pullover. I draw a simple picture where I put all the measurements. For the sleeves and front pieces I may draw a picture in real size to see how I need to make the curves.


This time I was lucky and I’m very happy about the sleeves and generally about the size of the jacket. This is the best I can show your at the moment …


Now I have in my mind to finish (slowly) the other quilt with men’s shirts, I need a place mat, i-Phone case for my friend, case for my sun glasses and … paper piecing! There is a new block in ‘Forest QAL’ … I won’t tell you yet what it is …

I’m linking at ‘Felicity Quilts’, ‘Natural Suburbia’, ‘Fiber Arts Friday’, ‘Design Wall Weekends’


Thank you for joining my knitting journey, thank you for all your lovely comments and welcome to many new followers!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!


  1. Beautiful knitted jacket, Teje; I wish you well to wear it. Thanks for the link to your Finland travels. I am so ignorant about Finland that it was wonderful to see pictures of Finland through your eyes. We seem to have leapt straight from summer into cold rainy winter in Cape Town.

    • Thank you so much Gail! I’m happy to hear you had time to see the links to my Finnish posts. Of course there would be so much more to show. It’s difficult to think that you start now the winter. Also here it’s very often lately that we miss spring and autumn and in few days change from cold winter to hot summer and the opposite. x Teje

  2. The stitches of your cardigan look beautiful; perfect choice for your yarn. The fardigan looks great on you. I recognize your story about knitting; I used to do that a lot too, but now there is so much else to do! Happy paper piecing!

    • Thank you Dorien! When I lived in Finland I was knitting all the time and also used them so much. Then I hadn’t tried patchwork yet! Have you made the new blocks? x Teje

  3. Hei Teje! Olen uusi. lukijasi, löysin tänne. Lori x 5 blogin kautta! Upea villatakki, tutusta langasta 😉 ihanat koirat sinulla. ( kirjoitin suomeksi, kummalla kielellä toivot minunkommentoivan jatkossa?)

    • Hei ja kiitos kommentistasi! Kaikki kielet ovat tervetulleita! Olen todella tyytyvainen tahan lankaan ja villatakista tulee ensi talvena lemppari. On todella lammin ja onneksi mitoitus onnistui. Auringonpaistetta koti Suomeen! x Teje

  4. Great sweater! I definitely have to try this sometime

  5. What a beautiful job! I’ve knitted a bit, but never actually finished something this ambitious. I’m totally impressed.

  6. Goodness me Teje your talents are endless. How clever you are just to make up a pattern like that. I used to knit until my daughter was born and that is now 27 years ago! One day I really will get back to it as I really loved it. Enjoy wearing your fab new creation and have a lovely weekend, Jane x

    • Thank you so much Jane! Perhaps you should start to knit again – it’s great because you can do it every where, in summer in the garden and in winter front of the tv or fire place even during the car trip! Happy weekend my friend! x Teje

  7. It looks great and I like the pattern choice very much

  8. Your new jacket looks sooooo cosy and to design a pattern for yourself is really clever. You always inspire me to do more new things Teje 🙂 Avis x

  9. What a cosy cardi! But I see you still have some sunshine! Jxo

    • Thank Some sunshine yes, but freezing wind! I need today my woollen jacket and something else for the wind. I hope you have lovely spring! x Teje

  10. Great photo of you…..kinda…LOL! Just teasing! That is my kinda sweater….cozy and comfy!! I really like that pattern and will make note to use it when I make the next pair of fingerless mitts. Hugs, Doreen

  11. Beautiful job! I envy anyone who finished a big project like that. A perfect color to go with just about everything too.

  12. Very nice! Looks lovely and cosy!

  13. It is beautiful – such a talent! 🙂

  14. Beautiful sweater and it fits you beautifully, which is so important! Your pictures really add alot to your blog. Lovely countryside.

  15. What a great jacket. I bet that is something you will get loads of wear out of.

  16. Beautiful cardigan! I have enjoyed looking at your blog — what a beautiful place you live in!

  17. It’s beautiful, Teje! The simple grey looks wonderful put together with any color, and you can wear it all year round! And oh, seiskaveikka is so machinewashable if needed, I have a few pullovers knitted years ago and they’ve been washed in a machine many times, and no wear at all!

    I used to knit all the time also, but now that I knit daily for my felts, I very rarely knit anything for myself (or family, friends) and it saddens me – hopefully in summer, in those long light evenings I will get back to lace-knitting again, I miss it! Wishing you many, happy knitting sessions in garden!

    Lovely weekend, dear friend!


    • Thank you so much Mia! I’m sure I shall wear this a lot! Great to hear that it’s so good yarn and doesn’t mind washing. I can understand that you can’t knit anything else except for your work. Lace-knitting in summer sounds wonderful! I have found and there was a beautiful crocheted flower block – I hope to try that (perhaps for a sweater).
      I wish you exiting week and sunshine! x Teje
      PS. this colour reminds me homy ‘kaurapuuro’.

  18. Teje, that’s one very beautiful jacket. I really like the textured effect and the snuggly collar. It’s a great colour too! How clever you are to design your own!!!! Ros

    • Thank you Ros! I get usually inspired by yarn and I need to get it. Then I start to think what and how to knit it. This time I needed good, warm jacket with natural color and I am happy with this. Because of this knitting pattern it’s like hugging me! x Teje

  19. Beautiful jacket, Teje! Thanks for linking up to Friday Felicities!

  20. This is a great jacket, Teje. I love the texture. It looks lovely and warm 🙂

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