Nero's Post and Patch

by Teje Karjalainen


Nero: Quilt top with ‘Fancy Free’!

Vof vof friends! Autumn is here and I feel so good! I like to play all the time and … to eat goodies!

triangle quilt top

Last week we were just the girls and me and most of the days we were sewing. This Project didn’t start easily but when it found the way it was easy and fun.

Hex N More quilt top

These Fabrics are the ‘Fancy Free’ by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs and I chose them with my gift card from ‘Fat Quarter Shop’. Pattern became as I worked. For the first time I used Julie’s fantastic ruler ‘Hex N More’ - bought from ‘Fat Quarter Shop’.

quilt top with triangles

This was the last minute to take photos out, because after that the weather changed. Now we have had two days clouds, strong wind and even some rain. First few drops after about 6 months we had just the day these fabrics arrived. I were so happy for the fabrics and the rain that thought to name this quilt: ‘Singing in the Rain’!

quilt with Fancy Free

This quilt should be like this but there was no space to take photos like this and my design wall is too small. How great that I made the ‘design wall’ because without that it wouldn’t have been possible to plan this layout.

About the name … those triangles and buntings look like a party … in a barn … or a pic nic in the country side … any suggestions for the name?

quilt with triangles

One of us had a great shopping day … white fabric, buttons … smoked  pig’s ears (for me and Hanna) and something for her lunch …

lunch with country living

After so much sewing I had to take a nap …


I know you always wonder why we dogs like to sleep upsidedown … why you quilt and don’t chase cats … it’s just what we like! (and it stretch well our back and body). But about this quilt, here are some last shoots about the process …


This was really ‘fixing the puzzle’. First I made some areas and then started to figure out how to connect them. Add some white for filling …


Most of it clicked together fantastic because made with this ruler. Different shapes and even sizes matched together great because all the angles are the same.



Some where it was easier to add bigger piece and then cut it right size when it was placed next to the other parts. You see that below the pink and orange are not correct diamonds. First I had cut them ‘half hexagons’ but they didn’t look good, so I cut away one triangle from each and used some of the rest pieces like this. I love those little diamonds, they are look like ice creams to me!


Only few spots were difficult and there is only one y-seam. I have used to put pins like the last on right, but now I saw that sometimes it’s better to have them other way. But be careful not to sew over them!


Adding the last triangle rows. Perhaps I still add very thin border around, but I’m not sure yet.


There is one spot I wish I had thought better … can’t see it now …


… because everything is in angle, also the seam which continues the white diagonal strip on the right (down), should be diagonal and not vertical … that bothers me a lot … and yes, I know there is small piece missing on the edge … I shall fix it.

Fancy Free with Hex-N-More

Now the size is 70″ x 52″ (175 x 132 cm). Should I add small border or only the binding?


I have put this now on the side for a while and start to make a baby quilt. Yesterday went with testing blocks and now I have made my mind for the pattern. Can’t wait to start … still have to decide what fabrics to pick. That pattern is easy piecy – relaxing project after this puzzle-challenge.

triangle quilt

What name: Farmhouse Party, Singing in the Rain, Pic Nic in the Park, Fancy Free Festival, Festive Farmhouse … add your’s in the comment, please!

Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet and lovely comments! I’m always happy to read your thoughts and to hear what you are doing! I run now to cut strips …



Nero: White was missing!

Vof vof! White makes the magic, at least here. She forgot to put white on her palet! All that drama last time … perhaps I have lost it … if I can’t create nice quilt anymore … and all that just because the white was missing!

Hex N More quilt project by Teje

This was on the wall yesterday evening, when we decided it was bed time. It may change still, like it often happens, but she’s quite happy and perhaps she just continues and doesn’t change much.

making diamonds

She’s not using the easy way … no, she wants to plan with fabrics and patches and make the whole design piece by piece. It’s fun but takes time. We had lunch brake and cooked …



After eating, I’m always so happy and full of energy to play …



And then with full speed to hexagons … piece by piece to make pairs …


Then figuring out what shape they should be to fill the place on the wall …



Cutting some pieces more to get big triangle …


… idea for a christmas table runner …

big triangle with hexagons


Now we shall make more jewel-triangles … but hey, guess what I saw …



Can you believe that there she/he is sitting next to my ball in no hurry to go any where …


I’m getting tired to chase them … just kidding! At this moment for some strange reason I just looked and didn’t say anything … perhaps I tried to find out how we can continue because the design wall is full. I have to make it bigger.



And then I think we shall make more little triangles … if your favourite fabric is coming to an end, it may be worth of using a moment to plan how to get most of it …



So here we are now … running well and enjoying each step …  this looks like a party to me!

quilt with Hex N More ruler


Have a great weekend! I hope you have sun and fun!

Hugs from NERO!


Nero’s Post: She’s in trouble …

Vof vof! Great to see you friends! Yes we have a problem here … she has … she has no idea what to do with her new fabrics! She likes :PAYG (=plan as you go) and there she is now, without any plan … going who knows where …

Fancy Free

At least she has done some cutting and loves her new ‘Hex N More’ Ruler!


She waited these fabrics like the moon to rise and now she’s not even sure about the colours?! I said she should have picked the other bundle with greens but did she listen to me? She cut the jewel with her own way because didn’t like to cut all the strip so wide. She has cut now one jewel, one half hexy and several triangles from each fabric.


This ruler is fantastic. Super easy to use with great tutorial and Info coming with it. It can be used for so many different shapes and sizes. Absolutely worth of every penny.


Then began the problem … how to fix them. Oh boy, you can’t believe how hard that can be. There should never be too many possibilities! It was hours like this: could it be like this … or this … no, not those colours together … that print is too busy here etc. etc.


… and where shall we put the white … there has to be white! If you are in trouble with your plan, take a photo. After changing hundreds of times those patches, she was somehow happy with these …


… and seeing this photo, she thought that there could be white around the jewel-triangles … yes, perhaps … I think I’m done with this and like to out to chase that cat on the tree! Wow, in the morning I chased one cat all around the garden and then she jumped on the fence where I couldn’t reach and was teasing  me from there. Of course I had to say loudly that this is my area and she doesn’t have any business here.


By the way, do you see that she finally sew one block – great job for today! I do hope she can finish few more until it’s bed time. I realized that last time we forgot to show you our new design wall. Hey, it’s very simple but on it we can design, so it is design wall …

design wall with fleece

It is a fleece blanket (Ikea) on the wood stick which is tight with fabric ribbons to two hooks which you can put over the door. We have stuffed these closets whit things that we don’t usually need so we don’t need to open these door often. Only of course just after fixing this thing, we had to search something form the last closet.


And here is our sewing room … and me …


We are now happy with Hanna because we can come to this room, too. When we had the sewing attic, only Nelli was able to go up there.


Hanna likes to be under the table …


There are lots of things stored in this room … not everything is related to sewing or our materials. Mainly the right side is sewing stuff, far on the left are yarns and then on the left side it’s just ‘stuff’. Soon we get bigger table and that will help a lot … I’m not sure if there is space for ironing then.

selvage jewel

I think this is quilter’s jewel! Could the selvage be more sweet! If I would tell some of those doggies who pass my gate, that I love those little stitches on the edge, I’m sure they would think I’m form an other planet! But, really, aren’t they the cutest ever!

Design Wall by Teje

Oh, too silly talk, better make some coffee. Soon the neighbours wake up from their siesta sleep and I can go out to bark  those those cats and dogs who walk on the street. Did you pick the little bear? I’ll so you soon where he is dancing.

By, by for now! Thanks for being my friend and reading my stories! Hugs and Kisses!


PS. Should I start Instagram with my name or my blog’s name?


Planning today …

… to start NEW quilt! With my NEW Fabrics! Hello dear friends – so nice you came to see what I’m doing here … pretending to be so busy and not much has appeared to my blog posts. I do hope that changes soon when it turns to autumn.

quilt plans with paper

They look fantastic – or what?! Unfortunately they are not Fabrics! I thought that i need to practise First with Paper to use my NEW ruler. This takes time and I would love to catch the Fabrics but I don’t dare to cut them before I’m sure what to do.

Fancy Free fabrics

Happy cloth pecks! Happy Fabrics!


I missed some colour on our ‘outside’ kitchen table. I enjoy having my breakfast here, lunch and often also afternoon coffee.

colourful yarn

I had something colourful in my mind but this idea didn’t go any further … some other little ideas will be seen soon.


I love little rosies, pinks and others … didn’t find anything yellow, so have to make something yellow. But today I’m making plans for a NEW quilt Project. Looking for inspiration from Pinterest.

lunch time

Lunch time today … Paper is still empty but something I have in my mind. There they are my sweet Fabrics in the sunshine!

quilt inspiration

Can you guess which one here inspires me mostly today? I have in my mind in fact three main ideas and it’s very difficult to choose between them. They are quite different. Perhaps it’s better to make few testing blocks and then decide which one to continue.

pre washing fabrics

We may have rain in the next few days so today was laundry day and all of us enjoyed lovely cool Air from the sea. Can you pick Nelli?


She is so sweet girl and has settled to the NEW place just amazingly well. She is now 10 years and stays more close to home and sleeps all the night next to me. Can’t teach her to sleep in her own bed. I made her most comfortable bed on a chair next to me but she insists to sleep ‘glued’ to me.

Thank you for visiting my crafty corner! I hope you have some enjoyable projects going on and I wish you warm and sunny autumn days! (this is my new nail colour!)

Linking at my favourite linky parties – all the buttons are on my sidelist!

Fancy Free

Sorry, but now I have to go to pet my Fabrics … how can I cut them tomorrow!




Hello dear friends! What would be the best way for you to begin a NEW week? Mine was to wake up for a rain (after 5 months) and to get a phone call from a postman.

paper pieced flower

I woke up for a strange sound … rain? is it really rain? Yes! Fresh air, smell of rain and thursty soil! Finally sense of autumn – my favourite season! I had perfect morning-coffee moment on the terace, with dogs and cat, of course.

clouds through ruler

I enjoyed watching the different sky scene! That beautiful bright blue sky can be boring after months and months. As you know I need to see some white, too. But this was not the scene yet … my phone rang … ‘Good Morning! This is your NEW postman. I have a packet for you and it doesn’t fit in the mailbox. Can you come to pick it?’ YES, right away!

He was still there and I had a chance to thank him for the help that I didn’t need to go till town to the post Office.

busy cat

I thought to show the parcels with Nelli because she was sitting near to me. She sniffed them quickly and then jumped away … if she just knew what there was inside …

new fabrics

… cats, yes little cutest cats!!! I love all these Fabrics but those cats are something else! This was a surprise delivery from my Finnish quilter friend. Wow, I’m so excited and also surprised how well she knows me – these are exactly ‘me’! Thank you so much dear ‘L’!!! Her beautiful blog is ‘Tilkkutie’, in Finnish but there are lots of beautiful quilting photos for your inspiration (if you don’t speak Finnish).

magnet for sewist

There was also this magnet … what can I say … it will be my treasure! It says ‘ I have a sewfluenza’! (my free translation). The Red fabric is from Marimekko! Iiik, I’m so thrilled to get some Marimekko – and a print that I can’t remember! How on earth I think I don’t like red – I love Red! it’s time to admit that! You know better than me when watching my photos.

magnet for sewists

Here is the magnet from behind! Thank you again so much!!!

But this was not all?! Yes, this was really amazing start for this week! My ‘winning’ Fabrics came already! Normally it takes two weeks to get here from US, but now they came in one week! So, ta-daa, here they are …

Fancy Free fabrics

They are fat quarter bundle ‘Fancy Free’ by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Designs. Thank you so much Jane from ‘Quilt Jane’ and ‘Fat Quarter Shop’, for these most beautiful Fabrics! I was the lucky one to win $ 50 gift certificate from Jane’s give away!

Fancy Free by Lori Whitlock

I had a hard time to choose, but I’m so so happy I picked these Fabrics! I love each piece and feel sorry to brake this sweet bundle, but now they need shower to be ready … I’m planning to have holidays next week and to devote myself to all these …

beautiful fabrics

You can see how perfectly all these fabrics go together! Those kittens and circles are so perfect! As it was cloudy morning, the colours are not so happy like they really are. That on the left side, which looks like ‘mustard’ is lovely, warm yellow. But don’t worry, you will certainly see these many times in future!

My NEW ruler is ‘Hex N More’ by Julie Herman. Julie created this ruler about two years ago and since then it has been in my mind. I am so excited to have it now and start something NEW with it! Ruler is available here in ‘Fat Quarter Shop’.

Nelli saw other cat

Nelli saw a stranger (cat) walking in our garden. This time I was quick enough to catch dogs’ attention with coocies and they didn’t run like grazy after the cat. Nero has again sock on his foot because his toe has ‘something’. Most likely he has scratched the nail some where when running after a cat. Why they don’t believe that this garden is taken now?! They pass many times a day like it’s their home and yesterday one came even inside from the kitchen door! So from now on doors closed if I’m not near.


… some where there the cat was walking … fortunately fits through the wire squares to escape if Nero is close.

Oups, Ryan Air passed very low – didn’t have time to get my camera.


We were drying pillows … Nero was relaxing in the ‘coolness’ …


At the weekend I took timeout for sewing and wanted to make a flower. I used Charise’s pattern for paper pieced tulip. Charise’s blog is ‘Charise Creates’ and the pattern is available (for Free) in her Craftsy store.

paper pieced tulip

I thought I could have finished Mini quilt with few tulips, but couldn’t concentrate and made all the time mistakes. Ripping and sewing again … and in the evening I ‘stucked’ to fix design wall. Yes – my First ever design wall – and the most easy! Anyone can make it; I’ll show it to you next time. Don’t expect anything fancy but something that you can make quickly and no need to bu anything (I suppose).

I think I shall go to fill my design wall…

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for writing so lovely comments! I hope your week and September has began as well as mine!  Enjoy the autumn and the change of the season!

I’m linking at: ‘Fabric Tuesday’, ‘Linky Tuesday’, ‘Sew Cute Tuesday’, ‘Let’s Bee Social’, Needle and Thread Thursday’, ‘Thursdays Pretty Bobbins’



Needle and Thread with Beads and Hexies

Vof vof dear friends! I think it’s time for me to say something. It’s me Nero, and I have missed you! As I saw needle and thread, I thought it will be Nero’s  “Needle and Thread Thursday” post! I start upsidedown, from the silent moment today …

paper pieced hexagons

When I don’t know what to do and have only short time, I pick my hexie box and fix some flowers. I try to make them ‘mixed’ so that the result would look random but still the flowers could be found. I’m not sure yet if I make also ‘half flowers’ and single hexies between the flowers. I was thinking to make single hexies with solids.

quiet sewing afternoon

There I am very helpful, you see. I’m on the right and Hanna is the lazy one on the left. Nelli is sleeping on a chair at the end of the table. PS. I’m not smoking, it’s my thread-catcher the turquoise ceramic,

This is the first day we can enjoy ourselves like this outside and also first day after many, many months, that we got a little bit rain! I can’t remember when it was raining last time but it must have been some where at the end of the March. It didn’t rain enough, only few drops in my garden, but in town they got real rain.

hexies in the garden

This is ‘Woodie’ my friend who likes to sit and watch the garden day and night. I prefer to sleep in my bed at night. He looks a little bit grumpy so I prefer to see his funny ears and wrinkled neck. Oh, those hexagon flowers doesn’t look so many … have to cut cute squares to make more.

bracelets with beads

When I saw this, I thought ‘hey it’s needle and thread’ – I want to have fun with Kelly! She is hosting one of our favourite linky parties every Thursday: ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’! This counts, right? Sewing beads with needle and thread to make bracelets! Kelly’s blog is ‘My Quilt Infatuation’ and it’s worth of following! Kelly makes so beautifu (and colourful) quilts, other sewings too and fantastic patterns!

Bracelets by Trikimia


It took a while to find a good way to sew the beads but now it’s easy peacy.

making bracelets

Lunch brake on the veranta with beads, needle and thread. This needs lots of patient but is really fun. Can’t wait to create other ‘patterns’!

Bracelet by Trikimia

This is at the moment my favourite … and the other one with small difference …

Bracelets by Trikimia

Now in the new house, I have to learn where and how to take photos. Have to fix and decorate few places for photo shooting. And perhaps start to make more trips around to take photos.

Bracelets by Trikimia

Until then, my ‘laundry’ table is useful …

Bracelets by Trikimia

These are now very colourful – you know that we love colours! There will be also bracelets with less colours and other styles – just need to ‘get rid of the summer’ and calm down from other works. We are so looking for to begin autumn and start seriously to create with all our materials – sea glass, beads and of course FABRICS!


So, I’m out of new photos … and shall leave you with ‘me’ … my ‘selfie’. Just today Teje took photo of her new glasses and thought ‘no selfie yet’ and here I have my own ‘selfie’ photo! Like to see the glasses?

new glasses

You know she likes to use white with bright colours, so now once she has also white in her glasses! … and now I have to show ‘me’ again to finish this post …

Nero and his suitcase

Just thought to mention that I haven’t unpacked yet my suitcase … took some tennis balls and other toys but there are still things I need to find place where to put them.

So let’s go to party then! I’m linking at ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’ with Kelly! Come along!

My Quilt Infatuation

Thank you so much, girls and guys for stopping by! Next week we shall continue with flying geese and who knows what else.  I was told to clean my ..ψψψ.. from the garden… (it’s not all mine!)

Hugs and Kisses!!! Hope to meet you soon again!!!

PS. Could you help me to choose NEW Smart phone? My cell phone is 98 years old, so you understand I can’t know what I should take care when choosing the NEW one. Thank you! Would be nice to find turquoise (the colours is the most important, right?)!

PS. I have found several, wonderful NEW blogs and thought to say that it’s nice/important to have the /Bloglovin’s follow button’ to make following easy for your readers!




Hello Dear Friends! I have missed you and hope you are fine! After the brake with moving it’s not easy to start again. So many things to share and show, stories to tell … so I just thought to skip all that for a while and write about sewing and fabrics, which I know you all prefer to see. IMG_1158

My sewing room needs still lots of work to be nice and inspiring but at least there is now space to start NEW a project. I was thinking a lot what it should/could be and then remembered that for a long time I wanted to make ‘flying geese’ blocks. With some search on pinterest, I found lots of inspiring quilts and great tutorials. I tell you my experience in the in the order I worked.

You can find many tutorials from my Pinterest Board: ‘Quilt Blocks’.

Lots of inspiration and quilts made with ‘flying geese’ blocks on my Pinterest Board: ‘Quilt Inspiration’.

First I tried tutorial which works only with two squares. But for me this didn’t end up well. First I cut my block totally wrong – look the left piece. Second the other piece, even cut correct, has still mistakes. I know it’s my fault and not the tutorial. I should have been more careful.


Second I tried the, perhaps most common method to make flying geese blocks. With this you cut one big square and four small squares. It starts like this …

flying goose block

… and continues like this …

flying goose

This method works well and easily. Only I don’t like to measure and I hate ‘difficult’ numbers like 7/8 or 1/4 … I really would prefer to cut ‘whole numbers’ like 5 or 3 … but here you need to know exactly what size to cut. Other wise it may end up like this …

flying goose block

On my Pinterest Board for quilt blocks, you find also great list to see what size to cut to get the block-size you like.

flying geese blocks

And I thought that in the end of the evening I shall have lots of fun flying geeses?! Couldn’t have guessed that I took so much time to learn it. It took two hours to get these doen and they are not perfect but fortunately (for some strange reason) I’m not perfectionist with my quilting. I’m quite much perfectionist when making bags or other things and with many other things in life but I think I feel that quilting is something ‘artistic and creative’ so I’m not so stright.


Getting those NEW Fabrics washed today, you understand that I can’t wait to make more flying geeses. I try to MIX colours and prints more bravely than I do usually (so often I stuck to with match similar colours. And I do try to make them perfect matching corners.

new fabrics

I have been very lucky to win a gift certificate $ 50 for the ‘Fat Quarter Shop’ from ‘Quilt Jane’s blog. Jane’s blog is beautiful and she makes fantastic quilts! Thank you so much Jane! You will here more about this when I get the Fabrics. It’s just that I didn’t order yet anything because I can’t make up my mind.

ade639afaad9d4e21c96b3277a031172[1]fancyfree-fqb-200[1] (2)  My most likely choise is this ‘Fancy Free’ - fat quarter bundle of it. But then I like also very much this ‘Flower Patch’ collection …

flowerpatch-bundle-450_4[1]… and of course there is the bundle of ‘Kaffe Fassett Limited Edition’, hard not to choose these …

kflimited-bundle-450_2[1]I would like to hear what you would choose! Something I have chosen, NEW ruler! Since the day (two years ago, wow) Julie made this ruler, I have decired it and now it’s time to get it! It’s called ‘Hex N More’ and you can read and see more about it on Julie’s blog ‘Jaybird Quilts’. Julie has there lots of Info, ideas and inspiration how to use this ruler and also she has made lots of pattern for this ruler, which you can use for hexagons, jewels and triangles.

HexNMore-200[1]… sorry about the size of these photos, can’t manage to make them bigger but visiting ‘Fat Quarter Shop’ you can see them all well and read the details.

UPDATE: I chose and ordered the ‘Fancy Free’ because IT’S ON SALE!

I’m very happy to join the fun of the LINKY PARTIES again! There are lots of buttons on my sidelist for my favourite parties so can join them easily, too! I want to thank you all the ladies who take the time to host those parties giving us the possibility to share our sewings!

Hmmm. now I think should I pick the Flower Patch, but it has so much green … any way here are some other shots around until I show you more about the NEW neighbourhood …


My tools and other stuff has found their way to the our new home as well as Nero’s balls … already spread around the little garden …


Seems to be that the ‘size’ is an issue today. WordPress has changed to NEW style to make a post and that made my photos great big but now when I continue, it’s again in the ‘old style’ and that likes to show them smaller?! Hmmm … again something to learn.


I leave you now with this relaxing scene … as you see Nelli has settled very well and found many nice places to have a nap or to hide.

Thank you so much for visiting me even I have been away for a while! I hope to see you soon and I wish you wonderful day!



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