Nero's Post II (2013-2015)

by Teje Karjalainen

Pinwheel Brooch-Ornament TUTORIAL


Hi everyone! It’s time for the first tutorial this year! Before Christmas I made pinwheeles with knitted material and fleece. They became ornaments, decorations and brooches. They are easy and fun to make and very likely you have materials at home.

pinwheel ornament

For this ornament I used knitted material. You can use also fleece and felt. For the ornament you need also two tassels and for the brooch one tassel and a brooch pin.


Tassels can be any kind small tassels; that ribbon is very practical (when you cut the tassel from the ribbon, leave the ends to the tassel and you can sew it from there). If you don’t have a brooch pin you can use also safety pin for the brooch.


Cut two  3″ x 3″ squares from you material and cut every corner about 1 and  1/4 “. Then turn the corners as shown in the photo.

For the brooch make two similar pinwheeles. For the ornament two opposite = for the 1. pinwheel turn every right corner and for the 2. pinwheel every left corner.


The brooch has two similar pinwheels one over the other.

The ornament has two opposite pinwheeles against each others.

Use pin to keep corners together and then sew them with several stitches.


For the brooch sew one tassel on the one pinwheel …


For the ornament sew one tassel on both pinwheeles …


For the brooch: sew two pinwheeles one over the other one and then sew the brooch pin to the backside.

For the ornament: sew two pinwheeles against each others and put a yarn loop between the pinwheeles.


Here you , lovely, little pinwheels! Even I made these ornaments for the Christmas, they are great for every season. White is always nice but you can use any colour you like … or two different colours! Think for example yellow for the Eastern and how about garland with lots of pinwheels in many colours! These could be even small flowers with two colours and tassel in third colour! Do you have more ideas?!

pinwheel brooch

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any question, I’m more than happy to answer!

pinwheel brooch

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Thank you for your visit! Thank you for your wonderful comments and sweet wishes for my new blog-space! Sunny wishes!


pinwheel ornament


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

33 thoughts on “Pinwheel Brooch-Ornament TUTORIAL

  1. These are so pretty Teje, I love mine and it is sitting on my tree still until it comes down at the weekend. What a helpful tutorial this is. Happy weekend,
    Jane x

  2. Thank you, Teje, lovely tutorial. I’ll make some for my grandchildren’s school fair.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Your ornament is so cute!
    Gun, Sweden

  4. I’m thinking of red and green ones all in a circle for a Christmas garland or wreath 🙂 Thank you for the brilliant tutorial Teje! Have a lovely weekend 🙂 Avis x

    • Thank you Avis! Your idea for a wreath is brilliant, too! How we can remember that next Christmas?! Happy weekend to you! x Teje

      • I keep a notebook by the laptop so I can write down ideas. It has been here at least a year and is still empty. I’m hopeless at times! Avis x

        • I’m also hopeless – I have aone notebook for sewigns, one for blogging, one for etsy, many many notepapers next to my laptop … where I shall write this idea? x Teje

          • Put a note in your Christmas decorations storage box. They can be made quite quickly in the final days before Christmas 😀 If I tell someone else an idea, I usually remember it myself. Must be getting old 😉 Avis x

  5. Wow, lovely, thanks for the instructions.

  6. I made my mince pies for Christmas this year in the same shape 😉

  7. Hi Teje – I hope you all had a great Christmas and joyful New Year. Say “hi” to Nero and the girls. 🙂

  8. I love these! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial.

  9. Teje, it’s beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to Friday Felicities!

  10. What a sweet idea. Great tutorial!

  11. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. These are such pretty pinwheels. They make me think of the star ornaments that my Grama had on her Christmas tree when I was young.

  12. That is a great tutorial and a fun project to make. Happy New Year!

  13. Hello Teje! Your new blog looks fabulous! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I haven’t been around over the Christmas holiday, as we have many family visitors staying and it has been sooo busy. Looking forward to many more happy visits to see your amazing crafting in 2013!

    • Thank you so much Ros! I’m happy to see you hear and to hear that you have had lovely Christmas with family! I’m also waiting to see your new projects and hope to see often Oscar! Hugs! Teje & Nero

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  15. You could make the center pom pom (not “tassel”) in yellow, make the front pinwheel in red or pink and the back pinwheel in dk green and it would look like a poinsettia!

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