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{Dog Gone Cute} Blog Hop Starts!

Vof vof friends! It’s me, Nero and I have great news! ‘Dog Gone Cute’ blog hop has began! First puppies are out from the kennel! When I saw Lorna’s new pattern with puppies, I said to Teje that this is for me and since then I’m thinking all the time my puppies!

do gone cute blog hop

This is Cecil who lives in the city. She ‘moved’ and now there is blue, wooden fence around her house.

dog block

First Cecil’s neighbourhood looked very busy. Hanna is very careful with colours and she didn’t like the strong purple with Cecil’s brown-pink face. I have to admit she’s right. Cecil looks much better with the calm surrounding.

I’m happy to have still lot of time to play with my puppies. Plan is made and now we just continue with Teje. She went for fabric shopping to her home country and I have been waiting for her to come back so we can continue my project. With Hanna we have picked fabrics ready for new puppies. I’m not sure yet how many friends there will be.

Nero and Hanna

My other good friend is Bruno! I love his white spotted grey face!

You can find instructions for the blocks and quilts in Lorna’s blog ‘Sew Fresh Quilts’ and start to make {Dog Gone Cute} puppies. Take my word: if you start, you are going to have lots of puppies around your house!

At the end of the blog hop, there will be a linky party. Looks like Lorna’s fantastic sponsors really love puppies because the prizes are amazing!

First five ‘Dog Gone Cute’ projects are out and the blog hop schedule is here:

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Sew Fresh Quilts
I have to go to see what my puppies are doing, they might have messed up with my scraps!
One last important thing before I leave you. I saw today the MUST fabric bundle! Look what I saw today!
There is even my yellow ball! See all the bundle in ‘Hawthorne Threads’ and I already began to write the letter to Santa Claus …

Furry Hugs and Kisses! 



Boats and coffee in Loviisa

Hi dear friends! When visiting Loviisa, on the south coast of Finland, I had a coffee in this lovely place …

old houses

Weather was fantastic and nature looked so beautiful! Still lot of green but already some autumn colours.


These wooden houses, painted with traditional red, were on the harbour. Many of them already closed (it’s autumn even it didn’t look like) but one place was open …

Waitress was most cute but didn’t pay any attentio to me. I tried to get her to come closer but all her attention was focused to the kitchen. When the owner stepped from the counter and went to the kitchen, this girl followed running!


Building was beautiful, old style, wooden …


Coffee with apple pie and vanilla sauce was good and the table decor was beautiful …


I can imagine fishermen chatting and having beers in the evenings …


My grandfather’s brother’s summer house was like this; real log cabin, dark but cosy.


Exciting old photo to show us how it looked like in old days!


Boats here and there …


old ship



Have to show you this, too. Nothing but old toilets! Had to read the instructions on the wall to know how to use it!


Thank you for joining my trip and for your lovely comments! I’m now back at home and already sewing. There is so many things to post … hope to see you soon again!




Beautiful houses from Loviisa

Hi friends! I’m visiting my home country Finland and one day I visited Loviisa, beautiful town in south coast.

blue house

In Loviisa you can see the most beautiful, old wooden houses. This sky blue house on the beach is my dream house! Can you imagine having your sewing studio upstairs?!

pink house

In the centre there were many, old, beautiful buildings and some of them were pink!


There were many streets with old, wooden houses.

Loviisa Finland

Beautifully saved houses, painted with lovely colours…

Loviisa Finland

Loviisa Finland

This beautiful, blue house was in the port …

Loviisa Finland

As you can see, I have been very lucky with the weather! Almost every day has been sunny and warm. Nature has gorgeus colours! Today it’s cloudy but you can guess that I don’t mind at all.

Loviisa Finland

I hope you enjoy my ‘postcards’ from Finland and I hope to see you next time when I show you the place I had coffee in Loviisa. There was a cute dog. Now I go to prepare my packing so I know how much more fabrics I can buy!



Fabrics, cows and cars from Finland

Hi friends! I know you wait to see what fabrics I’m shopping while visiting my home country Finland. Here comes the first bundles…


These are pieces from the ‘finds’ box where you can find really great pieces in good price…or not so many. It seems to be the time that everyone starts to quilt and sew more, so I didn’t find a lot, but for these I’m really happy… and for these …


Cows were not a piece and I took one metre…I see some happy cows on a green field…

cows on a field


This fabric was a huge piece …


Some ideas with white are already in my thoughts. And then the following…big piece too … I see the areas separate, yellow, green …


And the cars will be cut perhaps for an applique project …


On my trip to Loviisa, small town on the south coast, I was happy to see this cutie …

old car

Loviisa is a beautiful, small town were is still lots of cute, old, wooden houses, small harbour …


The weather has been fantastic, sunny and quite warm!

sun flower field

Sorry that my new fabrics are not ironed, but I’m on holidays!

Following fabric would make great bags and pouches as it is hevier…or place mats …


Tomorrow I’m heading to an other fabric shop… wish me luck!

I’m linking with Molli Sparkles’ Sunday Stash:

Molli Sparkles
Today it’s changing from sunny to cloudy and then back again … more beautiful photos from my sunny trip to Loviisa, in an other post.
Thank you very much for stopping by and for your lovely comments!



Hello from Finland!

Hello from Finland! It’s a beautiful autumn here and when landing I was surprised that it looks still so much summer. I expected more grey and cloudy autumn, but the weather has been gorgeus. Warm, sunny and nature is still very green with beautiful autumn colours.


This is my first view in the mornings! More colourful; my camera ate the colours!. I shall send you more postcards from my trip.


While having my breakfast first morning, 4 squirrels were playing and running up and down the trees in our garden! Oh, I hope to see them again! They live in the roof in winter. And woodpecker comes often and tries to make a winter home in the corner of the house!


This old bird house has new purpose…squirrel goes there, opens the front wood, puts her ‘berries’ inside and then closes the door again and leaves! They are busy this time collecting food for the winter.


One of the first things on my list is always library! I miss very much Finnish books. There wasn’t many quilting books that i haven’t read already, but these few I took home.


‘Sinista Kotiin’ = blue for home, is new for me and looks very inspiring.


Morning looked like this but now it seems to clear and perhaps it will be again sunny day here in south Finland.

I have to say that the end of the summer at home was really busy. Trying to be at several works in same time and then preparing things and places for the autumn took all our energy. Shop is now closed for winter and I began to fix our home. There are still un-done works from the moving last year and I am looking for to get everything done and have a ‘normal’ everyday life….with lot of time in my sewing room. That I want to re-arrange, too.


During the summer I was also busy with sewing projects. Some of them secrets and still waiting to be showed. This photo is from the last scrappy sewing I did just before travelling.


This has to be secret for a short time, but I will show this soon. Still need to hand stitch a little bit. I can say that this was very improvising and quick project.


Just before I left home, I received these fun fabrics from my sister. Thank you dear sister! I would love to find more this one with animals!


No visits to fabrics shops yet … oh, I have to be tired! I think it’s time for the first fabric shopping! I’m happy to say that I shall meet one of my Finnish quilting friends … but more of that later.


About my flight… after many years I flew with Finnair and it was so great! Happy and polite service, very good seats, good time (no travelling in the middle of the night), allowed to have a handbag with the hand luggade, coffee in Marimekko’s paper mug, napkins were Marimekko’s… and … blueberry juice and coffee for Free!

selfie 4

I tried to take new selfie … that is so hard … serious look looks too serious… laughing looks … I don’t know … I’m just not for photos.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog after a long brake! I hope to see you soon again, showing more what I see here in my home country…hopefully some gorgeus fabrics!



Nero’s Post: new puppy Cecil

Vof vof friends! Oh my boneness how hot it is! Do you have already great, cool autumn weather? I think these days we have the most hot weather in whole summer! What one dog can do then? Turn on the air condition and sew a puppy of course!

Dog Gone Cute QAL

If you read my blog, you know that I’m joining the ‘Dog Gone Cute’ blog hop! I’m so excited!

Sew Fresh Quilts
‘Dog Gone Cute’ quilt along has just began and Lorna has posted instructions for the first and second puppy. I know you can’t wait to start this so click HERE to jump to Lorna’s blog and start sewing puppies! (or click the icon above, which you find also on my sidelist).
We made this new puppy together with Teje at home. So we cut the pieces easily with the rotary cutter on the cutting mat – so much easier than with scissors. And we sew with sewing machine – so much quicker than sewing by hand. But it was really fun and interesting for her to make some puppies doing everything by hand.
Even she sew now with machine, she was too busy to concentrate well and the ripper appeared few times… and the seam allowances were what ever! Oh this became a little bit wonky puppy.
Lorna’s patterns are very clear and easy to follow. You can see on the photo above how everything is made with squares and retangles. Like in any patchwork, quilting or sewing – just take care that your seam allowance is same and straight all the time.
Dog Gone Cute QAL
With little inprovising this one became a cute little lady. May I introduce ‘Cecil’! You know that for my puppies, we pick the fabrics with Hanna. I knew that Cecil lives in a city but I couldn’t decide what to put around.
eggs and salad
So I had a lunch brake. Oh I like eggs and what better pair than a salad (in fact I’m not a huge fan of salads). I cut some bread slides to dry – they are great for puppies! I know one puppy who hides them in the couch!
I went to the garden …
What you think about my paprika tree? It’s fun how they look like flowers!
Hanna was with me of course …
Hey Nero, I see something …
Yee, what you see? a nice flower or what …
… lets get back to my puppies …
Dog Gone Cute QAL
Finally I decided to use the purple fabric from the ‘Paint’ collection, but now I’m not sure if I’m happy with this. I really like the first one with yellow and orange flower fabrics. I guess it’s better to make a new puppy to use those fabrics. Anyway I like Cecil and I hope you like her, too.
Thanks for following my {Dog Gone Cute} quilt project! I hope to have soon new puppy to show!



{Dog Gone Cute} Quilt Along!

Vof vof vof! This is the most exciting day in my blog because finally IT starts!!! Let me introduce first myself, if you are new here: I’m Nero and if you wonder, I’m half Belgian- and half German Shephard. Hanna, my ‘sister’ (so we feel) is often helping me with my posts and photos.

Nero and Hanna

This puppy here is Olivia. But lets see how the story began …

Sew Fresh Quilts

When I saw these puppies made by my friend Lorna, I thought: ‘Iiiiik, can’t be true, finally something for me!!!’ I knew that I shall join this even I have to sew with my own paws! I said to Lorna that I try to force Teje to sew for me, so please take me for the Blog Hop!

Nero and dog block

I know how to beg and I don’t give up until I get what I want! She gave up and said she will sew puppies for me with one condition: she can only sew them by hand. Because she knew that she has to do them in the shop. By the way, this is Bruno.

Nero and Dog Gone Cute

Bruno is a great fellow and he heard a secret from the Woodpecker!

Nero and Hanna

Oups, Bruno don’t go to the floor, there may be some of Hanna’s hairs. So when Lorna said that I can join the {Dog Gone Cute} Blog Hop, I started to pick the fabrics, I gave them to Teje and she made these puppies for me …

hand sewn

But don’t think I stop here! I have now 3 puppies but I want more. For Willy I gave a kiss …


Willy is my favourite! He was the first puppy I got and I love his chocolate brown face!

Now before I continue, I tell you about this super, fantastic Quilt Along and Blog Hop.

First, Lorna from ‘Sew Fresh Quilts’ makes the most cute animal-quilt patterns and they are so well done! She has thought every detail so carefully that the pattern is really easy. Have a look on her blog: there are elephants in parade, little birdies and even my friend Freddy the frog is there! (he’s the one I had in my garden and put in my quilt: ‘Nero’s Garden’).

These dog blocks come in two sizes: 9″ x 6″ and 18″ x 12″. (I have used the smaller size). There are lots of different puppies, ears up and ears down etc. so you can follow exactly the pattern or choose which puppies you like to make. You can make a quilt following the pattern or make as many puppies you like and use them as you like.

SEPTEMBER is for the Quilt Along. This began 1st of September so Lorna has posted the first instructions. You are so in time to join the fun and start to make your own cute puppies! Each week new instructions will be given.

OCTOBER is for the Blog Hop. There is a long list of dog lover quilters who participate this Blog Hop! I have many friends there, but also I have found many new great and very inspiring friends! You see the  schedule with all the blogs who participate the blog hop HERE in the Kickoff post! 

NOVEMBER 3. – 10. is for the Linky Party. Then you can share your posts or Flickr and Instagram photos.

NOVEMBER 17. Prizes Awarded! There are lots of amazing sponsors and that means lots of fantastic prizes!!! You can see all the sponsors in Lorna’s post. Perhaps you like to pay a visit and start to dream about what you could win!


Oh Hanna, I understand how excited you are about the fabrics you wish to win, but Hey, you are standing on Olivia’s face!


Olivia, I’m so sorry! I forgot you were there. I wanted to see the fabric shops!

Thank you Olivia, you are so kind … I’m happy I didn’t hurt you.

Nero and Hanna


Here is the main page for {Dog Gone Cute} Quilt Along on Lorna’s blog.

Here is the 1. post about the {Dog Gone Cute} Quilt Along – Kick Off!

Because I’m so excited about my puppies, they are already like my family (?), I want to show them one more time …

Nero and Hanna

How are you Bruno, my buddy? Just wait for awhile and you will get new puppy friends!

I’m sure you are as excited about these puppies as I am, right?! and can’t wait to start to sew your Kennel, right?! I can’t wait to get more puppies and finally in 27th of October to show you what I have been planning for them!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, reading my posts and for writing the loveliest comments!

I send you big big furry hugs and hope to see lots of cute puppies playing around!

NERO … and Hanna sends kisses!


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