Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi! Sorry friends but I’m writing in the garden! I have cleaned outside and now it’s time to enjoy the result. There is still works to do but I have made good beginning … here we are ready to start …


Pillows are still waiting to be washed and when it’s sure there is no more rain, I shall still organize the furnitures in a different way. But the couch is going to stay under the kitchen window and I can see the view when sitting there. Now the view is still this because I just didn’t have more strength …


Not exactly … all the plants on the tiles are away because I emptied all the veranda and washed it well. Look Nelli’s eyes – she’s a wild hunter! Everything has grown so much that I need to take away lots of plants and I shall put them some where else.  I would like to get something different here and some new colour … we’ll see  …


Last week was for hard exercise … it seems to be that I have been sewing too much and when I did hard physical work many days, I was yesterday totally exhausted! Today I had to clean the front yard, but I think tomorrow I should only sew and ‘fill my battaries’! Sewing Sunday sounds great!

quilt with men's shirts

I have made my best to continue this quilt made with men’s shirts. I made several blocks a while ago. Then I ‘had’ to make the woodpecker and fox (foundation paper piecing). Now when I continued to sew these blocks … I was in trouble! I had a good thought to sew them in that kind of order that I have a piece cut from bias under and the ‘straight’ cut piece up because bias is strecthing easily. Then I spread all the ‘sewn by then’ blocks on the star quilt to see how much more I need. But how they should be? Should the colours meet or not? They don’t all match because there are two kind of blocks! Oups – I thought I don’t need to take care in which order I sew the pieces. And I thought this an easy project?!


I thought that there is far enough fabrics but now I have search all the ‘left over’ pieces to get enough blocks. Using the cutted pieces I can see easily how to get the most of every fabric piece. Unfortunately I need to cut some pieces without thinking the direction of the stripes. I have some more shirts but I wouldn’t like to mix a new colour but to stay with the same colours like the star quilt has.


This was not supposed to be a scrap project and I do hope I don’t need to use these! On my sewing table these are waiting for me and I had to even make a drawing to see how to make most blocks with less fabric …


I want to finish soon this quilt to continue the ‘Forest qal’ paper piecing. There is now a new jay bird – fantastic block and also I want to make feathers! I haven’t made any octagons for many days … actually, I could make few now! But I have been knitting! Yes – my jacket is ready, just missing the buttons … I guess I need to do that now. So finally I finished my knitted woollen jacket … just in time for the summer! But you know what, once I have something ready for the autumn early enough!

Would you like to have a look what I see everyday on my way?

Cretan spring

I love these yellow balls  (I think they are wild asparagus) and there are so many around now … they are so perfect …


Mountains from ‘Stavros’ …

spring in Greece


White Mountains

Still some snow on the mountains … poppy fields … wine plants … Cretan spring … beautiful and so good smelling …

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blogland! Thank you so much for writing so sweet messages! Hope to see you soon again!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!


  1. It looks so warm there! We had lots of ice yesterday – I know spring and warm weather are coming…but it is taking so long this year!

    I love your shirt quilt – it looks so cozy! Enjoy your garden – til next time, Connie 🙂

  2. I loved Crete when we visited a few years ago in Summer. It is nice to see the poppy fields and wild asparagus and add color into the terrain. It was nice to also see you using recycled materials for your quilt 🙂

  3. Wish I was there! Its raining again!
    I love that you’ve kept to plaids for this quilts, I’m thinking of a stripe only quilt next!
    ps. could that plant be angelica?

  4. You are so blessed to live in that wonderful place. We have fresh snow — on my lettuce!!

  5. Wow. Such beauty. Thanks for sharing what you see in your unique world. We have some cold days and heavy rain ahead in WA state, US. Sam

  6. It appears that your gorgeous warm photos are appreciated by so many!! Late winter weather persists (I am very tired of relaying that news!). The shirting quilt will be so wonderful and I can totally understand your thoughts when some of the colors came out together and others not. Sometimes it is the “simple” patterns that result in such results! Your patio area is so nice. Have a very nice day! Blessings…..Doreen

  7. Thanks for sharing. Love your hexagons and your fox turned out great,too. Love seeing Crete!
    Plus checked out your star quilt…fabulous

  8. What a neat way to use plaids! I love the views you have in your little corner of the world.

  9. Dear Teje,

    What a lovely view you have, and that garden…Lucky you! It rains here so I can only dream about the garden-writing or outdoor-knitting… Thank you for these beautiful images!

    Ihanaa viikonloppua!


  10. Life is good 🙂 i love your terrace as obviously Nero does too.

    Please send a little spring this way. It’s much needed and wanted. Frost have almost gone (only at night now) but the wind is freezing and were almost month behind now.

  11. I love to see people’s outside sitting areas. I can now imagine you sitting there, sewing. I think maybe I will do a collection from my sewing friends on the internet!

  12. I can’t tell from the pics if you have sewn the hexies together already or if they are still in halves. If they are in halves, you can sew the halves together in rows and then sew the rows together! Hope that makes sense! Jxo

    • Thank you Judith! They are still halfs and I hope to sew them in rows. Still need to make some blocks to see if they are enough and how many halfs I need. Thank you for your good advice! x Teje

  13. Beautiful views of Crete! I never tire of seeing them. You live in avery beautiful place. It’s always satisfying having a spring clean and a furniture move around! Happy sewing! Ros

  14. Your Cretan Spring is so beautiful! And I love your shirt quilt. I hope you found time for your sewing day 🙂

  15. Mmmm I can smell your Cretan spring Teje. We are off to Kephalonia in early June, I just love the Greek Islands and Rhodes is almost our second home..LOL! You have been so busy, I hope you did take Sunday off and rest and sew. Bliss. Your views are just gorgeous. Have a lovely week my friend,
    Jane x

    • Thank you Jane! I had to rest on Sunday and we had a great lunch with friends (fish on the beach). I’ll post photos in the evening. Lovely week to you, too! x Teje

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