Nero's Post and Patch

by Teje Karjalainen



Hi Dear Friends! I hope you are fine! I’m happy to say that I’m busy with sewing projects. Machine is running in the evenings at home and sometimes even early mornings and then at the shop I quilt by hand. But today we speak about selvages – those darling, precious selvages!

selvages by teje

Jessica from ‘Quilty Habit’ is hosting a selvage-along and I think this is fantastic idea! There will be ideas, tutorials and inspiration for selvage projects.


I have collected selvages for a long time and a while ago changed them to this big Tupperware box which I had bought in the first place for bread.

selvage box

I had fun moments and memories when spreading my selvages for the photos and then storing them again … until I find the perfect project.

selvage storage

I have made two little projects with selvages but more about them an other time. Today we share how/where we keep our selvages. Visit Jessica’s blog and link your post, if you collect selvages and show where you keep them.

watering garden

It’s getting more and more hot here. Our little garden needs watering very often. Neighbour’s sunflowers are gorgeus! And even summer is really busy time, we managed to squeeze time for a lovely dinner with friends …

dinner in crete

Best summer dinner: sea food, wild greens, white wine! Καλη ορεξη!

Let’s go to see all the links at Jessica’s ‘Selvage Along’!

teje's selvages

Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you wonderful summer days and fun with selvages! I’m just finishing the secret quilt project and hope to start soon quilting by hand the ‘Scandic Scene’ quilt.



Sewing here and there…

Hi dear friends! I haven’t forgot you even I don’t show up often lately. Summer is always busy and also tired time with the hot weather. High humidity doesn’t help. But sewing helps always!

wonky stars

I have really fun project going on in my sewing studio at home! Unfortunately it is still secret so I have to keep myself not showing much …


I had a little helper to pick pinks …


I think she wanted to learn to sew.

hexagons in trikimia

In the shop hexy project continues. I decided that this is going to be a big pillow. I have nice, big goose-feather pillow and this will make lovely new cover for it … to use in the winter when quilting front of tv. So i started to connect the hexagon flowers. Now I’m not sure if I like the way I arranged them… perhaps I should have gone with colours in order … it’s always so difficult to decide.


My computer was in well needed service and when I opened it for the first time, this happy, cute fellow was there to welcome me! and then this … do you think Nero and Hanna and Nelli would accept bunny friend?!


Is it easy to keep a bunny? I really would love to have a bunny friend!

quilting in trikimia

Baby quilt with economy blocks is finally quilted and binded and sent to new home. Hanna will show this quilt an other time. She took lots of cute photos just when sun was setting and Nero joined, too.

Thank you for stoppind by! Is it summer and holidays or winter on the other side of the world… any way I hope you have wonderful time and enjoy yourself with sewing or other things! I make today cutting plans for a new quilt, like the one above but in turquoise, green and blue.




Hello dear friends! I hope you are fine and looking for a lovely, easy crochet project! Here it is, crochet pattern for a scarf … or many other creative things to use.

free crochet pattern

This crochet pattern is really enjoyable to make! I have made it with many different kind of yarns. Used it for a scarf, around one huge shawl, around knitted jacket, decoration etc.

crochet scarf

I used to sell quilt and other patterns in etsy and craftsy, but I don’t think I continue that so when I was asked about this patter I thought it would be nice to share it Free. I want to encourage you to make and try different kind of crafts because you never know which will be your favourite. This pattern may look complicated but after making the repeating part few times, you will love it.

crochet pattern

In this pattern you find detail photos, written and drawn explinations.

free crochet pattern by teje

Click HERE to go to the pattern. You find the link with photo also on my sidelist.


crochet hat band

What about decorating your summer hat! I think this looks Super! I’m sure you can find many creative ideas for this pattern!

trikimia's shop

I think I shall take white cotton and a hook and make few unique hats! Hope you enjoy this pattern. I would love to see what you make with it!

Happy crocheting!




Nero’s Post: Winner and the Question!

Vof vof my friends! Sorry I’m late with the announcement, but this was a big job for me and Hanna to do on our own. We did our best and now we have the winner … but First things First … I have to check that everything is ok on the road …


Hanna says she’s ready to start …


We had a good plan … we took two empty doggy bisquit boxes and made them small pieces …


Hanna is really good in this, in no time she had made lots of small pieces. But then I realized something … if you ask me to play ball, I’m the best! But, sorry guys, I couldn’t write so many names on the papers. I can hardly write one name and there were almost 100 fun and unique comments from you!


So we had to make a new plan … and we lied down for a while to think …


Hanna said that we have to count, can we count? Of course we can count and so we went on with the plan B …


I saved one big piece and then we started …


Under the rose tree we looked First if the winning Number has one or two numbers and it has two! and we continued …


… we got the five …


… and we got the six … that makes fiftysix … and as many times I counted I got the same result, so you just have to believe me … hmmm, now only I should get the name on this Paper somehow …


If I ask politely perhaps the lady from the next door can help me …


… as you see somehow the name appeared on the Paper and Hanna as a secretary may show it. The lucky winner is Jody! Congratulations Jody!!! Jody writes at ‘The Vanilla Year’. Isn’t that the cutest name! I’m sure you love her blog and all the doggies there, beautiful quilts and who knows where vanilla is hidden!


I asked you if you would give up quilting or make-up. I could have never guessed that you all took the time to answer and also your answers were surprise. No one would give up quilting!

How I came to this question: my friend said to me something and when I wrote the give away post I got an idea to ask this. I thought it’s almost impossible to choose but I was wrong. Seems to be that already many quilters have given up make-up … to have more time for quilting and more money for Fabrics!!!

Was said in the comments:

Moomins don’t were make-up, why us.

Give up make-up, but wouldn’t leave the House.

Give up make-up except the days when not quilting.

What to do without Fabrics? Play with make-up?

Give up make-up, more many for quilting.

Give up make-up, more quilting time.

I was even asked about tips to add make-up! Those I would need myself too. I have used make-up all my life and at least always at work. But lately my usual make-up doesn’t work anymore and I feel less is better. If you have good tips or even tutorials, please tell! Other wise I guess I need to do some googeling (this was a note from Teje).


Hanna doesn’t need any blush on her cheeks or mascara on her eye lashes, she gets more and more white hairs, but she is so beautiful! I go back to my favourite place … to look what happens on the road.


Thank you so much for joining my give away and for the fantastic and funny comments! In that post there are some funny things about Teje, too.  I leave you with a sneaky peaky from Teje’s work table … I don’t think she’s making stuffed wine leaves …

Perle cottons

Hugs and kisses!



Hexagon Flower Tutorial

Hi Dear Friends! I’m happy to show you today a little happy project!

hexagon flower

I have often very cute, little visitor in the shop. He loves colours and you can guess that there are lots of colours in my shop for him to watch. I wanted to make a little, colourful, soft gift for him … something he could hold in his little hands.

happy fabrics

I was thinking what I could sew by hand in the shop. Thinking of one hexagon pincushion, made with triangles, I started to pick colourful fabrics. But then the ‘light switched on’ – hexagons! I have my hexagon Project-BOX in the shop … why not make something with hexagons!

what you need to make hexagons

This is so perfect small project for summer! you don’t need sewing machine or any cutting tools. All you need is fabric, scissors, thread, needle and paper (templates for hexagons). Filling can be the same as there is in the pillows or even cotton. I added the ‘beep beep’ inside because I knew the little boy would be happy for that.

paper piecing hexagons

So to be able to do this in the shop, I just took the Fabrics with me. I cut the squares with scissors and then started to baste. I wasn’t sure what fabrics I shall use so I just basted several hexagons to start.

paper piecing hexagons

If you Paper piece hexagons for the First time, you can use Paper clips or pins to hold the fabric and template together as you baste them. After a while you notice that you don’t need them. I baste on my knee. I press the fold by nail and then as I baste with the thread I fold the next edge etc.



paper pieced hexagon

This is easy and so much fun! If the first and second feels difficult, don’t give up, because you will see that you love your little hexagons!

hexagon tutorial by teje

You noticed that at the end I used almost only solids. For the first time I made hexagons with solids and now I don’t want to stop! I had a plan to use my solids for the ‘Hillside Houses’ quilt (button on my sidelist) but now it looks like I shall make lots of hexagons with my solids and perhaps have to find new solids for the quilt. Anyway that quilt project has to wait until autumn.

paper pieced hexagons

To make the stuffed flower, you sew the hexagons together.

hexagon flower

You can make the back side with other hexagon flower or with one fabric. I chose to use my special kitten fabric.

hexagon flower

It’s easier to make both sides with hexagons but may take a little bit more time. Because I used one fabric, I had to make template which I made with the finished hexagon flower.

hexagon flower project

Only thing I sew with the machine, was the piece of binding. You can sew also this by hand but by machine it will be more steady. This piece is about 2,5″ x 10″. It’s folded double and then I folded the both edges towards the center. Then I stitced both edges.



Sew your hexagon flower and the backside together except small place from where you can turn your flower right side out. Take the papers away, turn it right side out, add the filling and the stripe. If you like to add ‘beep beep’ put it in the filling. Then sew to close the flower.

hexagon flower

I sew two hexagons on the stripe and add also there a little bit filling. This can be like a leave for the flower. I thought it can be nice for the little hands to hold this fabric toy.

flower fabric toy

If you like to get more Information about Paper piecing, look the ‘Paper Piecing’ page up on my blog. I have gathered there lots of useful links about English and foundation Paper piecing.

If you have any questions, I’m very happy to answer and help you.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed this flower and tutorial!


PS. Aren’t we lucky to be happy with few scraps!


Hanna’s Post: Look what I found!

Vof vof friends, it’s me Hanna! I found something really cool so I want to tell this on my own!

Hanna and old glass bottle

I go for a walk every morning. One morning there was a little dog on the street. That dog I haven’t seen before. She was hiding me under the litter bin. I passed her far away not to scare her. I walked till down the street (with a great sea view and fresh air!) smelling carefully all the bushes and the street side. Then I turned back and saw that the little dog left from the place she was and followed one woman to a near house.

Hanna and Nero

So of course I went to smell the place where the little dog had lain. And what I see on the grass next to the litter bin?! This glass bottle! I hardly noticed it, because it was on the grass. It has small broken ‘corner’ on the bottom, but I don’t mind. I guess someone who threw it away, left it next to the litter bin so someone else can find it! Hb said immidiately that it’s perfect to make a lamp as there is already the hole!

very old glass

This glass bottle is very old and looks amazing! It has bubbles and the colour is beautiful!

old glass bottles

Funny thing is that the very same morning I had put the big, old glass bottle I have, on the table to take it to the shop. And then I found a pair for it! They look beautiful!

Nero and Hanna

Nero was happy for my find and gave me a kiss! See the lemon? There are new lemons in my tree.

Nero and Hanna

So now the bottles are on the way to the shop. I think they will be nice there with the sea glass pendants.

shop desk

The day before I took out my hexies … at the end couldn’t concentrate on them … I can’t stop myself fixing the shop … but at least one update photo for you. Looks like I need to do some basting and first cut some happy fabrics. And the cucamber? I just had to add it to my ‘still life’. I have the best neighbours on the shop street. One neighbour brings to me cheesepies or even cucambers! One neighbour brought me these gorgeus flowers! It’s amazing what colours and details nature creates!


Now it’s time for my morning walk … who knows what there maybe waiting for me?!

Hanna with her glass bottle

Thank you for reading my little story! I wish you wonderful day and I hope you find something very nice today … nice thougt, fabric, idea, inspiration … you never know what the day ‘brings’!

And hey – our give away is still open, if you didn’t enter yet! Click HERE and you’ll pop to that post. Read the comments – they are the best ever! We asked if you would give up quilting or make up?!?!

Hugs from HANNA



Hello Dear Friends! I hope you are fine! These last days I have been nominated by several blog friends for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. Thank you so much! I do appreciate and I’m happy to see that you enjoy your visit in my blog!


Thank you ‘Pink Doxies’, ‘Charly & Ben’s Crafty Corner’ and ‘Val’s Quilting Studio’, for nominating my blog! You would be in my ‘list’ if you hadn’t already received this award!

I think best way to celebrate this award and to thank you for being there, reading my blog and writing so lovely comments, is to have lovely fabric give away!

give away bundle

I picked these Fabrics from my stash. They are all my favourites, random size pieces + two little pieces with Moomins.


Now I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me, that you might not know:

1. I started my First sewing business when I was 11 years. With my girlfriend we started to make custom order hats. We couldn’t find a cap with long peak, so we decided to make them on our own. Then we got orders from family/relatives to make their favourite hats.

2. My First Paper piecing Project was ‘Fantasy Forest’ quilt. I had never tried Paper piecing because it just felt too difficult, complicated and I thought that huzzling with all the papers and details doesn’t feel very much fun and creative. How wrong I was! When I saw the First block: woodpecker for the Forest QAL, I knew that I have to make and finally I made most of the blocks and the whole quilt!

3. I’m perfectionist in many things but not in quilting. I love to quilt and make patchwork! That’s fun and creative process for me and I just want to enjoy it every minute, not thinking mistakes or if each seam is in point. I don’t use ripper very often.

4. I had to come to this age to learn to boil eggs! Until now, what ever trick I made, they just couldn’t be shelled well. One day this winter just happened that hb said: let them boil well! Hmmm, does that mean the water should boil strongly? But I thought then the eggs will brake? Okey, I’ll try. And now I boil them strong and they jump up and down and no problem with ‘cleaning’!


5. When I was young my first summer job was in a dog kennel. Wonderful summer, hard work, amazing dogs and unfortunately even one very bad dog fight (can’t ever forget that). We were there with the same friend that we had the hat-business.

 6. When I was young I was riding, in ballet school, playing piano and violin, had even cuitar – now I prefer silence to concentrate to my quilting and sewing plans!

7. Often things change very quickly in our life. We may plan something but if that doesn’t work, next week we have already new plans. In august 2010 I was thinking that how the people WHO blog, have any time to sew? ‘I couldn’t find time for blogging’! 15th of same August I started my blog (one of the best decisions I have made). I made the decision while swimming because the name: ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’ came to my mind. I thought that if I don’t have enough sewing stories, Nero can help me and write his posts. If I start to do something I really like, I’m very stubborn. I stayed day and night, weeks,  learning to fix everything on my own.


The list for the blogs I want to nominate would be very long. Some of them have been nominated with this award already. So here are some of the Lovely Blogs I enjoy reading (in random order):

Carla’s  “Grace and Favour”

Lucy’s “Charm about You”

Susan’s “Canadian Abroad”

Helen’s “Helen Philipps”

Sarah Elizabeth’s “{No} Hats in the House”

Terri’s “Terri’s Notebook”

Anneli’s “Chromatobalomata”

Vicky’s “Veni Vidi Vicky”

Louise’s “Gephart 836″

Christine’s “Quilting Stories”

Enjoy reading these lovely, delicious blogs!



Enter by leaving a comment on this post and aswering this question: if you should choose, would you give up quilting or make-up? If this is too hard, tell me your favourite colour couple.

Second chance for followers – leave second comment telling me how you follow.

Give away is open to everyone and until 14th of June 2015. Then I hope Nero and Hanna will help me to pick the winner.


Once again, here they are waiting just for you!

 Good Luck! I’m looking for to read your answers! I leave you now to make the difficult decision (if you not a quilter, then it’s easy!). Have a wonderful day! Thank you for reading my blog and for the sweet comments you write!



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