Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello my dear friends! Welcome to see who is today in my garden … in very windy, almost rainy and stormy garden …

Forest qal 'Maple Fox'

He is hiding under a little bush because wind almost took him …

Jippii, I have finished my second block for the ‘Forest’ QAL. There are already two more: feathers and forest with lots of trees, but I’m happy to have two finishes! This time I felt a little bit more confortable with the foundation paper piecing. You remember that the woodpecker was my first ever try. But for my surprise this little fox was more difficult to make. I don’t know if it was me (tired, busy) or if this block really was more challenging.


There were again some super small pieces … and this time I made two mistakes. The other one I noticed after I had made that piece. I didn’t have patient to make all the thing (from copying the paper) again and because it was really small part, I left it. Because of this I made on purpous other mistake to mix the first one. Tell me if you find it.

quilt block with fox

The other mistake is more obvious but I saw it after I had finished all the block. I don’t tell you what it is, if you don’t find it. Generally I’m happy with this, but if I ever have strength to make this again, I would change a little bit my colour choises.

paper pieced fox

I start to have some ideas what to make with these forest blocks. I’m looking forward to see what else we shall make … I shall make feathers, perhaps more feathers and I guess there will be a bird, but for the other blocks I don’t have any idea yet.  Yesterday when I finished this fox late in the evening, I thought that now I need to relax for a while and make something easier. But today I’m already making plans for this project.

button Forest QAL[1]

This is part of the ‘Forest’ QAL (=quilt along). Visit the hosting blog to see all the details HERE. To see what we have made till now visit the Flickr HERE. I just went to get the link for the flickr and ‘The Bird’ is out! There is a new block and it’s a flying bird! How can I have now any brake?

I’m linking with these parties: ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’, ‘Show and Tell Tuesday’, ‘Made by me Wednesday’, ‘Design Wall Weekend’!


On Sunday we were hoping to eat fish outside, but there was so strong wind that our plates were sandy before any food had came to table … we had to leave and look for an other place … finally, unfortunately we were sitting inside but had a wonderful, very late lunch/dinner with sea food.

The sea was just amazingly beautiful …

Marathi, Crete

This is from the south side in ‘Marathi’ and the next one is from North side in ‘Kalathas’.

sandy beach in Kalathas

Saturday we had +32 degrees and this beach was full full of people! On Sunday they had brought first sunbeds but the wind was so strong that now one came … last night it was raining and today in the morning we had only +12 degrees. One more from ‘Marathi’ …

sandy beach in Marathi

Today I remembered that in spring there will be once again the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. I was remembering what quilt I have showed there and if I have any quilt to show this spring. Then I made coffee and opened my computer and there it was: a post from Amy who is the organizer and hoster for this fantastic event! It’s going to be on May 17 – May 31.2013. Look for more details at Amy’s blog: ‘Amy’s Creative Side’.


You may remember that once I wanted to tell you how to make good knot for the sewing thread, I just learnt it after struggling so many years … but then the link I had wrote down, wasn’t the right one … who knows how that happened. No I have run to an other place to see how it’s made. So HERE you are! This blog looks beautiful and interesting … I have to pay a good visit to see it well!

As I mentioned earlier, there is already the next block which is a fantastic bird! I have to leave you now and climb on the ‘mountain’ for ironing. If I try to be very busy, perhaps I can make the bird next weekend. Weekends could be devoted to paper piecing!

paper pieced maple fox

Thank you for your supporting words and engouragement for this new for me challenge: foundation paper piecing! I do appreciate if you have any helpful tips and advices! Thank you also for all the sweet comments you write so often! I wish you wonderful week!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

50 thoughts on “MAPLE FOX IN MY GARDEN

  1. Mr Fox looks fantastic to me Teje, I think one of the errors is the leaf being square at the edge(?) but you know me I am not a quilter and I think it is incredible how your paper pieced this. It looked so tricky to do. At least you have the satisfaction of finishing him and we learn more by our mistakes that we do with our successes! Happy Monday, we also had a lovely sunny weekend ;0)
    Jane x

    • Thank you Jane! You are so right! It’s not that leaf but that bothers me a little bit and I could have made that better by choosing other colour for that piece. It’s the tiny edge of the leaf next to the left ear. Have a lovely week! x Teje
      Oups, now I said loudly where the mistake is!

  2. Teje, every quilter makes a mistake and no one but she knows where it is (so says one who knows 🙂 ). When I saw your fox, all I could think was WOW. You’ve really done a wonderful job on it.

    • Thank you so much Ann! If I make something creative on my own and improvise, I don’t concoder something as a mistake but with the paper piecing everything should be exact. It great to do different kind of things! x Teje

  3. I love the color selection and of course your pieced fox. great job!

  4. Your fox is just beautiful. I can’t imagine changing a thing. If he were mine, I think I would have to smile every time I looked at him.

  5. Your fox looks adorable. I love your colour choices; the maple leaf has a beautiful autumn look. And I just discovered the new pattern of the jay; isn’t it gorgeous?? There is a jay visiting my little garden every day, so this couldn’t make me happier.

  6. Very, very pretty, Teje, and your “mistakes” (there’s no such thing in handfmades, really) make it unique. I am still amazed how someone has the patience to make these tiny-pieced-arts, but oh how beautiful they are once finished!

    Happy new week, dear friend!


    • Thank you Mia! I’m still amazed too about my patient! I like these blocks so much – that’s why I find the patient to try even they are very tricky! And hungriness grows by eating – now I can’t wait to make the bird.
      I wish you great, sunny week! x Teje

  7. Voi, miten kaunis ketusta tuli! Itse en ole tuohon paper piecingiin vielä uskaltautunut. Kiitos kauniista kesäisistä kuvista. Kotijärvessä tuossa sadan metrin päässä on puolimetrinen jää ja aamulla oli pakkasta -11 C. Ehkä kevät tännekin vielä koittaa, mutta aika kummallinen talvi ja kevät täällä on ollut.

    • Kiitos Tiina! Kauan kesti minultakin aloittaa mutta nama blokit olivat tarpeeksi houkuttelevia etta paasin alkuun.
      Tosi harmi etta teilla kevat on niin myohassa. Toivotaan etta lampenee yks kaks ja olisi sitten pitka kuuma kesa! x Teje

  8. Your maple fox is just beautiful – so worth all tht hard work!

  9. Reblogged this on Quilting Antics and commented:
    Have a look at Mr Fox he is awesome! I am a bit of a foundation piecing buff and so this one makes me want to get out my paper and ruler and start designing. Well done he is ace!

  10. These are certainly very advanced blocks you are trying out! You have done brilliantly with your fox! Jxo

    • Thank you so much Judith! I realized that for me they have to be special and tricky blocks. If they are more simple I wouldn bother to fuzzle with the papers. As I did with the ‘Nero’s Garden’ quilt: I just sew scraps together to create the dogs and other animals.
      But never say never – perhaps I learn well enough and start to paper piece more. x Teje

  11. Brilliant fox and divine beaches! Do you get much driftwood I wonder???

  12. Beautiful Teje! Mr Fox is just as good as your woodpecker you created recently. I love your choice of fabrics and what mistake? If you hadn’t said, only you would know. I’m really loving those beach pictures too – I hope we get some sunny spring weather here soon. I look forward to seeing your next paper pieced block – yours put my hexies to shame!! Minerva

    • Thank you so much! I had to say about the mistakes because I know some of my friends have made this and they could see them. I hope you get sunny spring soon! x Teje

  13. What a wonderful fox– he looks very wise dressed in an elegant kimono. My grandmother said that every handmade item should have one mistake buried somewhere to prove it was handmade not manufactured by machine. Yours is beautifully buried. You are brave to take on such a challenging project, but you have such talented and devoted assistants and that helps a lot. Well done, Teje!

    • Thank you so much! My mom said the same and usually I don’t try to do perfect because it is Handmade as said. With the paper piecing I feel strangely that I shouldn’t improvise but make it as the pattern has been made. I’m waiting to start the bird but I think Nero and Hanna wants me in the garden so I got to dig with them. Have a great week! x Teje

  14. I love how your fox turned out and unless I examined the pattern closely I can’t tell where any mistakes might be.


    • Thank you! Don’t look too carefully – anyway they are very small and I don’t mind. I wish you lovely, sunny week! x Teje

  15. I really like it. I think it is perfect!

    • Thank you Linda! It’s enough perfect for me, too. Before joining this Forest qal, I didn’t know if I’m able to do it. Happy week to you and hugs to your puppies! x Teje

  16. I can’t see the mistake, I think your piecing looks great! 🙂

  17. I love your block and beach pictures! Ahhh…what a pleasant read first thing in the morning! Great job on your fox!

  18. love your fox!! and denyse schmidt xo

  19. I just love those FQA blocks! I just finished my third-ever paper piecing (a simple airplane) and will wait until my kids are a bit older to try these awesome forest creatures! Yours looks fantastic 🙂

  20. I love your block… the darling fox, the angle of the leaf and the branches stretching out across it make for a lovely asymmetrical design. I’d love to have you stop by my fiber art “Design Wall Weekend” blog party at!

  21. Your fox is amazing! The forest qal certainly has some fab patterns. I’m looking forward to seeing what other creatures you make 🙂

  22. There are mistakes? I can’t find any! 😀 LOVE your little fox. He’s very sweet.

  23. Beautiful Teje! I have that pattern but haven’t made it yet! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  24. He’s fantastic! I think it looks like he is wearing a Fair Isle jumper. Your views of the sea are lovely. We still have winds from the east which are very cold so it is lovely to see your sunshine again 🙂 Avis x

    • Thank you Avis! That’s a nice thought about the jumper! I have started gardening and hope to continue tomorrow. But the ‘pair quilt’ is also waiting for me and new blocks for the Forest qal. We’ll see … Have a great weekend! x Teje

  25. your fox is amazing, I have just started with patchwork and can’t imagine ever being able to create anything like this.

    • Thank you so much Fiona! I’m hapy for you – you will have so much fun with quilting and blogging about it! There is a lot to learn but if you want, you can, as we all sewers did! x Teje

  26. I love your beautiful fox, you have done a great job! I honestly didn’t see a mistake…..if something turns out differently from how you expect or intend when hand making, I think it is just an opportunity for extra inventiveness and creativity 🙂 It also means each piece is unique! Well done, Teje…you are such a creative lady.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

    • Thank you so much Helen! I have a wonderful weekend … have done a lot in the garden and planning to enjoy the rest with sewing! Happy weekend to you! x Teje

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