Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello dear friends! Small quilt ‘Happy Days’ is ready and I love it! It is happy and joyful!

'Happy Days' wall quilt

Today was one perfect day for a photo shoot in the garden. Nero and Hanna were all the day outside and I joined them with my coffee brake.

patchwork mugs

I think this is my favourite photo today! ‘I didn’t have anything for my coffee’ (you know: I don’t have anything to wear) – so few days ago I thought to buy ‘chicken’ and ‘cow’ mugs I had seen in the local super market. But then I saw these and really liked them … untill I realized they have patchwork on them … then I fell in love with them!


Every month I used to get one lovely magazine from Finland – ‘Country Dreams’ – but now they don’t publish it anymore. I was sad to hear that and it was difficult to decide what other magazine could replace that. I chose this one ‘Home and Kitchen’. I really like it – they show wonderful homes, ideas to decorate, some recipies etc. and one trip somewhere – this time to Bali.


Coffee brake needs also Nero’s biscuit box, cheece sandwich, all on Marimekko’s tray … and half shadow! Sun was really hot on my back! and yesterday evening I had to wear my ‘down coat’. We have been this winter so lucky with the weather and we didn’t need to use very much the heating. Totally the opposite to the last winter which was really cold, rainy and endless. Do you notice Hanna’s ‘beach-towel’?


She loves to have sun bath!


This time I made the quilting by machine. I managed but it’s not perfect. Because I have to use the normal foot it’s difficult and I have to ‘feed’ the quilt all the time with a pin. I quilted horizontal, straight lines almost randomly. I don’t know why these lines and shadows bring to my mind trails for ski.


I can’t wait to get this quilt on the wall to watch it well. I shall hang it so that I can see it from my bed. When having my afternoon nap, I always enjoy watching the opposite stonewall and till now this ‘Patient’ quilt …

mini quilt

In the afternoon the sun comes from this side and it shines through the side of the curtain. Here I’m going to put my new ‘Happy Days’ quilt! Still I have to make the hanging sleeve. I made triangle corners but this is too big quilt for them … so other system is needed. On the outside wall two nails (my ‘show room’) were exactly on the right place to hang the quilt for a while …

'Happy Days' quilt

They just say it the news that rain and cold is coming to us … but today we had summer …


I’m joining many great linky parties with ‘Happy Days’: ‘Little Quilt Monday’, ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’, ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Made by Me Wednesday’, ‘Really Random Thursday’, ‘Friday Felicities’


My tape measure is now too far so I’ll give you the quilt details in an other future post. Colourful fabrics are Kona solids and they were enjoy to work with! My only problem and worry is the washing. Normally I wash every quilt after finishing and also I pre-wash all the fabrics. Now I didn’t wash the colour-patches … after your great advices I’m now a little bit prepared, I found colour-catchers! I hope they work well!


I guess you have seen enough (for this time) … I have more photos and shall take more … bright blue sky, fresh greens, yellow flowers and this quilt … what else it needs … aah, yes of course Nero …


Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments and eyeglass stories! I have enjoyed reading them! Nero would need sun glasses not to have closed eyes in our photos! Just one last one and then I leave you … with Happy Day wishes and hugs!


small quilt


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

43 thoughts on “‘HAPPY DAYS’ QUILT

  1. You make it quite hard for me; I just don’t know where to start commenting.
    The quilt is indeed a happy quilt, certainly with the beautiful Greek sun shining on it. It is so vibrant, a joy to look at. I can imagine you want it opposite to your bed.
    The mugs are very nice; of course you had to have them with this wonderful patchwork print.

    • Thank you Dorien! Often I don’t really sleep in the afternoon, so it’s great to have something nice to watch when lying down. Long time now I preferd white mugs – now I’m happy to have these for a change. x Teje

  2. What a happy post Teje full of sunshine and your wonderful quilts. They display so well on your stone walls. It is still endless rain and perhaps even more snow here…. Thanks for sending some sunshine x

  3. Dear Teje,

    This post was so full of sunshine – the quilt and everything is just full of it! I love the colors (and the surprise ski tracks on the other side, very Finnish!), it’ll looks perfect on your wall. We haven’t seen any sun in three-four days, so this post was more than appreciated!

    Happy Tuesday!


  4. this is beautiful now its finished. Love the photographs

  5. The quilt is wonderful. and I love your rather wonky straight line quilting. On that quilt it was the perfect choice. But why can’t you get a walking foot to make feeding the quilt easier?

    • Thank you Stella! I think my machine is ‘made on Monday’ (simple Singer) and if I take the foot out it’s almost impossible to put it back – so I’m affraid to bother that little ‘d’. x Teje

  6. This is such a beautiful quilt, Teje. I love those solid colours with the white 🙂

  7. What a beautiful quilt Teje, I love all the wonderful colors in it and also the way you quilted it! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

    • Thank you Connie! When I bought this solid bundle, I didn’t have any idea how to use it. I am more than happy for my first solid-quilt! x Teje

  8. Such a happy quilt – the solids are so bright and cheery!

  9. Your “Happy Days” quilt is so perfect (of course, a little sun and green grass never hurts!!). Your quilting is so perfect for this ‘modern’ quilt….fresh, crisp full of energy! You chose the last photo well—-it is my fave (not to slight your beautiful furry friends!). Such a pleasant warm spot for coffee—the cups are a delight (as are you!). Hugs…….

  10. The weather looks lovely and I think your patchworks mugs a fabulous. I love a pretty mug. Your quilts are all nice and colourful. Great finishes.

  11. Beautiful quilt T, and beautiful photos too! Those mugs are gorgeous! Jxo

  12. love the bright, happy colors and the fun pattern of your quilt! patchwork coffee mugs? two of my favorite things joined together 🙂

  13. Such a happy pretty quilt! Love seeing green outside too I might add… and those mugs are too cute.

  14. Ihana Happy Days! Taidanpa lainata ideaa joskus… Värimaailmasi kolahtaa omaani, tykkään kovasti väreistäsi! Vasta nyt olen oivaltanut, että valkoisella saa tilkkutöihin roimasti raikkautta. Minusta tuo vaakasuora tikkaus sopii hyvin peittoosi, se ei riistä tilkkujen väri-ilottelulta mitään. pois. Uusi Koti ja Keittiö tupsahti laatikkoon tänään täynnä kivoja kevätjuttuja, ehkä se sinullekin tulee piakkoin.

    • Kiitos Tiina! Niinkuin nakyy niin tarvitsen paljon vareja mutta aina myos ainakin ripauksen valkoista! Kiva tietaa etta uusi lehti tulee pian! Terveiset talla kertaa sateiselta Kreetalta! x Teje

  15. Hi Teje, What a beauty!! I love the colours and the pattern too 🙂 It is so modern and fresh and cooooool 😀 Your new mugs are lovely. I hope they didn’t have coffee in them while they were sitting on your quilt 😉 Avis x

  16. Hello!! This is my favourite quilt of 2013 so far!
    Your quilts are beautiful too x

  17. What a beautiful quilt. The quilting on it is just lovely!

  18. This is so sunny, happy and lovely!!! Congratulations on a beautiful quilt. Love your layout, the colors, the quilting – and your beautiful pictures too. You make all of us wish we were in Greece right now, on your lovely island…


  19. Beautiful quilt! Stopping in from Live a Colorful Life.

  20. Beautiful pictures–gorgeous quilt!

  21. Love the quilts…but love the mugs just as much! LOL!!!! I sure am enjoying visiting your blog!! It’s fun to see work from before I became a blogger. 🙂

  22. Valerie took the words right out of my mouth! Great quilt and those mugs caught my eye first!

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