Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello my dear friends! Good month and great weekend to everyone! It’s getting colder (a little bit) here so don’t believe that we have summer all around the year as it looked like in my last post. I have made some new little sewing and received new fabrics. First about the i-Phone pouch I made for my friend.


I had been thinking to make cases for phones, pads, kindles etc. but just didn’t … because I don’t have any of those. About the phone case, I didn’t know how it should be or where someone needs it … my phone is in my pocket (if I don’t have a pocket, it’s a problem). Then I was speaking with my friend and she happened to say that she needs to carry her phone with few other items and she hadn’t found one practical. After lots of thinking around and around in my mind, I thought to give a try …


This pouch you can carry and have your hands free to work. You can catch your phone easily as your pen. Need to give a card to a client? please, here you are! I made a strap inside which helps you to take the phone out but the pouch is not too tight, so even without the strap it’s easy to get the phone out. We were both happy with the result and I hope she still thinks that after using this.

This was in fact the second pouch I made. The first one you’ll see at the end. I have some special fabric pieces – samplers from ‘Beacon Hill’ and they are just perfect for small phone pouches or eye glass pouches. My dear sister send them to me and here you see some of them …


You may remember that I have some beautiful fabrics called ‘heaven & helsinki’. Last week I was trying to find more of them from etsy. I wished to find a shop with cheaper shipping than it’s for me from US and I found ‘Laughing House Fabric’ … it’s in Singapore! Is it too far away … okey, I’ll try … I asked about the shipping and Fanny was so friendly and helpful! I ordered the fabrics on Thursday and I received them next Thursday!


On the left the grey and yellow are from Widham Fabrics ‘Scattered Sand’ from Lotta Jansdotter’s ‘Bella’ collection.

In the middle those lovely mugs are from Michael Miller ‘Put a Lid On It’ by their house designer.

On the right houses and dots are from Michael Miller ‘Heaven & Helsinki’ by Patty Young.


These are the ‘Heaven & Helsinki’ fabrics I have now in my collection. There are still so many other great prints. Retro flowers on left are from Kerry. She was so sweet to send that fabric for my collection. Kerry’s lovely blog is ‘Penny Dog Patchwork’. Kerry had found her fabric from ‘Fabric Rehab’.

Kathy Miller who is co-owner and creative director of Michael Miller has a wonderful post in her blog where you can read the story behind the ‘Heaven & Helsinki’… how Patty Young found inspiration from Finnish design  to create this lovely collection! Read the great article here “Making It Fun”!

Patty Young writes also wonderful blog ‘Modkid Boutique’!

“Michael Miller Fabrics” has fantastic fabrics! So often I see something I really like and they are from Michael Miller.


My first fabrics from ‘Heaven & Helsinki’ I found from Cindy from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’.

I have a page up on my blog where I have a long list of online fabric shops. If you know a great fabric shop – please tell me and I shall add in on the list so everyone can visit them easily!


Now as soon as possible i shall wash these cuties and then i can start to make something … few ideas already but i’m happy to hear if you have any idea how to use these to enjoy the most of the lovely prints!


This is the other i-Phone pouch i made for my friend. Till i decide what to make with those lovely, colourful fabrics, i think i’ll make some more phone cases and perhaps for sunglasses, too.


I’m linking at ‘A week of Finishes at ‘From Blank Pages’

I wish you wonderful weekend, sunny weather, lots of time to sew, knit, crochet … what ever you desire, eat well, have a glass of wine … just enjoy! Thank you so much for visiting again and reading my little blog! Your sweet comments makes my day – thank you for them!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

20 thoughts on “i-PHONE POUCH and FABRIC LINKS

  1. Hello Teje,

    Greetings from freezing (yet sunny!) Finland, we woke up this morning and it was -22C – can you imagine my horror 😉 after very mild January and February! Thankfully sun has warmed us up a bit but still *sigh*

    Your pouches are so pretty AND practical too, the best combo really. And those fabrics…Oh my! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be making from them.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. What a great fabrics you are showing. It’s very tempting to go shopping now at these wonderful shops you are linking to.
    The pouches are lovely, and I especially like the ribbon you have used for the strap of the second (or should I say first) pouch.

    • Thank you Dorien! I couldn’t find any fabric to match for the strap and then luckily remembered this ribbon and the colour was perfect.
      Your crochet elephant is so sweet! x Teje
      Ps. could you please change my new address to your blog list. Thanks!

  3. Lovely, compact design for the iPhone case, Teje and a great idea to add room for a few extras. Love the fabrics on the first one.

  4. Love Michael Miller fabrics! Your IPhone ‘purse’ is well thought through. I am sure your gifts were very appreciated as is your sharing here. March is 2 days old and so encouraging (even though the ground is still mostly white with snow). Much season/weather transition will occur in the next few days……am so looking forward to seeing the green grass that you have had pictured. Your photos are gorgeous and I thank you! Blessings, Doreen

    • Thank you so much Doreen for your sweet comment! There are so many beautiful fabrics and Michael Miller has a great collection! Sometimes I think it’s better I don’t have any of those amazing quilt shops you have, here because I just couldn’t choose what to buy. I hope you get soon signs of spring! x Teje

  5. Your pouches are lovely – so subtle and elegant! What a great gift!

  6. Hello my lovely friend, I look forward to seeing what you make with that lovely fabric, and I look forward to seeing the sun arrive in the UK again, eventually! Thank you for reminding us that it does exist!

    • Thank you Benta! My sister went ‘to south’ to find some sun – I hope she carries a lot when she returns to UK! Yesterday I had my winter coat and boots and today it’s again over +20 C! Weather is great even many other things are difficult. Have a wonderful week! x Teje

  7. What a brilliant idea Teje…these look fab and so practical too. Your new fabrics are gorgeous, you will have so much fun with these. We have some milky sunshine here this morning so I am heading out to tidy my garden with Billy ;0)
    Jane x

    • Thank you Jane! I think this turned out better than I expected! I am hoping so much to start with the new fabrics. I’m happy to hear you have lovely weather and you can enjoy outside with Billy! Have a great week! x Teje

  8. You’ve found a great selection of fabric suppliers. I get very put off by postage rates so I’ll check out some of yours. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re going make with those gorgeous prints. Your pouch id lovely too 🙂

  9. Wonderful job as usual – I need to make something for my iPhone, but have yet to find a pattern that I like – your pouch gives me inspiration…I think I will create one on my own to suit my needs…enjoy your warm weather. Here in Canada it is currently not too cold (-3C) but we still have so much snow! However, spring is just around the corner.

    Hugs to your furry friends too! xoxo

    • Thank you so much! I took measurement from the i-Phone and then thought carefully how to make it. It’s not difficult but take care in which order you sew because it’s very small and doesn’t fit ‘in the machine’ when it’s pouch. I made the closing at the bottom of the lining. I hope you have spring soon! x Teje

  10. Hi Teje, what a lovely fabric bundleI I love your i-phone case. I don’t have any of the gadgets either but a case of the same size with the opening on the long side would be good for keeping a few coins and cards when you don’t want to carry a bag. I love Michael Miller fabric as the quality is very good. I recently made my daughter a pouch from one of the Hedgehog designs for her Kindle and she loves it 🙂 Have a wonderful week, Avis x

    • Thank you so much Avis! Great idea for a small coin pouch! M M has so much wonderful prints! I remember your hedgehog – they were so cute! Have a great week! x Teje

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