Nero's Post and Patch

by Teje Karjalainen



Hello Dear Friends! I have missed you and hope you are fine! After the brake with moving it’s not easy to start again. So many things to share and show, stories to tell … so I just thought to skip all that for a while and write about sewing and fabrics, which I know you all prefer to see. IMG_1158

My sewing room needs still lots of work to be nice and inspiring but at least there is now space to start NEW a project. I was thinking a lot what it should/could be and then remembered that for a long time I wanted to make ‘flying geese’ blocks. With some search on pinterest, I found lots of inspiring quilts and great tutorials. I tell you my experience in the in the order I worked.

You can find many tutorials from my Pinterest Board: ‘Quilt Blocks’.

Lots of inspiration and quilts made with ‘flying geese’ blocks on my Pinterest Board: ‘Quilt Inspiration’.

First I tried tutorial which works only with two squares. But for me this didn’t end up well. First I cut my block totally wrong – look the left piece. Second the other piece, even cut correct, has still mistakes. I know it’s my fault and not the tutorial. I should have been more careful.


Second I tried the, perhaps most common method to make flying geese blocks. With this you cut one big square and four small squares. It starts like this …

flying goose block

… and continues like this …

flying goose

This method works well and easily. Only I don’t like to measure and I hate ‘difficult’ numbers like 7/8 or 1/4 … I really would prefer to cut ‘whole numbers’ like 5 or 3 … but here you need to know exactly what size to cut. Other wise it may end up like this …

flying goose block

On my Pinterest Board for quilt blocks, you find also great list to see what size to cut to get the block-size you like.

flying geese blocks

And I thought that in the end of the evening I shall have lots of fun flying geeses?! Couldn’t have guessed that I took so much time to learn it. It took two hours to get these doen and they are not perfect but fortunately (for some strange reason) I’m not perfectionist with my quilting. I’m quite much perfectionist when making bags or other things and with many other things in life but I think I feel that quilting is something ‘artistic and creative’ so I’m not so stright.


Getting those NEW Fabrics washed today, you understand that I can’t wait to make more flying geeses. I try to MIX colours and prints more bravely than I do usually (so often I stuck to with match similar colours. And I do try to make them perfect matching corners.

new fabrics

I have been very lucky to win a gift certificate $ 50 for the ‘Fat Quarter Shop’ from ‘Quilt Jane’s blog. Jane’s blog is beautiful and she makes fantastic quilts! Thank you so much Jane! You will here more about this when I get the Fabrics. It’s just that I didn’t order yet anything because I can’t make up my mind.

ade639afaad9d4e21c96b3277a031172[1]fancyfree-fqb-200[1] (2)  My most likely choise is this ‘Fancy Free’ - fat quarter bundle of it. But then I like also very much this ‘Flower Patch’ collection …

flowerpatch-bundle-450_4[1]… and of course there is the bundle of ‘Kaffe Fassett Limited Edition’, hard not to choose these …

kflimited-bundle-450_2[1]I would like to hear what you would choose! Something I have chosen, NEW ruler! Since the day (two years ago, wow) Julie made this ruler, I have decired it and now it’s time to get it! It’s called ‘Hex N More’ and you can read and see more about it on Julie’s blog ‘Jaybird Quilts’. Julie has there lots of Info, ideas and inspiration how to use this ruler and also she has made lots of pattern for this ruler, which you can use for hexagons, jewels and triangles.

HexNMore-200[1]… sorry about the size of these photos, can’t manage to make them bigger but visiting ‘Fat Quarter Shop’ you can see them all well and read the details.

UPDATE: I chose and ordered the ‘Fancy Free’ because IT’S ON SALE!

I’m very happy to join the fun of the LINKY PARTIES again! There are lots of buttons on my sidelist for my favourite parties so can join them easily, too! I want to thank you all the ladies who take the time to host those parties giving us the possibility to share our sewings!

Hmmm. now I think should I pick the Flower Patch, but it has so much green … any way here are some other shots around until I show you more about the NEW neighbourhood …


My tools and other stuff has found their way to the our new home as well as Nero’s balls … already spread around the little garden …


Seems to be that the ‘size’ is an issue today. WordPress has changed to NEW style to make a post and that made my photos great big but now when I continue, it’s again in the ‘old style’ and that likes to show them smaller?! Hmmm … again something to learn.


I leave you now with this relaxing scene … as you see Nelli has settled very well and found many nice places to have a nap or to hide.

Thank you so much for visiting me even I have been away for a while! I hope to see you soon and I wish you wonderful day!



Nero’s Post: Blog Hop & Moving

Vof vof friends – it’s Nero here! I’m so happy to see you! Could you help me to let me know what’s ‘moving’? We are moving and I haven’t done that before so I’m a little bit worried what will happen? I got this suitcase and was told to pack my stuff?! There are now my toys and coocies, balls, my own first aid bag, brush, comb and nail cutter, my socks, leash and collars, I threw there also this little quilt I saw – I don’t think Teje would like to forget that. I was told that soon I shall sleep in a new bed in different house … I guess that’s ok, if Hanna, Nelli and my family are there with me.

Nero's suitcase

Our dear Finnish friend, Mia invited us to join a Blog Hop. Mia is very talented fiber artist and she make beautiful and cute felted itemes, bags, pouches etc. with cute creations on them. Her lovely blog is ‘HANDMADE BY MIA’. Thank you so much Mia for your invitation! Now I leave Teje to tell you what she is doing …

1) What am I working on?

Til now I have been working mostly with quilting and sewing: quilts, pillows, bags, pouches etc. Also knitting and crochet: scrafs, jackets, shawls and lately also bracelets etc. This year I have started to make more jewelries with sea glass, gemstones and beads.

I’m running two etsy Shops: ‘TEJESARITA’ for my patterns & sewings and ‘TRIKIMIA’ for our sea glass and other jewelries & decorations.

This spring and summer has been super busy because we have been fixing a shop in town for TRIKIMIA. It will be a workshop where we sell our handmade jewelries, gifts, decoration and some other seasonal things. That’s why my etsy-shops are also at the moment a little bit empty, because many things went to the ‘live’ shop. In spring there was suddenly very serious illness in our family which stopped our life for a while. Plus all that, summer is also busy time in our Holiday Apartments in ‘MAHERIDA’.

quilts by Teje

Quilt washing before packing: Fantasy Forest, Finnish Forest, Hanna’s Garden

Quilts I make are my designs. I haven’t done any quilt by pattern but of course I get lots of inspiration and ideas from other quilters. Also amazing quilter WHO share their knoledge and tutorials helper me to learn quilting ‘by myshelf’. Designing quilts, pillows, bags etc. is always fun!

Shoulder Bag by Tejesarita

Shoulder Bag with knotted adjustable strap


Project bags with 'Heaven & Helsinki' fabric

Project bags with ‘Heaven & Helsinki’ fabric

Bracelets with Coral, Lava and Gem Stones

Bracelets with Coral, Lava and Gem Stones

2) How does my work differ from others its genre?

This is difficult. I’m not sure if my work differs as there are so many very talented people who also make colourful and happy things. I love happy colours and that shows in my work. Often I try to make things ‘different’, but that’s quite difficult because … you know how many quilts has been sewn, how many bags has been designed … it’s just that if we didn’t see them, we can still enjoy the ‘aha’ experience when ‘inventing the wheel’!

'My Dream Quilt'

‘My Dream Quilt’

Because I don’t have acces to quilt shops and shipping from US is an issue, I need to be even more creative. When I made this colour-wheele quilt, my fabric stash was very poor (still is, if you ask my opinion – compearing to some gorgeus fabric cabinets we see in some blogs) and I used what ever fabrics I found – always cotton to suit together but also re-cycled fabrics. Generally my store is very big because I save all kind of materials.

Sun umbreallas quilt

My husband is still sad about loosing some of his favourite shirts, but I declare that I use only shirts that he doesn’t use. They may have had an ‘accident’, wrong size or he just prefers to use other shirts. Here are two quilts made for our siesta nap. Nero and Hanna joined the ‘Pets on Quilts’ last year showing them.

'Stars' and 'Swirls' with men's shirts

‘Stars’ and ‘Swirls’ with men’s shirts

Here are few of the ‘story pillow’ I have made. This is something I really love to do – to make patchwork pictures with a little story in my mind! Idea for the first story pillow came from a rescue cat ‘Stavros’ who moved to Finland and needed of course a suitcase with him.

'Travelling Cat' pillow

‘Travelling Cat’ pillow

‘Jumping Dog’ is Nero with his for ever favourite toy: Ball! Travelling Dog could be for two amazing dogs, Hani and Obi,  that we had the joy to hold for a while before they moved also to Finland.

Story pillows

‘Story Pillows’ by Teje

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

Simply, because I enjoy it so much – that’s me – if I don’t create, think about ideas, find inspiration, make plans, see colours, I’m not well. Other important thing to me are books – I have been reading always. Especially when I was young I wrote many kind of notebooks (enjoyed even making the school notes). For example I made big book with all the dog breeds. I collected photos of them and then wrote pages about each breed what ever info I found from the books.

I’m really happy I made the decision to start this blog. If you like to hear about the name, it was the helpful idea that made me start. One day I was swimming (then I often get good ideas) and the name came to my mind. I thought that if there was not enough to write about my sewings etc. Nero could help me writing  about other things in garden etc. Now you see that Nero hasn’t had the word often, because of you, my fantastic readers: I have been so inspired to make lots of things all the time and always excited to share them with you!

Nero and Hanna (and Nelli-cat of course even she is shy to appear often) are very important part of my blog and they are always ready to help and play! When ever we have a give away, Nero picks the winners and Hanna is the secretary.

Nero and Hanna helps with the give away

Nero and Hanna helps with the give away

Even I’m very busy with all kind of works, I try to find some moments to make something just for fun. With no hurry to finish, without certain plan, something to do where ever I am … this time it’s a project with paper pieced hexagons. I’m waiting some solids to add between the flowers.  This may become a table runner.

paper pieced hexagons

Did you pick any fur under the woods? Nero and Hanna like to stay in the shadow under the table …


4) How does my writing/creative process work?

Quite spontanly! I have way too many ideas all the time running in my mind. When I start new project, I may have some plans but often they change a lot during the process. My inspiration comes often from the colours! I use a lot of time just to pick the right scraps so that I’m happy with the colour combination. Then some other time it just happens in a minute like the ‘square in square’ block below. I had the pink square front of me and for some strange reason I had to add that lime corner. Then there were few solid strips … and it was done! So my ideas come often also from the scraps and their shapes.

Very seldom I plan all my work before I start – or my writing. I know for me it works best that way, when I just start and follow my instinct. During my days, I think a lot what to show and tell to you – about something I see, what I make or what my puppies do. When it’s time to write to my blog, I usually start to pick photos and the story appears around them.

quilt blocks

‘Make My Day’ in proces

This blog hop is to find and get to know new bloggers and their blogs. I have to say that it was difficult to choose who to invite to continue this blog hop.  I’m lucky to have so many talented blogger friends with beautiful works and exciting blogs.

Today I like to intoruduce to you three very talented ladies:

Katherine from Canada and her blog: ‘SEW ME SOMETHING GOOD’. I love Katherine’s works and when I read her post and see what she has made, I say in my mind: ‘Yes! This is again so great idea! Gorgeus colours’! She really has fantastic ideas and uses beautiful, happy colours! She has a great eye for colours! Better you look by yourself – quilts with sunshine orange, purple, pink colours – pouches with adorable paper pieced details etc.

Dorien from Holland and her blog: ‘JUST-DO’. Dorien is a unique talent for crochet and knitting but she makes also many other things. For example I never forget one gorgeus coat she made. Also she shares in her blog bags, quilts, pillows etc. what she sews – always beautiful – even her sweet dog, Fleur, has the most beautiful patchwork bed! Dorien makes also wonderful crochet and knitting patterns.

Christine from Australia and her blog: ‘CHRISW DESIGNS’. Christine is a specialist for bags! She makes any kind of gorgeus bags! She creates fantastic details and uses always beautiful fabrics with lovely colours and prints. She is famous for her fantastic patterns! It’s always fun to help her finding names for new bag designs! Every Tuesday we can all join her party and share our bag projects.


So I think it’s time for me to check the garden not to forget any of my precious balls around and then continue the packing. Still need to pack my food, bowls, dessert sticks … and all the Nelli’s stuff (she is doesn’t show any interest for Packing) … of this moving is hard business! Did I forget something …

Nero's vintage suitcase


Thank you again Mia for inviting me! This was fun and also great opportunity to tell you why I have been so quiet lately. We are now in the last days of the moving, so next week we are out of the internet. That’s why I also send this post a little bit earlier. Next Blog Hop Day is Monday 18. of August – be sure to visit then Katherine, Dorien and Christine!

Hugs and kisses!

Nero, Hanna, Nelli & Teje


Bird blocks

Hi friends! I think I found place for my ‘old’ birds … I think they could fly on the ‘Make My Day’ quilt … and made one new … modern bird …


What you see here …


I see bird, but perhpas you need good imagination to see that …


Looks now more like a rocket ready to fly to moon …



Often the First one I make, is the best … perhaps when I make something new, I take better care how to do it. I like mostly the first improvised bird I made. It’s the big, dark blue one …


Idea for these birds became from the birds visiting our pool …



They use to come every afternoon for a ‘swim’! They touch the water and fly around and again and again … if you swim then, you feel they might crash with your head!


These beauties just arrived from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’, wonderful fabric shop run by Cindy WHO blogs here.

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! I wish you wonderful summer days!



New blocks and Fabrics

Hi friends! Almost wordless post with some new blocks for my ‘Make My Day’ quilt and thanks to a dear friend for the win in her give away.


I was soooooo happy to be the lucky one and win these beautiful fabrics from Judith’s give away! Thank you so much Judith!!! I’m sure most of you know Judith from ‘Just Jude’ – if not, it’s time to meet her! She makes beautiful things, gives sewing classes and she is always so helpful and supportive! Thank you again dear friend!

Each and every piece is just what my stash needed! Judith was so sweet that she sent to me also some white linen and light grey cotton – my favourites!


And tape measures – also just what I needed … I need tape measures in many places. I have many ideas for these most beautiful fabrics and can’t wait to get to autumn and have time to start!

beautiful fabrics

There are some new blocks for my ‘Make My Day’ quilt, even the last days has been grazy busy. But now and then I take a moment to make a block or two … just to ‘make my day’!


Picking up colours. If the block makes me smile, it’s  Goooooal!!!


star block

improvised block

star block

Few moments from the last days …

blue and white


yucca palms


quilt blocks

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you wonderful summer days!


PS. Did you know that if you are on the main page of this blog, the photos are smaller than if you are on the page of the post? Click the title of the post and you’ll see.


‘Make My Day’ quilt project

Hi friends! More new blocks than expected has appeared to the box where I keep my latest project. Yesterday I thought to rest a little bit and sew several blocks.

quilt process

Stars you have seen and after them I made the square on the left with turquoise corners. After that I had in my mind something like a path and this became one evening …

scrap squares

Because I made the brave decision to include here few of my precious Kaffe Fassetts, I connected them with Kona solids …

Kaffe with Kona

These colours are so beautiful and bright but my photos are from the evening inside. You’ll see them other time outside.

block with squares

This block is very improvised. I looked my white scraps and went on with their shapes. As you can see in  the earlier photo where I used 4 leftover pieces from ‘Orange Stones’.

square on point

I like the seams in the white corner pieces. In this Project I shall use what ever white, cream and other low volumes. There will be bigger areas of white and there the seams gives nice details. Maybe, just maybe I shall make some applique later on those ‘empty areas’ but can’t know that for sure yet.

matching fabrics

Here is an idea for the next block. No idea how to make it but I enjoy matching the colours as you know!

Adrianne from ‘On the Windy Side’ had the same idea to make one block each day and she’s hosting a linky party if you like to share your July Project!

I don’t want to say that I shall have a blog brake but most likely it’s going to be a little bit quiet here at ‘Nero’s Post’ for a while. As it has already been. This and next month I’m pretty much ‘on the road’ – busy with work and other stuff and driving around and up and down every day. Still I hope to have a moment or two to make some blocks and show them to you.

For sure, I’m back after the summer with lots of news, new ideas and inspiration and hopefully with lots of energy! I may have then even a wall to make a design wall!

cute puppy

We don’t have a new dog! But this Funny Face lives in one of my work places and have to say that she makes my day there! She is Super Super happy when someone comes and runs like a rocket around the garden, follows you and is just the cutes little puppy!

sweet face

Nero, Hanna and Nelli are fine, lazy with the hot summer, but they are happy and so important company to us!

Nero and Hanna

Nero would love the little puppy girl! Nero is so in love with Nelli (our cat) lately. He just loves all the small creatures! And for a big surprise, also Nelli seems to enjoy his company and attention!

new quilt project

Now I wish you the most wonderful summer! Thank you for visiting and reading my blog and thank you for taking the time to write wonderful, supportive and inspiring comments! I hope to see you soon!



Beginning new quilt!

Hi Friends! Good Month – can’t believe it’s already July! I found a good way to start this month – new quilt project!

wonky star block

Yesterday after my morning coffee and before going to work, I made this star. I picked the scraps just by instinct without any further plan, just what felt good for this one star.  Last few days I have been thinking a lot … and ended up to start a new quilt project.

wonky star block

Against my schedule, I made second star in the evening … after organizing first several hours my fabric stash. Getting rid of some old ‘so tiny scraps’ that you wouldn’t never even keep them … hmmm, no, those I kept still, but some other ‘ugly’ scraps I threw away. If and when I continue to make story-pillows I need every tiny piece because they may have just the colour I need to put a nose to a dog or a wing to bird or a suitcase for a travelling cat.

wonky star

Wonky star block looks fun and so different ‘in point’. Perhaps I put some stars like this.

new quilt project

One other evening, when I just passed my sewing place  … I picked some little triangles … and after a while I had several blocks which will be perfect to join my new project.


This quilt project is not busy to be finished but slow to be enjoyed – like the favourite  sweet which you like to eat slowly slowly to enjoy every bite and to make it last long. Unfortunately this time I didn’t have my favourite sweet, blueberry pie with ice cream!!!


I’m too busy to even try to make this quilt quickly. I haven’t made any plans for this quilt … if I wake up at night I may think what kind of blocks to make … during the day at work I ‘picture’ the blocks and fabrics in my thoughts … you know how often it’s  enough just to watch the project on your sewing table, to make you happier.

afternoon siesta

One day … some day … there will be enough blocks and enough time to gather them to a quilt which will be full of light, most likely sunshine … something that says  Good Morning – Have a Great Day!

sunny star block by Teje

Today this block made my day. Tomorrow it will be an other one. More about this project next time.

What makes you have a great start to your day?

Thank you for stopping by and for your wonderful and always appreciated comments!



Crochet Health Survey – Crochet Pojects


Hello Dear Friends! Today we speak about CROCHET! Crochet is a fantastic craft because you can make so many totally different kind of things! You can easily mix colours, materials and create something special and even with few basic stitches!

crochet flower by Teje

Few days ago Kathryn Vercillo contact me and I was very happy to meet her. She is the author of the book ‘Crochet Saved My Life’. Kathryn is also studying how crochet can heal and help. I think anyone who crochet, knows that beside the fun, it’s good therapy like all kind of crafts.


With Kathryn’s permission, quotation from her post:

A new crochet health survey has been launched to study how crochet heals people. This is a 27-question survey (mostly multiple choice) designed to gather detailed information about the physical and mental health issues that are helped through crochet work and to what degree the craft is helpful. The survey is produced by Kathryn Vercillo, an expert in the topic of healing through crochet.

Kathryn Vercillo is the author of Crochet Saved My Life, a book about the craft’s health benefits. In the book she shares her own story of crocheting to heal from chronic depression. She also interviews two dozen other women who share their stories of hooking to heal. In addition, she aggregates the available research into crafting to heal.

Several formal studies have been conducted that show crochet to be healing. The new study is designed to add to the available information on this topic. One unique thing about it is that the study focuses specifically on crochet as opposed to lumping it in with other crafts. Another unique feature is that it goes beyond asking the question “does crochet help?” (because we know that it does) and explores how it helps, to what extent and for what symptoms.

Kathryn Vercillo will do an in-depth analysis of the results of this study. She will use that information to publish a full report on the health benefits of crafting. She will also use the information in future publications and it will serve as the foundation for continued research into this important topic.

Crochet Flower Necklace by Teje

Back to me:

You can help support the craft of crochet by contributing your response to this new survey. The survey is available at:

If you like, share Kathryn’s study and survey and your own experiences about crochet. Has it helped you through some difficult periods in your life? Do you feel it’s a therapy in your busy eveyday life? Have you found out if crochet has been healing you?

Crochet Necklace by Teje

I have now opportunity to show you my latest crochet project: Flower Necklace. I’m so fond of those ‘old style’ crochet patterns that were used to sewn around the blouse’s collar and other cloths, tea towels etc.

Crochet Necklace by Teje

What you think – sun tanned decolte, white or colourful summer dress – holidays – Crochet Flower Necklace – sounds great or what! I have many different crochet necklaces under process but this time crochet is not healing but bothering my wrist which has pain, so I have to be patient and not to crochet till it’s better. Instead of that I started yesterday new improvised slow motion quilt project but that need’s an other post.

Because crochet is really fun, easy to do, easy to carry with you (perfect summer craft) and also great therapy, I hope to give you some inspiration with few of my earlier projects:

Crochet Stone by Teje

Crochet stones are so much fun to make and wonderful decorations! Click HERE to read my post with lots of photos.

One very good way to start crocheting is to make granny squares or hexagons. They are easy and you will get hooked because it’s so fun and quick to make them and to plan what colours to use for the next one … and the next one … and you just can’t stop! You can make first pillow if the whole blanket scares you, but I couldn’t stop and ended up with ‘NERO’S BLANKET’!

Hexagon Crochet Blanket

My first try with granny squares was a little blanket to Foxy (the most sweet, little dog we had). I just picket some left over yarns and started – inspired by so many bloggers I just had to try.

Foxy's Blanket by Teje

I have made one of my favourite jackets with crochet squares. I just started to crochet squares during my trip to Finland and then back at home, gathered them to this jacket. Sorry this worst ever photo but I can’t find better right now and want to show you this idea. This jacket has wooden buttons front. I have on process new jacket with flower squares but can’t find time to finish it.

Crochet Jacket by Teje

Then you can also crochet scarfs! They are lovely small projects and with different yarns you can make so dirrefent kind of scarfs. My latest is ‘SWEET PEA SCARF’. My pattern for this scarf is available in my ‘Craftsy Store’. I have used this pattern hundreds of time – for example around the edges of a shawl and knitted jacket.

Crochet Scarf by Teje

You can crochet small things to decorate your sewings etc. Long time ago I found this butterfly from one Finnish blog and I have made ‘thousands’ of butterflies since then. I have sewn them on knitted jackets, on fabric pouches, make-up bags etc. I was asked so often about this pattern and English version that finally I translated it. The original Finnish pattern is not mine and unfortunately I haven’t been able to contact the lady who has made it. Unfortunately the Finnish pattern doesn’t have photos because some time ago had a problem and all the photos disappeared. If you want the Finnish pattern I suggest you use together my English version.

Crochet Butterfly pattern

White looks lovely on the linen pouch with some bright red polka dots …

Crochet Butterfly

I haven’t made these butterflies for a while and I think it’s time to make some and perhaps some new ideas where to add them.

Crochet t-shirt rug

When I made this rug in the beginning of my blogger journey, I didn’t have many t-shirts in my store (now getting wiser I have a big box). You can see from the photo that it’s old because Nero’s both eares are still up. After the surgery the other stayed down and made him look cool, shabby boy. If you like to start this project, read my post HERE.

Now I don’t remember what else I have crocheted?! So I leave you with my best inspiration, a crochet shawl made by my mother.

Crochet Art Shawl by Riitta Karjalainen

made by Riitta Karjalainen

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend – perhaps crochet creative! If you have a moment I would love to hear what crochet or sewing project you enjoy mostly in the summer.



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