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Bunny and Pouches

Hi Dear Friends! Oh, long time has passed, lots of things are happening – but happily some sewings has been done! There is always time for a pouch or bag … or  bunny …

Bunny and Pouch

Yesterday I made spontaneously my first ever bunny. It’s funny how long ears make this creature look like like a bunny … it miss still eyes, nose and mouth because I thought it’s better to see first how/if my idea will work and to do the embroidery work later.

fabric bunny

She needs some exercise to get thinner legs and even we like long neck … perhaps not sooo long … or she needs a scarf to keep her head up.

fabric bunny

As you see, she has a scrappy dress. The back of the dress is made with two pieces having seam vertical and from there I filled her body and then sew the closing by hand.

Moomin drawstring bag

I have made lately several drawstring bags and this time with ‘traditional Japanise’ style. One pink Moomin jumped on this bag and  I quilted on ditch.

drawstring bag

It’s enjoy to work with little squares but I need too much time to decide how to arrange them!

drawstring bag

I like white and pastels. But after this white and pink, I needed more colours …

drawstring patchwork bag

Quite juicy and spicy colours … again quilting in the ditch …

drawstring bag

… and this time leather for the drawstring – thank you sister!

drawstring bag

This kind of bag has thousands of ways to use it so there will be absolutely many more coming in many colours and sizes!

And then lets zip!

purple zipper pouch

Before my trip to Finland, I made this patchwork piece with purples – inspired by the orchid purple challenge going on then. It waited for me faitfully and finally ended up to a zipper pouch …

zipper pouch

I added a little cute detail with a piece of vintage ribbon … and settled it next to the wild thyme …

patchwork zipper pouch


And now I want to send very special wishes and thanks to Esther from ‘ipatchandquilt’! I won in her give away and I’m happy happy for the amazing train patterns I received! Thank you so much Esther!!! They are so fantastic! I didn’t have time to finish any block yet so you can be sure you’ll hear and see more about these patterns! It is amazing collection of patterns - trains and many other items to make adorable train-themed quilt, pillows, bags or many other things! Esther has all the patterns available in her Craftsy Store!

new fabrics

Many of my new fabrics has been washed and ready to start working! What to do first …

Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments! Thank you also for joining my trip to Finland – it was great to have you with me! I have still some photos to show you but thought that it’s time to show some sewings, too.

I’m linking at my favourite link parties and you can find all the buttons on my sidelist!



Photos from Finland 6 – Moomins

Hi! I’m back at home – while I unpack my fabrics I’ll show you more photos from my trip to Finland …


In the book store I saw lots of lovely books and other things with Moomins – and book about Tove Jansson: mother of Moomins!


Best ever notebooks!

book store

In the Super Market I saw Moomins marmelade-candies …

Moomins candies

In many Shops mugs, bowls and many other dishes I desired to buy but couldn’t get more weight to my bags. Could you guess how many bags and suitcases I had when I returned?

Moomins mug

This mug is the most beautiful Moomin mug I have seen! This mug is Special, because it’s made for Tove’s 100 anniversary and 2 e from each mug goes to Unicef’s school- and education- projects.


I have to say that I love Finnish dishes and I’m proud of Finnish design. Simple and delicate with fine colours …


Should have taken more photos … but when I’m there, there is just so much to do, see, think … especially this time I had million of things in my mind and you will hear about them soon …


Fortunately it’s sunny day here in Crete and laundry is ‘rolling’. I’m planning to make today a pouch for camera?! more exactly several camera pouches …

I’m so happy you have joined my trip to Finland! It was nice to look things ‘for you’! There is still some photos to show before I’m back to ‘normal’ posts.



Photos from Finland 5 – Marimekko, Fabrics, Library

Hi Friends! It’s Fabric Time!  Time to show you my first fabric shoppings, visit to other Merimekko store and library!


I love this bundle – just perfect colours for spring or any season! Beautiful mixed green for grass and nature themes and gorgeus mixed reds! That fabric on the Top brings water to my mouth! And I found few great low volumes which my stash is missing so much. These Fabrics were in the ‘pieces’ BOX – I didn’t look yet all the ‘normal’ Fabrics on the selves! I’m planning to go to search them today and to buy wadding!


Last days I have been in my town, visiting friends and went secong time to the library.

quilting books

I found books from Kaffe that I haven’t read before and I found Helen’s book! When I saw it in my first visit, I’m sure I said loudly and smile on my face: “Helen”! I felt like I almost met dear friend!

Helen Philipps

This book I carried home and read from cover to cover! Helen’s blog is one of my favourites!

Library in my town is old and even it’s ‘heaven’ for me, it’s too small. There has been lot of discussion to build a new library because there is so much books etc. in the store without space enough to have them available. In my ‘small’ town there are also few other smaller ‘sister’ libraries outside of the center.

library in Kouvola

My photos are quite Brown because of this early spring season. Soon everything will be So Green! Weather has been perfect for me! Almost every day sun is shining and the temperature is around + 3 / + 8 C.

Kouvola's library

Even they don’t have enough space, they have done their best to make the library nice and comfortable.


And now, shall we go to Marimekko? I was happy to see that the Marimekko’s department in the big cloth shop ‘Pukimo’ was as good as I remembered it! Few big other Shops have also some Marimekko items but mostly dishes and in the NEW big shopping center ‘Veturi’ there is a Marimekko shop, but I like better this in the center of Kouvola …


Wouldn’t you like to have bunny dreams?


Bunnies every where! Mugs, pillows, trays …


Did you know that marimekko means mari-dress? I don’t know from where the name Mari comes – it is woman’s name and perhaps when this company began it sounded modern, cosy, young, happy …

Addition: thank you Hannele for your comment and telling us that the name “Marimekko” and Mari comes from Armi Ratia’s second name Maria!


It is amazing that still their stripy t-shirts are all that: modern, simple, cosy, young and happy … after so many years they are still and agin so much In FASHION! Not to speak about so many other fantastic things they have in their collections. I love their bags. – my favourite school bag, over 30 years ago was Marimekko’s big white tote!  and of course I love their Fabrics …

Marimekko fabrics

These I picked from the ‘pieces’ box … prices are still quite “good”, so I couldn’t take all the box, even wanted to do that. I chose the red, the grey on the right with modern flowers and the piece in the up-middle which feels mixed cotton/linen (my favourite). But I can’t forget that with yellow flowers (very thin and perfect for summer blouse) and the white-grey on the right (linen also perfect for blouse). We’ll see …


By by Marimekko!

Thank you for joining my day and trip to Finland! Thank you also for your sweet messages! Hope to see you soon!

Sorry that I haven’t visited you so much lately, but I know you understand why.

PS. My sister found this link with funny and cute dogs and cats! Sometimes it’s complicated to use people’s furnitures!



Photos from Finland 3

Hi! I passed great looking pet shop and I’m waiting to go to buy souvenirs for Nero and Hanna!  I have visited friends!

pet shop

pet shop

Musti ja Mirri

pet shop





My friend makes fantastic books! In January she sent to me this note book for my birthday …

hand made note book




Today was a beautiful day – few + degrees but freezing wind. Thank you for joining my trip! Hope to see you soon!



Photos from Finland 1

Hi friends! I promised you post cards but I changed the name to ‘Photos from Finland’ because these will be snap shoots on my way around here. I try to give you a picture of ‘everyday’ life in Finland. At this time of the year the nature is waiting to change to spring and fields are empty. When I came on Sunday evening there were no snow in south Finland but today we got some.



… testing my new camera …

canon s 120

Next photos are from Lahti – just passing through on my way to Hameenlinna …


These walls are to keep the traffic noise away from the areas with homes.



I think these were swans but not exactly sure as they were so far. Lots of birds are coming from south in spring …


Today I went to see dear friends and their new dog, this cute boy. He is so beautiful with huge eye lashes and big paws!


And this was waiting us when we returned home …


Snow white! Till the weekend it should be again warmer, about +9C so the snow will be gone soon. Old, empty hedgehog’s house …


And I did manage to find already something delicious …

Novita's yarn

Thank you for joining my trip!


PS. If you are on my blog’s main page you could click on the name of the post and like that the post and photos will be bigger.


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