Nero's Post and Patch

by Teje Karjalainen


New Scandinavian quilt project

Hi Dear Friends! I have a NEW quilt in process! After making some space to my sewing room, I’m feeling a little bit better while starting again from “a clean table”.

my sewing room

Before starting I had to shower my NEW Fabrics. But before braking these cute bundles, I took few last shoots …

new fabrics

Fabric details:

Solids: ‘Scandinavia’ from Oakshott Fabrics (give away win from Leanne ‘She can Quilt’)

Prints: ‘Notting Hill’ from ring a roses by Gunther (give away win from Annett at ‘Knetty Craft’)

Light demin: present from Judith at ‘Just Jude’


And then off we go to the shower! And after that out for a sunbath …


Oakshott Fabrics are woven with two different colours of threads and look how the colour change when are wet!


I’m so happy that I got these two fabric bundles in same time – thank you again! Oakshott solids are gorgeus but I didn’t have any idea what Special I could make with them. I haven’t used much solids yet and also these beautiful light colours are different than my usual palet. When I looked these bundles together I realized that they match perfectly!


Once again seems to be that everything happens for some meaning … in a mood I am now, I couldn’t work with energy, bright, happy fabrics, so this calm, lightful, almost low volume collection is just what I need now. When looking for something else to add to this quilt, my eye picked the Honeycomb bundle that I had purchased while ago. I chose colours to match and left out orange/red/pink.

I had in my mind to use some low volumes for the background and made last evening test blocks …

retangle triangles

Looking for ideas from my Pinterest Board: ‘Quilt Inspiration’, I started to lean to triangles (once again, it’s my favourite quilting shape). As I don’t want to make a repeating pattern but some how different kind/size blocks, I thought these retangle triangles would be great. And I do like them a lot, but I didn’t enjoy making them.

retangle triangles

Other question is if I like the low volume for background? When leaving it like this at night, I wasn’t excited at all. Then at night I was thinking, once again, white is missing! Could you make a Scandinavian quilt without snow?! So in the morning I felt better because I knew how to continue: follow my instinct! When ever I don’t do that, it’s a big mistake!

triangle blocks

So white is on the table! From the prints I cut as big squares as possible by the meaning to get the most of these Special Fabrics. I shall make different kind of triangle blocks in different sizes. Most likely I shall use also those low volumes.

triangle blocks

Some names in my mind: Scandic Scene, Scandinavian Days, Scandinavian Scale

And just for fun …

fishing boat

I’m linking at ‘Pet Project Show’ at Julie’s blog: ‘Pind Doxies’!

Thank you for your visit and wonderful comments!



Blogger’s Quilt Festival: ‘Milky Hearts’

Hi! Welcome to Blogger’s Quilt Festival! This fantastic semi-annual quilt show is organized by Amy and is very important event to us quilters. This year I’m joining at the last minute with ‘Milky Hearts’.
Milky Hearts by Teje
‘Milky Hearts’ in aqua was an unfinished mini quilt on my design wall from the March. It was enjoy to watch it there but the plan was to make it pillow …
Milky Hearts pillow
… and pillow it bacame late last night … with a simple envelope backing …
pillow back
Usually my furry friends, Nero or Hanna, present my quilts in this festival and I thought now it’s Nelli’s turn to do the job …
But she didn’t have any interest so I guess I have to do this on my own.
Milky Hearts by Teje
I found my inspiration from the hearts and my Special quilt book. You can read about the process and my inspiration in THIS POST. There is also link for the ‘heart’ tutorial and explination for the milky name.
 Milky Hearts
I have to have at least one photo with blue sky even today there were milky wisps of clouds. Before heading to the garden I had a nice work on this balcony …
… sneaky peaky for my new project! But lets to the garden. We have a new, cute little garden and it starts to be ready for summer joy … sitting there hand quilting … sounds fun!
Milky Hearts pillow by Teje
Hmm, looks so much Finnish garden!
little rosies
Name: ‘Milky Hearts’
Design: by me
Pieced: by machine
Quilted: by hand
Size: 16″ x 16″ (40 x 40 cm)
Category: Mini Quilts
 If not bright blue sky today, some blue we need as we are in GREECE!
greek ship
When shooting this ship, I just had to take one very, very rare selfie …
So if I mixed you now enough, lets get back to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Click the button below and step to the unique quilt show where your can see most beautiful and inspiring quilts and meet amazing quilters from all over the world! There are many categories and each has separate post, so take care not to miss anything. I have found so many dear friends from this quilt festival  and always get lots of ideas and inspiration!
Milky Hearts pillow
‘NERO’S GARDEN’ (animals from Nero’s garden) – spring 2011
‘ORANGE STONES’ – autumn 2011
‘MY DREAM QUILT’ – spring 2012
 ‘BUTTERFLIES’ (applique) – autumn 2012
‘BABY STARS’ – spring 2013
‘HAPPY DAYS’ – spring 2013
‘FANTASY FOREST’ 1. prize in ‘Forest QAL’ (paper pieced) – autumn 2013
‘KIDS GAME’ 2013 – autumn 2013
‘TURN THE TIME’ – autumn 2014
Milky Hearts pillow by Teje
Thank you very much for stopping by ! I hope you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you soon again! Enjoy the festival and good luck!


Nero’s Post: Happy May!

Vof vof friends! Happy May from all of us here! A little bit late but I haven’t seen my secretary much lately. Can’t understand how she’s always so busy.


Today we had a great, short time in the garden … it’s now so perfect, sun is shining, everything is bright green …


We thought that the birds and hard rain took all the seeds, but finally we have lot of beautiful grass in our little garden. There was no lemons for a long time but now looks like I can pick few …


I’m so looking for less busy days to put our garden in nice order, fix lovely place to sit, some planting perhaps …


I find always some wild flowers … I didn’t eat them but the green next to the flowers …


The smallest can be the sweetest.


Hanna was of course with us … waiting to go for her morning walk …


Hanna is my sweet pumpkin!


I guess you would like to see if there is any projects going on? Is there ever time without any Project?

sea pottery boats

This is jewelry Project?! For me they look sailing boats.


There is a bag Project in the sewing room …


This is going to be a happy, little bag! Hope to see it finished soon. But I know that now the painting Project takes First place. It’s a table for the shop. Aa, and the little suitcase needs to be painted and the wooden hanger and WHO knows what else?!

I hope to catch my secretary soon again to write to you. Until then I send you big furry hugs and kisses!

Thank you for reading my post!



Different Sunday on our shop’s street

Hello dear friends! Today is a bautiful, sunny Sunday and something special happened on the street where our shop is.


‘Beba’ had a bath! And believe me, she enjoyed it! and I enjoyed so much watching her!


‘Beba’ is the most sweet dog who lives on our shop’s street. She is not a ‘street dog’ even she lives on the street. She has been on this street 8 years and every one loves and takes care of her.


‘Beba’ is a famous model; so many people stop to take photos of her.

Beba's bath

I am so happy that our neighbours gave today good, nice bath to Beba. I could have never guessed that she stays so well and enjoys the bath so much!


I met Beba first time one year ago. Then she was taking care and feeding a little kitten. They still live together and very often we can see the cat ‘Pupulina’ sleeping on Beba’s back (which is wide enough).


Sorry about this bad photo but it’s only I found now from the last year where Beba is with the kitten. You can see also how the street looks in winter.

See Beba and Pupulina sleeping together in my Instagram album.


Beba's bath

Almost finished and she looks happy.


Still taking care of her eyes and ears …

Beba's bath

She was on the leash while having the bath and later she wanted to go for a walk. We guessed that she likes to go to show herself and beautyness to the dogs in the cafeteria on the corner.


Have a great day, sweet Beba! When you come back I shall brush you well!



New business bag!

Hi Dear Friends! I was thinking to title this post ‘bag business’ but then realized that in fact it is a business bag…

big tote bag by tejesarita

… because I made it to use at work. I carry always many things with me + materials for projects to make at work, so I need big bag It’s better to have everything in one than to carry many bags


This was the beginning of the Project. As you see I changed again my mind and didn’t use the burlap for outside pocket as I have thought. I prefered not to cover this very Special linen with angels.


This was the next ‘material collection’. Finally all the Materials I used were from friends, so this is also Special ‘friend’ bag! Blue angel linen is a present from a dear friend and I have saved it for a Special Project. The same goes with the dark, thin, denim cotton, present from Judith. For the lining I used also fabric from a friend.


I found this tool very useful to make the seam allowances flat. I have found the tool from my mother’s painting BOX and I guess it has belonged to my grandfather.


Fortunately I had these Super cute hexagon templates from Annett, because my hexagon BOX was at work.


Usually I make lots of pockets, zippers, details after details and need endless hours to finish the bag. This time I decided to keep it simple. No pockets, just zipper to close the bag and that’s also in easy way, sewn on with the binding.


Long time ago this ‘stuff’ was supposed to become a ‘2 in 1′ make up bag. Now I shall make a clutch bag with them. That will be a handbag for the small things in the big tote.

hand quilting

Only small details in this bag are the hexagons and the loop for bag charms. Finally my Special bag charms are on my bag: Moomin from Mia and bag charm with sewing machine and scissors from Jane.


Thank you so much dear friends – as Mia said, you are now everyday with me!

big tote by tejesarita

Now furry friends are waiting for me, so I have to go. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments about our NEW shop! I hope to make few more bags like this and I have already some ideas for my beautiful, NEW Fabrics.

big linen tote by tejesarita

Have a wonderful weekend!



Nero’s Post: Fabric presents!

Vof vof friends, Nero here! I’m so happy to see you after a long time and hope you are fine! We have been so busy with the NEW shop that I couldn’t get my ‘secretary’ to write for me. But today I’m here and will show you delicious Fabrics!

Oakshott solids

In March I joined Leanne’s ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ with the ‘Milky Stars’ Mini quilt/pillow (on process) and was so lucky to win these gorgeus solids from Oakshott Fabrics!

oakshott fabrics

This collection is ‘Scandinavian’ They are so beautiful and the magic of the Oakshott Solids is that they are woven with two colours of threads. That creates gorgeus fabric with delicious colours …

Scandinavian by Oakshott Fabrics

These Fabrics need a Special Project and I’m sure Teje will find a perfect project. Cute selvages will be used for sure, too!

oakshott solids

You can guess that because Teje is from Finland she already feels connected to these beauties, called ‘Scandinavian’. Helsinki is the yellow/green, in the middle. Light green is Copenhagen. Purple is Oslo. What’s yours?

oakshott solids

Thank you so much Oakshott Fabrics and Michael for these Fabrics and Thank you Leanne for the give away!

notting hill fabrics

This gorgeus bundle came from Annett. Annett’s blog is ‘Knetty Craft’ and I was lucky to win these adorable Fabrics and most cute hexy telmplates from her give away!


Annett had made bautiful packet with purple paper and add this sweet and fun card with kittens! Thank you so much Annett!

Notting Hill

I love these pastel colours a and lovely prints! There is some cute dogs, too! These are also waiting for a Special Project.

Notting Hill by Gutermann

Light makes tricks on the Fabrics. Managed to catch some sunlight even the weather has been here so strange. Some days were already very warm and it felt like spring. But you can’t imagine how it was yesterday. It’s april, tourist season has began and we had about +8 C, freezing wind and lot of rain. So cold that today Teje chose to wear a warm pullover, one that always reminds us of Foxy because of this old photo…


By coincidence Foxy’s photo frame was the one we used to show the Oakshott Fabrics (see the First photo). Our sweet girl, Foxy. As I was  looking for Foxy’s photo, thought to show one with Hanna and me, too (many years ago).

Hanna and Nero

So the shop is open and we make mostly now jewlries. But on the sewing table there are lots of Fabrics waiting to become bags. I wish I could help but paws are not for sewing. I think all our NEW Fabrics could be mixed together – those pastel colours look beautiful together …  perhaps a beautiful, quilted purse …

notting hill

Scandinavian by Oakshott

Thank you for stopping by and reading my fabric news! I hope to be back soon and wish you wonderful weekend!

I’m linking at Molli Sparkle’s Sunday Stash.

Big furry hugs and kisses!




Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to tell you that our shop is open! We have been so busy these last months, so now you know why I haven’t been sewing lately. Please welcome to ‘Trikimia’!

Trikimia's Shop

There is still very much to do until we can say (if ever) that the shop is ready, but we are on a good way and can finally say that we are open. We had already even few lovely clients, so lets hope the summer will be good.

Trikimia's Shop

Every day something change and we add NEW things. Also in these photos I see that many items are missing that we have put around yesterday. Also I see some things that I like to change some where else.

Trikimia's Shop

Upstairs is mainly fabric things, quilts, pillows, tea cosies, bags etc. The baby quilt hanging on the fence, is now on the wall and the ‘Kids Game’ quilt is on the fence; it gives more colour and happyness.

Back corner is mostly working space but we shall fill the selves there, too.

Trikimia's Shop

Yesterday we had the air condition installed, so the big boxes are out from the corner and I have put there some of my sewings. When the weather will be warm enough, we shall have all the doors open and then unfortunately that corner will be behind the door. Front of our shop is a restaurant; they have tables in the garden surrounded by lovely old houses.

On the doors we have boards with glass and frame and they are filled with rosaries = ‘kombolois’. They will be seen from inside when the doors are open. On the walls outside, both sides of the doors, we shall have two more boards, filled with jewelries. The ‘sea glass’ sign you see on the floor in the second photo, will be hanging outside from the blue, iron base.

old town in chania

Also we shall have a table with chairs outside where tired tourist can rest and read about sea glass … or husband can wait when wife is visiting our shop. We have made also one stand with a board which we can use in or out, perhaps to show some photos of sea glass and our Works in process.

sea glass rings by trikimia

In every free moment we make bracelets and other jewelries. ‘On the other eye’ looking around the shop and thinking how to continue and to improve the look.

crochet stones by tejesarita

Most of the things we have made during the winter, are now in the shop. Few things are still waiting some finishing details … for example I don’t have yet stones for the ‘play mats’ (you remember the mini quilts with drawstring bags?).


Season is just beginning and first tourists are here. Tomorrow is first of April and the charter flights begin in few days. Now we have been in the shop half day but  from the next week we will be open all the day and hope to see you!

If you are in Chania or plan to come here for holidays, remember to come to say hello! Our shop is in the old town of Chania, next to the old Venetian harbour so it’s very easy to find.

Our Shop’s address is Agion Deka 21, Old Town, Chania. This street is between the harbour and the big church on Halidon street.

Lighthouse in Chania

One day we had a lunch in the harbour and I quickly took few photos for you. Here is Chania’s beautiful and famous lighthouse.

sea glass by trikimia

To leave you with a colourful and nice scene, I thought sea glass would be perfect today.

I hope you enjoyed the first tour in our little shop! I would love to hear what you think!

And not to ‘forget’ the sewing and fabrics totally, I can tell you that there are marimekko fabrics and zippers on my sewing table, waiting for someone to make them a bag. I like my ‘idea-vision’ and hope to put it into practise soon. Also some very exciting fabrics were dropped into our mailbox yesterday, but they need to have their own story.

So hope to see you soon again! Thank you for the comments! You write always so friendly, happy, fun and sweet messages!



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