Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Paper piecing, gardening and Winner!


Vof vof – Nero here! I have been waiting days to write and announce the winner! Thank you so much for all your amazing comments on our give away! I was so exited to see that you come to visit my little blog from all around the world and I was so happy to hear about your puppies and kittens! Today I like to show you flowers and paper piecing but I guess you can’t wait to hear who is the winner, so let’s start …


Where you are Hanna … I’m waiting … I can’t start without my secretary …


This is fun but I can’t see you …


Hanna, can I find the paper now … and first the basket!


Nero, now we are ready and you can pick the winner. Put your nose into the basket and pick ONE pare … and please don’t eat the basket like you almost did last time!


Okey Nero? You can pick it Now!


… oh those boys … you see, he can’t make up his mind and choose one paper …


Show us now who is the winner … don’t play  and show the name!


Jeeeee – it’s Marcia K. !!! Congratulations and hugs to Marcia and 3 puppies in Texas !!! I’ll contact you asap!

I had so much fun playing this lottery game! Can you belive that Teje really wrote all the names on paper pieces? But her falt – she said she likes paper piecing! Thank you all for joining and sorry that I couldn’t pick more names. I send you big kiss and furry hug!

After picking the winner we fixed some flowers outside. Teje brought the flowers few days ago and they needed to get pots and good black soil.


She got new gloves to protect her quilting hands and hb brought her a present …


You know these scissors are only for garden and doesn’t work with fabric. I was just and just able to make her not to sit and start to sew …


She is happy with her first octagons block! She would like to make these little pieces all the time but yesterday I said that she has to sit with me and try to finish her knitted jacket before it’s already summer. She did well and finished both of the front pieces and the back. Sleeves are knittted in half way so there is hope she can wear it few times before it’s too hot.


I’m so happy Teje didn’t want my bisquit box for her paper piecing! She emptied her crackers (nakkarit, knackebrod) from this tupperware and filled it with small fabrics; found perfect little boxes to keep ready octagons and threads. Everything is now so well in order and easy to work any moment! This was good idea – now she can sit with me in the garden!


PAPER PIECING! I have to say that she is now very interested about paper piecing – all kind! She has found so many great sites and fantastic blocks. There is now new page up on my blog ‘Paper Piecing’ and there are lots of links and more is coming. Also lots of inspiration can be found from Pinterest. If you like, have a look on our Pinterest ‘Paper Piecing’ board with paper piecing blocks and info!


Foundation piecing is an other story … yesterday she tried it for the first time … I have to admit that she didn’t look very exited. If I understand anything, she didn’t have enough scraps?! Also she felt that with this technic you waste a lot of fabric. But there are so much amazing ‘pictures’ you can make with foundation paper piecing so perhaps she will try more. Look again the links on our ‘Paper Piecing’ page.

I know at the moment she prefers to make these little ones … but who knows, perhaps we get into the foundation piecing, too …


WORLDWIDE QUILTING DAY! Tomorrow is Saturday … so what … aaa – it’s ‘Worldwide Quilting Day’!!!! so no questions what shall we do tomorrow!!! I do my best to help Teje to quilt and finish the ‘men’s shirt’ quilt she is making for hb (or for me because I lie there, too)! In fact I think it’s better we make it Quilting Weekend and start right now! If you need more action to your quilting weekend visit ‘Sew Cal Gal’ – wow how many happenings!

FOLLOWING BLOGS WITH BLOGLOVIN! Have you heard that Google reader is finishing? I have used also bloglovin and now I just brought there all the blogs I follow. That was very simple – just by few clicks. You can follow Nero’s Posts here! I have also bloglovin button on my sidelist so when ever you wish to follow us or visit bloglovin, your find it easily from there! If you use bloglovin, please add the button on your blog so we can follow you, too!

Me and the others here, wish you wonderful weekend and hope you (and we) win lots of goodies from the give away party! I have my paw ready ‘on the mouse’ to receive the winner e-mails …  and your messages! You know I love to read them! This give away week was fantastic! We found new friends, we were found from wonderful people and we like to thank all the new readers and followers as well of course our regular readers and blogging friends!

Hugs and Kisses!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

26 thoughts on “Paper piecing, gardening and Winner!

  1. Nero and Hanna are such clever dogs 🙂 Congrats to Marcia!

  2. My goodness, but you guys are busy, busy, busy! Gardening, quilting, knitting, piecing. We haven’t accomplished much at all–maybe I need a secretary or Mom needs one to help us like Hanna does for you. That quilt is going to be “loverly”, we are inspired. Lady Caroline Lamb

  3. That has to be best selection process and assistants naturally, ever!!
    Congrats to the chosen one lol
    What a lovely mix of fabrics for the hexi dedign too !……….

  4. Wonderful post as usual. The oxagon block looks great; it must be wonderful to be able to work on this while sitting in the garden.
    Congrats to Marcia!

  5. Nero you are just such fun and so very clever I hope you were not peeping out from under your blindfold. Well done to Marcia. Teje’s flowers are just like our’s are in the height of summer….! We will need to wait until May/June before we could plant the geraniums out. I have heard rumours about Google Reader but I am not sure I really understand what is happening! Have a lovely sunny weekend, Jane x

    • Thank you so much Jane! Our geraniums grow through all the year and they are even better in winter when it’s not so hot. Summer is for us more difficult and we need to water almost every day. I’m not also sure what happens with the Google reader but anyway I have fixed my Bloglovin also. Happy weekend and hugs to Billy! Teje & Nero

  6. Awesome paper piecing, Teje!

    Congrats to Marcia and good job to your assistants for selecting the winner. ;o)

    Oh, your flowers are so gorgeous. I can hardly wait for gardening season to begin here – we’re still having snow days, so it will be awhile yet before I don the gardening gloves. lol

    • Thank you Katherine! When reading your comment I remembered my dream: we had snow here and it was spring with first turists already around and I felt so sorry for them wearing their t-shirts and shorts! I hope that doesn’t happen, because had amazing good winter! Happy quilting weekend! x Teje

  7. Well done, Nero for picking up the winner! And goodness me how busy Teje has been making all those octagons – looking lovely. And those flowers in your garden are so pretty, I wish I could come to visit you all!

    Happy weekend!


  8. This was fun to read Teje 🙂 Congratulations to the winner! Your octagons are sooooo beautiful. Avis xx

  9. Hi T! you’re right, there is more waste with foundation piecing, but then that just means you can have fun thinking up new projects to use up the leftovers! Jxo

  10. You are all looking very summery over there! The octagons are lovely.

  11. Congratulations to the winner. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  12. This was a great post – thanks, Teje and Nero!!

  13. I bet Nero LOVED selecting the winner. He looked so cute with his eye covering. Congrats to Marcia!

    Your octagonal pieces are really nice and I know you will make something fun from them.

    • Thank you Sage! I love to make these little octagons and start to get some ideas also what to make with them. happy week to you! x Teje

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