Nero's Post and Patch

by Teje Karjalainen


Welcome to my sewing room!

Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to welcome you to my NEW sewing room! Just wish I could offer you apple pie with coffee!

Teje's sewing room

When you come to my sewing room, this is the First sight you have from the door. Room is not big but everything is now in order and it’s quite practical to work. I did a lot of thinking in the beginning and ended up to put the table in the middle. I have always my sewing machine on the leftside and the cutting place on the right, so like this the electricity cable comes easily from the back wall.

Teje's sewing room

There is very narrow window and the door to the balcony. I thought that how ever I put my table, I can’t see much out, so I prefer to have the wardrope behind me and the open selves front of me. Also I can have drawers on the back wall as the wall on the right side doesn’t has space for them. If I’m here, Hanna is here!

Teje's sewing room

On the wall are now my two challenge quilts. My First quilting challenge was ‘Nero’s Garden’ (free pieced animals from our garden and neighbourhood) on the right. The latest challenging quilt project was ‘Fantasy Forest’ (paper pieced forest animals) on the left side. They don’t really match together but ‘Nero’s Garden’ was long time in the store so I like to see it for a while. Then I will put there ‘Happy Days’ quilt.

Sorry but you are still on the door … please step in!

Teje's sewing room

From the balcony door you see all this … I have fixed my table with an old table from our taverna, old drawers also from our taverna and the white board on them. I like to have white table to see well the colours. Material is slippery, so Fabrics move easily on it and it’s easy to clean. The drawer is filled with my painting stuff.

Teje's sewing room

Around my sewing machine I have most needed little things, on the opposite selves quilting Fabrics, quilting books, boxes for selvages, bindings, 3,5″ Project etc. Some yarns that are the latest projects (and didn’t fit in the big drawer in the other room). Behind the pillows on the right, there is my ‘GO Baby’ cutter machine. I wish I had more often time to make projects with that. The door is my inspiration board. There I have my Quilter’s Calendar and Moomins Calendar + inspiration pictures.

Teje's sewng room

On the table I have the most needed tools: rulers, bobbins, scissors, cutters, pins and wonder clips … and one BOX with mixed stuff (should clear up that BOX). Mostly I use these big spools of cotton thread. I keep my other threads in the white drawer on the left side from the sewing machine, near but safe from dust and light.

Teje's sewing room

There are also the ribbons, zippers, buttons, other small supplies, stamping things and some leathers. When we moved in, I was really happy to see these drawers in the wardrope; I knew they will be very practical and I like the white material. My Perle 8 threads for quilting are in chocolate tins. Perfect size for the little balls and easy to take with me if I stitch some where else.


Scrap BOX which happens to fit over the BOX with ready cut men’s shirts. I fact I don’t have a lot of scraps because I use them all the time. Also I consider as a scrap only very small pieces. Some Special scraps are in an other BOX,  stripes and whites are also separate.


My quilting Fabrics are in plastic storage boxes by colour (mainly). I used to have them just folded, as big as possible to avoid much ironing. You have seen that many quilters fold them so that you can see all the Fabrics by one look. I just fixed my Fabrics like that and it’s absolutely the best way. I have lots of small pieces and so many sizes of Fabrics that I didn’t fold them for exact size, just so that they fit nicely in the BOX.

quilting fabrics

Now I have fixed the colours but need to fix still the other boxes: white/low volume, MIX, other (linen etc.), Special and solids.

quilting fabrics

Then finally we turn back to the door. This is perfect design wall as there is no space for any furniture and it’s easy to use and look from my chair. I have coverd the boards with fleece. Even I have the door open in summer, Fabrics don’t fly away because they will be behind the door.

Teje's sewing room

Next to the design wall I have a Board with Special cards and little things from friends. On the stool some quilts are waiting for a label to go to the shop. On the design wall there is my latest project: ‘Milky Hearts’ in aqua. And then there was the ‘Milky Hearts’ in pink …

design wall

And what about the wardrope? It’s filled with … you guessed right … with fabrics, other materials, waddings,  and finished things for the shop. Only small difficulty is the ironing Board. If I want something from the wardrope, I have to move it. but I didn’t find any solution for this (yet). After the busy summer I may think again and do some changes … but I think my room works well now concidering how much I have managed to fit in the small room. I’m very happy with my new sewing space and enjoy being there. It looks normally very much like this except the table which is often over loaded with Projects and Materials. Now just finishing the ‘Milky Hearts’, I collected those materials to be ready for the new ones.

Teje's sewing room

As you can see two baby quilts are still waiting to be quilted. I find it hard now to share my time and to decide which works should be done first etc. I’m thinking that hand quilting can be done also later in the shop so perhaps you will find me there stitching those quilts.

Thank you for your visit! I’m so happy you came to see where I sew now! So I shall then drink the coffee on my own … without apple pie … hope you enjoyed your visit and come back soon!

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Play mat and radish

Hi Dear Friends! Pick your colour and lets start …

stone game

Haa, did you pick the ‘white’? Looks like you are winning! … or not …

play mat

I think I got this idea when I was on the beach and picked some stones. I was thinking that when someone is on holidays, here or any where, perhaps there are moments they would like to have a little game to play.

play mat for stone game

For example on the beach or hotel room, children (and not only) can be restless when sitting and waiting in the restaurant, airport or car … then this little game can be fun and helpful.

drawstring bag

The play mat comes with a drawstring bag – easy to carry any where – kids can keep in the bag also other things.

stone game

There will be 3 + 3 stones in the bag. But you can play this also with your own finds. Perhaps you find shells from the beach … you see that I have in my mind holidays in Greece. I am making these for Trikimia’s shop which will be open soon. Early spring before the first ‘migratory birds’ arrive, we shall open a beautiful, little shop in Chania’s old town.

nine patch blocks

First few mats I made one by one, but then several in ‘line’. Of course I had to see how they would look as a quilt. Looks very busy like this, but fun. I hope to make a quilt soon to enjoy my new design wall!

radish sandwich

As I’m writing this, I’m having coffee with radish sandwich … so here you are! Yesterday our neighbour gave to us some radishes from their garden. I think radish is the most cute vegetable!


I really like also the crisp taste of them … and the colours …


Speaking about crisp … it has been really crisp and cool here …


Last week we had several hail-showers! It was an unique experience to pick lemons while it was hailing! Hb made fish soup and needed lemons just that moment. Our lemon tree makes the best lemons, so juicy and without pips.


You see!  Fortunately today it was much warmer and sunny … perfect for a walk with dear furry friend!

But now I think it’s time to get back to work … there are play mats waiting on my table. I’m happy you liked the clutch bags and Fabrics I used for them. Marimekko’s Fabrics are always beautiful and often fun.

stone game by teje

Thank you for stopping by again, for reading my blog and for your wonderful comments! Welcome new followers, from near and far!

I wish you lovely, creative and warm week! Hope to see you soon again!



Clutch purse and nine patch blocks

Hello, hello, hello! Instead of just fluffing around the Internet, I thought to show you two more clutch purses I have made.

clutch purse

This one is made with Marimekko’s fabric. Very nice, firm cotton fabric and great colours. It’s made with my own plan. Can be made with one piece or if the fabric is so that you don’t like to have it ‘upside down’ on the cover, then make it with 2 or three pieces.

marimekko fabric

And from behind. Closing will be with magnet. Thank you sis for sending them, didn’t have time yet to sew them (like it takes a lot of time).

clutch bag

The other one is with lovely flower fabric, canvas type. I really like this fabric; I bought it from ‘Eurokangas’ in Finland. Both bags are quilted with threads I got also from my sister.They have gorgeus colours.

leather and thread

I use these threads also for leather bracelets.

Both bags has natural white (unbleached) cotton for lining.

clutch bag

I have cut ten more clutch bags … don’t have any idea when can sew them.

There is now this project with nine patches on my table …

nine patch block

The plan is to fill this basket with drawstring bags filles with mini quilts (?) … more about that later.


I plan these quite too much, but it’s fun to arrange the colours and to find nice scraps.


I found some cute pieces to use in the center …


The weather has be horrible here. Icy cold and terrible strong wind. Raining and almost snowing. Today it’s raining less and we had a great walk with Hanna. Nero went to run and play in Maherida. At home Nero likes to go often to the garden and then he’s digging the wet solid … guess what happens then … his toes and nails are full of dirt and need to be washed. Still he manages to fill the white marmor floor with foot prints … brown.

clutch bags by teje

Now I have to leave you to work with sea glass pendants. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments! Hope to see you soon!

PS. by the way, the little table cloth is finished. Now I just have to find some flowers to fill the vase.



Table Toppers

Hi Friends! I sit here and listen the strong rain hitting on the window next to me. Today was mixed with rain and sunshine. They say that it may rain many days and perhaps even snow … I hope not.

table topper

Finally I took the time to make table toppers for our ‘night tables’ as we call them in Finnish. I used the ‘Summer Wine’ octagon quilt for a long time on my side table. A while ago hb said that he wants also something on his side table, so I got an opportunity to make NEW for me, too.

ikea fabric

I really like this ikea’s fabric that Vicky from ‘Veni Vidi Vicky’ so kindly sent to me. Thank you again Vicky! I didn’t want to cut it to small pieces and waited to find good idea where to use it so that I could enjoy this fan design. For the table toppers I didn’t want to use too much colours or time to make patchwork, so this fabric was just perfect.


I cut two pieces 40 cm x 60 cm and basted them with fleece and backing fabric. Then quilted them with waves by machine – no need to mark anything.

machine quilting

View behind the scene …


For the binding I chose light green. Our bed cover has red, green and white and I don’t want to mix many other colours with that. I’m not very happy with those colours but the cover fabric is very good quality and also practical with dogs, so I won’t buy beautiful white cover and fill the bed with happy coloured patchwork pillows.


The finished table toppers look fun and fortunately not too different style with the bed cover. And the binding looks more to yellow when it’s seen with the mustard yellow on the center fabric.

table topper by teje

There was a small piece left and it gave me an other idea. Until now the ‘bar’ between kitchen and dining was loaded with different things but now I have managed to empty it (almost). There is nice place for a small table topper to put a vase with flowers or big glass with candle as I have now. So late in the evening I started to play with some scraps and just can’t wait to finish this …

table topper in process

Looks fun, right! I think this evening will be devoted to some scrap sewing!

blue sky

This was the beautiful sky one time today. Twice I saw full rainbow. At the moment in the news they tell how in the mainland it’s very bad weather, cold and snowing. Snowing in Athens. I think I shall go tomorrow to buy few things and then we can stay at home and let it rain and snow. In 2004 we had lots of snow for several days here in Chania and it was quite an experience!

whole cloth mini quilt

If you thought that I sit in that chair and read, guess again. Where ever I put a quilt or something else se soft and comfortable, Nelli makes reservation. This is her daytime place – she enjoyes to sleep there. If sun shines it makes this corner the best. Also she likes to look outside, no matter that she can see only our empty balcony.

table topper

Before I leave you, I have happy news! My dear Finnish friend, Anneli who lives also in Greece, has started a blog! It’s called ‘Chromatobalomata‘! I’m so happy that we can now see her beautiful works, quilts and other crafts! She lives in a beautiful countryside, surrounded by olive trees and mountain view and dogs and cats will step in her posts. Welcome Anneli!

Thank you very much for you visit and lovely comments about the Dala Horse pillow. Have a wonderful week and hope to see you soon!



Dala Horse Pillow

Hi friends! As I really like horses and Dala horses, I made the Paper pieced Dala Horse. Before Christmas Julianna from “jednoigleg” had a ‘last minute Christmas Sampler’ QAL. She shared beautiful Paper piecing patterns and I promised to myself that I shall make the horse for the First Project in my NEW sewing room.

dala horse pillow

I love little dala horses. I don’t know from wehre the white wooden horse on the right is. Blue and Red dala horses I have bought from the airport. Old days I had to take several flights to go to Finland and when I was waiting in transit, I often bought small, cute thing – souvenir for that trip. These horse I have bought from Kopenhagen even they are Swedish tradition.

dala horses

I should never think that some Paper piecing pattern is easy – then the troubles began and I make mistakes. But I managed to finish my scandinavian horse.

paper pieced horse

Few pics from the process …

paper piecing

paper piecing

paper pieced dala horse

hand quilting

This time I didn’t find inspiration for the quilting. Just couldn’t ‘see it’. So I just stitch some Lines following the horse and the borders. Then some stitching for few details and that’s it.

handmade pillow

If you like to make this horse or other great patterns from this QAL, you find them HERE. Thank you Julianna for sharing these patterns!

dala horse pillow by teje

I’m happy to join this week my favourite linky parties from the blogs: Quilt Story, Blossom Heart Quilts, Freemotion by the River, Sew Fresh Quilts, My Quilt Infatuation - all the buttons are on my sidelist.

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments! Sorry but have to run now to bracelet work …



Happy Friday 4

Hello dear friends! Happy Friday is here and it has been a happy day. Penny’s link party is great reminder to look around us and to remember to be happy about everyday things around us.


Finally there are curtains – yellow! – in the kitchen! These little things on the window make me happy. Coffee cup is a give away win from Penny – thank you again! – it’s my treasure!

Hanna and Nero

Clean Windows make me happy – everything looks so bright and nice! I took this photo from inside.

house fabric

One more tea cosy is finished and an other one on the table.

tea cosy

tea cosy

Next one is …. orange …. jeee!


Tea pots are so nice but I just am coffee drinker. Perhaps cute tea cosy helps me make more often tea. But – we can use ‘cosy’ also for a coffee pot. Think having your friends for a coffee … wouldn’t it be nice to have the coffee pot on the table instead getting up to take more coffee from the kitchen and miss the gossips your friend speak about.

furry friend

Furry friend and yellow flowers.

moomit ja ranskalaisia

If you don’t know these ‘French pastills’ from Fazer, I tell you that they are the best – chocolate inside and crispy cover outside!

fazerin ranskalaisia pastilleja


My sewing room is almost finished. Just made new ‘design wall’ boards, now only need to get it on the wall. Soon I shall give you a tour in my sewing space.

Thank you for joining my Happy Friday! This time I have second ‘Happy Friday’ post in my other blog. Welcome to see other ten happy photos at TRIKIMIA! Have a look also what happy things others are sharing in Penny’s party!

Thank you for your wonderful comments! I’m happy you liked so much the yellow, written place mats!



Place mats with letters

Hi! If I don’t show projects when they are fresh, I easily forget them, like the place mats I made for Christmas present. I had so many ideas but that time I was too busy with the moving. I had to go with something that didn’t need too much planning and creating.

yellow patchwork

When I bought these text Fabrics long time ago, I had for some reason my sister in my mind. Fabrics came from Japan and my sister has lived there, so it was a nice connection. Also the texts on the Fabrics were just right for her.

paper pieced letters

To add something to the simple patchwork and to make them personal, I made Paper pieced letters. I really like Paper pieced letters and Kristy’s patterns for them.

paper piecing

Some letters have tiny tiny pieces.

cutting the fabric

Cutting was a challenge. To get the most of the texts and to get somehow nice shapes.

planning the place mat

I picked all my yellow Fabrics and then chose the shades I liked; more to lime and not to orange as I knew they have something in those colours in their kitchen.

place mat patchwork

My opinion is that usually the place mats are a little bit too small. I like to place my glass also comfortable on the mat, napkin and slice of bread. So I made these bigger, thinking that they can be used also as table runners on the side table etc.

place mat

Stitiching is made by hand as most of the times, First some Lines in white and then some in black, too.

hand quilting


This was fun Project – should make more of these!

place mat

place mat

Tomorrow I’m planning to start in my sewing studio before, or perhaps with my breakfast! We’ll see if I get more done with the new programm and if I’m able to keep it. Lots of pieces for clutch bags have been cut and wait there. Also I started to cut squares, 3,5″ x 3,5″. They are good for many projects.


Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you for your sweet comments! I’m happy you liked my ‘Happy Friday’ photos! If you like to see more photos, not only from sewing, please visit nerospost at Instagram and follow if you like!

I hope you have had a great weekend and wish you happy week!


PS. I didn’t buy that cabbage, it was way too big for us. But I was thinking it would have been perfect for a cabbage pie using the leaves as ‘fillo’!


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