Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi friends – I give the word to Nero, he has been resting all the day and I feel sleepy … Vof – happy Friday to all of you! I have been sleeping a lot today and also took some super vitamins + naminami for my legs, so I’m feeling great! And I’m happy to show you something fun …


It has been like a spring this week! Sunny and so warm – just amazing! I have picked many little flowers around …


… and always so many birds … my garden is full of birds! I love to listen their singing so I thought to invite few to my home …

notes and birds

I’m sure you can’t guess where they are singing! … this fabric came with hb from Ikea a while ago. We love notes but not so much black, so we had to add some colours! Other thing we didn’t like (anymore) was the small curtain with crochet flowers. It was nice curtain but we have been watching it now … how about just too long!

small curtain

So we made a new curtain for the bathroom. There is a simple white cotton backing and the birds are sewn by raw edge applique method – which we love as you know!  We left the birds very simple and didn’t start to sew legs etc. but wings we made because they look nice. And just because we had the flower in the exact same colour, we had to put that too. Flower had a purple center and we prefered blue so we made it on our own.

raw edge applique

The truth is that the loops are still missing and I do hope that tomorrow we can see this curtain on the window and here the birds singing in the bathroom. Do you sing in the shower? I don’t, so I’m happy to have someone else to do the singing!

Speaking about bathrooms the ‘donkey-bridge’ leads to Nelli’s new loo. Nelli loves to be outside but she prefers to have her ‘hmmm’ inside. That’s because Nelli was very ill when she came to us, and she stayed the first year mostly at home. Now she is the queen of the garden and enjoyes every part of the countrylife! But here you go …


You know that cats like to be clean and they throw the cat litter from their feet all around when leaving the ‘sand box’. Now after ten years I got ‘the great idea’ to put her litter in a big box, where she can shake her legs as much as she likes! I just wish all this thing could be in the garden!

cat's toilet

One thing is sure that Nelli is the only cat in the world who has a loo with hippoes, fishes and a bird!

PAPER PIECING: I have just seen two beautiful paper piecing blocks! They have been made with foundation-piecing technic. I still haven’t tried that but these two blocks are really inspiring!

*   “Scottie-Dog” made by Judith at “Just Jude

*   “Little Cat’ made by Kristy at ‘Quiet Play’

I found the cat block from Janine at ‘Rainbow Hare Quilts’ – she made her part for the bee quilt with these cat blocks!


GIVE AWAY! Our give away is still open! If you like to win a voucher for super fashionable designer eyeglasses – click HERE and leave a comment to tell me what glasses you would choose or what I should choose!

QUILTING NEWS! I have finally finished the pattern-tutorial for the ‘BABY STARS’ quilt! It’s available in my etsy shop TEJESARITA!

baby quilt

We have some new ideas – how else – not a moment without planning and thinking – I do hope someone has time to brush my beautiful fur tomorrow – and of course to play!


Hmmm…. I guess I have to leave you now … Nelli just lift her head from the chair! She is sleeping often on the chair under the dining table and I forget her totally and then I’m so surprised when she gets up suddenly! That chair has a lamb wool on it and Nelli loves that. But then she loves also her bed next to the window in the sewing attic – there she has a little, cozy ‘net’ in the basket with a small patchwork blanket.

'Singing Birds'

I leave you with these birdies and hope their singing leads you to a wonderful weekend! Oh – almost forgot to ask: should I sew (or Teje in fact) more around the birds or do you think that one stitching line looks enough?

I’m linking at ‘Friday Felicities’, ‘Creative Friday’, ‘Fiber Arts Friday’

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post! Also I want to send thanks and my furry hugs to all my friends – it’s so great to see that you have followed us to our new blog and also we are so happy to see many new readers and followers! We do our best to divert you (hope that’s the right word)! Please continue to write your sweet messages – we love to read them!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

24 thoughts on “LITTLE CURTAIN

  1. This post really made me smile Nero. What happy birds I can almost hear them singing from here and much to the annoyance of my Hb yes I do sing in the shower. I wish my curtain in the bathroom was so cheerful. Nelli is such a clean girl….and Teje has made her such a wonderful loo. What a lucky bunch you all are in your happy home ;0)
    Have a lovely weekend and say hi to Teje, Billy sends a purr from a very cold Surrey, Jane x

    • Thank you Jane and Billy! ‘They’ feel cold also here now and after many days opened the heating! I’m fine with my fur. Kisses to you! Nero

  2. I love the birds with the notes. Very cute.

  3. I love your posts Nero. There is so much in them and they are so bright and colourful. The birdie curtain is a lovely idea!

  4. Yippee, my iPad let me one and visit,( I don’t know why it dislikes WordPress so much) so I have now caught up, I L.O.V.E. happy days: I haven’t done a solids quilt but you have inspired me to add it to the list! The glasses b lock is fun. Have you seen a site called something like fandom? It is paper piecing (and maybe will tempt you to try) and people load their tv/film based designs. There are 30 or 40 Harry Potter based blocks (including his glasses) also Sesame Street, super heros etc. some great inspiration for your picture blocks. I love the birds curtain too, such a good use ofthe fabric, I don’t remember seeing that one in Ikea.

    I have missed being able to visit you my friend x x

    Just to say that next time I sneak past the iPolice and get to visit you I won’t risk jumping around, so if you want me to give you the link to the fandom site can you email rather than post a comment here.

  5. LOL! I love reading your ‘english’ T! It is so funny! Using the word divert in the way you have reminds me of a great Jane Austen book – wonderfully old fashioned! And thank you for the plug re: my wee scottie dog! I really like how you have made your musical curtain! The birdies are perfect as they are! Jxo

    • Thank you so much Judith! LOL with your sweet comment! I was thinking about the ‘divert’, amuse, entertain – I guess I should find a new wordbook – but I’m happy if I make my readers laugh! Perhaps I should leave Nero write more – then they would be his ‘mistakes’! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  6. What a wonderful way to brightened up this curtain. I had to look twice to see the flowers and birds weren’t printed.
    I never knew cats and hippo’s could be friends, but then you amaze me every single time.
    Enjoy your ‘Spring’; it just started to snow again here.

    • Thank you so much Dorien! I was just cleaning outside because everything is covered with dust – yesterday we had a rain with dust from Africa. That’s usual in spring. Have a great weekend! x Teje

  7. Hi Teje, I love your new curtain 🙂 I think the birds are just right the way they are. It is a great idea to have them sitting tweeting in the music 🙂 Nero is looking so handsome once again! Have a wonderful week! Avis x

    • Thank you so much Avis! I think they give happy atmosphere to the bathroom. Loops are still missing … but I found the colour-catchers! I hope they work well enough, but I don’t wash the quilt before it’s necessary. Usually I wash them after finishing. Happy weekend! x Teje

  8. I absolutely LOVE what you’ve done with that IKEA fabric! Brilliant!! Thanks for linking up to Friday Felicities, too, Teje!

  9. Oh, that curtain is fabulous! I love the music and the birds. Spring? Oh, we just got a bunch of snow so seeing Spring is simply beautiful.

  10. I love your embellished musical notes curtain and I think you’ve got the perfect amount of stitching. And thank you for your link to my cats but I do need to mention I only made the row. It is a bee quilt so we each add something and send it on 🙂

  11. What a lovely post! Your music notes made me feel like singing! Ros

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