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Pic Nic quilt, Crochet, Lava stones

Hi Dear Friends! We love colours, right! Have some …

granny squares by teje

I have done slowly some crocheting, few squares late in the evenings. To enjoy colours, to have an easy project – for that I chose this time yarn where the colours changes.

granny squares with one yarn

Delicious colour and less work – no yarn ends to finish.

granny squares by teje

I’m thinking to make a shawl with these, but on the way of course I got some other ideas, too. There are also other colours in this yarn, so perhaps I’ll need few more for those other things …

beautiful yarn

Now after finishing the quilt which got the name ‘Pic Nic on the Beach’, I continue the bracelets. ‘Pic Nic on the Beach’ quilt got the name after difficult decision. You all gave to me so many good ideas for the name, thank you for them! I had decided to name it Pic Nic on the Park but it was much easier to find a beach than park, so I

Pic Nic on The Beach by Teje

Read  all the story for the ‘Pic Nic on The Beach’ quilt and see WHO came to model for my quilt photos.

I mention this quilt and post again because Bloglovin made a trick to me. Because it took quite much time to write those two posts for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, I had began them few days ago. ‘Pic Nic on the Beach’ was supposed to be the latest post but it appeared like some days old and so it didn’t appear in the beginning of Bloglovin’s read list. If you follow me by Bloglovin you may have missed that post.

on the beach

It was a nice trip to the beach. With Hanna we hope to make the same trip very soon. Yesterday there was also two dogs and Hanna gave them a good bark from the car.

jewelry supplies

This was the beginning of my day today. Finally it took almost half day to organize all my NEW Materials. Then had to make a trip to Jumbo for organizing and storage boxes. Now afternoon coffee and I’m ready to start bright NEW bracelets for Trikimia! Have your entered Nero’s Gift Away? If not, there is still time – click HERE!

lava stones

Here I come beautiful Lava stones!

Thank you my friend, for visiting and reading my thoughts today! Thank you also for all the lovely, sweet, supportive, funny comments you write to me! Thank you also WHO takes the time to answer my comments by email, as I’m {no-reply}. I hope you enjoy the autumn – my favourite season! Wish you sunny and dry, warm and sunny, joyful days! It’s not yet winter, right?


PS. Can’t keep myself without mentioning that I have some great quilt ideas in my mind! I hope you, too!


Blogger’s Quilt Festival: ‘Turn the Time’

Hello and welcome to my blog and Blogger’s Quilt Festival! I hope you enjoy this fantastic event, organized by Amy from ‘Amy’s Creative Side’. I want to thank Amy for the huge work she has done againt! This is really important to all quilters and to us who live far away from our quilter friends.

double hour glass baby quilt by teje

My entry to the small quilt gategory is ‘Turn the Time’. It’s made with double hour class blocks and when trying to find the name, it was time to turn the clock’s. In Finnish we say like that and perhaps it becomes from turning the hour class.

double hour class blocks

This Project began with the left over fabric, strips in teal, from the ‘Pic Nic Party’ quilt which is my other entry. Double hour class blocks were easy and fun to make. I used this block now for the first time and love it.

hand quilting

I quilted this baby quilt by hand, using Perle cotton no 8 in teal.

double hour glass

Backing is simple white with few left over pieces … which could give an idea for an other pattern …

quilt backing


Name: ‘Turn the Time’

Design: by me

Pieced: by machine

Quilted: by hand

Size: 40″ x 32″ (102 cm x 81 cm)

Gategory: small quilts

Fabrics: Fancy Free (strips), Summersault – Pinwheel (pinwheel flowers)

baby quilt

Now when turning the time, we also turned to winter. Until now we had summer but now it’s getting a little bit more cold and it has been raining. In Crete we are lucky to have a fantastic weather and I’m sure soon I shall have again sunny photos to share.

Double Hour Glass baby quilt by Teje

Click here: ‘BLOGGER’S QUILT FESTIVAL’ to visit the festival. Scroll down to see all the categories – each has separate post. Nominate your favourites HERE and check back on 1th of November to view and vote!
 couble hour glass baby quilt by teje


‘NERO’S GARDEN’ (animals from Nero’s garden) – spring 2011
‘BUTTERFLIES’ (applique) – autumn 2012
‘BABY STARS’ - spring 2013
‘HAPPY DAYS’ - spring 2013
‘FANTASY FOREST’ 1. prize in ‘Forest QAL’ (paper pieced) – autumn 2013
‘KIDS GAME’ 2013 – autumn 2013

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! Nero’s Gift Away for his Birthday is open untill 6th of November HERE.



Blogger’s Quilt Festival: ‘Pic Nic on The Beach’

Hello and welcome to Nero’s Post and Patch! You just landed to Chania in Greece – beautiful and famous holiday destination! I do my best to send you a lot of sunshine and inspiration picked from Cretan colours!

I’m so happy to join once again ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’, organized by Amy from ‘Amy’s Creative Side’. I want to send thousands of thanks to Amy for the huge work she does, when organizing this fantastic event! This is really important to all quilters and even more to us who live far away from our quilter friends.

Pin Nic on The Beach by Teje

I think many of us have this quilt festival on the ‘back of our mind’ through the whole year, wondering now and then what to share in the next festival. Sometimes I have had few quilts ready and had to decide which one to enter, but this time I was stitching until the last minute to finish my quilt in time.

Pic Nic on The Beach by Teje

I’m happy to share my latest quilt which was totally improvised. I enter my ‘Pic Nic on The Beach’ quilt to the ‘Original Design Quilts’ category.

When I started this quilt, I didn’t have any ‘picture’ in my mind (I usually plan in my thoughts, create a ‘picture’ in my mind and then start to play with fabrics). I just wanted to use my new Hex N More ruler and the beautiful ‘Fancy Free’ fat quarter bundle I had just won from the ‘Fat Quarter Shop’.

pic nic on the beach by teje

The beginning wasn’t easy because something didn’t work with the colours. Then fortunately I realized that white was missing. After that it was enjoyable puzzle game! First I cut all kind of shapes from all the prints, triangles in white and then started to gather them. First I made small areas and put them to the design wall. Then I started to fill the spaces between. Some where I just added white but some where I continued the blocks (for example the buntings). In many places I even ripped pieces because I wanted them  to connect in a certain way to the next area. Next photo gives you an idea how the process went on …

Hex N More quilt project by Teje

For the First time I was able to use some kind of design wall and I’m so excited about that. It really changed my quilting life! I’m looking for to start next ‘game’ – with Hex N More ruler but very different colours.

quilt top with triangles

Finding a way how to quilt, was really difficult. I quilt by hand, so for this size of quilt I don’t want stitch too difficult patterns. Also this quilt didn’t help by having some repeating lines to follow. I thought that if I plan too long time, I can never enter the quilt festival, so I started as I started this quilt – improvising when stitiching. I use Perle no 8 cotton for quilting by hand – this time in variable green.

Hex N More quilt by Teje

I stitched lots of paths around … without any schedule, just like people were wandering on the beach … someone goes around, someone here and there …

quilt on the beach by teje

For the binding I couldn’t choose anything else that the colourful stips! Summer season is now over and the beach is empty. There are still some things around that the beach bar hasn’t collected inside.

Pic Nic on The Beach by Teje


Name: ‘Pic Nic in The Park’

Design: Teje Karjalainen (me)

Size: 71″ x 51″ (180 cm x 130 cm)

Pieced: by machine

Quilted: by hand

Fabrics: ‘Fancy Free’ by Lori Whitlock for Riley Blake Design

Category: Original Design Quilts

perfect place for pic nic

Today I went to the beach with Hanna, hoping to find a place to take photos. I found a perfect place for a pic nic!


Pic Nic on The Beach by Teje

This huge tree creates perfect ‘hidden’ place for a pic nic party! There was very friendly cat who wanted to model!

cat on the beach

quilt by Teje

When I arrived to the beach, it was almost raining, but then fortunately sun began to shine!

pic nic on the beach by teje

If you like to see more about this Project, read Nero’s stories ‘She’s in trouble’, ‘White was missing’ and ‘Quilt Top with Fancy Free’.

quilt on the beach by teje

Click here ‘BLOGGER’S QUILT FESTIVAL’ to visit the festival. Scroll down to see all the categories – each has separate post. Nominate your favourites HERE and check back on 1th of November to view and vote!
‘NERO’S GARDEN’ (animals from Nero’s garden) – spring 2011
‘BUTTERFLIES’ (applique) – autumn 2012
‘BABY STARS’ - spring 2013
‘HAPPY DAYS’ - spring 2013
‘FANTASY FOREST’ 1. prize in ‘Forest QAL’ (paper pieced) – autumn 2013
‘KIDS GAME’ 2013 – autumn 2013
Pic Nic on The Beach by Teje
It looks like a little quilt here on the beach volley net, but it’s big enough. I couldn’t reach to hang it on the up edge of the net. Lucky me that I had those huge cloth pegs with me (now I understand – those cloth pegs make the quilt look so small).
Pic Nic on The Beach by Teje

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! Nero’s Gift Away for his Birthday is open untill 6th of November HERE. One last photo with the morning shadows … I love quilt photos with interesting shadow patterns on them.

Pic Nic on The Beach by Teje

Sunny wishes from Greece!




Vof vof dear friends! Teje is busy with stitiching the quilt so I thought it’s time for me to fix  a gift away!

Nero's Gif Away

I had a birthday last month but we were too busy to celebrate it in my blog so this is now for my birthday! I’m now 10 years young. To have a birthday with ‘around years’ like 10, is Special … they say, I don’t know. But that’s why I chose this time different present for you.

Nero's Gift Away

I made this bracelet especially for you! I hope you don’t mind me wearing it. I’m very careful model and never move at all when I’m wearing something to show in my blog.

Nero made bracelet

This bracelet is made with different beads, sewn on leather cord and then I have sewn little beads on the sides. When I know the winner, I’ll ask your size and if this is too big, I’ll make an other one in your size.

Nero's Gift Away

I found a great, little calendar with photos from GREECE and thought that this would be nice for you. They are bookmarks … one for each month. I like the photo in the cover and the funny letters! Blue and white are so …. blue and white … just Super! Colours of the sea and sky!

Bracelet by Trikimia

This bracelet if from Trikimia’s NEW collection. If you have a moment, step in to our shop: ‘TRIKIMIA’.

basting the quilt

Tuesday we had pin soup! This time I basted the quilt on the floor by all the ‘rules of art’. First washed the floor, then taped the backing fabric on it, then spread out well the fleece (which I’m often using for wadding as I can’t get thin, cotton wadding here and ordering is very expencive) and then the same for the quilt Top. I like to say about the fleece that it Works well. It makes light and very nice quilt. Quilting it by hand is also comfortable. But it you can use natural material, that would be my choise.

When I started to quilt I had a serious problem about the wadding and then one quilter friend told to me that she uses fleece. So don’t let the lack of Materials stop you if you like to make quilts! I started with some up-cycled Fabrics and what ever I found from my stash. Now I’m very happy to say that slowly I have managed to gather a good collection … of course we always ‘need’ more but I’m happy with my Fabrics! And there are many NEW to show to you.

quilt basting

Spoon helps a lot when closing the pins. I have now curved safety pins; they are good but a little bit hard to close so the spoon helps to save your nails. For the quilting I chose Perle no 8 cotton in green because I want to add some grass and walk paths on this quilt.



This time I quilt in the living room watching movies! The part of the quilt I’m are stitiching is on my lap and the rest is on the table to avoid my fur flying on the quilt (I still manage to throw hairs here and there).

Bracelet by Trikimia

So back to my Gift Away. If you like to win my birthday present, leave me a comment on this post. If you follow me, you have a second chance by leaving an other comment telling me how you follow. If you like to share this gift away in your block, I shall add your name once again to the lottery bowl. Let me know if you linked to my gift away.

As I like mysteries, I have again one question for you. Tell me in your comment what you think here is …

Nero's mystery question

My gift away is open to all my friends and I shall pick the winner 6th of November 2014.

colourful crochet

I have a wonderful crochet Project going on but didn’t have time to tell about that yet. Here is a little sneaky peaky for you. One of you made me to start this! but more about this on an other time. Oh, how I enjoy colours!

Nero and Hanna

After all that jewelry modelling we needed a good revart … and we got good doggy sticks!

Nero and Hanna

Now I leave you to wonder what there is in that mystery photo … do your best and don’t forget to tell me what you think it is. Here is a little decoration I made for you …

autumn leave

… and me … I chose the background by my self and didn’t want to turn…

Nero 10 years

Do you see the funny tin with cows and feta cheese?! It’s not actually called feta if it’s from cow’s milk. To be named as Feta Cheese it has to be made with sheep’s milk. I thought to make this ‘trash tin’ to my sewing room … but perhaps I just put a flower pot in it. I’m not sure if I want to have cheese in my sewing room.

quilting by hand

Now I wish you all GOOD LUCK!!! Hope to see you in the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! The button is on my sidelist, so by clicking that magic button, you step into the festival!

give away

Hugs and kisses from rainy Crete! Wow, I can feel how the thursty trees and flowers enjoy the water and they look like growing in the eyes!



Quilt top with economy blocks

Hi dear Friends! I really enjoyed making this quilt top! I love the economy block and these colours make me smile!

quilt top with economy blocks

For a long time I desired to make something using pink, orange and red. They create really sweet candy-look!


Choosing the colours and cutting the squares.


The economy block is easy to cut and fun to make. I used 4″ x 4″ squares in the center. Then 2 x {4″ x 4″} squares cut in half for the inside triangels and 2 x {5″ x 5″} squares cut in half for the outside triangles.


I used white to make the colours shine! Every second block has white outside. In the center I didn’t want to use plain white solid, so I used Fabrics with very light colour/volume.

economy quilt blocks

After adding the inside triangles, I trimmed it to 5.5″ x 5.5 and after the outside triangles I trimmed the block to 8″ x 8″.

economy block

Design wall was again my best friend when trying to arrange these blocks. I do suggest you make design wall in any possible way you can.

quilt project by teje

Most of the times I work block by block … only very seldom I do ‘serial production’ …

economy blocks by teje

Preparing  breakfast!

fabric soup

Finally I managed to arrange the blocks and sew them together … no mistakes this time …didn’t mix the rows or Lines – thanks to my design wall!

economy blocks

Then I was also lucky with the weather. We have most of the time sunshine but now it’s time for a change. We had already few little rains but now it’s summer again and from tommorrow should be even more hot – perhaps even +30C!

quilt top with economy blocks

This quilt if any, asked to be photographed  in sunshine! Sorry about the shadow line, can’t avoid that in this little garden.

quilt top by teje

I’m really looking for to make this same pattern with turquoise, blue and green Fabrics!

quilt top by teje

This is a small baby quilt and quick to make. I thought that I could have finished this quilt even quilting by hand, but last week was again too busy with other things. And now my next work is to finish this quilt to join the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. I can start basting on Tuesday … so I’m not sure if ‘I make it’ in time. I don’t have any plan yet how to quilt it, but I have green grass in my mind.

economy quilt top

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have spent wonderful weekend, rested and are ready for a new week! Thank you also for your lovely comments!



Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Oups, only one week until the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ begins!

Hello dear friends! I hope your quilt is finished, washed and ready to be shown in the best quilt show of the year! I can’t believe that it’s already time for that. I thought I would have still several weeks.
I had, still have a plan to enter my ‘mixed shapes’ quilt which I made with the Hex N More ruler.
But that needs a lot of stitching in few days and I’m not sure if my wrist allows that. I haven’t even basted the beast yet. First have to clean very well the floor. I shall do my best – wish me good luck! Good Luck to you, too!
bracelet by trikimia
I have been busy with bracelets and Trikimia’s etsy shop but next week there are few slower days, so that means stitching.
Sunny wishes from Crete!



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