Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello Dear Friends! Good Month to everyone! Did you get tricked? I almost did and we had a good laugh!

paper pieced octagons

Small octagons are all the time some where near to me … slow process as it’s ment to be … other wise I need to start new ‘carry with’ project.

Hey, look, there is something in the box …


Yesterday we had help to cut lots of grass around in the garden. Still there is enough to collect . Cats were fighting some where and Nero started to shout to them and Hanna got worried about all this – dear Hanna, don’t worry, let’s go to play …


Want to get a big kiss?! Nero had his favourite tennis ball in his mouth and the most loved red ball under his paw but then he just dropped them for the photo. Hanna is not so grazy about ball game but sometimes we play quite well and she enjoys that.

paper pieced octagons

There they are happy octagons in my grandfather’s paint box … some octagons have been sewn together already …


I like to baste some and then sew some. I don’t think I could baste hundreds of octagons and then start to sew them. For me this project is good because I don’t have any plan or pattern. I just make what I feel in that moment.


I need pink fabric! and flower fabric! and and and … but I have to work with blue and beige …


These are going to be the ‘pair’ quilt. I made the ‘Stars and Shirts’ for our bed and because I can’t make very big quilt, I decided to make a pair. The other one is with big stars and I think this pattern is great choise for the second quilt. Fabrics are exactly the same and both patterns have hexagons even in different way.

When I made ‘Orange Stones’ quilt, I found the pattern from Julie at ‘Jaybird Quilts’. That was a wonderful pattern and quick and easy. Julie has made fantastic tutorial for hexagons and there are many ways how to mix your pieces and get different look. From then I had this one in my mind – how you can call these … ‘swirrels’? tell me if you have a good word!


Nero has just amazing fur now; it’s so long and there is a lot! I try not to think that soon it fells all over … and Hanna will leave enough fur also. But till then I just love to see how beautiful they both are! Now unfortunately work and cleaning is waiting for me, but I’ll manage thinking that some little octagons are waiting for me … and the almost finished knitted jacket (not much missing anymore) … and of course my sweet puppies!


Remember that our SUNGLASSES GIVE AWAY is open till 14th of April, if you haven’t entered yet!!!

Jane from ‘Jane’s Journal’ is having a give away and you can win a beautiful necklace!!!

Faith from ‘Fresh Lemons Quilts’ is having a fantastic give away for fabrics!!!

If you like paper piecing, ‘Quiet Play’ has a new sewing themed block ‘Snip It’!

I’m linking at ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’ and ‘W.i.P wednesday’


Thank you for your visit – wish I could have offered coffee and cinnamon buns! not that I have made any, but lovely thought. If you ever come I promise to bake!!! I guess I have to go now … when I come back there may be some sweet messages from you waiting for me … that in my mind to the work!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!


  1. Hello dear Teje, I hope work is not too busy and you can get back to your wonderful quilting soon. How handsome Nero is looking…his fur looks soooo soft, please give him and Hanna a loving stroke from Billy and me. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway here and have a sunny, craft filled week.Take care,
    Jane x

  2. Oh Teje! Your octagons are wonderful and so colourful that they will brighten every day 🙂 It is lovely to see that you can use the old paint box. I’ve just found an old box in my Dad’s things which he made when he was younger. It has a sliding lid and would be perfect for my sewing things. Have a fantastic week 🙂 Avis x

    • Thank you Avis! This was nice welcome back home from work! And I found something with fabric from my mail box and a note to pick a parcel! Outside is very hard wind and the air is full of African dust, so better to stay inside and sew! Hugs! x Teje

  3. Hello Teje. Your octagons are very pretty. I enjoy doing hexagons very much ; )

  4. Your octagons are going together so nicely. And you have such gorgeous pups to keep you company. Sage has been shedding (as have the cats) recently so I know what you’re in for!!

    • Thank you Ann! They are great company – I just got home and they are both rolling around on the couch laughing and ‘talking’! Hugs to Sage! x Teje

  5. Your hexies are coming along beautifully! Great job!

  6. Hi Teje! Nero does have a beautiful coat. Any show dog would be jealous! Our dogs are finally starting to blow their coats. Maybe we will finally get Spring!

  7. I love the secondary pattern that is emerging from your EPP octagons. Lovely! Jxo

  8. Yippee, the iPad has allowed me to visit you today (it really dones not like WordPress) I love love LOVE the octagons, and the tablet case is so bright and beautiful. hope you had a good Easter xxx

    • Thank you Benta! I happy to hear you got throuh here – why wordpress is ‘the black sheep’?! We had busy weekend and at the end of the month we celebrate Greek Easter. x Teje

  9. Your hexies are coming along so nicely and your garden flowers are really so lovely! I thank you for brightening up my day (once again!). Hugs to all……..Doreen

  10. Hello Teje,

    What a pretty pile of hexies, that quilt will be wonderful once finished! And I love the idea of them: you can make one or two and then again leave it for a while and get back to it when you have time. A perfect project!

    Wishing you and those fantastic furry-friends of yours lovely first week of April!


    • Thank you Mia! I wish you the same! I was in the post office today and found Finnish goodies from my father’s packet – salmiakki and Fazer’s blue chocolate – nam nam! I have just calmed down from today’s works and I shall sit and sew some little pieces. x Teje

  11. What absolutely beautiful octagons! Just lovely.

  12. Hello there Teje, it’s good to pop over and see you again! I’ve been very busy with family visits over the Easter weekend and have missed seeing you. I love seeing dear Nero and Hanna to; such sweet, beautiful dogs! Then…. WOW! Such beautiful little octagons. Look forward to seeing the finished project. Ros

  13. Hi Teje, Love the shapes and the colors.
    I know it’s not Easter there yet. Just a quick hello and Hyvaa paasiaista.

    From almost spring America,
    Plumcreek22 Studio

  14. With some many hexagons out there, it is nice to see some octagons too!

  15. You octagons are looking beautiful – such lovely summer colours 🙂

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