Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Paper piecing Maple Fox


Hi! I was thinking to continue the paper piecing with the fox, then I though to have a evening coffee with sandwich and because that includes computer, I thought to look what photos I have took last few days and then I thought I could show some of them, so here I am still at the computer …


I try to have home cleaning adventure every Saturday and today was no exeption. Fortunately it was time to put my favourite Marimekko sheets! I couldn’t have believed that these t-shirt fabric sheets are going to be my best ever favourites! Present from a friend, and if she had asked about colour, I would have said something else, but now I wouldn’t change for a million these sunny yellow stipes! okey for a million yes … but my sweet boy I wouldn’t change …


Nero was happy to test the new quilt but the other quilt is still missing. Oups, neighbour barks, have to go …


Yesterday, after a busy day, I started to think what fabrics I could use for the Maple Fox. Again that was a difficult job. I didn’t have anything for the fox … these were nice but I was worried that the fox becomes too pink …


then I looked what others have made and looked my woodpecker and realized that my fox is going to be brown … this brown fabric is from Marimekko “Tulipunainen” (fire-red) designed by Kristina Isola 1960/2000. Some years ago I found a piece from ‘Stockman’ in Helsinki and made a summer skirt. It was a great skirt and I have saved and saved it – now I’m happy to see it in these special blocks!


Here I try to plan the colours. Then I started to separate the paper pieces. This time I had very helpful idea: I wrote on the papers in most of the  pieces, what it is.


Like this I don’t have to look all the time the illustration to figure out what fabrics to use. Of course I have to look often and check after I have made the piece, but this helps a lot.


I can say that this second time feels a little bit easier. And just when I started to think what to tell to you, I cut mistake and had to frog! But quite good job for a one evening … not this … I still continued till I made next mistake and believed I’m too tired …


I couldn’t decide what to use for the stomach but then the lamp lightened and I remembered this stripy piece from Kerry. I had already cut few pieces for octagons – fortunately didn’t sew all of them. I wasn’t able to choose how to put the stripes because all the pieces were just and just enough. And here you see what is waiting for me from yesterday evening …


You understand that I’m very anxious to climb up to my attic and hopefully finish at least the leaf … if not all the block.

After the dinner I had relaxing siesta moment outside … surrounded by my puppies with some octagons …


I hope you have a lovely Saturday evening and a great weekend! We had today south wind and amazing +30 degrees but from tomorrow we should get back to more normal, about +20 and even some rain, which we do need before the long dry summer.

Thank you for visiting, leaving wonderful, funny and sweet messages! Welcome all the new readers as well all you regular friends! Hope to see you soon again!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

27 thoughts on “Paper piecing Maple Fox

  1. Yesterday was some sun so changed my bed to sunny yellow(!) satin striped sheets and the “Wave” quilt I made late last year! Pastels and sunshine/buttery yellow! Screams “Spring”!! Love yours, also!!! Hugs, D

  2. Intrigued to see how you will finish your fox. He’s looking so sharp – great fabric choices, Teje!

    I’m LOVING those fabric butterflies on the mini quilt above your bed. So sweet!

  3. The butterfly quilt looks so great above your bed, and you are so right, the sheets are beautiful.
    When I saw the first picture with fabrics, I guessed which fabric you would use for which part, since I know the pattern. Totally wrong! But I really like the stripes for the fox and I think it’s going to be beautiful.
    And are you serious: 30 degrees?? That’s amazing. Enjoy!!

    • Thank you so much Dorien! First I was sure to use the red stripy fabric and the pink with little dots as I used for woodpecker. But as said I worried to get too pinky look. We’ll see … x Teje

  4. Mr Fox is looking fantastic Teje, I am so looking forward to seeing you finish him. Your photo outside is just gorgeous, I love the poppies on the table. We have had sunshine and a little warmth today and we even had our first cup of tea in the garden of this year. Hoorah!! Happy weekend my friend. Jane x

    • Thank you so much Jane! I’m happy to hear you were sitting outside, because I know how much you have missed that! Let’s hope the summer is going to be fantastic! x Teje

  5. Your fox is looking great, Teje! I admire how you’ve used the stripes so carefully.

    Language question: tulipunainen = fire-red in Finnish…. Is the tulip flower called a tulip because it looks like the flames of a fire?

    • Thank you so much! Wow, great thought about tulip! They really look like flames but I don’t think the word comes from Finnish language. x Teje

  6. Your fox is looking great! Can’t wait to see how he comes out.


  7. Fantastic Mr Fox is certainly looking great so far! I also remember the wonderful butterflies quilt that you shared on your previous blog. I still have the butterflies you made for me on my wall next to the bed and they are even more beautiful in real life 🙂 Have a wonderful week Teje! Avis x

    • Thank you Avis! I still like the butterflies and to watch those different fabrics. I had big thoughts yesterday about the fox … I finished only the fox. Hope to continue today. Have a lovely week! x Teje

  8. Paper piecing is quite a challenge but your fox is so cute and well worth the effort. I have always wondered what knitted sheets would be like. I am assuming that is what you mean by t shirt fabric. I love the yellow stripes. Have a great weekend.

  9. Your fox is going to be adorable! I love the colors, Teje.

  10. The Fox looks seriously difficult, Terje 🙂 I really like the quilt you got outside on the chair too 🙂

    • Thank you Cille! This fox is not any easier than the woodpecker but I have learnt a little bit how to think when making foundation piecing. Sunny but so windy wishes! x Teje

  11. I’m glad you are enjoying your paper piecing. I think this would give me a headache!. It is still about 5 degrees here, no sun, but actually NO SNOW!

    • Thank you Dianne! I admit, it’s very complicated but a nice challenge, too. No sitting outside either here, we have about +20 but so hard wind that you can’t stand straight! x Teje

  12. Your blocks are turning out so well. I can’t wait to see your finished project. Paper piecing is quite the challenge.
    The yellow is so cheerful on the bed. Like sun shining all day!
    I am envious of you 30C; it is still only 1C here. Warm weather is coming though and I will be able to sit outside and sew soon.

    • Thank you so much! We tried to find a place to eat outside, but today we had so much wind that it was impossible to sit outside. Rain with African dust and wind is the forecast for the next week again. Perfect to sew inside! x Teje

  13. I like those pretty yellow stripes too! They look so fresh and inviting. Obviously Nero thinks so too! Ros

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