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by Teje Karjalainen


3,5″ Project and info links

Hi friends – it’s snowing! Good month! Wow, who good believe that Christmas is so close! I haven’t had much time to sew and will share you one side Project of mine.

3 1/5 squares

I started a while ago this Project which I call at the moment “3 1/5″ side Project. I have lots of names in my mind but couldn’t decide yet. I love my Fabrics as you, too – I know! So I was thinking how I could keep one little piece of every quilting fabric I have or have had.

3 1/5 squares

Because I really like squares, I thought to stick in those. If I would choose some pattern now, for sure I would soon change my mind. What size then? I thought that 3,5″ x 3,5″ is perfect. It doesn’t take too much fabric, it’s not too small to see the print, I hope it’s perfect size.  I shall cut squares from all the quilting cottons I have (I’m happy to say that I think I can find scraps even from my first quilting cottons). And all the time when I get NEW fabrics, I shall cut square from them.

During the Christmas holidays I used to enjoy my ‘own’ quilting Project – something just for fun, no press for the time, for the pattern etc. This time I was thinking to have fun with these squares, but I shall fix something else. I give you a small hint ….

new sewing room

You can see what this room was ment to be! More later.

Now for the great links and exciting things:

‘Spoonflower’ has Free Shipping during this Monday!!! For everyone!!! During the Monday 1.12.2014 8am – 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

* Alyce from “Blossom Heart Quilts” is hosting Japanese colour club and the subscription for the year 2015 is open!

* Kristy from ‘Quiet Play’ is offering -20 % from her Top 10 Paper piecing patterns! Kristy has made the patterns for alphabets that I use for my letters, great series Sew Kitchy, animals and lots of other fantastic patterns. I bought the bear few days ago.

* More Paper piecing: Super cute patterns from Julianna! I shall make some of these even after the Christmas! Click the photo below:

Christmas QAL

Julianna made some of the amazing patterns for the Forest QAL. You can see my ‘Fantasty Forest’ on the sidelist.

From my sidelist you can find easily also tutorials for some great Christmas sewings. For example:

fabric basket

tea cosy

make-up bag

cloth peg basket

I hope you have time to enjoy seasonal sewings! I try to take my sweet Hanna often to the beach. She loves to walk there and smell the ‘news’ from other dogs. Nero goes often with hb to play with one little dog in Maherida; he will tell you about that an other time.

Hanna on the beach

Nelli loves to sleep under the quilt in winter – can’t make her sleep some where else…

Nelli and quilt

Thank you for visiting and for writing so lovely comments! Hope to see you soon!



Mug rugs and Pot holders

Hi dear friends! This post bagan from a kitchen ‘cheer-up’. I was really depressed with the kitchen and thought it’s time to make NEW happy pot holders. I save too much my dear Fabrics and thought to use this time some Fabrics I really like.

pot holders

I cut pieces from those pink and Red Fabrics and then chose something to match around. This happened wednesday evening. Next day I was supposed to take photos before placing them on the Brown kitchen wall. That next morning I was happy to find that Gnome Angel featured my mug rug tutorial! She is hosting mug rug swap and has gathered some ideas and tutorials for mug rugs. Read here the post about the ‘Festive Mug Rug Swap’!

mug rug coaster

These are in fact coasters as they are smaller than mug rugs. I made this tutorial to show in a Mini Project all the steps to make a quilt. There is a patchwork piece. It’s hand quilted with wadding. And there is normal quilt binding. Read here the tutorial.

patchwork winter

Then I saw that Ruth from ‘Charly and Ben’s Crafty Corner’ had included my little forest in her inspiration mosaic. Thank you so much Ruth for linking to my blog and for reminding me about this Mini quilt!

mini quilt

I made this one winter to find the winter and Christmas feeling. That’s not so easy here in the sunny and warm weather. It was on the wall in the kitchen until summer came! Now I’m happy to see it again on my sewing table as a mug rug.

forest mug rug

For my newer readers I thought to show the mini quilts/mug rugs I made one Christmas …

christmas pot holders mug rugs

You can make patchwork pictures or use raw edge applique, which is really easy and fun method. Draw by yourself or use coocie cutters to draw the shapes. If you have Baby GO! cutter, it’s great, too. I used that for the birds.

butterfly mug rug

PS. I was happy to receive an email from you about the butterflies – thank you Lisa! Here are some links where you see how I made the butterflies and the butterfly wall quilt which I entered to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival few years ago:

There is really endless list of ideas how to make mug rugs, potholders, coasters, place mats and Mini quilts. One great is to make paper pieced block. Make a picture or letter – I love letters and I’m so happy to have Kristy’s patterns for letters! They are available in her Craftsy store!

mug rug with letter

If you are in hurry, beginner in sewing or just want to show well the beautiful fabric, make a mug rug with one fabric …

pot holders

Simple patcwork block with your/hers/his favourite colours …

patchwork mug rug

Mug rug or pot holder is very good little Project to try different technics like raw edge applique, hand quilting, embroidery …

bird pot holder

They are also great little things to  use scraps and up-cycled Fabrics.

kitchen decoration

bird mug rug

So about my new pot holders, they are not in the kitchen yet, no need to cheer up this kitchen because I start to pack again! I hope to have a big Christmas tree this year!

paper pieced letters

I already decided to join the mug rug swap, but have to leave it now. If you have time and like to join for this fun and International swap, read the details HERE!

pot holders

Ha haa, catched you Hanna! This weekend hb is going to pick olives and I think I shall sew with full speed … cant’ even think how many/less days there are until Christmas! One last photo for mug rugs or pot holders…

pot holders

Don’t stress too much and enjoy your Christmas and holiday sewings! Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my ‘Paint’ project! You know what - ‘Hawthorne Threads’ has a give away for the ‘Paint’ Fabrics! Join their news letter!

PS. Welcome to follow ‘nerospost’ at Instagram! I don’t have yet button for the instagram, but I’m there having lots of fun with quilter and blogger friends!

By by for now – hope to see you soon!



‘Paint It’ – paper piecing

Hi friends! Today it’s about paper piecing, painting and fabric. I love them so what would be more fun than connect them with patchwork!


Here you see some things I like and enjoy very much: Fabrics, Paper piecing, painting, paint brushes and colours! I’m so happy to know Esther, very talented quilter and artist. When she made the pattern for colour tubes, I knew they will be my favourites! Esther writes blog: ‘i patch and quilt’ and she joined a blog hop with a theme: college. When I saw her colour wheele with paint tubes, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her post about this Project is HERE.

paper piecing

My Project began from here. Trying to find scraps – as many colours as possible and many shades in one colour. That was difficult and this showed up to be a great Project to see what colours are missing from your stash.

paper piecing

When there began to be nice colour sets, it was difficult to stop finding NEW colour ‘pairs’. You get so hooked to this Project!


I had a ‘big’ idea for this Project and that’s why I used the white/grey fabric for the background. Now I don’t have any idea how this will continue because somehow I lost ‘the picture’ in my mind and have to make NEW plans. For sure I shall make paint tubes with white background, too – and many of them!

paper pieced paint tubes

Esther’s ‘Paint It’ quilt won the Mini Quilt category in Blogger’s Quilt Festival! It’s fantastic – look for yourself HERE!

Now I’m sure you want to make paint tubes with your colours choises, so visit her Craftsy store to get the pattern. There are also many other great patterns like ‘The Train’! Esther’s patterns are made so carefully and she includes there pages for your colouring plans, for ideas how to use the pattern etc. These paint tubes can be used in so many ways, make a whole quilt or just one for a pouch – and anything between those!


Now I continue to make paint tubes and wait for a NEW inspiration how to connect them.

paper piecing pain tubes

Fabrics I want to use with these Paper pieced blocks, are from the collection ‘Paint’ by Carrie Bloomston. They are beautiful and fun! Some other colours and prints also available for example at ‘Hawthorne Threads’ and ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’.

Paint by Carrie Bloomston

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you a great week! What ever weather you have, try to enjoy it – it’s great to have four seasons! I hope you won’t turn green, but here in Crete we have sunshine, about + 22C and many people enjoy this amazing weather on the beach! I just had a lovely walk with my furry friend and found some sea glass! Fisherman was swimming to find … perhaps an octapus.




Crochet Wrist Warmers

Vof vof vof – Nero here! Have you played and made your morning walk? Hopefully not in the rain. Here it was raining all the night, then sunshine and after a while again dark blue clouds and now rain.

crochet wrist warmers

Same colours on the sky …

blue clouds

… wow, that was a quick rain, now sun is shining again!


But about the wrist warmers. I have made these granny squares with one yarn, where the colour changes …

granny squares

They are really fun to make! Easy and quick. When I bought the yarns you can imagine how difficult it was to pick the colours.

granny squares

My plan is to make a shawl with these. Not too big, something to wear over a jakcet or a coat.

My wrist feels better with a warmer, so I thought one granny square would make nice wrist warmer.

wrist warmers

My friend Helen has been crocheting beautiful wrist warmers, and always when seeing them I wanted to make them, too. Visit Helen to see how she made them.

crochet wrist warmer

I asked my friend, ‘London’, to model this time.

There are beautiful colours front of our home …

autumn colours


They are also in my granny squares …

granny squares

granny squares

With this autumn light it’s often difficult to cathc the correct colours in photos. I take some snap shots also with my phone, so you are very welcome to visit and follow me in Instagram @nerospost.

crochet wrist warmers

I have a feeling that there will be more granny square wrist warmes … how can I avoid making with other colours, too!

Thank you for visiting my blog and writing sweet comments! I send you hugs and kisses!



‘Hexy Cubes’ quilt top

Hello dear friends! I hope you are fine! Sometimes we end up with totally different project that the one we start. I’m sure that happens to you, too.

Hexagon Cubes quilt top

Saturday I started to plan something with Paper pieces …


It didn’t lead yet where I had planned. If I manage to continue that idea, I let you know. Piecing those little half of half triangles was very unpleasant, so I thought to try First with triangles.


I was happy to be able to use again my NEW Hex N More ruler! This quilt had a name before I started even later I chose an other name. I want to keep the First name for the other Project where I ‘need’ it more. But that’s why I started to pick greens and blues.

hexagons with triangles

First I throw the triangles randomly to my design wall (sorry, no photo of that) but very soon I saw there secondary pattern which I really liked: cubes. Long time I have wanted to make a quilt with cubes but didn’t have any idea on Saturday morning that it was going to be The Day.


It’s all about colours and how you look! It’s not easy to explain how to look but try to see the cubes. Dark blue is the inside of the cube, green is left side and turquoise/blue is right side. Cubes are in Lines and the light turquoise is the shadow of the cube.


If you turn it and look from the other side, the green is inside, turquoise is front/left side and blue is right side. Now there is also white cube which has light turquoise ‘bottom’ or shadow. Fun or what?!

hexagon cube

I like the blue to be inside of the cube, so I turned my blocks like this. It’s fun how many shapes there can be found with triangles …


… diamond, jewel, hexagon, cube …

hexagon cubes

This Project went on again by sections as the ‘Pic Nic on The Beach’ but of course this was much more simple. First I just made some parts and then started to measure how big I want this quilt to be and then added more triangles and white.

This is a baby quilt and measures about 32″ x 42″ with the border.

hexagon cubes quilt top

There are lots of pattern like this with many shapes and secondary patterns on. This is my first make and I love it! In the beginning I wasn’t sure about the colour combination, but now I really like it.

blue green quilt top

We used to Live more close to the airport … but not under the ‘highway’! Now they often pass over our heads …

air plane

… I don’t mind if they don’t make too much noise … it’s nice to think WHO comes, WHO goes, where they go … what hopes they have for their holidays … what memories they Carry home from their holidays … do they come back to stay … as I did!

baby quilt top by Teje

Now have to decide how to quilt this one but First have to find space to baste it.

I’m joining my favourite linky parties – all the buttons are on my sidelist, just click on them to visit the blogs!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments! I wish you great week!



Mystery photo and the winner!

Vof vof friends! We have reach the day to announce the winner for my gift away!

Nero's Gift Away

But wouldn’t you like to learn First what there was in my mystery photo?

Nero's mystery question

You had lots of great thoughts what this could be … sea foam, my bath, washing sea glass etc. but what it really is? Does this give you any hint?

boiling egss

We were boiling eggs! But if you boil eggs, dont’ quilt! We forgot to turn down the hot plate and boiled them ‘full’ so half of the eggs broked and the white came out. But never mind – it looked very artistic!

boiling eggs

Few egss were eatable and we made good Progress with the stitching, too.

But now the winner. This time I asked hb to help because Teje was busy. Hb picked Number and I made a list with all your names, double entries etc. and ended up with Judith’s name! Congratulations Judith at ‘Just Jude’!!! I shall write to you soon.


Nelli on the window to the sewing room – wonder why she looks so frightened!

My gift away present is from ‘Trikimia’. There are more bracelets and other things if you like to see for yourself or need a gift. We make all the time NEW items and we are happy to make custom orders, too!

bracelet by trikimia

Thank you for entering my gift away and reading my blog! Thank you also for taking time to write comments – it’s always enjoy to read them!

Hugs and Kisses!



Fabric Tuesday

Hi Dear Friends! Today I have here dancing bears! It’s a pouch WHO made a trip to Finland. Hb had a quick visit to Finland at the end of the summer and needed a pouch to keep the gps. It’s always a challenge to make a ‘men’ style pouch, but lucky me, I had a small piece with dancing bears …

zipper pouch

It was a quick Project at the last minute. It had to be the smallest possible to fit the gps with the cable and base – he travels always very light.

zipper pouch

That’s why I didn’t even think to ask to bring me something. It was a really happy surprise to see what he picked from his small suitcase …

quilting magazines

… Quilting magazines, Finnish chocolate, Finnish coffee and also Moomins wall calendar! You can imagine how much I have enjoyed reading and searching these magazines (as I can’t find any from here)! On the way to Finland he had ‘Baklamas’ in his suitcase …


I have got also some Special Fabrics. Dear friend, Finnish woman living in Greece but far away from me, sent to me and Nero amazing surprise!

fabrics and sweets

Tuhannet kiitokset Anneli! Thank you so much Anneli! I love these Fabrics! I have already many ideas how to use them. And Special candies from Finland: Marianne and Kettu-karkit! All we Finns have memories with these candies and ‘Mariannes’ are my favourite (there is chocolate inside)! Anneli made also fantastic pouch with dog fabric … for Nero! It’s made with great and fun pattern and cute puppies …

draw string pouch

All this came with a beautiful patchwork card – yes, it is a patchwork on the card! Thank you Anneli! I hope you start your blog soon, so I can link to you and give all the credit to your beautiful work!

An other Special letter came from Vicky, WHO is my NEW blog friend from Germany. Vickie’s blog if ‘Veni Vidi Vicky’. Once I picked beautiful ‘un familiar’ fabric on Vicky’s quilt project and asked what it is. Amazing Vicky sent a big piece of that fabric to me! It’s from Ikea but I haven’t seen it before.

Ikea fabric from Vicky

Don’t you think this is just Super! And the beautiful card is very inspiring! Talking about inspiration, that I find from Vicky! She has made for example some unique and gorgeus hexagon quilts! Perhaps you saw them on ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival'; if not, be sure to visit Vicky’s blog: ‘Veni Vidi Vicky’! Thank you so much Vicky! I adore this fabric and I could make many things with it, but I’m still saving it for something where it will show well!

I have to mention that I really love blogging! It’s one of the special ways to make friends all around the World and to share our stories. I was so happy that we changed some emails with Vicky and I heard that she has a Greek rescue dog! These days I have started to visit the beach with Hanna (my sweet rescue puppy). The beach is now nice and empty … quiet enough to teach Hanna to behave calm if we meet cats and perhaps even dogs.

If you follow me on Instagram, you can see happy Hanna on the beach. I still need to learn how to get the photos from camera and google gallery to my blog.


I was thinking to send this photo to to Vicky but then thought why not show it here because it’s inspiration for a quilt. Visit Vicky’s blog and you’ll understand! What you think Vicky? In Real this is a page from Finnish magazine and it shows how many wines from each country, you can find in the local alcohol shops. In Finland we have still separate shops for alcohol; only beer and cider are availabel in super markets.

Then I did some shopping …


I really like books, reading and letters – any kind – and of course also written Fabrics! When I saw these on Ayumi’s blog, I knew they were perfect for me. When I received the parcel, I was thinking that just to see those most cute and beautiful stamps and japanese tekst was worth of ordering Fabrics from Japan! Shipping is surprisingly cheap and quick. There are still some of these in her etsy shop!

Ayumi had added few lovely pieces for surprise present and everything was lovely packed! Thank you Ayumi!


I have ‘visited’ again also Cindy’s shop, one of my favourites, ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! This was the ‘missing’ parcel but fortunately it found me! Now unfortunately the ‘secret’ season has began and everyone starts to post: ‘sorry can’t show’ much etc. so also I have to say that some of the Fabrics from Cindy will stay behind the scenes but these I can show you now. Cold winter light change the colours more blue than they are in Real…


Some solids were missing from my stash … and still many colours are missing but my solid stash looks already better. I couldn’t resist these peacocks! Cindy has just listed again NEW Fabrics to her shop ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! There is always too many ‘I need to get this’ Fabrics! Cindy’s blog is here.

greek sunset

Thank you so much for visiting and thank you for writing adorable comments! I really enjoy reading your thoughts! Sorry if I don’t have always time to answer but I do my best, some weeks just are too busy. Now I’ll go to my secret project … I just wish I could show you because I think it will be something …

PS. This sunset is from here and you can see the famous light House of Chania.



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