Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Green & Blue & something Greek – GIVE AWAY!


Hi my Dear Friends! January is a great month! I feel it’s relaxing month after all the Christmas and New Year celebration. It’s calm and quiet … at least that is the picture I have in my mind when thinking of January. It’s also my birthday month. 14th of January is my birthday and it’s already tradition here at ‘Neros’ Post and Patch’ that we have a present for your! I have been thinking so hard what I could put in this give away parcel?! Here it is finally …

mini quilt and sea glass

After my last post it became very clear that most of you love green colour! as well as blue! So I ended up with something quite ‘me’.

mini quilt

I am hoping that you could use this mini quilt as a small coffee mat, mug rug, on your side table, on your working table – where ever you need something soft to put your small things – glasses and watch at night – scissors and cutters, coffee/tea mug – flower pot …


A pen and a notebook on it reminds you to send written hearts to your friends! With this type writer, I like to thank you for writing so wonderful comments! Where you would like to go with those tickets?


With these beautiful green-turquoise-blue colours … something from Greece … from the beach of Crete!

sea glass

… sea glass and a shell! And perhaps you would like to have a pinwheel brooch? You can use it on your pullover, scarf, hat, shawlet, bag … and because it’s made of warm fleece in ‘cold’ winter colours, it could remind you of snowy mountains of Greece!


Chocolate we need always – or what?! You can taste my Greek favourite – dark chocolate with orange. If you prefer milk chocolate, I’ll send you that and eat this myself!


View over the town today – on a sunny Sunday. And this I saw from the beach …


Sea has always so amazing colours! Yesterday I passed sandy beach of Kalathas; sun was shining and the water was so strong turquoise, blue from light till emerald green! But after half an hour the heavy rain came and the sea was stormy, gloomy dark blue with foam-crested waves!

To enter this give away, just leave a comment in this post. This give away is open till the end of the January! Nero will pick the winner at the end of the month and then he posts 1. of February to tell you who is the winner! I leave now more time for every one to find my new blog and to enter. I shall have an other give away very soon! Please take care that there is a way I can contact you if you winn!

mini quilt

Thank you for joining me today! Thank you also for visiting my new blog and leaving such a sweet comments! I hope you have had time to see a little bit around my new blog. I have add tutorials on their own page over the header. Also you can find a page for bags and I’m working on to add more things to those pages. On the two sidelists you can find lots of links and information.

Sunny wishes with hugs!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

56 thoughts on “Green & Blue & something Greek – GIVE AWAY!

  1. Happy Birthday, dear Teje!

    How lovely it is to have a birthday in January! I always wish someone in my family would have born in January as we have absolutely no celebrations in this month, and it feels long and cold after wonderful Christmas-time. But now you made it so much more brighter with this wonderful and sunny post, thank you!

    And oh yes, please count me in on this beautiful giveaway, I would love to have your art (and all the other wonderful things too!) – thank you so much for this!

    Happy Sunday!


  2. Your new blog is looking so lovely, Teje! And what a gorgeous giveaway with so many lovely treats! Please pop my name in the hat ! Wishing you an wonderful week ahead 🙂
    Helen x

  3. Happy birthday to you, but we should be showering you with gifts not the other way round. That said, i’d love to have your mini quilt. Love the fabric, the colors, and the hand quilting. It would be happy here by my seashore with the pinwheel to keep it company while I munch on those dark chocolates. : ) Have a wonderful day in your garden doing whatever pleases you.

  4. I discovered your blog today, just in time to have the chance to win this adorable mini quilt! I love blue and green and especially love the typewriter and the tickets. I hope Nero picks me!

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely one. That chocolate looks DIVINE but if i win you had better eat it or wait until May to send to me as I am sure it is 50 degrees C in my letterbox! But i would love to have something you have made!

  6. Happy birthday, dear friend! And what a lovely post you write about things you love. Hugs, Katherine

  7. Happy Birthday tomorrow! Your little quilt looks beautiful, and if the tickets on it were flying tickets I would definitely come to Crete. Your pictures have made me fall in love with your gorgeous island.
    I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow!

  8. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Teje – hope you have a wonderful day! It’s also my niece’s birthday tomorrow … shame she’s on the other side of the world.

    That’s a beautiful mini-quilt!

  9. You inspire me to someday do a giveaway like this on maybe my birthday month! Maybe I will do one for Nim as well. What a great idea!

  10. I hope you have a wonderful birthday with many more to follow. I am always amazed with your sea pictures. Living in the mountains the sea is so unfamiliar to us!

  11. Happy birthday. How wonderful to celebrate with giving. Green is my favourite colour and would be a lovely reminder of our first Greek holiday last summer. Thank-you.

  12. Oh how beautiful your photos are … and that sweet breakfast mat – love it! Happy Birthday!! I would love to win this giveaway just to have a bit of Greece brightening up my home 🙂 Give Nero and Hannah a scratch behind the ears for me 🙂

  13. Happy birthday for Monday, Teje. I wish you a stunningly wonderful day and may the year ahead be filled with joy. It is my man’s birthday tomorrow as well as my co-grandmother’s birthday (daughter-in-law’s mother), so the 14th January is a special day in our family.

  14. Happy Birthday, Teje! Best wishes on your special day and for the year ahead – may it be filled with love and happiness.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of where you live and of what you create!

  15. Have a very happy birthday Teje, it looks as though the sun will shine for you. I always love seeing your blue skies in Crete. These colours are my absolute favourite…greens and blues. Your mini quilt is fab, such lovely details. Please put me into the hat for your super giveaway. Have a lovely week, Billy sends a purr too,
    Jane x

  16. Happy Birthday! Hope you´ll have a wonderful day with lots of sunshine 🙂 I think your give-away is superb! Green and blue are colours I just been struggling with, trying to do a rainbowquilt! Nice colours, but so hard to combine 🙂
    Gun, Sweden

  17. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Teje! You giveaway present is beautiful and I’m very envious of all your sunshine 🙂

  18. You have chosen correctly……those summery, cool, serene, watery, dreamy colors are what I think of when I think of your beautiful corner of the world! The sea glass is exquisite! A friend, a while back, presented me with a bar of Belgian dark chocolate w/ orange—–words couldn’t describe the taste and I imagine the same for this—-now, who could NOT love dark, dark, dark chocolate!!! Your water photos are just what I need right now. As I gaze out my livingroom window I am met with a view of a brown/white(snow) landscape with snowshowers, at the moment, and a temp of 12F. Bone chilling! Thank you for the warm post! Bundled hugs coming your way, dear Teje!! Doreen

  19. What a thoughtful giveaway T, and I love your deep blue skies too! Happy Birthday! I hope you do something nice to celebrate! Jxo

  20. Happy Birthday Teje! I love the colors of the quilt and the sea glass. Of course you are right about the chocolate too. Who doesn’t want a little chocolate every day?


  21. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a fabulous day. I love the colours of your little quilt, they are my favorite too. They remind me of the ocean which is now so far from where I live, but so close to you. I love the sunny photos on your blog, they brighten the dull grey days we are having here. Please enter me for your little giveaway. I would love the sea glass and your beautiful stitches.

  22. Happy Birthday, Teje! I hope you have an awesome day and an awesome month.

  23. You are so talented, I am in awe! It is a little chilly here today, but not as bad as it is in some parts of the USA. I love all of the things you are including the yummy DARK chocolate….yummm. Crossing my fingers that I win. Thanks for a chance

  24. Happy Birthday! I discovered your blog today 😀
    I love to enter your giveaway. I am following your blog now.

  25. Happy birthday Teje 😀 I love the way you have a heart written by the typewriter on your mini quilt. My daughter makes sea glass jewellery with silver. It is very beautiful. However, we rarely find green sea glass here. Today, we have snow! So it is lovely to share your sunshine once again 🙂 Thank you Teje! Avis x

  26. Your “New” blog is very nice. I already re-did the link from my blog to yours.
    I believe Japan is my next travel destination but possibly Greece & Crete will be next after that.
    I love your mug rug in those colors. Crossing my fingers and hoping.
    Happy, Happy Day!!!

  27. fingers crossed xoxo pick me cuz i love it xoxo and happy birthday xo

  28. Happy Belated Birthday! Your giveaway is so wonderful!

  29. Happy Birthday Teje! I like the way the typewriter is writing a love letter 🙂 I know the mini-quilt will be even more beautiful in real life because I already have some of your work to treasure 😀 Lucky me!! The sea glass is also very pretty. Thank you for having the giveaway! Avis x

  30. Happy belated birthday. I’m sorry I missed it. I’m one of those people who hasn’t updated with your new blog! I will do that immediately.
    Beautiful pictures Teje. And thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Happy belated birthday Teje, I hope you had a wonderful day. I have been reading your blog for some time now and I love seeing your work. Your pictures of sunny Crete help take the chill off our snowy and icy winter. Thank you for the chance!

  32. A late but heartfelt happy birthday! I’ve been following your blog for some time and your beautiful photos always inspire me to make something beautiful. I love sea glass and started collecting it last year, not to make anything with it but just because I like the colour, shape and feel of it.
    Thank you for your lovely blog, maybe one day I’ll have the courage to start my own!
    Susan x x

  33. Happy Birthday Teje! Love the mini quilt, these are my favourite colours. Hope your birthday is wonderful.

  34. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Thank you for a fabulous giveaway – all those great colours!
    This post only arrived in my email box today – how can I get them sooner???
    gillwatson at mailbox dot co dot uk

  35. A belated Happy Birthday! The little quilt is darling. I love the typewriter fabric. Thanks for this.

  36. Happy, happy birthday! I would be honored to own and display your lovely mini quilt! 🙂

  37. Happy birthday (a little late), Teje! Your little quilt is gorgeous…reminds me of an old typewriter I had growing up. And yes, green is one of my favorite colors.

    • Sage, dear, I’m happy to tell you that you won our give away! Please e-mail me your address so I can send your presents. Have a wonderful weekend! x Teje & Nero

  38. I have already won one of your beautiful mug rugs I just wanted to say I hope you had a Happy Day!!

  39. Hope you had the best birthday ever! I’m holding on to your thoughts about January being a calm month…..grin.

  40. A belated Happy Birthday Teje! Hope you had a lovely day.Your views are truly beautiful. You are lucky to live in such a picturesque place. Happy days! Ros

  41. Hope you had a nice birthday!

  42. Happy birthday. Sorry I am a few days late. I love your style and always enjoy stopping by your blog. I hope Nero will pick me. To bad I can’t put a beef scent on my comment.

  43. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had the best day ever.
    Thank you for the chance to win such gorgeous items. Love it all!
    Have a wonderful week!

  44. happy late birthday . thankfully

  45. Hope you had a lovely birthday. I am so glad I have found your blog. Your crafting is very clever, your are so good with a needle and thread, very talented. I hope that even if I don’t win your give away you could send me some sunshine, we have snow here and it’s so cold! I love sea glass and never find any, although I live far from the sea here. I must try my hand at more sewing, your blog is inspiring!

  46. Happy Belated Birthday! Please enter me in to win! I love the ticket fabric! You always have the most beautiful pictures of the water on your blog.

  47. Hello and happy belated birthday from Kris and Duke! Your mug rug is adorable and I always enjoy your scenery. Dark chocolate? Yum!!

  48. I’m too late to congratulate you with your birthday, but I hope you had a lovely day anyway.
    I love green and blue, so this give-away is just right for me. Thank you for the chance.

  49. Happy belated birthday! I love the design of your blog. Makes me want to fly away to Greece and leave all this snow behind! The mini quilt/mug rug is adorable!

  50. Happy birthday for January. The blue and green colours are so fresh after all the grey of winter. Your blog is lovely.


  51. Happy Birthday to you! I agree January is a great month to wind down after a hectic holiday season. What a beautiful mini quilt…..would love to be the winner!

  52. Happy Belated Birthday!! Just found your blog and etsy shop today. I so love your gab bag. Your colors of blue and green are so serene on your mat. I would love to have a piece of Greece!

  53. I found you on Sewpaintcreate’s blog she posted about knitting cowls. I would love to be entered in your giveaway, I LOVE the things you will offer .

  54. Happy birthday! January was my mother’s birthday month; it is a great time for celebrating and for beginnings. Thanks for the chance to be entered into your giveaway. My dad had a typewriter much like the one on your mat–seeing it brings back sweet memories.

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