Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi friends! It’s time to continue our eye glass story. If you haven’t read that part 1, hop HERE and leave a comment to get your first entry in our give away!

zipper pouch with applique

As you can see, it became a zippie – baggie … I had decided something else but the measurement didn’t fit. If I manage to make ‘that’ what I had planned, you will be the first one to see it!

patchwork pouch

This story with eye glasses is all about our fantastic give away with ‘FIRMOO’ Global Online Optical Store! Firmoo has offered kindly four $30 designer glasses vouchers! Read all the details for this give away from the part 1. This give away is open till 19th of February 2013.


Last time I promised to dust all my glasses and here they are … not all but all from my years in Greece. One pair is missing and I can’t understand how I throw them away, because they were one of the favourites! First they were my eye glasses and later I changed them to sun glasses. They looked like these …

Firmoo's eye glasses

Designer glasses from ‘Firmoo’

They were magical glasses because through them you looked really well tanned!!! I had them when I came first time to Greece with my friend and I remember how she said sometimes: ‘let me look a little bit with your glasses to see how great tan I have!’

my eye glasses

I did my best to give you sunny photos, but I failed today. There was just few sunny moments but mostly it was really cloudy and rainy. The next best backround is my new ‘Happy Days’ quilt! It’s quilted and the binding is pinned.

my eye glasses

This quilt was enjoy to make but more about that next time. I have to admit that my glass collection looks a little bit boring but with my small and narrow face, it is always quite a challenge to find good glasses. For me the good = they have something special or fun and I look nice wearing them.  Only these vintage glasses seems to be a little bit fun or what? The most right pair is the one I use now.

favourite glasses

These two pairs are my favourites! So I guess I should choose Firmoo’s glasses shown above or both pairs I showed to you in my last post

I thought that this time you could tell me if you remember some funny story about glasses. I love these glasses but perhaps they are too funny for ‘serious Mrs. in my age’!

Designer glasses from Firmoo

Designer glasses from ‘Firmoo’

One comment reminded me about what happened long time ago. My first ‘own’ dog was the most sweet Collie ‘Sina’. I named her after Keke Rosberg’s wife Sina. Keke Rosberg is Niko Rosberg’s Finnish father and he was very famous F1 driver! Anyway, once my sweet Sina ate my glasses! I came from sauna and found a hole in the other lense. I started to cry … but at the end fortunately insurance paid the glasses and I fixed them. My optician told that it’s not unusual that dogs like our glasses, because they have the smell from our skin.

zipper pouch

I don’t like to sew zippers but it’s always good to do something we don’t feel so comfortable. Mostly it’s my sewing machine’s fault, because I can’t change the foot.

I really like this big pouch – I don’t know if I use it or perhaps it goes to my shop. For the moment I enjoy watching it on my sewing table! It’s good size, firm, quilted with fleece and fusible web and I like the lining, too! Perhaps I should throw all my old glasses in it!


Here is my sewing assistant, very busy, full of ideas and inspiration in her creative space!

Remember that there will be an extra present if we have over 30 competitors in our give away!!! what happens now with this part 2?! Leave a comment here and tell your memory about eye glasses (or anything else you like). This means that by leaving a comment in part 1 post and part 2 post, you get 2 chances to win (one comment in each post)! Take care that there is a way to contact you, if you win!

It would be very nice if you visit FIRMOO to see how fantastic glasses and amazing prices they have!

eye glasses applique

Thank you for joining my eye glasses stories and sharing yours! Now I shall go to finish the binding on my ‘Happy Days’ quilt and later we shall see a movie on tv ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’. I love the movie ‘My Greek Wedding’ and the actors are same, so I hope this one is also good and funny!

I wish you all Good Luck, great week and hope to see you soon!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

23 thoughts on ““EYE GLASSES” part 2 – GIVE AWAY

  1. I am amazed you have all your old pairs of glasses Teje! I also have lot of pairs as I can never find them when I want them. So I have a pair in my car, handbag, bedroom, at work etc. I need them for distance not for reading. I loved seeing dear Nellie in her basket. Your new pouch is perfect. It has rained all weekend here…yuk! Let’s hope the sun comes back soon ;0) xx

    • Thank you Jane! Nelli really likes her bed. She used to have here only pillow but she like more this basket. My glasses are also for distance and I’m still lucky not to need reading glasses – I just take off my glasses and can read and sew. Have a great week! x Teje

  2. Rillipussukkasi on tosi ihana! Minulle nuo aplikaatiojutut on ihan vieraita, en ole kokeillut. Vetoketjurenksu on kiva idea, taidan kokeilla tuota joskus itsekin. Olen joskus yrittänyt pujottaa ommeltua kangaslenksua vetoketjun lukon pienestä reiästä siinä onnistumatta. Rillit kyllä kiinnostaisi, mutta nyt ei ole oikein aikaa niiden miettimiseen.

    • Kiitos Tiina! Kokeile tata ‘raw edge’ aplikaatiota. On tosi helppo ja hauska. Leikkaat vaan haluamiasi kuvioita ja sitten ompelet ne joko sik sakilla tai suoralla saumalla pohjakankaalle. Nama rillit ompelin sik sakilla ja edelliset linnut suoralla saumalla. x Teje

  3. I can’t believe you still have all your glasses. I haven’t kept them because every time there was a change in sphere, so the old glasses became useless. They would have made a nice collection though, showing all the changes in fashion; the huge frames of the 80’s, the almost invisable ones from the 90’s, up till the coloured glasses I have now.
    Your pouch is lovely, and the zipper looks great to me. Wonderful.

    • Thank you Dorien! My collection would be so much better if I had all the glasses I have had – as you said then it would be so great to see how the times have changed and the sizes! x Teje

  4. I love your little zipper pouch. I don’t wear glasses yet, but soon! Your quilt looks very much like spring : )

  5. Ha ha! Well my middle child, Lucy (who is now 30) wore glasses when she was very small. They were little silver round ones and they were fixed around her head with elastic from ear to ear, that was hidden under her hair. She was very young, only two years old, so they would not have stayed on without. She no longer needs glasses, but I kept the little pair as they were so, so tiny and rather sweet. Ros

  6. Hi Teje, It is lovely to see that you still have your old glasses! I wish I’d kept mine 🙂 My story is from long ago when I was a child. I have worn glasses since I was two years old so I’ve never had a problem with wearing them because it means I can see. However, my brother who is a few years older than me, hated wearing his glasses. He was always breaking them, maybe accidently but I don’t think so. One day it would be the nose bar that was broken and the next day one of the arms or both would be snapped off. My Mum used to stick them back together with sticking plasters and sellotape. What a mess they looked! Avis x

    • Thank you Avis for your story! I can imagine a little boy full of energy with sticked and taped glasses! I also never had a problem to wear glasses, as you said, I prefer to to see well! x Teje
      Ps. You know ‘those’ you show something and they say: I don’t see so far. Wear your glasses!!!

  7. Such a cute pouch T! I remember choosing glasses when ‘biggest was best’ and v.fashionable. I looked ridiculous! Jxo

    • Thank you Judith! No no, then we looked great and so fashionable! I’m really happy because small glasses have been in fashion long time. I don’t know if I could wear again those big glasses. x Teje

  8. When I was in grade school I wore glasses. In 4th grade the pair I had were wire-rimmed “granny glasses” and they might not have been a very sturdy choice for a child but I thought they were pretty. Once I was playing at recess and a boy who was tormenting me because he “liked me” chased me right into a tetherball pole–a thick metal pole on the playground. The glasses broke in two while I was wearing them–they split right on the bridge of my nose. My mother did not think that was very funny.

  9. Such a pretty pouch, really nicely made! and I love your glasses theme and how you kept all your old ones. The glimpses of your Happy Days quilt are so pretty. Nelli looks very comfortable in her delightful bed…I love the colour!
    Helen x

    • Thank you Helen! ‘Happy Days’ is finished and I love it! Nelli enjoyes her bed on the window – sun shines there and she can see what happens outside. x Teje

  10. I love what you did with your little bag — the eyeglass theme is so original!

  11. I can’t think of a funny story but your pouch with those glasses stitched on it looks wonderful – such a neat idea! And your happy days quilt is really beautiful.