Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi friends! I hope your weekend has started great! I have been here and there and around.  I’m happy to tell you that the weather cast made mistake – they promised rain for all the weekend – yesterday we got some but today I was able to take my sweet friend to the beach and to have a photo shoot with Hanna and Nero to show my new scarf!

fashionable scarf

She is doing her best and sang a little song, too! I had seen so many beautiful scarfs in many blogs, but how I thought that I don’t need that kind of scarf?! I had saved few pieces of very thin cottons, and when I saw Maureen’s and Jessica’s scarfs, I thought now it’s my time!


I made long scarf without wadding – this way I can use it more, but for the nex winter I shall make an other one with wadding. I used white thin fabric from a huge scarf that I had bought from Zara’s men’s cloths! I bought it especially to make a summer tunic which I did. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a photo at the moment. But the big scarf is here and you can see that from this I took also those tassles!


I had used the darker parts for the tunic and I left those tassles on the hem. The other fabric with blue-white-black colours was hb:s shirt – but that fabric is so thin that it wasn’t proper for men’s shirt. Once I made a tunic from that, too but it wasn’t strong enough even for my use. For the scarf they were perfect …

sew long scarf

I made each side half white and half checked. I sew first one white and one checked piece together and then I pinned them right sides together and between I add stripe with tassles that I had cut from the edge of the fabric. Then I sew the long sides and turned the tube right side out. Then I pinned the short edges together and sew all around the scarf. Quick, easy and great!

long scarf

It’s long enough (about 72″) to use it as Nero shows here or like Hanna is wearing it. As you see, we all are happy with this new scarf! Maureen and Jessica have made great tutorials for their scarfs, so if you need more ideas and details how to make a wonderful fabric scarf, visit their blogs. You will find lots of other interesting tutorials and inspiration as well!


And now lets go to the beach! When it’s sunny it’s suddenly so warm and we had a beautiful moment on the beach with my sweet, golden friend. She sends kisses to her mom and says that she’s fine but missing her!

on the beach

I guess she could use also some great designer sun glasses from ‘Firmoo’! There is still time to enter our fantastic give away HERE!!! This girl loves water and sea! We could sit there all the day just enjoying the beautiful view, smell of the sea, amazing waves, some dogs on the other side of the beach, parhaps a cat on the rocks and of course … stones!

crochet stone

There is always something I can’t help myself for picking up! About the crochet stone …’ coming soon’!

In the morning I started a new bag project. I should have done this long time ago, because I really need a very small shoulder bag. But my idea wasn’t totally ready in mind so it took till now to start.


I took advicing measurements from this great bag which has too short shoulder straps (I need to pass it over my head). This time I want more neutral colours so I chose this Ikea’s firm cotton with wooden logs. I show you only the beginning because I started with two prints but then I didn’t like the idea and now I need to frog the other piece and replace it with a piece from this same fabric. It’s better to do this project when your hb is out of town, because you may want to use his trousers for the lining …


So this for today … now I’m off to take care of Hanna and Nero … some running and searching (?) in the garden and then my friend is waiting also for her dinner and evening walk. Hb returns tomorrow so I need to remember to hide the rest of his trousers. It’s funny sometimes when I show a new thing I have made … he says: great … that reminds me of something?!

white mountains

I’m almost sure I haven’t shown you the white mountains. Many days I was trying to find a good place to take a photo. This was a great, warm day and there were people on the beach, some of them even swimming and behind snowy mountains shining in the sun!

But now … thank you again so much for your visit and lovely comments! I’m so happy you take the time to read my small photo stories! I wish you wonderful weekend and hope to see you soon!

Kisses from all of us TEJE, HANNA and NERO!

long scarf


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

22 thoughts on “FABRIC SCARF

  1. thank you Teje for sharing so much of your life, it sounds idyllic. I can think of nothing nicer than walking the shore by the sea and collecting special finds and putting in my special bag………… The weather here in the UK has warmed up a little and yesterday we had sun………. Love the log fabric !

    • Thank you so much Carol! You also help me to appreciate those little ‘every day’ things in my life – so easily we get used to them and don’t realize them anymore. I’m happy to hear that you have better weather! x Teje

  2. Your scarf is lovely! I’m so glad you found a use for those tufts after making your tunic. I too have ‘stolen’ odd things that various family members never wear to upcycle – it’s always a worry whether they’ll spot it missing!

  3. Thanks for sharing your sunny warm weather. It will be winter weather for us here for a couple of months yet.

    I love your scarf and your models show it off very well.

    • Thank you Cindy! That sounds too long winter but then again, we have too long summer (for me at least because it’s so hot). My golden friend saw snow this winter and she loved it! From my puppies only Foxy saw snow and then we had so much snow that it was too deep for little Foxy.
      x Teje

  4. What a lovely day you shared. Hanna is getting to be quite the model. What a sweet, laughing face. Nero is, of course, as beautiful as ever and your dear golden friend by the sea is so pretty too. Our weather is like a roller coaster. One day so cold you need mittens and the next you can go barefoot. The garden doesn’t know what to do. Your projects are always so clever. Well done!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words! I think Hanna starts to enjoy more this modelling and Nero of course is always ready to ‘play’ modelling! x Teje

  5. That is a lovely scarf Teje. How lovely to already be able to visit the beach. We have had sunshine here today…horray and it is much lighter. I hope your poor husband does not mind that he only has shorts to wear now that his trousers have been used as linings! Great projects on the go…you have so many fab ideas. Happy weekend to you and your sweet furry friends, Jane

  6. Hi Teje 🙂 I’m still giggling about your husband’s trousers. I remember he lost a shirt or two to a wonderful quilt 😉 Oh well, he can always buy more 😀 Your scarf is lovely and I like the tassles too 🙂 Avis x

    • Thank you Avis! He has too many shirts and trousers so I just help him! Thank you for reminding me about the word tassles – I do need new and bigger wordbook. x Teje

  7. I’m laughing at you stealing the trousers lol! Mr Patch had a lovely stripy jumper which I have wanted to felt for a looonngggg time. I was being really patient and waiting for him to finish with it. He knew I wanted it. Then, accidentally, it went through the washing machine and came out too small. So now I have the jumper to use. It REALLY was an accident lol!!

    • Thank you Patch! I believe you! My hb says that his sister washed ‘by accident’ one of his favourite pullover just to get it herself! What ideas you have for the felted jumper? x Teje

  8. I really love the scarf and Nero and Hanna model it beautifully! I love the little bag, and the book cover…in fact I love all the creative makes in this post!
    Helen x

    • Thank you so much Helen! My new scarf has already been very usefull but the bag is still on the sewing table. I try to knit forgotten jacket before winter is over … I think I need more hours to my day. Have a wonderful week! x Teje

  9. Hannah looks adorable in “her” new scarf! Love as always the scenery where you are at Teje! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I couldn’t reply as you are a no-reply blogger 😦

  10. Ooh I want to crochet a pebble…did you make that one?

    • Hi and thank you for your visit! I have made several crochet stones – they are so much fun to make and beautiful decorations! Would you be interested about tutorial? x Teje

  11. A beautiful scarf, Teje!!! You really do live in a scenic part of the world. How lucky that you can just pop down to the water.

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